The Barbie Doll Ch. 02

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“Donna, I think I should have a chat with Brad, alone,” Barbie said. “You can’t keep getting your sex from me every day. Brad needs to be educated.”

Barbie was sitting up on the headboard of the bed, with her legs crossed. Donna was sprawled on the bed, exhausted. Brad had again left her unsatisfied before leaving for work, but Barbie had taken care of her needs, fully. This was the third day in a row.

“Don’t be silly, Barbie,” Donna protested. “You can’t talk to Brad, especially without me in the room; you are just a doll, speaking through my subconscious, saying things that I’m afraid to say.”

“Well, Brad has a subconscious too, doesn’t he? I can say things through him.”

Donna considered the idea for a moment, then shook her head. “No, I don’t think that will work. For one thing, Brad’s a boy. I don’t think they have a subconscious. And besides, I don’t think he’s smart enough to have one even if other boys do.”

“Don’t you be silly, Donna,” Barbie said, with a toss of her blonde locks. “Everyone has a subconscious. Brad’s is probably just dormant. We’ll have to find a way to wake it up.”

“How do we do that?” Donna wanted to know.

“Well, obviously you will have to do it, since he won’t be able to hear me until after it’s been brought back to life.” Barbie thought about the problem a bit, her arms folded and her foot wiggling in the air. Then she had an idea. “I think I’ve got it! A boy’s subconscious mind, much like his conscious mind, is always thinking about sex. That’s how we’ll wake his up.”

“Okay, what do we do?”

“You just tell him that I want to have a chat with him, alone. He’ll ask why. You tell him that I think he’s sexy.”

“And that will wake up his subconscious?” Donna had her doubts about this plan. “I tell him my doll thinks he’s sexy, and that will magically bring his subconscious to life?”

“Of course it will,” said Barbie. “He’ll be intrigued. All boys like having their egos stroked. His conscious mind knows I’m just a plastic doll, so it will have to be his subconscious mind that revels in the compliment. That will wake it up, and I’ll be able to chat with him.” She puffed out her plastic chest, proud of her brilliant plan.

“Well, I’m not so sure it will work. Brad may be denser than you think. But I guess it couldn’t hurt to try. At worst, he’ll just think I’m crazy. And he already thinks that!”

Nevertheless, Donna agreed to the plan. After Brad got home from work, as they were finishing up their dinner, she broached the subject.

“Brad, darling, I have to talk to you about something,” she said, as she was putting the dishes in the sink.

“What, babe?” Brad asked, as he loosened his belt after their filling meal.

“Well, it’s going to sound kind of strange. My Barbie doll, she thinks you’re sexy, and she wants to have a chat with you.” Donna was glad she was facing the sink, so that Brad couldn’t see her face as she uttered this ridiculous statement.

Brad just sat there staring with a blank look on his face, unable to process this information. He wasn’t the smartest guy under normal circumstances, and this preposterous proposition from Donna completely boggled his mind.

Donna turned from the sink, took his hand, and pulled him up from his seat. “Come on, Brad. I’m serious. It won’t take long.” She dragged him into the bedroom, where Barbie was waiting on the headboard.

“Barbie, here’s Brad. You two chat as long as you like. I’ll be doing casino siteleri the dishes.” And she returned to the kitchen, leaving Brad staring dumbfounded after her retreating figure.

Finally, Brad turned to face the doll on the headboard. He rolled his eyes. “Yo, Barbie, what’s up?” he chuckled. What a waste of time! Barbie, of course, was silent.

“Donna said you wanted to talk. Well, she’s a little bit crazy, I know, but here I am if you want to talk.”

Barbie remained silent. Brad tilted his head, and wondered why real women weren’t so slender and leggy as a Barbie doll. That would be something, he thought, to have a real, living Barbie doll to screw! Donna had said this one thought he was sexy. That wasn’t possible, of course. But if it were, well, of course she’d think he was sexy! Brad flexed a few muscles and looked at himself in the dresser mirror. Damn, he was fine!

“Of course I think you’re sexy, Brad,” said Barbie suddenly. Brad whirled around, eyes wide.

“You do talk!” he said, his mouth hanging open in astonishment. “Whoa!”

“Certainly I talk, Brad. Donna and I have had many a chat. But now I want to chat with you.”

“Ummmm, okay. What about?”

“About sex. Donna loves you very much, but you need to do a better job of pleasing her when you two make love.”

Brad considered this. “She has seemed a bit bored lately when we do it. Is that why? Jeez, Barbie. I love Donna, and I certainly want her to be happy.” He chewed his lip. He couldn’t believe he was conversing with a plastic doll. But even more, he wondered why it had never occurred to him that Donna wasn’t being pleasured sufficiently. But he wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible. “What do I need to do, Barbie?”

“Maybe you just need a little coaching in the loving department. I’ll be glad to give you some pointers.”

“That’d be great, Barbie. Tell me what I need to do to make Donna really feel good.”

“I’ll do better than tell you; I’ll show you! First, get your clothes off.”

Brad started shedding his clothes. A small part of his mind wanted to ask him what the fuck he was doing, getting naked in the bedroom with a Barbie doll. But the larger part of his mind told the small part to shut the fuck up; a girl with a great body just asked him to get undressed. That’s the sort of thing you don’t argue with. “Now what?” he asked, when he was completely disrobed.

“Well, now take my clothes off me, silly,” said Barbie. Brad picked her up and pulled her dress up over her head. He wished all women were this easy to unclothe.

“Are you hard yet, Brad?” Barbie asked. She glanced down at his crotch. “Nope, not yet. Don’t you find me sexy?” She tossed her hair and flashed her famous smile.

“Maybe you could, uh, help me a little?” Brad asked. He held her down near his twitching cock.

Barbie reached out both arms, and placed her plastic hands on each side of his shaft. She began sliding them up and down his length. Brad felt himself filling up with blood, and unfurling like a flag on a windy day. Soon his cock was standing proud and tall.

“Very nice!” squealed Barbie. “Do you mind if I keep stroking you like this? It’s fun,” she asked.

“No problem, Barbie, I like it too. But how about some lube?” He rummaged in the nightstand drawer, and got out a bottle of Astroglide. He poured it all over his erect cock and Barbie’s hands and arms. Now the sliding plastic limbs really felt good. He moved Barbie back canlı casino and forth over his cock, his shaft wedged between her slick arms, and felt the pleasure in him build. This little doll really knew how to give a hand job! Or maybe an arm job would be a better name for it, he thought.

After several minutes, Brad was lost in the rapture of Barbie’s sliding arms. But she soon called him out of his reverie. “Brad!” she said, and stopped stroking him. He stared down at her. “I have a better idea. Why don’t you lie on the bed, with your feet up on the headboard?”

“Okay,” said Brad. The doll hasn’t steered him wrong yet, he thought. He stretched out on the bed, on his back, with his head pointing toward the footboard, and his feet up on the headboard. “Now what?”

“Now lube up my legs, and hold me down near your balls,” Barbie commanded. “You might want to re-lube my arms, too.” Brad drizzled some more lube onto her, and moved her down near his taut nut sack, anticipating whatever Barbie had in mind.

Barbie again started stroking Brad’s shaft with her lubed-up arms, but she also took his scrotum between her knees, and began massaging them with her legs in a bicycle-pedaling motion.

Brad moaned out loud at the intense sensations. No wonder Donna liked this little doll so much! She was a hot little number! He closed his eyes and reveled in the pleasure of the stroking and rubbing on his genitals.

After a few more minutes, however, Barbie proceeded to the next phase of her plan. She extended one leg further down and back, until her upward hooking foot reached Brad’s brown puckered butthole. She stroked her lubed-up toes in circles around his crinkly orifice, never missing a stroke on his shaft with her arms. Brad moaned even louder, and pre-cum began leaking out of his dick eye. Barbie continued circling and circling with her foot. Brad was loving it.

A few more minutes passed, and then Barbie pressed her foot into Brad’s opening. Just a little bit at first, but then further and deeper. Brad’s moaning increased, and was soon accompanied by shuddering and shivering in ecstasy. Soon Barbie had her leg buried in his asshole up to her knee, and wiggled it around as much as she possibly could. Brad was in heaven!

When Barbie noticed that Brad’s balls were getting seriously tight, and his pre-cum was oozing like a flow of lava, she was afraid that he was getting close to an orgasm. She pulled her leg out of his anus and stopped stroking his cock.

“What’s the matter, Barbie?” Brad gasped. “I was getting close to cumming!”

“Yes, I know, Brad. But I don’t want you to cum just yet. I want you to tit-fuck me now.”

Brad held Barbie up in front of his face and looked her over. She had a mighty nice rack, for her size, but it still wasn’t big enough to engulf his cock. Especially given the lack of discernable cleavage. “Are you sure that will work?” he asked.

“Of course it will. You have to learn to trust me. Lay me on my back and lube me up again.”

Brad rolled up off the bed and stood beside it. He laid Barbie on her back, and she instantly lifted and spread her legs into a large V. Her tiny butt was just near the edge of the bed. He grabbed the bottle of Astroglide, and lubed up her chest and her inner thighs.

“Now you’ve got the idea!” Barbie cooed. “Lay that big cock onto me and give me a good fucking, Brad! Make me a woman!” Brad leaned up against the edge of the bed, and flopped his stiff prick onto kaçak casino Barbie’s abdomen, between her legs. His cock head rested on her naked breasts, his slit pointing directly at her face. Barbie clamped her legs tightly around his shaft. “Give it to me, big boy!” she said.

Brad needed no further urging. Standing lightly on the balls of his feet, he swung back and forth in that lubed-up V formed by Barbie’s extended legs. He held her in place with one hand, and steadied himself on the bed with the other. The sensitive underside of his cock head slid back and forth over the ridge of her breasts, which sent waves and waves of ecstasy through his body, to the accompaniment of he slick, tight thighs clamped firmly on his shaft. Over and over Brad slid in that slick, plastic channel, eyes fixed on Barbie’s beautiful plastic face, bright eyes, and tousled blonde hair.

“Come on, Brad! Fuck me good!” Barbie urged. “I love that big cock of yours, it feels so good on my boobs, on my belly, and rubbing against my crotch. Harder, Brad, harder!” Urged on, Brad pumped and rubbed faster and faster. He felt his teeth grit, and heard the blood pounding in his ears. His balls tightened up again, and his cock head flared and turned bright purple. He knew he was close.

“I’m going to cum, Barbie! I’m going to cum!” he shouted. Barbie squeezed his shaft tighter with her legs. Brad felt himself going over the edge; his knees locked, his jaw clamped, and his body began to spasm. Cum began spurting out of his dick; rope after rope of pearly white cum, splashing directly onto Barbie’s face and into her hair. She took it all without wincing. She loves it! thought Brad, between spasms. What a woman! His dick finally stopped jerking and spurting, and he lifted it out from between Barbie’s legs.

“That was great, Brad!” Barbie told him, cum dripping off of her face and running down to her jutting breasts. “But I think I’m going to need a bath soon.”

Brad laughed. “Yeah, it was great, Barbie. I’m sorry I coated your face with so much cum. Are you sure you can breathe through all that?”

“Don’t be silly, Brad. I’m a doll. I don’t need to breathe.”

“Oh. Sorry, I forgot. I guess that makes sense.” Brad sat Barbie up on the pillow and sat down on the bed facing her. “You sure are a great lover, you know?”

“I’m not just a great lover, Brad,” Barbie told him. “More importantly, I’m a good teacher. This was not just about sex. It was to teach you to be a better lover for Donna.”

“Uhhh, okay. What did I just learn?” Brad was confused. He wasn’t aware that he’d been taught any lessons.

“You learned to listen, Brad. You learned that if I tell you to do something for me in bed, you should trust me and do it. Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks, Barbie. You are a good teacher.”

“Good. Don’t forget that lesson next time you are in bed with Donna. And speaking of Donna, why don’t you go tell her that we’re done with our chat?”

“Okay, I will. Let me get my clothes…”

“No, I don’t think you’re going to be needing your clothes, Brad,” Barbie said, favoring him with a wink. “I think Donna needs to be the recipient of your new knowledge right away. Don’t you?”

“You are a smart doll, Barbie!” Brad said. He wiped her up as best he could with a corner of the sheet, and then placed her back up in her favorite spot on the headboard. “You just watch. I’m going to give Donna the best sex of her life! And if I screw up, don’t hesitate to tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

“Oh, I won’t hesitate, Brad. I’ll be watching.” She winked again. Brad smiled sheepishly and walked, naked, to the kitchen to get Donna.

To be continued…

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