The Bitch Mother!

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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!


This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2006 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

Alex was in his room, masturbating, thinking of a hot, older teacher at school, as he had a pair of his mom’s lacey panties wrapped around his long, thick cock shaft, while thoughts of the teacher ran through his overheating mind. “Oh fuck, suck my cock you god…damn…horny bitch!” he moaned louder, now his own sexy mom filled his mind as he stroked faster. “That’s it you nasty…fucking…cunt! Suck it you sexy, old bitch, suck it!” Alex cried out, pulling on his long cock as his mom filled his thoughts again.

Ronda Jennings walked towards her son’s bedroom door and her heart raced. ‘Oh my god, he has a woman in there! she thought, and opened his door. Alex was on his bed, turned on his side and was masturbating for all he was worth, but something else rocked Ronda to her core as her eyes were transfixed onto her son’s penis. He had a pair of the panties she used to wear for his father on their sex night, wrapped tightly around his cock, using them for his vile act.

“Alex Jennings! What in god’s name are you doing and why…why are you using…MY panties to do this?” she screamed at him, but still transfixed, she couldn’t pull her eyes away from his swollen, young penis, as she felt her lonely nipples growing hard.

He jumped and quickly sat up; knowing his mom would lecture him for hours and hours. “Damn mom, don’t you know how to knock?” he yelled at her, her face red with anger.

“This is my house and I can do anything I want…including, coming into this room, and I DO NOT have to knock! I heard you and thought you had some…some whore in here, having sex with her! And, why do you have…” she paused, stepped towards him and jerked her panties from him, but they were around his penis so tightly, that she pulled his cock towards her, and as such, Alex did the worst thing ever.

“Mom…no!” Alex yelled at her as he exploded. Cum raced up his cock-shaft and it started spraying all over the front of his mom, covering her suit and his floor. Cum squirted and squirted from his hard meaty cock.

Ronda jumped when Alex yelled, and she got the shock of her 38 years of life. His penis jerked and her son’s hot seed, all but drowned the front of her best outfit. “Oh my god, you’re disgusting and such a pervert!” she screamed, as he continued to unleash his filthy seed all over her and one of her best church skirts.

“So what! I’m in my room, I had the door closed and you need to learn to respect my privacy!” he yelled, as his cock stopped spurting, as he smiled looking down at her skirt. ‘Damn, mom brought out the fucking best in me!’ he thought with a laugh, and was glad that he was going to his dad’s place for the weekend.

Ronda looked at him, drew back her hand and slapped him with all of her might. “This is my house young man and you’ll live by my rules or…you can get out!” she yelled, and slapped him again.

Alex grabbed the side of his face and it felt like it was on fire. “Fine, I’ll go live with dad and you can go to hell! I’m sick of you and all this bullshit! It’s no wonder why dad left you, and I don’t blame him one fucking bit!” he yelled, and his mom tried slapping him again, but he grabbed her hand, twisted it and shoved her back. “You’ll not slap me again mom, and I mean it! I’m eighteen and I can have you arrested!” he said, wiping off his cock and pulling up his pants. “I’m going to dad’s place and I’m going to ask if I can move in with him” he added, grabbing his bag, he left mom standing in his room shell shocked.

Ronda was so shocked at Alex that her heart broke in two. She had driven away a very loving man, and now, her only child and she started crying. “What have…I done?” she sobbed and went to her room, thinking of Alex and just how long his penis was. ‘He’s a lot longer than his dad and sooo much thicker too!’ she moaned, squeezing her big thighs together, as her mind filled with wicked thoughts of her son.

‘I’m having lunch with Sofia tomorrow and I’ll tell her about all this craziness, maybe she can help me figure it all out’ Ronda thought, thinking of how close she was with her son Dave, and wondered how she convinced him to stay home with her.


“Oh dad, you should have seen her fucking face when I my shot my load on her!” Alex laughed with his dad, as they drank a beer and watched his girlfriend swimming in the pool. “You would have thought that she was seeing Jesus himself!” he laughed harder and çankaya escort glanced at his dad’s girl.

Tom Jennings laughed at son and watched him eye Olga in the pool. She was twenty-two, from Sweden and she was six-foot tall. Her blonde hair was long and her body was that of a goddess. Nice D sized breasts, a trim 24 inch waist and a set of beautiful 34-inch hips.

“Yeah her and her ‘god-fearing’ ways and that fucking church of hers! Other than the fuckin’ great sex we had, I’m glad I left and wish like hell I would have gotten custody of you, but with the way I travel and constantly move around, the judge all but laughed at me for even asking” Tom said, as he saw the shocked look on Alex’s face.

He heard his dad, but couldn’t believe what he just said, and Alex wanted to know more. “What? Mom and great sex in the same sentence, did I hear you right?” he asked, looking at his dad as he drank more of his beer.

Tom knew he shouldn’t have let it slip, but oh well, and besides, he thought Alex might enjoy hearing about his ‘perfect’ mother. “Boy, your mom is…what’s the best way to put this?” he said, seeing that his son was really enjoying this. “If done correctly and time is taken…your mom was the best fuck I ever had in my life and I’m not kidding! She’s a cock-loving whore and once that bitch got horny, she all but killed me!” he laughed, and saw that Alex’s mind was racing with thoughts.

Dad’s words filled his ears, but Alex could not believe this shit. “No fucking way! You mean mom, Ronda Jennings, your ex-wife and the bitch that slapped the shit out of me today!” he replied with shock, and just figured his dad was fucking with him.

Tom laughed and yelled for Olga to get them two more beers. “Yes, your mom is a raging cock whore and she is a wild animal if she gets excited and horny! I couldn’t control that bitch, and she loved to dress up, loved me talking dirty to her, and she loved me to slap that ass of hers and…this may interest you.” Tom stopped to drink the last of his been and went on.

“Go on!”

“She also loved to role play, as well as play some very dirty games too. She loved calling me Daddy, as I held her big ass down and hammered her tight cunt!” he added, laughing at the look on Alex’s face, as he thought of Ronda’s sexy, 40-inch ass and the way she loved it slapped so hard.

“Holy fuck, I can’t believe this shit, you have to tell me more dad! Please!” Alex said, looking at his dad as he too, finished his beer.

Tom smiled and wondered if he should tell Alex of one other role play his mom dearly loved. “She is a fuckin sex-crazed slut, but I had to work at it, and once she was ready…oh my fucking god!” he moaned, as he felt his cock growing just thinking about her. “But, her favorite thing…and I’m telling you this under one condition, you best not say anything to her or anyone! Understand?” he said with a low, fatherly voice as he looked into his sons eyes.

“I won’t dad!” Alex replied, and couldn’t wait to hear more about mom, but Olga walked towards them and she gave Alex a big smile. He couldn’t help looking at her tall, lean body and her perfect breasts.

Tom thanked Olga for the two beers and gave Alex a swift kick under the table. “Stop looking at my girl punk or I’ll kick your ass! And you stop teasing the poor kid!” he said and gave her a slap on the ass.

“Ouch Tom, why you do that to me? I just playing and you know I never fock your son…only you my lover!” Olga said with her Swedish accent and leaned down to slide her tongue deep into his mouth. “See, you are my man and nothing change that,” she smiled and went back to the pool.

Alex watched and laughed. “Damn dad, she is so fucking hot…now, back to mom and I want to hear it all! Don’t leave out anything!” he said and took a big drink.

Tom knew he shouldn’t tell Alex and hoped the kid wouldn’t tell her. “If she was really horny and I mean horny…she loved for me to call her…you better not say anything!

“I won’t dad!”

“She loved for me to call her…mom!” he said with a grin and loved the look on Alex’s face.

He heard dad and came close to pissing in his pants. “Wow, mom the church going, god fearing woman is a nasty ass bitch!” Alex said with a laugh and his mind went crazy, thinking of the possibilities and wanting to know more. “So, what did you do to get her horny and get her so excited?” he asked, as a crazy idea began to form in his head. ‘I could get her turned on and see what the fuck happens! Wouldn’t that be so cool, me fucking the shit out of ole’ mom and that great fuckin’ body of hers. Wow!’ he thought and waited for dad to go on.

Tom laughed and knew his son was evil. “And um…why would something like that interest you, and I can see that warped, little mind of yours working!”

“Me, warped and evil!” Alex laughed, his dad was right.

“Yeah you fucker, and I can see you thinking. Would you really consider fucking your mom and deal with what could happen, if things went escort çankaya wrong?” he asked, knowing his kid was as crazy as he was.

Alex smiled and thought about mom. She was a great looking lady, tall, dark brown hair to the middle of her back and those big, dark eyes. She had a big set of tear-drop tits, and a little bit of a tummy, but nothing nasty, and a fine ass and nice hips. “Would you, if you were in my shoes and after hearing what you just said?”

Tom laughed and drank more beer. “You’re a sick, perverted little fucker and I shouldn’t have told you this!” he laughed, and looked at his son. “But, she really loved it when I’d tell her how nice she looked and complemented her on everything. Your mom loves roses and lots of them too!” he stopped to take another drink and remembered some of their fun times. “She also loves going out to dinner and dancing, but what your dear sweet mother loved the most was…when I took her out to the shooting range and she felt the guns exploding with all that power in her hands! She’d get so fucking horny, I could smell her cunt and her nipples would get as hard as…bullets!” he laughed, and knew what Alex was up to.

“Wow, I would have never guessed or known!” he said and could feel his cock growing hard.

“Well, if you try any shit with her, be ready, because she might kill you for trying or simply end up fucking you to death!”

“I will dad and don’t worry.”


“You look upset Ronda and I’ve been your friend for years. So are you going to tell me what’s bothering you or are we going to play twenty questions?” Sofia asked, as she saw Ronda’s eyes begin to well up with tears.

Ronda took a sip of her tea and looked at her friend. “Friday afternoon I came home early and caught Alex…in his room, and he was…was masturbating and he was using a pair of my…my panties,” she said, as she wiped a tear from her right eye.

“So what, that’s no big deal. Dave used to masturbate like crazy and I’d catch him constantly, but you and your church ways…you had a fit, didn’t you?” Sofia said, and moved closer to Ronda.

“Yes and I slapped him sooo hard too! He’s going to ask Tom if he can move in with him and then I’ll be all alone!” she said, as her tears poured from her eyes, feeling so bad for hitting him.

Sofia shook her head and wished Ronda would lighten up on the poor guy. “Ronda, it’s normal for a guy his age and as for using your panties…I bet they turned him on! Dave told me that he used to use mine all the time!” she laughed and hugged Ronda.

“I know, but at the time, I wasn’t thinking and I…I…hit him so hard, and I feel so bad.” Ronda sniffed and went on. “You said that he used to, does Dave have a girlfriend now” she asked, and Sofia just smiled.

“In a way I guess.”

“What do you mean, in a way?” Ronda asked, as Sofia smiled even more.

“Remember when I got my divorce and Dave stayed at home with me?”

“Yes and you never did tell me why or what happened either, and why you suddenly left the church.” Ronda said, as Sofia started to blush.

Sofia smiled and hoped her next words wouldn’t end their friendship. “Well, this is between us and I hope you won’t judge me,” she said, as she leaned in closer to Ronda. “My dear, ex-husband could never keep it up long enough to please me, and then one afternoon…and remember not to think less me, please…Dave and I were goofing around and um…before I knew what was going on…we started making out and we ended up in his bed.” Sofia said, as she watched Ronda’s jaw drop.

Ronda was shocked and couldn’t believe what Sofia had just said. “You and Dave are…are lovers? Oh my god!” she gasped, as she tried to clear her mind. “Is that why you got divorced and left the church?” Ronda asked, and looked at her friend.

“Yes we are, and Ronda, he makes me so happy and he’s the best lover I’ve ever had in my life! He can keep it up for hours and he never gets enough of me! It’s like…I’m in college again and he’s my young, stud!” Sofia smiled and felt her nipples going into overdrive under her blouse.

Ronda was still shocked as her mind filled with thoughts Alex. “Doesn’t it bother you to…um make love to him, knowing he’s your son and that you gave birth to him?”

“It did a little at first, but I know he truly loves me and that will never change. He holds me at night, and Ronda…he gets sooo fucking hard for…me! Do you remember back when you were young and a guy his age came on to you?”


“We fucked all morning long and when I get back home…he’ll be waiting to fuck me again and to be truthful, I can’t wait!” Sofia giggled and could feel her pussy getting moist.

Ronda just sat there and let Sofia’s words sink in. “Do you have to use such words?”

“If you want to keep Alex home with you Ronda, you need to wake up and give him a good reason to stay with his mommy!” she laughed, as Ronda gave her a playful slap and Sofia could see her blushing.

“You çankaya escort bayan are sooo nasty girl and Dave is such a sweetheart!” Ronda laughed and a tingle rushed over her pussy, thinking of Alex, and wished they could be as close, but without the sex.

“Alex is too Ronda, but you’re so hard on him and going to that…that fucking church is driving him away from you, and you’re going to lose him too!”

“I wish you wouldn’t use those words when we’re together, Sofia!” Ronda laughed and remembered how much she loved when Tom would use those words, when they fucked! ‘Damn it, I’m on fire now and it’s because of my own son!’ she now thought, and was so glad Sofia had told her about Dave.

“Oh shit, grow up Ronda and let go!” Sofia laughed and couldn’t wait to get back home to Dave.

“You have such a way with words and I’m not sure if I could do that or not. He’s my son and that wouldn’t leave my mind.”

“Tell me, is he big? I bet he is, isn’t he? Oh fuck, I forgot, you saw him jerking off!” Sofia teased and Ronda’s face was totally red now.

“You are sooo bad and yes…he is huge! Are you happy now? You pervert!”

“How long is he?” Sofia asked, hoping that this would help her relax and give poor Alex a nice time with his momma.

Ronda held up her hands and tried to estimate how long her son’s penis was. “All I know is, it was long and hard!” she giggled, and knew her face was so red, but she was having fun and Sofia was making her feel good again.

“Oh yeah, I bet it made you horny, didn’t it!” Sofia laughed and wanted to know more. “How thick was he?”

“You are bad and um…yes it did! Are you happy now?” she laughed and could feel her juices pouring from between her long legs. “He was as thick as my wrist…maybe thicker!” she added and had to cross her legs to keep from having an orgasm.

“Holy fuck, you should be a little nicer to him and…you never know what might happen! Think of him slipping that big, thick cock up your cunt and fucking you into frenzy!” she laughed, and saw her face turn bright red. Sofia smiled, gave Ronda a hug and said she had to get back home to her son. “Well, I need to get going and do some things. Dave and I are headed to Mexico this weekend and I have so many things to do,” she lied and couldn’t wait to get Dave back inside her excited cunt.

“You guys have fun and call me when you get back in town” Rhonda said.

“You should go find Alex, grab him and give that boy a fuckin’ reason to come back home with you! Suck his god damn cock until his brains fall out, and then, ride him until your fuckin’ cunt is bleeding! Show him how much his momma loves and needs him!” Sofia smiled, and couldn’t wait to tell Dave about this. “I will, and remember what I told you to do!”


“Hey, it’s me and I hope you’re ready to fuck me, because I’m on fire!” Sofia yelled as she walked in her house and started stripping off her clothes.

“I’m in here and you should already know the answer to that,” he replied, as mom came into the family room, already half naked. “What’s up with you?” he asked, as she moved in front of him and quickly pulled down his sweat pants.

“It’s Ronda and Alex, I think I brought them over to the ‘dark side’ and quite possibly, she’s going to fuck Alex!” she moaned, leaned into his cock, and started sucking on him hard.

Mom got in front of him and started to eat his cock. “You’ve got to be…kidding me!” he moaned, watching mom suck his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. “She’s such a prude and all, I’d never expect her to…oh shit, mom, easy!” Dave laughed, and knew mom was fucking horny as hell.

She sucked Dave hard and needed him ready to fuck. “No I’m not! On Friday, she caught him jerking off with a pair of her panties and she got turned on. He is very big and Ronda loved seeing him. So, I egged her on and told her about us.”

“You don’t think she’ll say anything?”

“Hell no, by the time we finished talking, she looked like a fucking whore in heat and her nipples were huge!”

“Wow, how many moms and sons do you think we’ve converted so far?” Alex asked, as mom stroked his cock to full mast now.

“I don’t know, but it sure is a bunch of them! Are you ready to fuck the holy, living shit out of your…mommy?” she teased, as she climbed onto Dave’s lap and sat down on his hard cock, taking it all and he bumped her cervix. “Oh my fucking god! I love you so much baby, and I need you to fuck your momma hard and deep!” Sofia growled, as Dave flipped her over onto the sofa, moved over her and started fucking her as if he were a madman. “Yeah, yeah, ram it in mommy! Fuck your mommy hard! Fuck mommy hard, baby! Fuck my cunt, fuck your mommy’s nasty, dirty, incest loving cunt hard!” she squealed as Dave fucked her like a whore and Sofia loved it.

“You cock-loving whore!” he growled, wrapped his arms around her legs and pulling them to her chest. “Oh mom, I love fucking you, and your cunt is so awesome!” Dave moaned, as he slammed into her pussy, loving the juicy sounds coming from their fucking.

Sofia lay under her son, enjoying his youthful cock and its stiffness. “Oh baby, I love you and the way you fuck…me! Oh god, harder, harder!” she squealed and her baby boy fucked her harder, driving to her core and bumping her cervix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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