The Camera Man Pt. 07

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All characters are adults over 18.


Don took a break on his front porch. He had one more model to shoot that day, but she wouldn’t be there for almost an hour. He’d worked hard, and he needed some energy, so he made a pot of very strong coffee. He poured a cup, squirted some whipped cream on top, and carried it out to his porch. It was a sunny, pleasant day with just enough wind to make the air smell fresh.

Across the street he saw a house with a banner saying HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY EVA! A group of teenage girls stood on the porch talking; Don assumed it was the birthday girl and her friends. All but one of the girls got into a car and drove away, leaving the lone girl standing in the middle of the street.

Don hadn’t intended to gawk, but he couldn’t help staring at the girl’s legs. They were magnificent. She was wearing a pair of those very short shorts favored by attractive teenage girls who want to be noticed. He suspected she’d owned the shorts for a year or two because they were so tight it seemed that she’d grown out of them. His gaze wandered north. He checked out her cute little butt, her slender bare midriff, and her shapely bosom.

When he finally looked at her face, Don saw that Eva was looking right into his eyes. She’d caught him staring at her body.

I am such a jerk, Don thought to himself. The last thing a young woman needs is some pervy guy scoping her out. The girl walked in his direction, and he thought she was going to let him know she didn’t like being drooled over.

But she did like it. It was her 18th birthday, and she’d spent part of the morning feeling bad that she’d never had a boyfriend. All the girls she knew dated young men and told sexy stories about what they did in private. It was nice knowing that the handsome young man who lived across the street liked the way she looked.

“What are you drinking?” she asked.

“Coffee. With whipped cream,” Don said. “It’s a very nice blend. Would you like some?”

“Sure,” she said.

That’s how Don met Eva. They spent several minutes getting to know each other. Eva eventually asked Don what he did for a living.

“I’m glad you asked, because I have a question for you,” Don said. “I am a fashion photographer. My clients manufacture and sell female apparel, and I take the pictures they use in their online catalogs. I hope this doesn’t sound forward, but you happen to have a face and physique that look perfect for modeling. Do you think that’s something you’d like to try?”

Like to try?!?!?! She’d LOVE to try modeling! Eva had spent many hours looking at herself in the mirror and pretending some photographer was taking pictures of her from every angle. Don saw the look of excitement that was so familiar to him. He saw it often in the faces of coeds when he recruited them to pose.

Eva told him she was in the process of finishing her senior year in high school. Don had never worked with a model who was still in high school. He thought it was fine as long as she was a legal adult, but he wanted to be especially careful.

“Eva, I’d appreciate it if we could let your parents know a little bit about what I want you to do for me,” Don said. “Maybe your mother could observe the first time I shoot you. I could show her the online catalogs that publish my work. I think it would be best if they had a clear idea of what this is all about.”

They set a time for Eva to pose later that week, and she showed up with her mother Greta. Greta was gorgeous; it was easy to see where Eva got her good looks. Greta was unsure about Don at first, but seeing his online work and watching the photo shoot reassured her that he wanted Eva for purely professional reasons.

“How long have you done this, Don?” Greta asked.

“I started just before graduating college,” he said. “My advisor knew I was interested in working as a professional photographer, and she knew the opportunities were limited. I’d worked for a wedding photographer, and I didn’t want to do that kind of job. My adviser heard about a client who needed someone to photograph clothing for online catalogs, so she gave me a recommendation. I’ve been doing this since then.”

“How do you like it?” Greta said.

“I feel lucky most of the time,” Don said. “I’m doing a lot better than most of the art majors who were in school with me. I’m very proud that I own my studio and found so many clients.

“But it’s exhausting sometimes. Most evenings I’m at the computer, processing dozens of images for the next catalog. I haven’t gone on a real vacation since college. I hope that changes eventually.”

Greta understood how much Eva wanted to do it. For a high school girl who’d never held a job, working as a professional model was gaziantep escort unimaginably exciting. Don figured the excitement would diminish a bit after she’d posed for a few thousand photos, but he and Greta were both happy to see Eva’s enthusiasm. Greta liked hearing that Eva could keep any clothing she liked; Eva liked pretty clothes as much as any teenage girl, and Greta recognized that she’d save a lot of money. Eva and Greta went through the box of clothes Don was preparing to donate to charity, and they found several items Eva liked.

Things went fine during Eva’s first shoots.

“Am I doing OK?” she asked nervously.

“You’re going great,” Don said. “I think you’re figuring this out faster than any girl I’ve worked with before.” It was true. Eva had an aptitude for modeling.

“I just want to do a good job,” she said.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” Don said. “You’re giving me great photos.”

At first, Don thought it was very unlikely that Eva would ever want to be intimate with him. She was only a bit younger than the college girls he used, but the difference between a high school senior living at home and a college coed living on campus was substantial. He wasn’t sure what he’d do if Eva ever made an advance on him. The college girls did that regularly, and Don always welcomed those advances, but he felt the gap between him and Eva was just too great.

Don was aware that there were concerns about his relationships with his models. He was a few years older. He was their boss. Most importantly, he was the one who controlled how long they worked as models. His way of reducing the conflict was to never flirt with his models, and to only have sex with women who initiated it. If a model decided on her own that she wanted to go to bed with Don, that was enough to reassure him that the relationship was appropriate.

At least, it met Don’s standards of fairness. And it seemed to work. All the models who had sex with Don had a good time. They were friends as well as colleagues and lovers. If people only had sex with partners who were equal in every conceivable way, the human race would die out quickly.

As the weeks went by, Don noticed that there were a few things about Eva that were unique.

When the shoots were over, Eva didn’t want to leave. Don got in the habit of making a pot of coffee and inviting Eva to stay and chat.

“I’ve got some time before my next model comes over,” he’d say. “Would you like to take a break with me?”

“I’d love that,” she’d say.

Don enjoyed her company. She was charming as well as sensible. It was nice hearing about her plans to attend college, pursue a career, and travel the world. She was thinking about enlisting in the military; that’s what her parents did when they were young. She’d usually stay until the next model arrived, then she’d chastely kiss Don on the cheek and go home. Sweet.

But the more important thing about Eva was that she had an unusually good relationship with the camera. She learned the basics of posing almost immediately, and Don noticed that her pictures had a special quality. He’d sit at the computer processing Eva’s images and marvel at the powerful feelings she evoked.

Eva looked like a real model. The best models are able to convey emotions; Eva could do that. It became more pronounced as Eva became more comfortable modeling.

I wonder if I should tell her about this, Don wondered.

Lots of the women who’d posed for Don asked if there was a chance they could do modeling full-time. He never encouraged them. Never. Don usually said that they were pretty enough to be cover girls on the world’s top fashion magazines, but he was careful to explain that beauty wasn’t enough. It was an extraordinarily competitive business. Most women who tried to be models failed. The most successful ones possessed a type of visual charisma that made them special.

“It’s like being a high school quarterback who wants to play in the NFL,” Don liked to say. “Is it possible? Sure. Likely? Not at all.”

But it was different with Eva. Don realized that the special qualities she possessed gave her a serious chance to succeed in a business where most beautiful women fail. He didn’t say anything because he was reluctant to encourage her to do something that might waste her time and destroy her dreams.

Then, the inevitable happened.

I’ve got feelings for this girl, he thought to himself.

Don wasn’t surprised when he realized what had happened. He was increasingly happy to share conversation with her over coffee. He was particularly glad to see her when she reported for work.

Get a grip, Don told himself. You’re 10 years older than Eva! You’re involved with other women! The way you feel is preposterous! Stop!

But he couldn’t stop. Don would look through his viewfinder and feel awed by Eva’s beauty and her power to stir feelings in him. One day they were sitting on Don’s sofa, drinking coffee, and Don was trying to decide how to let her know she could be a real model.

Eva saw that he wanted to say something. Eva waited, then sat close to Don and looked into his eyes.

“Why won’t you kiss me?” she said. “You know I want you to kiss me. I don’t understand why you’re making me ask.”

Don was stunned.

“I had no idea you want me to kiss you,” he said. “I had no idea you feel the same way I do.”

All Don’s reluctance vanished. All the sensible reasons against a relationship vanished in a nanosecond. He lifted her chin until she was looking into his eyes, then he kissed her delicately. He caressed her cheek and kissed her again. And again. She closed her eyes and sighed.

Don put one hand on the back of Eva’s head and pulled her close. His kisses became more heated. More soulful. She responded passionately, gasping for breath. Don realized his cock was as hard as iron.

He was determined to ignore it. Eva was young and innocent. The fact that she wanted to make-out on his sofa didn’t mean she wanted to do anything more. She may have been an adult legally, but she was still in high school. He wasn’t going to assume that she wanted more.

Fortunately for both of them, Eva made her feelings clear. She took one of Don’s hands and placed it on her breast, then moaned softly when she felt him squeeze her there. She welcomed his hands as they roamed over her body, stroking her legs, her belly, and her neck. She looked at him with half-closed eyes that shimmered with lust.

“Take me to bed. Please,” Eva said, looking at Don with those big blue eyes he’d admired so many times. For weeks, she’d been thinking that her virginity was a burden she wanted Don to remove.

His heart pounded so hard he heard the sound of blood rushing in his ears. He led her to his bedroom and gently removed her clothes. Eva had posed in very revealing outfits for Don’s camera. He’d seen her in the skimpiest of bikinis. But this was different. She was naked, and she felt Don’s admiring gaze wander over every part of her body.

She liked being adored this way. It gave her a warm feeling between her legs.

Don removed his own clothes and laid down next to Eva.

“I’ve never done this,” she told him.

Don wasn’t surprised. She’d already told him that she’d never had a boyfriend.

“I’ll take care of you,” Don said, kissing her again and again.

Eva was nervous. She trembled in his arms. Don got a condom from the drawer of his nightstand, and he rolled it onto his cock so Eva could see what he was doing. It was important that she knew there was no reason to worry about becoming pregnant.

Don began kissing Eva’s neck, then moved down to her breasts. She made sexy little sounds when he sucked one of her nipples between his lips. “. . . oh . . . oh . . . oh . . .” she said.

Don’s hand moved lower, gently roaming over her belly. He reached lower, and lower, and finally he ran his hand over Eva’s pubic mound. She’d shaved it bare.

That decision caused an interesting little episode at school. One day in the girl’s locker room, her classmates noticed she’d shaved her bush. Most of the girls were proud of their pubic hair. They’d only grown bushes a few years earlier, and they enjoyed having such a visible sign of their femininity. They asked Eva why she shaved.

“Sometimes I have to model bathing suits and lingerie,” she said. “This way I don’t have to worry about hair poking out the sides.”

The fact that Eva worked as a model was well-known at school. Lots of the other girls were jealous. Hearing Eva explain she’d shaved her pussy for professional reasons inflamed the envy they already felt.

Don ran his hands over her thighs and legs, avoiding contact with the lips of her pussy. There was no hurry. Don knew that the anticipation of having sex for the first time was a big part of what made it so pleasurable. He wasn’t going to rush. His plan was to take so much time that Eva would beg him to give her what she wanted. He wanted her to have fond memories of the first time she had sex.

His plan was working. Eva writhed on the bed, squirming in response to Don’s touch. He could feel her heart beating. She couldn’t keep still, moving her legs and tilting her pelvis upward to try to get Don to touch her there. He just stroked her inner thighs and kept her waiting.

Eva was so aroused that the room began to smell like sex. It made Don’s mouth water. He wanted to go down on Eva, but he was sure that was an experience he needed to save for later. Eva was about to give him her virginity. That was plenty for now. If their relationship continued, he’d introduce her to all kinds of exotic sex.

Eva finally got so impatient that she took Don’s hand and pressed it forcefully against her pussy. Don was charmed at her fierce display of desire. He ran one finger up and down her wet flesh, touching her everywhere except directly on the clit. He’d wait a bit before giving her that.

He finally slipped a finger inside Eva, then moved in and out, imitating the motion of a little cock. She was extremely tight, and Don wasn’t surprised. He’d only had sex with a virgin once, but he remembered how tight that girl was. It had been a clumsy encounter. The girl didn’t regret it, and she let Don know she enjoyed their sex, but it hurt her a lot more than necessary. Don remembered what had happened, and he was fairly certain he knew what he’d done wrong.

He’d do better with Eva.

Don started by making certain Eva got plenty of foreplay. He moved his finger in and out of her gently, then added a second finger; he hoped this would stretch her passage enough to make it more comfortable when he finally gave her his cock. He felt the barrier when he pushed his fingers as deep as they would go, and he saw Eva grimace a little. It seemed to help when he began rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Eva was extremely wet down there. She couldn’t keep still, moving her arms and legs nervously as Don fingered her. She knew exactly what was about to happen. She’d seen enough internet porn to remove all mystery. It excited her and made her anxious at the same time. Don realized she was as ready as possible, so he got on top of Eva and lined up his cock.

Her whole body was stiff from fear.

“Relax. Try to relax,” he whispered. He remained motionless as he felt Eva attempt to calm down. He kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes, and her chin. Don finally felt her relax as much as she could.

The first time Don had sex with a virgin, it took three thrusts for him to get through her hymen. That was too painful, and he felt bad afterward. He was determined it wouldn’t happen with Eva. He pushed his cock into her pussy with one smooth, forceful stroke, breaking through her hymen on the first try.

“Ahhhh!” she said, wincing in pain. Her fingernails dug into Don’s back as the pain tortured her.

But pleasure accompanied the pain. Eva marveled at the intense sensuality of a hard cock inside her pussy for the very first time. Eva immediately had a climax that was as powerful as it was unexpected. She wailed as seismic waves of pleasure exploded from her pussy and spread from her head to her toes.

Eva knew how orgasms usually felt. She often used a vibrator to give her a climax that helped her go to sleep. But what she felt with Don was an order of magnitude stronger than anything she’d experienced before. She wailed again, and again, as she came and came.

I’m so glad that went so well. So glad, Don thought. He was usually pretty good at controlling his own orgasms, but there was no way he could prevent the climax that started as soon as he thrust his cock inside Eva. She was a very sexy young woman, and Don was excited by the idea that she gave him her virginity.

The whole experience was overwhelming for both of them. So much was happening all at once. Her vagina and his cock throbbed again and again.

It went on and on, taking a long time before the tension drained from Eva’s body and she relaxed. She was exhausted. Her body was limp. She was vaguely aware of the semsation of Don kissing her neck.

So many feelings felt so overwhelming that she began to cry. Don didn’t worry about it. He felt sure that Eva gave up her virginity in a way she’d remember fondly. The tears were just signs of powerful emotion being released.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was wonderful.”

“You were wonderful,” Don said.

They laid together for several minutes, then Don realized his cock was getting soft. He reached down and clasped it by the base, pulling his cock from Eva’s pussy without risking an accident with the condom. She shuddered when she felt Don withdraw. It left her feeling empty. There was some tenderness where her hymen had been, but most of her pussy felt fantastic. She’d known sex would feel good; she just hadn’t imagined how good it would actually feel.

Don took her into his arms and held her. Looking into her teary eyes, he saw again how lovely she was. He saw again that her face conveyed more meaning than most people can express. She smiled, and it made his heart melt.

He was reluctant to encourage Eva to try to become a professional model. It was a punishing business full of pitfalls and disappointments. But she needed to make the decision for herself.

I have to tell her, Don thought. She deserves to know.

He’d tell her.


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