The Black Swans: Broken

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Three years ago…

Jessica walked alone along the dark sidewalks towards the bus stop after another Saturday late-evening workout at the university gym. Some weights and a swim followed by a nice, hot shower left her feeling refreshed and energized. Not that she had anything fun lined up for the evening to put that renewed energy to good use. No, she was heading home to study.

To look at her, people would be forgiven if they questioned why a pretty and personable, 19-year old university sophomore like herself didn’t have a full social dance card; she didn’t even have a boyfriend. Guys were more than willing to have the opportunity with her and her twin sister, Haley. They were of mixed-race with WASP and Thai blood mingling to make a very attractive cocktail with long chestnut-brunette hair, pearl skin, and dark, slender, rose-petal shaped eyes angled as such that they evoked an enticingly serious, mysterious expression that just mesmerized the beholder. Plus the sisters, though small in stature, sported athletically fit bodies –owed in large part to their intensive martial arts training– that anyone could appreciate.

It’s just that the sisters didn’t seem to have much time for a social life, though no one knew for sure why. While neither put up with much frivolity, they weren’t cold or bookish, and those who did get to know them would likely describe them to be considerate and attentive people. They were almost unusually attentive to the concerns of the people they met, seemingly ready to take on the weight of other people’s problems.

Because they lived on their own –their mother had passed away and their father had disappeared a couple of years ago– Jessica and Haley had the responsibility of taking care of their home and they both worked part-time jobs to cover costs and their university. Still, they should have had time to squeeze in some sort of fun once in a while.

Yet, there was Jessica, alone again on a Saturday evening as she strolled through the neighborhood just outside of the university campus. Still a block away from the bus stop, she looked up from the ground as she heard the sound of loud chatter and music up ahead, coming from one of the fraternity houses. It appeared that a party was in full swing.

Jessica stopped in front of the large multi-resident house where small groups of people lingered on the front lawn. Standing there, her heightened senses lit up to the smell of weed and alcohol which hung in the air and the thrum of heavy beats against her chest and face. Blinking, her eyes narrowed as a tingling curiosity crept into her. She should have just turned away and continued to the bus stop. The house, the party, was calling to her, though, and she was compelled to walk up the path and steps to join the festivities.

As soon as she was in the house, her body tightened, almost immediately feeling conspicuous and out of place… but intrigued by the thrill of it. The house was packed, everyone in full-on party mode. She smiled crookedly and shirked away at the raucous activity and noise that surrounded her as she waded deeper and deeper into it. She continued walking straight through towards the back, for a moment caught up in the bouncing fervour of a thick scrum of people dancing in the living room, before emerging on the other side, sighing as if she had been holding her breath. With a self-conscious chuckle and scratch at her temple, she thought about how awkward she must have looked. Why was she even there?

After standing in a corner by herself for a few minutes, she was already deciding whether or not to leave before a hand suddenly came into her view, dangling a cup in front of her face. She traced her eyes along the arm then turned and looked up at a tall, young man standing beside her, smiling. She recognized him immediately with his short, curly, golden blonde hair, sharp face and piercing, steel-blue eyes, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey, thought you might like a drink?” he said. He held red cups in both hands.

Jessica eyed the cup, then shook her head. “I don’t drink alcohol.”

“I know.” The guy nodded, leaning in a bit to be heard over the music. “It’s just juice.”

She tilted her head and eyed him. “What do you mean, ‘you know’? How?”

“Figured you and your sister were kind of into a healthy lifestyle. You know, keeping the bodies clean and ‘zen’,” he chuckled.

Squinting back at him with mock suspicion, she asked, “You know who I am?”

“Yeah, you’re Jessica Sullivan. You and your sister pulled off that kick-ass Wushu demo at the University Culture Fest. That was amazing,” he replied.

“It was Muay Thai,” Jessica corrected.

“Ah, yeah. Sorry,” he said, looking genuinely apologetic. “It was very cool though. Really powerful and graceful stuff.”


He waggled the cup again. “Sure you don’t want this?”

Jessica chuckled and rolled her eyes, telling herself to relax. With a cordial nod and thank-you, she took the cup. Sweeping her hair behind her ear, she took a sip while peering up at the guy from behind the lip of the cup.

He offered her his free hand as he leaned in again. “I’m…”

“Drew McManus. I know,” Jessica said, nodding and shaking his hand. “Captain of the university swim team and Olympics hopeful?”

Still holding her hand, he tilted his head. “So you know me.”

She looked up and aside. Of course, she knew him. Without telling anyone, not even Haley, she had attended his swim meets just to see him in his element, admiring how his long, svelte body cut through the water. She was particularly attentive whenever he emerged from the pool, pulling himself up, the water cascading down his body, his tanned skin shining. With nothing but his tiny Speedos to funnel his broad V-shape frame into, it gave her a good opportunity to examine and decipher the intricate map of tattoos all over his back and chest and arms, while keeping a safe distance in the stands amongst the audience.

“I guess we both know of each other, already,” she said. “What else do you know about me?”

“I also know that it’s unusual to see you at things like this,” he said, acknowledging the party around them with a tilt of his head. “That you don’t seem to be attached to anyone.”

She tilted her head down and grinned. “You’re observant. Would it matter if I was?”

“Not really,” he said with a sly wink. “The main thing is that you’re here… alone… so, I didn’t want to waste this opportunity.”

Jessica folded her lips in, realizing her back was pressing against the wall with the taller guy starting to lean over her. Arching her dark brow, she asked, “An opportunity to do what?”

He shrugged and drew a bead on her. “To get to know you better.”

“What do you want to know?” She took another slow sip from her cup, eyes always on him.

He matched her focused gaze. “I guess first of all, as one of the hosts of this party, I wanted to know if you’re having a good time.”

Jessica grinned and scoffed playfully, “I’m okay. As you said, I’m not usually spotted at these things. Not that it makes much of a difference. I’m kind of being a wallflower as we speak.”

“I noticed you the moment you came through the door.” His grin curled wider. Then he moved in close and said into her ear, “So what can I do to make this more enjoyable for you?”

After he leaned back, Jessica chewed her lower lip slightly, knowing he was watching her mouth appreciatively as she did. She was flirting, the way she was looking at him, speaking to him, her body language. She was aware of it. She couldn’t help it.

She was also aware of how he was looking at her, moving into her personal space, his pheromones seeping into her pores. He was so quick, so bold, moving fast after only a few minutes. He was as slick as he was in the water.

She liked it.

“The music is a bit loud,” she said, with the hard, heavy beats fighting for space in her suddenly distracted mind.

Drew thumbed over to the deejay. “I can tell him to turn it down?”

Jessica chuckled and shook her head. “You don’t have to do that just for me.”

“Well, then,” he said, fixing her with his blue eyes, “how about I take you somewhere a little quieter?”

“You’d be my hero,” she joked. When Drew took her hand and led her through the crowds towards the stairs, her flirtatious grin softened somewhat as anxious excitement settled into her tummy.

His bedroom wasn’t that much quieter with the music blaring, but after he kicked out the threesome who had broken in and occupied his bed, it was a lot less crowded than anywhere else in the house.

Jessica knew the moment he led her in and the door closed behind her that she couldn’t allow herself to think if she was going to even hope to get through this. Submitting to pure desire from deep within her body, she didn’t hesitate, quickly dropping her bag when he suddenly grabbed her face and pulled her against him for a harsh, desperate kiss. Locked together, her head rolled with his as he massaged her mouth open with his lips and slipped his tongue into her warm mouth, quickly wrestling against her own tongue. He followed that up with a firm grope of her round ass.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you do that demonstration,” he implored with husky breaths as he moved down to her neck. His hand came around and scoped her chest through her hoodie. “So fucking strong and gorgeous. I want to fuck you so bad.”

The sudden vulgarity, the crude statement of intentions, that he introduced to the proceedings shocked Jessica. Not that it offended her, no. It shocked her to realize how much it stimulated her, how much it fed this tingling sensation of reckless abandon. With their heavy breaths swelling, the background din of raunchy, rowdy music playing, and the feel of his greedy hands upon her body, his words perfectly summed up why they were there and what was going to happen.

As they continued to kiss, Jessica worked feverishly to unbutton his shirt. She needed to see his broad, bare shoulders and his long, lean muscles up close. When he removed his shirt, he offered her a moment to take him in. She raised her hands and touched his chest softly with her fingertips, tracing with her eyes part of his wolf’s head tattoo emblazoned upon his pecs. The designs seemed to shift and flow and change as he moved and breathed before her focused, dark eyes.

Once more they engaged in a ravenous, messy kiss as they edged towards his bed. When Drew grabbed her arms with the intent of tossing her onto the mattress, instinct may have kicked in and Jessica ended up unexpectedly and deftly turning his arms out, spinning around and flipping him onto the bed.

Drew huffed as he landed on the mattress, lying there for a moment, stunned. Jessica, gawking at what she just did, immediately covered her mouth and apologized, “Oh God! I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay,” he said, though he still looked a little taken aback. “We’re good.”

Determined to make it up to him and move past the awkwardness, she quickly joined him on the bed, climbing on top, straddling his legs, and planting her own heavy kiss upon his mouth. As he massaged her ass through her jeans, she rolled her hips with an undulating grind, mashing her crotch against his, drawing a pleased groan from his throat, and a provocative twitch behind his jeans. She ran her hands over his chest, tickling his nipples before curling down to wrap her mouth and tongue around each.

“Oh, yeah,” Drew breathed, licking his lips and tangling his fingers through her hair.

The dam within Jessica’s psyche was crumbling by the second and she was more than ready to succumb to the warm flood. Sitting upright upon him, she removed her sweatshirt, revealing her small, firm breasts clutched behind her black sports bra.

“God, you’re fucking hot,” he said, reaching up to wrap his hands around her tits and give them a hungry squeeze.

Jessica smiled and then curled back down to sample his chest and hard abdomen with her mouth. When her chin touched his belt, she paused, realizing how close her mouth was to his crotch. She looked down, then back up as she cupped her hand between his legs. It was a gentle touch but she could tell already how hard he was, his stiff length throbbing against her fingers and palm.

As she worked his belt apart, a determined frown dropped over her brow. Despite her efforts, she was starting to think, conscious that this was a selfish and reckless moment for her. As her mother had always taught her and Haley, every action, from a punch to a kiss, had repercussions and each should be respected and considered. She also taught the twins that, while their body was their greatest weapon, it was also their greatest prize when it came to the desires of men.

She was still a virgin. Did she really want to do this? Did she really need to do this? Surrender herself for the first time to this veritable stranger in a spur of the moment decision? Would she regret it if she didn’t?

While looking down at his handsome, flushed face, his hungry and desperate eyes upon her, she drew down his fly and pushed her hand beneath his briefs, drawing her fingers and palm down his hardened, pulsing cock. God, it was so hard and warm. Her breath trembled as she wet her lips again and swallowed, blocking out everything else, enveloped by pure emotion and lust.

Yes. She wanted him to fuck her now.

While they kissed again, Drew wriggled beneath her, pushing his pants and briefs down his legs, his erect shaft flopping out and tapping her leg.

That’s when Jessica’s phone rang. It was Haley, and the ringtone told her it was urgent.

“Shit,” Jessica thought, her brows pinched as her lips remained locked on Drew’s. She froze for a moment, then pulled back, a pained expression on her face as she slammed hard on the brakes.

“Wh-what…?” Drew stammered. He reached for her waist as she backed off. “Don’t! Where are you… don’t answer that!”

“Sorry,” she offered a meagre reply. She pushed away his hands, slipped off the bed and reached for her bag.

“Really? You have to answer, now?” he exclaimed looking flushed and agitated, left with his dick hanging.

Jessica shook her head and answered her phone. “Haley?”

“Hey, new intel just came over the wire,” her sister said. “The weapons deal is happening tonight, in an hour, at the New Millennium Towers construction site. The Rogovs might be overseeing the drop. We can catch them.”

They had interfered with the Russian-mafia brother’s operations previously, but this would be the first opportunity for the vigilante Black Swans to actually apprehend them. Haley’s excitement to do so was palpable.

“Alright,” Jessica sighed.

“Where are you?” Haley asked. pendik escort “You’re not on the bus? I hear music.”

Jessica shook her head. “Nevermind. I’ll be there.”

She didn’t notice Drew step up beside her. “Jessica, come on. Put away the phone. Come back to bed.”

“Who is that?” Haley asked, then quickly gasped, “Oh shit, are you with a guy?”

“I’m leaving now,” Jessica said, steamrolling her sister’s questioning. “I’ll meet you there.”

“You’re leaving?!” Drew exclaimed aloud, mightily worked up.

“Jessica! What–?” Haley snapped before her sister hung up on her abruptly.

“I’m sorry, Drew,” Jessica said as she slid around him. She really was. She could barely look at him.

“Jesus, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” he growled with a flustered, irate sneer as he watched her grab her sweatshirt from the floor. As she made her way past him, he suddenly and aggressively grabbed her by the arm. “You can’t just fucking leave!”

Once again, Jessica’s reflexes kicked in and she spun around, pulling him over and flipping him hard onto the hardwood floor. He groaned and writhed on the ground, now with a sore back to go along with his blue balls.

“I’m sorry,” she offered again but didn’t look back as she left the bedroom, made her way downstairs and through the crowds of partygoers, and out the front door.

As she ran to catch the next bus, feeling hot and with a knot twisting in her uneasily in her belly, she told herself that would be the last time she’d be so impulsive like that.

She’d save herself for someone who she was meant to be with.

An hour later, she was succumbing to another thrilling rush, namely punishing a gang of men –criminals smuggling weapons– at the construction site, along with her sister Haley, fighting as the vigilante Black Swans. They were outnumbered nearly ten to one, but they were making astonishingly easy work of the men, unleashing all their martial skills and powerful Ch’i upon them.

Their information was also correct: the Rogov brothers, Lev and Ruslan, were actually there to oversee the exchange. This would be the sisters’ first time confronting the criminal brothers face-to-face.

While Haley chased after Lev into the foundation of one of the buildings, Jessica confronted Ruslan, cornering him amongst walls of girders and beams. She had disarmed him earlier but still approached him cautiously, mindful that more of his men could be arriving. She had to ensure that she wasn’t surrounded.

Ruslan stood ready but, after finally noting the appearance of the person interfering in his business, jeered, “You’re a fucking girl?”

Jessica scoffed behind her face mask, “You couldn’t tell before?”

He rolled his tongue behind a condescending smile as he deliberately eyed her strong, nubile body. “I meant you’re an actual girl,” he sniffed. “Didn’t your parents tell you not to fool around with older men?”

“I only see a criminal,” she fired back. “There’s no ‘man’ here.”

His blue eyes deepened as his grin widened. It wasn’t the reaction she was expecting.

“I would be happy to show you,” he offered. “Show you how a real man treats a bad girl like you.”

“Spare me,” she spat.

He shook his head. “Oh, no. A pretty thing like you? I wouldn’t spare you. Not one bit.”

The way he was looking at her… even cornered and beaten, he indulged in his abhorrent desires. She couldn’t understand it.

Seizing upon her apparent confusion, Ruslan spiked a telling brow, nodded confidently, and remarked, “One day, I’ll get my hands on your pretty little neck. Then, you will know. I will fuck respect and appreciation into you.”

Jessica angled her head downward and regarded him through narrowed slits. “You can try,” she hissed dismissively.

They charged each other, and at the last moment, Jessica jumped up and landed a kick to his chest sending him crashing back into the dirt. As he struggled onto his elbows, she ran up and nailed him with a flying knee to his head, slamming it back down onto the ground and knocking him out.

Jessica stood over him, looking down. Ruslan hadn’t even lasted ten seconds with her and he was going to show her what a man was? She tilted her head. It was a shame because there was something disturbingly alluring about the guy.

As she reflected on this, someone shouted at her in Russian and she quickly dodged a hail of bullets shot at her by a trio of the Rogov’s thugs. Chaos erupted again, and the sound of police sirens wailed in the distance.

Even as she fought to take down her current assailants, more of Rogov’s men ran towards her brandishing firearms, looking to retrieve their fallen boss.

The sisters were out of time.

She spotted Haley emerging from the building. “I lost Lev!” she shouted.

“We have to go!” Jessica called back. “The police are coming!”

As the Black Swans ran off, avoiding more gunfire, she could only hope that the police could arrive in time to catch Ruslan before his gang carried him to his escape.

“We almost had them,” Haley exclaimed.

“We’ll get another shot,” Jessica replied.

She was certain they would run into the Rogovs again.

She was looking forward to it.


Three years later. Now…

Slumped over the broad shoulder of Ruslan Rogov with her hands bound like captured prey, Jessica remained silent, still lost in the nightmare that had just transpired just moments ago. The brute carried her through the dark, torchlit corridors that led away from the stone, alien arena where she and her sister had suffered through their personal hell at the ruthless hands of Ruslan and his twin brother, Lev. Her sister was still enduring it at this moment, left alone with the sexually ravenous Lev when Ruslan took Jessica away.

“Haley,” Jessica thought.

They had thrown everything they had at the brothers, channelling their Ch’i and striking them with blows that would have delivered debilitating injuries to normal men, even killed some. Hell, Haley had caved in Lev’s throat with a crushing kick, but instead of gagging to death in a pool of his own spit and blood, he was back on his feet in a matter of seconds and thrashing her into submission soon after.

The Rogovs were no longer ‘normal men.’ Enhanced by a serum developed by the immoral mastermind, Doctor Daedalus, the Black Swans were unprepared and no match for the brothers’ physicality and viciousness during the fight.

They were even less prepared for what would happen to them immediately after.

Jessica squeezed her eyes shut, her mind and heart raked by the visceral images of the Rogovs beating her and her sister and then being forced to watch as they took Haley’s virginity in the most savage and merciless of ways. The thought that she had so failed her sister tortured her. So utterly defeated were the Black Swans that Jessica’s vow to totally capitulate to the will of Ruslan was only enough for him to order the zombie-like Granite Men who surrounded them to back off from joining Lev in a full-on, endless gang rape of Haley. Otherwise, Lev could and did continue to have his way with her sister on his own.

Ruslan carried his prize proudly, an angled grin on his lips. Already invigorated by the beatdown of the sisters and from the gratification of fucking the first one with his brother, the impending moment of being able to take his pleasure of his true target, Jessica, stoked indescribable excitement in his virile body. The serum that Doctor Daedalus had injected into his veins probably served to enhance those intense feelings of sexual desire, but it also aided in his body’s recovery from physical exertion. Only a couple of minutes after intense fucking and unloading a gushing shot of his spunk into Jessica’s sister’s pink pussy, his cock had hardened, turgid from blood and spunk, and was ready for more. He intended for Jessica to be the one to experience his next full release.

After another minute of walking, they arrived at some sort of chamber. Several Granite Men with their grey skin and glowing hollow eyes currently occupied the space.

“Get out,” Ruslan ordered.

Silently, the men obeyed and filed past the imposing Russian gangster, leaving him alone with Jessica. He sniffed a laugh, grinning to himself. Their host on this strange, alien world, Lord Gorerath, had granted the Rogovs command over his Granite Men, so long as they entertained him by dominating the Black Swans. It seems that the overlord was pleased by their display in the arena.

He carried Jessica into the room, then lowered her onto her feet on a spot on the floor before a stone hearth where a fire burned.

Jessica hung her head down, noting that she was standing on some rough animal furs. While Ruslan moved around a ragged dining table –sniffing the contents of a wood goblet before taking a drink– she quietly glanced around the space. It appeared to be a sort of stone barracks, dark and dank, more furs and hides and weathered cloth scattered on parts of the floor which she presumed were bedding for about a dozen men. Like the arena outside, there was a numbing, dead silence about the space, aside from the crackle of the fire and whatever noise Ruslan made as he moved around the room.

“You’re very quiet,” Ruslan said, poking something on a plate.

Jessica kept her chin low as she gazed at him coldly, some of her long, chestnut hair falling across her face, shadowing one of her dark eyes.

“That’s alright,” he continued with a shrug. “I prefer quiet sometimes. Your sister, though… she is a screamer.”

Jessica flinched at the sharp taunt, her chin noticeably shifting.

He stepped forward, standing aside Jessica, his back to the fire. He stood a clear foot taller than the young woman before him, more than twice her weight. His tall, rugged frame cast a heavy shadow that fully engulfed her. He stood over her, looking down over his sharp nose at her, silently expressing his dominant and imposing figure upon her.

“It’s just very strange to see you so… docile,” Ruslan said. “It’s hard to believe you’re the same bitch who has been such a pain in the ass to our operations over the last few years.”

Keeping her head unturned, the frown over her eyes deepened as she gazed into the bleak darkness of the room.

He tilted his head down and smiled. “I bet you’re thinking if I take that belt off from around your hands, you’ll show me how strong you are.”

He stepped in front of her and took up her hands, appearing to intend to remove the belt that bound her wrists together. But then he paused and smiled. Shaking his head and clicking his tongue, he said, “Not now. Maybe after we soothe that fire in you a little more.”

He left her standing alone on the floor again as he walked over to the table and picked up a chair. Setting it down a few feet away facing Jessica, he took a seat and folded his arms as he regarded her. He looked like a man waiting for the curtain to raise at the theatre.

Jessica narrowed her slender eyes at him. She attempted to settle herself, quell her nerves and not give him the satisfaction of seeing her rattled. Still, her heart raced and her chest rose and fell unsteadily as she breathed.

“Come on,” Ruslan exclaimed, clapping his hands at her, “get the show started already.”

Jessica frowned, silent.

He sighed impatiently, then added bluntly, “Strip.”

Jessica blinked, freezing at his cold command.

“Now,” Ruslan insisted.

A blush of humiliation blossomed on her creamy white skin around her neck and upon her cheeks. Then, after a long moment of gazing into his unmoving glare, she swallowed anxiously then bent down to undo her boots. With her hands still bound tightly, she slowly loosened the straps and ties.

Ruslan’s jaw slid aside as she pulled off one boot. As she worked on the other, he said, “I knew I wanted to fuck you the first time I laid eyes on you.”

Holding the other boot, Jessica hesitated, closing her eyes for a moment, feeling the stinging punch of his words. Still holding her tongue, she resumed undoing her boot.

“I always wanted you, even when you were kicking our butts. I think you always seemed like the leader of the two of you, even if you are sisters, twins. It’s like me and Lev,” Ruslan continued to comment. “You came across as the strong one. The dominant one. I know who you are.”

After discarding her other boot, Jessica stood upright again, facing the man.

“Tell me,” he said, leaning into his Russian accent, and raising a brow at her, “you felt the same, yes?”

She remained quiet.

He shrugged then prodded her to continue with a nod of his chin, eyeing her black tights. After another momentary hesitation, she hooked her fingers under the waistband of her pants and pushed them down, shifting her hips side-to-side, working the garment down her legs one side at a time.

Ruslan tilted his head as he watched her, admiring her strong, toned legs and hips. This was the body she used as a lethal weapon, taking out scores of his men and inflicting upon him so much pain as well, in the past. “Fuck, I like strong women,” he said, settling back in his seat, spreading his legs and touching his crotch. “It’s so satisfying to have them beneath me.”

Again, Jessica winced inwardly. Slipping off her tights and setting them aside, she stood upright once more, facing Ruslan in only her athletic halter top and black panties. The glow of the fire cast enticing shadows on her lovely, nubile figure. Unable to stop herself, her eyes dropped to his hand as he kneaded his crotch slowly with his long fingers.

“Keep going,” he said, nodding at her. “Show me your tits.”

Jessica drew a deep breath and stared at him coldly. Pinching at the back of her lower lip with her teeth, she slowly reached for the left strap of her top and tugged and pushed it off her shoulder with her thumbs, then the right strap. Finally, she hooked the middle of her top between her breasts and pulled it down. The garment slipped off each of her stiff, almond nipples with a crisp ‘snap’. With her hands still bound, she could only leave the garment hanging around her arms and belly, but she still felt as exposed as she had ever been before a man.

Ruslan nodded approvingly, his legs shifting slightly as he sat, still rubbing himself. His blue eyes fell deliberately from her face to her firm, glowing breasts and down her flat belly. “All of it, Jessica,” he said.

This time, she did take her eyes off of him as she looked aside, blushing with anxiety. Again, with her hand restricted, she awkwardly had to push her panties down, shifting her hips, but once she got them past her thighs, they dropped to the floor maltepe escort around her ankles. She stepped out of them.

“Look at me,” Ruslan insisted.

Jessica turned her head and faced the man, half her face still covered by her hair. Feeling the kiss of air upon her exposed pussy, she couldn’t stop herself from shaking, her breaths audibly quivering, as rage and humiliation swelled within her. She noted the long, thick shaft of muscle shifting behind his pants; a twinge of angst tweaked at her nerves at the sight of it. She felt him groping her with his eyes, sexing her with his wicked grin, mentally interpreting his lurid looks into visceral images of what was to come.

“I see you’re like your sister. You like to keep your pussy clean and smooth,” he said with an approving grin.

Ruslan couldn’t help himself, couldn’t hide his lascivious look of pleasure. He’d never imagined this would be so enthralling, so stimulating to see this woman like this, performing at his bidding. As Lev said when he first fucked her sister, this was even better than anything he could have dreamed of.

He had done this many times before, of course, ordered women to strip before him. But to see this woman in particular, knowing their antagonizing history together and knowing what it took to break her down to get her into this position was the key to his excitement. She was no whore, no weak woman he had dragged off the street. She had beaten him before and was defiant and strong. Even now, that look on her face was filled with burning resistance. It just served to drive his lust for her even more, his craving desire to break her.

He curled a finger at her. “Come here,” he ordered.

Jessica hesitated, then stepped towards him seated in his chair.

“Closer,” he insisted, widening his legs apart and pointing to the floor between his feet.

She took another couple of tentative steps until she was within Ruslan’s space, standing between his legs.

He narrowed his eyes at her, darkening his sky blue pupils as he scanned her up and down, making sure she felt him doing so. Gently, he gathered her bound hands in his, wrapping his large palm and long fingers around them, giving them a warm rub. “You know,” he said, “aside from my criminal activities, I do have other skills.”

Jessica could feel the heat coming from the man, felt the strength and size of his rough hands. It paled in comparison to the intensity of his gaze. She despised him to her core yet couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She swallowed, anxious breaths slipping past her lips.

“Lift your hands over and behind your head,” he said.

She did as she was told, raising and holding her bound hands at the back of her head, exposing herself fully to the man.

While continuing to fix her with a wicked gaze, Ruslan’s long, slick tongue slipped out from behind his sharp grin. He gave his palm and fingers a good lick, then dipped his hand towards her exposed, smooth crotch.

“First touch,” he said before cupping her snatch with his wet, warm hand.

“Mmn,” Jessica mumbled uncomfortably behind her tightly sealed lips as she flinched against his palm and fingers. As he massaged her, she swallowed hard again, breathing sharply through her nose.

“So smooth.” A slanted smile affixed to his mouth, Ruslan’s rubbing deepened as the seconds passed. His hand warmed her silky mound, and he pushed the length of his middle finger along her slit, easing her apart gently but steadily. He could feel the slightest quivering of her thighs against his hand, pleased with her response so far. When he felt her try to back away, he pulled her back in and applied his fingers more aggressively.

Jessica continued to watch with apprehension, fearful of each gasp she was forcing herself to stifle, each tremble she uncontrollably shuddered. Then, when Ruslan leaned forward to suckle on her glistening breasts, she felt his finger dip into her at the same time, sinking between her pink, tender lips. Her head wobbled back and she blinked at the sudden breach of her pussy. “Un-gh,” she gasped aloud as she felt him wiggle his finger inside of her and suck hard on her nipples.

“Mmm,” Ruslan hummed, capturing her stiff, dark nipple in his lips and teeth, letting it slip from his mouth with a crisp pop before sucking on it again. All the while, his hand continued its steady rub against her mound, his finger buried within her soft inner flesh.

Jessica tilted her head back. Her face pinched and her gasping quickened as his pace intensified. While he slathered her pert breasts with his tongue and mouth, he introduced a second, long finger into her sending a rattle coursing through her body.

In her mind, she cursed him to hell and envisioned either slamming her hands onto his neck or ramming her knees into his face. In reality, all she offered were reluctant groans and involuntary shudders of her body as it slowly, incredibly began to betray her.

“Not so bad, yeah?” Ruslan asked, caressing her pussy inside and out. “Ready for more?”

Before she could think, he stood and picked her up easily by the waist. He turned and seated her on the table, then with a stiff push at her shoulders, he shoved her onto her back and nudged apart her legs. He leaned down over her as he pressed his hand against her again, covering and massaging her snatch again, sinking his fingers into her again with a swift thrust.

Jessica squirmed as Ruslan’s indulgences of her body intensified. He brought his free hand over her head, clamping her hands to the table as he pressed his body upon her, their faces an inch apart. She smelled his breath, felt it blowing across her cheeks and mouth. He was so close. His eyes filled with vile intent.

“You’re liking this more than you thought you would, right?” he asked, winking at her. He licked at her lower lip before giving it a stiff suck, pulling it back till it slipped from his mouth. Jessica tried to turn her head away. He grabbed her chin and firmly turned her head back to face him. He kissed her again, his lips fully covering hers, muffling her gasping protests. He raised his head and growled, “Now, first taste.”

He slid his large frame down till his head came between her legs, He grappled with her thighs, locking them in his arms securely as she twisted upon the table.

“No,” Jessica heard herself utter as if the voice was not hers, finally breaking her silence. She shook her head while staring up at the cold, dark ceiling above. For a moment, she felt his hot breath upon her sensitive folds of skin, then the dab of the tip of his tongue against her slit, quickly followed by a series of long licks that had her tummy twitching and flinching and soft moans aching up her throat. A finger delved into her again as his tongue swirled around, zeroing in on her stiffening clit.

“Your virgin pussy is very tasty, Black Swan,” he jeered, looking up between her legs for a moment before plunging back down with his mouth upon her glistening snatch. “Mmm…”

Jessica’s back arched as she tried to push up from the table. Ruslan’s strong arms held her fast, leaving her only to wiggle and twist her body in vain. She was gasping audibly now as his licks and sucking and fingering amplified. She felt his saliva dripping from her soft petals and hood.

“S-st-uhhh… Stop,” she gasped.

Ruslan only grinned and reached up to pinch her nipples in response. He wasn’t going to relent, knowing he was succeeding in breaking the young heroine down. He spread her pussy wide with his fingers to allow his sweeping tongue clear passage to her tender, pink hole and clit.

Jessica couldn’t think straight, unable to escape the sensation coursing through her. She glared down and saw Ruslan wantonly gorging himself upon her quivering pussy. She hated this man, she told herself. Her body didn’t care, totally surrendering to whatever the bastard was offering.

Finally, she felt her body suddenly and involuntarily clench. She contorted to the side, throwing her head back, feeling her toes and fingers curl. Then she came with a rush, a sputtering orgasm rippled through her, bucking her hips against Ruslan’s mouth as he continued to lash her with his tongue. She groaned long and deeply, succumbing to her full release, then drew in sharp, pitchy breaths as she continued to shudder.

Finally, as she gasped for air, Jessica settled back motionless on the table, staring up at the dark ceiling, blinking in disbelief of the response Ruslan elicited from her.

“Mmm,” Ruslan hummed. He sounded a deliberately messy slurp as he dragged his lips across her pussy. He wanted her to know how wet she actually was and remind her who made her that way.

Moments later, he rose up and loomed over her again. Jessica could see his lips and chin glistening from her fresh cum as he grinned down at her. She firmed her jaw, burning a stern frown back at him but the blush upon her face and neck, the perspiration glowing on her skin, the unsteady breathing shaking her breasts told him everything.

“You enjoyed that,” Ruslan said with the smile of a shark, “didn’t you?”

“Go to hell,” she uttered, the words trembling up her throat.

Ruslan grinned crookedly then nodded with haughty confidence, then pasted her with a stinging slap of his hand across her face.

Roughly, the big man pulled the woman off the table, turned her around and shoved her forward. Slumped across the tabletop, Jessica felt him kick her ankles apart, spreading her legs. Panicked, she tried to push herself up and turn. “No!”

A firm hand clamped around the back of her neck and shoved her back down, slamming the side of her face painfully against the table. It held her down like a vice.

“Shut up and stay still,” Ruslan seethed. He was done with taking his time. The taste of her fresh cum acted like an elixir, setting his blood on fire. His cock was hard and throbbing and more than ready to take her virgin cunt.

With his free hand, he dropped his pants and kicked them aside, then held up his heavy length in his hot hand. His breaths husky and growling, he painted his rigid cock around her smooth, firm ass.

Her bound hands stretched above her head, Jessica struggled in futility against Ruslan’s hand locking her head down against the table. This was it. As the vulgar drag of his hard cock circled in towards her plush pussy lips, she knew there was no stopping him from claiming his ultimate desire now. Despite that, she urged through her clenched teeth, “Don’t do this! Don’t!”

Ruslan just wet his lips and nodded down at her. “One thing I have in common with my brother when I’m fucking bitches like you,” he hissed, “I like to make it hurt.”

“Uh-AHHHGH!” Jessica screamed as Ruslan drove his full, stone-hard length into her, shoving the entire table forward a few inches. He was so long and so thick, literally pulling her outer lips inward with his swift, potent stroke. She felt like she had been impaled with an iron rod.

His crotch slapped up against her ass and he stopped, holding that first thrust. He gyrated his hips slowly, making his cock throb within her, pulsating against the clench of her inner walls. He sneered as he held her down, revelling in the languishing moan aching from the young woman’s mouth as writhed and struggled below him. Like Lev had claimed of her sister, Haley, her virgin pussy was strong and tight as hell even when coated with her juices.

“Shh,” he breathed out deeply through the wicked curl of his lip. “It’s done, Jessica. I’m in you. You’ve lost. You’re beaten. Broken.”

Jessica clenched her fingers together, squeezing till her knuckles went white as she took more of his stiff, lancing thrusts, each ending with a sour smack of flesh as he banged his crotch against her ass. With her head turned aside on the table, her eyes widened with every hard drive of his cock. Her mouth rounded open, gasping groans seeping out.

This was her first time. Having saved herself for so long, only to be taken by a man, a mortal enemy, she had spent years trying to stop, it left her reeling with anguished humiliation. How had it come to this?

“Now,” Ruslan grunted, throwing his hips back and forth, determined to break in the young woman completely, “Now you’re mine. Now we fuck.”

For what seemed like an eternity to her, Ruslan exerted all his virile lust and brute desire on the object of his frustrations, pumping quick, grinding thrusts into Jessica’s sweet snatch from behind. Her toes were barely skimming the floor as he shoved her higher onto the table, raising her ass level to his cock for maximum penetration.

Ruslan grabbed the back of her halter top, her remaining piece of clothing, and tugged it violently, tearing it from her body and then tossing it aside leaving her completely naked. The intensity swelling within him, he grabbed her long, dark hair tangling it in his fist and yanked her head up from the table.

With her back bowed, he pulled her head close to his. As he continued to slam his cock into her, he growled huskily into her ear, “You feel me? Deep inside? Fucking you? Was it worth it to screw with me and my brother? You thought you could stop us?”

Jessica fought against the groans seeping up her throat, desperate to hold on, to avoid sobbing or whimpering before this man. It was the only satisfaction she could prevent letting him have at this point. He had taken everything else.

“Now you can’t stop us at all. You and your sister… you belong to us,” he hissed.

He withdrew his cock only for a moment, to flip her over onto her back. Once more she struggled to get away from him, but he simply grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart like a wishbone, before plunging his cock into her again.

“God!” Jessica screamed in her mind as she pressed the back of her head into the table upon the second surge of Ruslan’s full length, her plush mound yielding to his angry stroke. It was so long and thick, the pressure felt like she was going to burst. She could feel every slick, rugged inch of it slide in and out of her, Ruslan rolling his hips steadily, thrusting into her like a tuned piston. The look on his face of lust, greed, and dominating confidence that he held upon her, commanded her attention and accentuated the overwhelming pressure his cock instilled within her body.

Feeling the power swelling in his frenzied muscles from dominating his foe, Ruslan pulled Jessica’s prone body from the table. Standing before the fire, he held her beneath her ass, continuing to fuck her as he swayed his hips left and right, up and down.

Jessica moaned behind her sealed lips while she was draped backwards, her back bent painfully, hands and hair dangling, as he swung her around in his arms. Her kartal escort mind was spinning, disoriented by the shaking of her head and body and the feel of the rough drag of his cock inside of her. Charges of electricity spiked through her as he probed her deep and relentlessly, touching her core and setting her nerves afire.

The man was insatiable, his lust only intensifying by the moment, all of it focused on Jessica. Their glistening bodies silhouetted and warmed by the fire, they fucked at a breakneck pace, yet still far from their peak. Ruslan lowered her to the ground, her head and shoulders pressed into the furs and cloth on the floor but her back and hips and legs raised up. He perched himself above her, wrangling her legs in his arms and angling his heavy cock down. He drove down into her like a jackhammer drilling for oil, forcing his full length deep into her hole.

“Mmm-uhhn,” Jessica gasped, the air pushed from her lungs with his heavy thrusts. She was still fighting it, but as he ground his hips into her, churning her from deep within, a savage groan burst from her throat, “Oh, god!”

“Yes,” Ruslan snarled at her, nodding approvingly, “That’s right, Jessica. Feels good, right? Your cunt loves my cock.”

Her eyes were practically rolling in her head, her thoughts were so scattered and messed up by the electrifying sensations lighting up her nerves. She couldn’t stop now, groaning openly, vocalizing the sensation of being fucked so harshly and for her first time. “Uhn! God! Oh, god! UH-uhn!”

“All this time, you were just waiting for me, yeah?” Ruslan went on, continuing to pound down into her feverishly. “I was always going to be the one who fucked you first.”

Jessica pushed her head back, wincing, and blurting again, “Ahh, oh my god! Ohh, god!”

Ruslan lowered himself to his knees and wrapped her strong legs around his waist. As he filled her with long, hard strokes, he sensed her thighs clenching against him, pulling him in. He reached down and punched her pert nipples painfully, then sneered in appreciation and goaded her on, “You want this. I can tell. Your body tells me so. You want it rough, right?”

For all her aggravated groaning and moaning, she didn’t say no.

“Let’s see what this incredible body of yours can take, then,” Ruslan grunted.

Once again, he flipped her over onto her belly and moved between her legs. Handling his glistening cock in one hand, he tanned her ass with harsh slaps of the other till it was streaked with a crimson blush.

Biting her lip from the sting upon her glowing butt cheeks, it took a moment for Jessica to realize where his thick tip was probing. It kissed along the outer edge of her anus, tickling her tight, puckered star. Her eyes widened with panic, again, and she shook her head.

“Hold still,” Ruslan grunted, yet he knew with his enhanced size and length, the woman wouldn’t be able to avoid feeling the pain. The idea curled a vicious grin on his lips.

Jessica’s mouth rounded open but for a moment as he shoved his cock into her, stretching the hole of her ass to its limits, all she could breathe out was a muted squeak of agony and disbelief. Steadily, he continued to fill her, the torture seeming to go on forever. She was shaking from the pain searing her from within. Finally, she groaned aloud, “Ohhh, GOD! AHH!”

As if that was his cue, Ruslan slowly withdrew before pushing back in, steadily getting into a rhythm. He reared his head back and laughed, his mind in a raging frenzy from the feel of the deliciously tight, warm hole his cock was plundering. “Fucking hell! Jesus Christ, what a fucking amazing body!”

Jessica dug curled her fingers into the furs and cloth, gripping them tightly as her every muscle in her body clenched. No other thought filled her head, not even her sister, Haley. The only thing she could focus on was Ruslan’s long, thick cock ravaging her ass, breaking every last fiber she held dear.

As he draped his hard, rugged body over hers and continued to fill her with relentless, rolling thrusts, uncontested and unimpeded, she knew he was right.

She was his. She was broken.

Maybe it was Daedalus’ serum or just the rush of pleasure of fucking this woman, but Ruslan also was overwhelmed by a surging sensation of excitement. He growled as he wrenched his hard body and taxed his imposing muscles ensuring every stiff thrust elicited the maximum pleasure. And good God, Jessica could take it.

They remained on the floor as Ruslan shifted back to burying his cock in her sweet, slick pussy. With Ruslan on top, he made her wrap her legs around him again, Whether she did it consciously or not, her ankles locked together at the small of his back, as his hips surged back and forth, driving his cock in and out.

His face mere inches away above her, he looked down. Showing his teeth through a sneer, he grunted, “I’m going to fill your virgin cunt with my cum.”

“No,” Jessica pleaded softly though she knew it was hopeless to try to stop him. She didn’t have the will or energy to even attempt to push him off. As his thrusts quickened and shortened, she could feel his cock throb within her, burning hot from the blood and spunk pulsing through it. He was ready to burst.

With one final shove, Ruslan buried his shaft to the hilt of his crotch and curled his head and back upward. His buttocks clenched and he felt a streaming gush flow painfully through his cock. He loosed a long, deep, bellowing groan, “UHHHH!”

Jessica blinked and gasped. She could feel it, the wet, sticky, viscous cum spitting into her raw pussy, coating her inner walls, filling her to her tender, trembling lips. Each twitch of his heavy body that followed, she felt another spurt splash into her till the thick jism dripped from her snatch. Her mouth still open, gasping, she closed her eyes, and thought solemnly, “Oh, my god.”

“Fuck! Uhh-mmm!” Ruslan grunted and licked his dry lips. “That was fucking amazing. Like Lev said, better than I could have imagined. You and your sister… god damn, you’re the best fucks I’ve ever had.”

His praise was cold comfort to Jessica.

After staying in her until the last ebb of cum had dripped out of him, he leaned back and withdrew his glossy cock. He grinned, watching his thick, eggy cum ooze from her hole. Then, leaving her on the floor, he stood and walked back to the table for a drink.

Jessica turned her head aside. Staring at the fire, she watched the flames dance before her. She almost hoped to hypnotise herself by their mesmerizing movements, to take her mind away from this, to escape the strange feelings and sensations that swept through her.

“You’re mine,” she heard Ruslan’s voice in her head clearly, unsure if he had just spoken that now.

The man stepped back onto the floor coverings and stood over her. His position over her ensured that she had a good look at the towering, brutally strong figure that had just staked his claim upon her.

The light of the fire licked at the skin of his bare upper body, his flesh pulled tight over long muscles that seemed to have been chiselled from stone. The flames of the fire played visual tricks with the network of tattoos adorning his flesh. Ruslan was a handsomely ominous figure, a dominant Alpha predator.

The man she had sworn to defeat, to bring to justice, now her conqueror.

“Get on up on your knees,” Ruslan ordered. “We’re not done, Black Swan. Not by a longshot.”

Her hands still bound, Jessica pushed herself up. As she rolled onto her knees, she felt both the throbbing ache in her pussy and ass and the drip of his cum along her skin. She slowly lifted her eyes to him and was startled at the sight of his cock hanging in her face.

Indeed, the man had already recovered. After just a few minutes since flooding her with a gut-wrenching climax, Ruslan was hard again. His cock was swollen, rippling with thick veins, and an angry shade of red as he raised it up.

“Clean it,” Ruslan commanded. He angled a dark brow upward as he eyed her. “You know how.”

Jessica raised her eyes to meet his but saw only a merciless gaze in return. She could smell the pungent scent of his jism coating his length. It caused her to involuntarily wet her lips and swallow.

Ruslan steadied his shaft with one hand and gripped the back of Jessica’s head with the other. “Open up,” he said.

With his tip just below her nose, she frowned and parted her lips. Immediately, he sank his cock into her mouth.

“Mm-hmm. Good girl,” Ruslan said, pushing in deeper. “As I said, I sometimes like when a woman is quiet.”

Jessica’s lips were stretched wide as she shifted her jaw to take as much as she could of him in. His tip butted against her throat, ticking it and she sputtered. Ruslan answered by grabbing her head in both of his large hands and face fucking her.

Alone in the chamber, only Ruslan’s heavy, greedy sighs and Jessica’s desperate, unsteady gasps for air filled the silence. It wasn’t long for gobs of her glossy saliva to start running from the edge of her lips, down her chin, dribbling onto her lap and the furs and hides on the floor. She swallowed when she could, tasting the bitterness of his spunk she sucked off of his lengthy cock.

Her eyes watering, she gazed up at him, seeing his large, tattooed body loom over her, his undeniably handsome face and eyes fixated on her. He was such a dominant figure, demanding her attention both physically and mentally.

“From the first time we met, I knew it would end like this,” Ruslan breathed at her, continuously shafting her mouth, “Even when you beat me down, I knew I’d have you like this, eventually.”

Jessica continued to stare back up at him, without a word of protest in her head. She only uttered muffled gasps and slurps as she obediently sucked upon him. And after countless minutes of taking his large cock in her mouth, the only sounds she made as he unloaded once more were gasps and gulps as she swallowed his creamy, bitter jism.

“Uhhm, yeah. Drink it all,” Ruslan insisted, still holding her head. He clenched, shooting more and more of his spunk into her warm mouth. “Don’t miss a drop.”

She shook as she swallowed hard, his thick cock head still churning in her mouth. Finally, he pulled out with his tip making an audible ‘pop’ as it slipped from her cum-glazed lips. She gasped aloud, her body hitching and heaving for breath, and lowered her head, eyes closed, still kneeling before the man.

Ruslan continued to stand over her, brushing her damp, dark hair with his hand in an uneasy display of tenderness. He picked up his limp cock and stroked it rhythmically with long pumps of his fist.

“You did great for your first time. Really very good,” he said, his tone even and serious. When she remained silent, he gripped her hair and yanked her head back so that she looked up at him. He eyed her angrily. ”I said you’re a great fuck, Black Swan.”

Her brows twitched as she gazed back at him, bewildered. What did he want?

“Say, ‘Thank you, Ruslan,’” he said.

His piercing blue eyes burned into her, numbing her heart. She gasped softly then uttered, “T-thank you… Ruslan.”

Her eyes drifted down where his hand was bringing his cock back to full attention and life once more.

“Say. ‘Fuck me more, Ruslan’.”

She swallowed and gasped, “F-f-… fuck me more… Ruslan.”

Jessica stared at him, eyes blinking as if she were caught in front of an oncoming train. She was no longer aware of herself. The voice was no longer hers. Her body was no longer hers. Just him.

“Your body is mine. Your spirit is mine,” he said, his voice low and leaning into his accent. “You are mine, little girl.”

He spoke with authority and vehemence, his words grabbing her coldly by the throat. As he raised her hands and undid his belt that bound her by the wrists, she remained transfixed on the man. Finally free of the binding, she still didn’t resist as he pushed her down onto her back, raised her legs, and thrust his hard cock into her once more.

This time, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and welcomed his mouth and tongue with her own.


Lord Gorerath sat upon his throne of bones, flesh, and stone. Through his Witch’s Eye –a spiralling window hovering that allowed him to see across his prison realm– the dark overlord observed the proceedings between the Black Swans and the Rogovs with a bemused grin. His appetite had been sufficiently whetted.

The sisters had admirably displayed their prowess as fighters. Gorerath found their determination and skill to be a most alluring trait. It made their eventual downfall and sexual brutalization by the brothers all the more gratifying.

In the arena, Lev continued with his relentless conquest of Haley, repeatedly beating then fucking the young heroine over and over in a myriad of contorted positions that evoked an evil chortle from the demon god. The man was as vicious as he was voracious, using sex as not only an instrument of pleasure but of torment.

Elsewhere in one of the chambers, Ruslan had impressively and methodically broken down Jessica, masterfully probing and provoking her darkest desires till she seemingly had forgotten about her sister. All of her focus and energies were turned upon the powerful, dominating Ruslan until she was almost urging him to fuck her.

He mused to himself about his impending release from his prison, escaping to the world inhabited by so many of these enhanced beings. If the heroines were this attractive and entertaining, and the villains of that world so vile, he had much to look forward to when he finally arrived. The brothers would make fine lieutenants in his invading armies.

“Lord Gorerath,” Doctor Daedalus communicated to him from Earth over the transdimensional transponder.

“Daedalus,” Gorerath grumbled.

“Am I disturbing you?”

“The brothers have broken the heroines.”

“As I expected, considering the boost I had provided to them,” Daedalus confided. “I take it they are indulging in their spoils of victory as we speak? The Black Swans can no longer lay claim to being virgins, hmm? ”

“Yes. I have been enjoying watching them be taken. The sexual appetite of the brothers is admirable,” Gorerath growled. “Why have you contacted me?”

“Ah, yes,” Daedalus continued, “We have had a turn in our fortunes. My power source, the heroine known as Shard, has emerged from her coma.”

Gorerath smiled sharply. “Does that mean I am free?”

“Soon, Lord Gorerath. Repairs to the bridge are almost complete.”

“Excellent,” Gorerath replied. He turned his attention back to his Witch’s Eye, imagining that he will soon have the opportunity to finally partake in his carnal desires of the flesh of Earth’s powerful heroines just as the brothers were doing so now. He rumbled again, “Excellent.”


To be continued…

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