The Clan Ch. 19

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Chapter 19 – Nathan

It was the sixth night after uni had started again — a Saturday night, and Nathan lay on his bed one knee up and the other crossed over it. He was staring at the ceiling, in a mild panic — scratch that, he was in a complete panic. Nathan was never able to initiate things for himself; he had always been a good follower. And where his mother was concerned, Nathan was dominated by her. Not in a destructive way, but Carol has a very strong personality and her son had learned from a young age to just fall in step behind her.

Now he lay there knowing that on Monday night he was probably going to be the only guy who had failed, but not because he didn’t want his mother. If the truth be knew, he had always followed her lead because he lover her so much and knew it pleased her when he followed. Add to this the little talk by Jeremy, that had set off fireworks in his mind the possibilities he could see with his mother, and man did he want to experience the fireworks with her. But even in this, he couldn’t initiate anything with her. He wanted to be her lover so badly, he had cried himself to sleep on a number of nights since his return from camp. What a sook!

Nathan heard the phone ring and his mother answer it; it was Corey’s mum Sonja who had been close friends with Carol, until Sonja had become addicted to the pokies (slot machines). His balls and stomach froze to solid ice, because he knew what Sonja was ringing about — she and Corey, and their new relationship. Then he heard the words he was dreading to hear.

“No, Nathan didn’t tell me anything out of the ordinary.”


“Oh, he had something very special to tell me?”


“Just a sec Sonja… Nathan, come here,” Carol ordered her son.

Nathan got off his bed slowly, and walked just as slowly into the family room where his mother was sitting on the couch holding the portable phone in one and her other hand was over the mouth piece. As he walked in she was waiting for him and pointed to the space next to her on the couch. Carol then sat into the corner of the couch so she could keep an eye on her son, as Nathan slumped next to her.

“Sonja, I’ll just put you on the speaker, Nathan is here and I think he should hear this with me,” his mother told her friend coolly.

Carol pushed the speaker button and then returned the phone to its cradle, and sat straight backed in the corner of the couch to be much taller than her son. There had been some talk in their family that Nathan should have been a jockey, but he was too afraid of horses. Yet, Carol was tall for a woman at 5′ 10″, while Nathan was only 5′ 2″.

“Ok Sonja go ahead.”

“Hello Nathan,” Sonja said.

“Hello Mrs. Marsh.”

“Hi Nate,” Corey chimed in.

“His name is Nathan, Corey if you could please remember to call him by the name I gave him,” Carol instructed the young man on the other end of the phone.

Then in a controlled voice Corey replied to the instruction.

“Mrs. Sawyer, everyone except you calls him Nate, even Nate calls himself Nate. I wonder why you don’t.”

Nathan could see his mother felt challenged, but Sonja intervened before her son and her once closest friend could begin to argue.

“Now we’re not here to discuss that, but what the guys discussed on the last night of camp and how it affects us. Ok Carol, and you too Corey.” Corey grunted.

“So Sonja what did Nathan have to tell me?” Carol asked without agreeing to anything.

“Well before we begin with that, tell me Carol, are you still lonely?”

Carol rolled her eyes at her son as if to say, ‘here we go again’.

“I’m ok,” was Carol’s short reply, but Nathan could see by her expression this wasn’t the case.

“Come on Carol, be honest. You are, aren’t you? You use to tell me how lonely you were, but that there was one thing in your life that always gave you joy and sometimes even thrilled you.”

Carol’s expression changed just a little, as she looked sobered by her friend’s words.

“Yes alright Sonja, but what’s this got to do with my son?”

“It has everything to do with Nathan. Carol, like me you’re never dated and never had a new man in your life, have you?”

Carol looked at her son as they listened to Sonja.

“You know I haven’t and you why I haven’t. For the same reason you didn’t, we had something more important to do with our time. We had our sons to think of,” Carol’s expression was becoming softer as she stared at Nathan.

“But you were lonely weren’t you? You would tell me how empty you felt at times, but were prepared to put up with that for Nathan, didn’t you?”

Carol stared at her son as she answered and Nathan could see her eyes were glistening.

“We both felt the same emptiness, but knew we couldn’t fill it because of our sons. They need us.”

Nathan nodded at his mother and she actually smiled at him, as her eyes began to glisten.

“You still feel the emptiness, and you ach to have it filled, don’t you?”

As Sonja probed, Carol canlı bahis squirmed a little under her friend bringing to light something she wanted kept secret.

“Yes, alright Sonja I do admit I get lonely now and then,” she conceded.

Carol looked anywhere but at Nathan. His mother’s reaction to Sonja’s questions was not lost on him, and he wondered why she wouldn’t look at him.

“You have been lonely for many years, haven’t you? But you didn’t want to date or do anything like that do you?’ Sonja asked in a soft voice, the voice of one who knows such loneliness.

The effect of Sonja’s questions on Carol was becoming more apparent, as her face had lost the hardness and toughness it usually had.

“Remember you would tell me how empty you feel some nights, with no one to chat with, no one to compliment you? That you had no one to dress nice for, no one to tell you how much they loved you and wanted you?”

Sonja’s barrage of questions born of an intimate knowledge of Carol’s circumstances, and years of being her friend, a friend in the same circumstances were really taking their toll now. Carol’s eye had stopped roaming the room and had stopped on her son, and he could see them brimming with tears — a rare sight indeed, he couldn’t remember that last time he was it. Sonja paused to let her questions settle with her friend. The silence told her that Carol was remembering, and the memories were taking her where Sonja had hoped. Then in a soft and caring voice, in almost a whisper Sonja continued.

“Carol, I remember you would tell me of your longings. Longings for someone to hold you, caress you, admire you, hold you in your bed, kiss you, touch you and make love to you? Remember how you told me you wanted a man to make such passionate love to you that you would lose all sense of time, so that you would cum so hard that you would thrash around like a mad woman?”

“Yes I remember all that, but I have a son to care for,” Carol whispered to her friend, while still staring at Nathan — lovingly now, another extremely rare species of emotions for Carol.

“Carol, do you remember the one thing that always gave you joy, that could pull you back from the brink of despair. Back from those thoughts of emptiness and male neglect?”

“Yes, I do” whispered Carol more to her son then her friend.

“What was it Carol? What is it today?”

“It’s always been my Nathan,” Carol answered looking imploringly at her son.

Now it was Nathan’s turn to have his eyes fill with tears, as the picture Sonja had been painting, by taking his mother down memory lane, became perfectly clear.

“You love your son very much, don’t you Carol?”

“Yes, I do, very much,” Carol whispered and slowly nodded her head at Nathan.

“He’s the only man in your life, isn’t he?”

“Oh yes, yes, he’s always been the only man for me,” Carol intoned definitely.

“Do you ache for your son Carol?”

As if in trance Carol answered her friend with a nod, as she seemed mesmerized by Nathan, with her eyes locked on his.

“Carol, do you ache for your son?” Sonja had to ask again.

“Yes,” whispered Carol.

“Do you remember what you told me that night we had too much to drink?”

The two mothers and sons use to have sleep-overs at each other’s house, when the mothers were close friends,. On one of those nights as their sons slept, Sonja and Carol got a little drunk and things that were hidden became known to the other.

“Oh yes, I remember,” Carol told her friend and smiled at Nathan.

“What did you tell me Carol? What did you tell me about Nathan?”

Carol reclined back into the corner of the couch, and her legs spread a little as she did, her skirt rode up a few inches and her eyes glazed over as she took her mind back to that night.

“I said I had mixed feelings about Nathan becoming a man,” Carol said quietly in her trance like state.

“Why were they mixed Carol,” Sonja continued to probe just as quietly.

“I have always been so afraid he would leave me some day.” Tears ran down her face and her eyes were still locked onto her son’s.

“But you have other feelings for your son now don’t you?”

“Yes,” Carol whispered.

“What do you want Nathan to do?”

“I want him to stay with me.”


“Forever,” Carol agreed nodding.

“Can you feel that ache in your body now Carol?”

“Oh yes, I can,” she nodded slowly and she seemed to be answering her son rather then her friend.

“You know why you ache, don’t you Carol? You know who you ache for?”

“Yes,” Carol whispered.

“Tell your son how you feel Carol. Let him hear what you feel for him,” Sonja instructed.

Carol held out her arms for her son, and Nathan closed the small space between then, and mother and son hugged each other as she blubbered to him.

“Oh Nathan, my Nathan, my gorgeous son, I love you so much. You’re my life, my reason for living.”

This was more than she had ever said to her son in his whole life, about bahis siteleri how she felt for him. They hugged for a few long seconds and then Carol released him, and he sat back. Sonja had waited, have an inkling as to what was happening.

“Carol, you ache for your son, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” whispered Carol lovingly to her son.

“Carol, you hunger for your son, don’t you?”

Carol no longer looked like Nathan’s mother who he had known all his life. She was beaming at him with love and affection. Nathan couldn’t believe the change in his mother, but he wasn’t complaining and smiled just as lovingly back at her.

“Show your son how you hunger for him. Show your son where you ache for him, Carol.”


“Show him Carol.”



Carol stared deeply into her son’s eyes as he watched her hands move from her sides to the bottom of her skirt, and then she slowly lifted it toward her tummy. Nathan gasped as his mother exposed her plain white cotton panties to him, and that’s what Sonja had been waiting to hear — that gasp from Nathan, as confirmation that Carol had done as instructed. Carol was smiling as she delighted in her son looking at her white panties, that were very plain; not big, but not small, with sides about two inches wide. She stopped when all of her panties had been revealed to her son. Nathan could see what he only saw on wash day, his mother’s panties, but oh how magnificent they looked on her; so inviting, so tempting, no longer just material. He could see the mound of her sex proudly bulging, and the dark shadow just beneath the white cotton that told him of her bush.

“Touch yourself where you ache for your son Carol, as you have so many times.”

Carol’s right hand moved down to her panty clad mound and Nathan held his breath, as his heart raced so fast it threatened to explode. His mother began to rub herself through her panties, and this time mother and son gasped in unison.

“Tell your son what you want him to do Carol.”

“Nathan, touch me. Please son, touch me.”

Carol reached her left hand to Nathan and took his right hand, and brought it to lay it on top of her hand as she rubbed herself. Then she moved her hand away so his hand was on her panties, and then showed him how to touch her. Son touched mother gently and lovingly.

“I ache for you Nate,” Carol told her son, using that name for the first time.

“Show your son exactly where you need him,” Sonja gently told Carol.

This time without hesitation, Carol moved her son’s hand from her panties, brought her legs together as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulled them right off, quickly. She spread her legs very wide again for Nate. Carol smiled at him, like only a loving, dotting mother can for her son. Nathan’s mouth hung open, and his eyes were wide. He looked at his mother’s neatly trimmed bush, and her pussy lips was not shaved, but her pubic hair there was very sparse indeed so he could see her clearly. Carol’s pussy lips were full, and she was very wet and her lips and pubic hair there glistened with her juices. As Nathan looked at his mother’s magnificent pussy, he once more gasped as her lips opened and her pussy gaped at him.

Carol moved her hand back to her hairy pussy and began to rub her clit and pussy lips once more, and this time Nathan thought she was doing it for both of them. After only a few seconds of solo stimulation, for which Carol was beginning to moan and move her hips in rhythm to her hand, she reached for her son’s hand. Yet, before she could take his hand, Nathan had eagerly placed his hand on his mothers. They both watched their hands and intertwining fingers explore Carol’s pussy, while Nathan felt like the luckiest guy in the world. He had been enthralled with shaved pussies — until now; now he was totally besotted with his mother’s. Probably because he could see every contour and fold of her pussy, her pubic hair was that sparse.

The phone had been silent during this time, but now both Nathan and Carol could hear little sounds through the speaker. It was obvious Sonja and her son Corey, were joining in, and it heightened the sexual excitement for Nathan and Carol.

Carol took her hand away from her pussy, as she wanted her son to touch her on his own, she wanted to feel his hand on her pussy and she loved it. The combination of being touched so intimately and by her own son was so arousing Carol was racing to her first real orgasm in — well she couldn’t remember. But she wanted more and reached for Nathan dick in his shorts, which felt more like rock than flesh. She was able to release his dick without any trouble, and as her son caressed her pussy she slowly jacked him.

Now mother and son looked into each other’s eyes, and they could hear sounds emanating from the phone speaker now that made them giggle like young lovers. Yet, Nathan couldn’t last as his mother anticipated, and had already decided what to do and what she wanted. Carol increased her stroke on her bahis şirketleri son’s six inch dick, which was nearly as thick. The look in her son’s eyes told her he was about to blow, and she scooted forward on the couch toward her son.

“Cum on mummy’s pussy Nate,” she instructed him and he was lost in the orgasm that moved his world.

The head of Nathan’s dick spat into the air like an angry Cobra. His cum fell onto his mother pussy to mat her pubic hair, and the very sight of her son cumming on her pushed Carol to climax as well as he had also kept up the rubbing of her pussy — which had incorporated her clit. If Sonja and Corey had been listening, they would have heard a mother release years of frustration and pure joy at sex with her son.

Carol continued to jack her son’s dick to keep him hard, and when he was fully rigid again she lay back on the couch. The silence between Carol and Nathan allowed them once more to hear Sonja and Corey over the phone. It was obvious that both were having the time of their life, and they didn’t care who heard them as they screamed their sexual delight. Carol and Nathan heard their friends, but gave them no mind as he guided his dick to his mother’s gapping, cum covered, hairy pussy, and it was everything he had ever wanted. Carol helped him, or rather hurried him as she craved his dick in her, more than anything in the world at that moment.

The head of Nathan’s dick disappeared between Carol’s pussy lips, and they looked at each other to watch the expression brought by such a sublime feeling, and they sighed deeply together. Looking down at the disappearance of Nathan’s dick between his mother’s pussy lips, they both began to moan and then quickly increase the tempo to loud, hard groans. Nathan felt his mother was a little tight, as she welcomed him back into her body. Carol felt nothing more than sexual fulfilment through her son’s dick, as it forced itself into and up her love tunnel. Once Nathan had pushed the head of his dick all the way to his mother’s cervix, he instinctively pulled back and than began a nice easy thrusting back and forth. For Carol, it was ecstasy.

With her head thrown back Carol gave voice to her inner most needs and desires.

“Oh yeah fuck me son, fuck me. That’s it my love, that’s how I want it. Oh you’re my one and only,” she yelled to her son.

Nathan watched the fruits of his labours, as he brought his mother toward what he hoped would be a great climax. When Carol quietened to draw breath, Nathan heard that unbelievably sexy sound of dick pushing in and out of very wet pussy; that sloshing sound of his mother’s pussy juices which were really running out of her now.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck Nate you really know how to fuck me baby.”

Carol brought her eyes back to her son, who had been watching his dick plunge in and out of his mother’s drenched pussy. He looked up and their eyes locked on each other. With a wicked and nasty expression, Carol began to talk real filth to her son.

“Oh fuck me you fucker, you’re a mother fucker, aren’t you, you’re a mother fucker. Now fuck me you filthy little boy. Punch that dick into my pussy, you dirty, filthy mother fucker.”

“Yeah, I’ll fuck you, because you want me to be a mother fucker, don’t you. You want me to fuck my mother; to slide my dick in and out of your pussy, don’t you mum, DON”T YOU?”

Nathan had entered into his mother’s sex talk, and the nastiness of it thrilled him as much as his mother. Carol was just thrilled her son wasn’t upset with her talk, but had followed her lead. He was thrusting quickly now, and Carol couldn’t even speak so she nodded her agreement. But Nathan could talk.

“I’m gunna fuck you so hard and so often, you’ll walk funny for two days. But I’m gunna keep fucking you, even when you scream for me to stop. Oh yeah, just hear that pussy juice squelch.”

That was enough for Carol and she lurched forward and grabbed her son, just as her orgasm hit her body violently. Everything had been just right for her to have such an orgasm. This was her son, he had lasted the second time, she had spoken dirty to him and he had given it back to her. Her grip was so tight he couldn’t believe it, and her orgasm just kept coming and coming. Nathan began to think he couldn’t handle her embrace anymore, when Carol began to come down from her orgasm.

Finally her body stopped trembling, but Carol continued panting hard as she still held onto her son, with her head on his shoulder and she was weeping softly. Nathan still hadn’t cum again, so he was continuing his thrusting into his mother, but he only lasted a few seconds and then his dick exploded again, this time deep inside his mother’s pussy. After a few minutes after he came mother and son heard,

“Good, wasn’t it Carol?”

Sonja and Corey must have finished earlier.

“It was magnificent Sonja. I’m sorry baby, I should have responded to you far earlier. So is this what you guys discussed on the last night of camp?”

Carol looked at her son with the admiration of the dotting mother she was now. Carol had fallen heavily in love with her own son.

“Yeah, we did. We all wanted our mums, so we all agreed we would try to seduce you, because Jeremy convinced us that you all wanted us.”

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