The Cottage Ch. 01

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Opening up the cottage for the year is always a long weekend of work and play. Our cottage is located on Lake Erie. The cottage has three bedrooms and several couches for people to sleep on. We do most of our parting here all year long but every spring we clean everything up and get ready for the summer season. This year my husband decided to hire his nephew and some of his friends to help get things ready.

The big job was cleaning and staining our dock/deck. The main deck is 40′ by 90′ and the dock is another 5′ by 30. Therefore, this is no easy task even with the extra help. My husband tells his nephew that he would pay him and his friends $10 an hour and all the drinks and food they can consume over the weekend for the help.

When Jason gets there on Friday morning he had his girlfriend Lisa with him (I have written about them before), Jason’s friend and his girlfriend (Shawn and Kelly) both 21, and Lisa’s little brother Ryan, who is only 18. My husband tells Jason he is not sure that Ryan should be here. Jason tells him Ryan is OK and they would make sure that Lisa’s parents would not find out about Ryan drinking. My concern was more selfish. After what happened on St. Patrick’s Day I was hoping to have a little more adult fun with Jason and his friends but was not sure if a 18 year old should be included.(see my St. Patrick Day store if you want more details)

The first thing needed was to power wash the deck and get everything cleaned up around the yard. Everyone changed into his or her work cloths. Luckily, the temperature was in the mid 70’s and sunny so I could wear something a little more fun. I started out with my new swim suit I had got from Ujena. It is a slightly sheer yellow two-piece. When the suit is dry, you can make out my nipples and areola if you look close, when the suit is wet it is like I am completely nude. I then add a pair of cut off shorts that are ripped up the sides and barely cover my ass and pussy and a t-shirt that is mostly sheer. I then put on my pink work boots with heels my husband got me, because he loves to see me in heels. A quick look in the mirror lets me know that I am sure to get a few good looks from the guys and hopefully the girls.

When I get outside Jason and Shawn are working on setting up the power washer. They both are in cargo shorts only. Jason looks a lot like my husband 6’1″ and nice muscles. His friend Shawn is shorter maybe 5’7″ but with a heavier build than Jason is. Ryan and Lisa are raking up the yard. He is in jeans and a tank top. His is tall nearly 6′ but skinny like most 18 year olds. Lisa looks a lot like her brother. She is at least 5’8″ and slim. She is wearing a bikini top that show off her 34 C tits and a pair of bike shorts that I can tell has no panties under them because of how tight they are. I do not see my husband or Kelly but hear them working in the garage.

To get things started my husband and Kelly brings out Jaeger shots and a beer for everyone. Kelly looks great. She has on a black top that ties at the neck and lower back with no bra and a pair of white shorts. After the first hour or so the deck is power washed, the yard is racked and each of us has another two rounds of jaeger and a few beers down. Everyone is having a good time and then Jason and Shawn start to horse around and start to spray each other with the power washer. In no time at all, they are soaked and the rest of us have been sprayed. I was working hard to avoid the cold water and much as I could but still manage to take a few good shot. Looking down both of my nipples are completely visible through my top and the cold water has them sticking strait out. I look over at Lisa hopping she was show as much as me but her tops was not see through but her nipple were clearly poking through her top. My husband and Kelly were in the garage while the water fight was going on but hearing the noise made it back to find out what was going on.

I yell at both of boys to cut it out before they freeze me. At that point, they are all looking straight at my tits. I can tell Shawn and Ryan want a closer look. I tell Shawn to go inside and get towels for everyone. With Ryan standing, only a few feet away I start to squeeze and pull on my tits to wring the water out of my shirt. I spend extra time pulling on my nipples so that he can clearly see my nipples and I make some deep moaning sounds to let him know that I love the feel of him playing with my nipples. I can clearly see that Ryan has a hug hard on under his jeans.

When Shawn gets back with the towel and hands them out to everyone but me. Before he can hand me one I left my arms up in the air and tell him he got me wet so he needs to dry me off. He looks very shocked and looks right at my husband. He tells the kid that sometimes he has to pay for his actions. Still on sure he walks up and stands right in front of me dry off my shoulders and neck and arms.

I look him right in the eyes and tell him he needs to dry off my chest and legs also. He moves the towel down and starts to rub my tits. I tell him he kızılay escort needs to squeeze my shirt with the towel to pull the water out. He takes both of my tits and starts to need them using the towel. After too short of a time he bends down and starts to dry off my legs. I spread them wide so he can get the inside of them dry also. With the shorts I am wearing, I know he can see my pussy covered in my now clearly see through bikini bottoms. He moved the towel up and started to rub my crotch with the towel and I told him that I think he is getting me wetter doing that. He then turns bright red and stands up and tried to apologies. I tell that nothing to apologies for and that he is more than welcome to give me a rub down anytime he likes.

I look over at Kelly hoping she is not made but see she is laughing and tells him she better not catch him give me a rub down, but I can tell she is only kidding him. I look over to Ryan who looks like he is ready to cum in his pants at any time. I tell him well I guess if Shawn cannot take me up on that offer maybe he could. He turns total red and everyone is laugh at this. I walk over, give him a big hug, and tell him I am sorry I did not mean to embarrass you. While I am hugging him, I make sure to rub my wet tits into his chest so that he can get a good feel.

We then all take a break for diner and a few more drinks. I do not bother to change out of my cloths and can tell the guys all like what they see. The three of us girls start to work in the kitchen on the side dishes and the guys work on the grill. Once we are in the kitchen I tell Kelly sorry about playing around with Shawn and she tells me it is no big deal. She say Lisa told her all about are last party. She said she hoped that something like this would happen this weekend that Shawn is always going on how he wants to try new stuff.

I asked if they wanted to have some fun with diner and they both said yes. I asked Lisa what about her bother. She told me it was no big deal that when they were younger that they would play doctor and that she would let him exam her and play with her in there room. She said she never let him have actual sex with her but he did cum on her several time. She said that they have not done this in a few years but was sure he would love to have some fun this weekend. I tell them that they have to promise not to tell anyone because we all would be in trouble if someone found out we were have sex with a minor. The both say not to worry about it, that what happens at the cottage will stay at the cottage.

Each of us have now had several drinks and are already feeling good. So I tell them way don’t we kick it off with diner. I tell them I have a bunch of Jell-O shots I made in tubes called suck and blows. The tubes open on both sides, one-person sucks, and the other blows (find them on the suck and blow web site, great for parties). I tell them when we sit down to eat let set where we can start to have some fun. I tell them that I will set between Shawn and Ryan, Kelly should set between Ryan and My husband, and Lisa should set between my husband and Jason. I tell them the plan should be to start with two rounds of suck and blow. That way we each person gets to both suck and blow each other. All three of us start to laugh at this.

The guys all come in the house with the meat and I have the girls bring the sides we made and everyone setting according to the plan. Once everyone is sitting, I bring in the bowl of shots and pass one around to each person. I tell them that the person on the right has to blow the person next to them and the person on the right has to suck. I look at Ryan I can see his is looking straight at my clearly visible nipples and I ask him if he is ready for me to blow him. His head jerked up in surprise before he notices the shot I am holding out to him and actually not offering him a blowjob. We all laugh and each do are first round.

For my part, I am standing next to Ryan. My tits are right at his eye level and I open both ends of the shot and put one end in my mouth and put the tube down towards my tits and tell him on the count of three to make sure he gives me the best suck he can. In order for him to get the other end in his mouth, he has to put his face right between my tits. On three, we either all suck or blow. Ryan shot went in to fast, he spits some back out, and it lands on my right tit. I tell him he had better lick that off before it stains my shirt and I pull his head into my tit. He licks the Jell-O off and I give him a big hug and ask him how his first Jell-O shot was. He tells us that he had no idea that Jell-O could be this fun.

Throughout diner, we did several more shots some going to the right and some going to the left. With each time around, the three of us girls would try to outdo the others with how erotic we could get with the guys we were giving or getting the shot from. On the second round, Kelly sits on Ryan’s lap, puts her arms around his neck, and starts to rub her tits in to his chest as they do kızılay escort bayan their shots. Lisa sets on Jason’s lap with her ass rubbing his cock and leans over and pulls my husband’s hands over and puts them right on her tits as him and her do their shot. I pull Shawn over and lay his head down on my lap and lean over with my tits on each side of his head as we do are shot. We do several more shots and I notice that it seems that the girls are the ones drinking most of the shots. I can tell I am getting very drunk and having a hard time concentrating on things. Lisa and Kelly both look like they are doing about the same.

At some point, we move into the family room. They guys have to help us walk into the room and they put each of us in the center of the couches. From this point on I do not have a clear memory but this is what my husband tells him happened. First he tell me while the guys were grilling he told them to make sure not to do to many Jell-O shots that they should make sure us girls are the ones doing most of the drinking if they want to have some fun tonight.

He tells me that they told us girls that we were going to play a game of even or odd. The rules were that we would each pick even or odd and whoever did not match the leader would have to remove an article of clothes. He tells me that each time they would simply tell us we lost and would remove some of our clothes. He tells me that he was the leader and that the other three guys have to remove are clothes. He says that each round the guys switched and would remove a different article for a different girl.

Round one had the guys removing our tops. Jason removed Kelly’s, Shawn did Lisa’s, and Ryan took mine off. At this point Kelly and Lisa were topless and I still had my bikini top on. I can kind of remember Ryan pulling my shirt off and the look he had but not to clearly. I do remember telling him he should take my bikini top off so that I was equal to everyone else. With that, he pulls me up to him so that he can reach behind me and undo the ties. As he is taking my top off, Ryan spends some extra time playing with my nipples.

The next round Ryan moves to Kelly, Shawn moves to me, and Jason moves to Lisa. The guys them proceed to remove are bottoms. Shawn unbuttons my shorts and works them down my legs, stopping of course to rub my pussy a little. At this time, my bikini bottoms are completely soaked from the water before and my own juices.

The third round has Ryan moving to his sister, my nephew Jason moving to me and Shawn moving to Kelly. Each take their time removing our panties and I can feel Jason slowly rubbing my clit and sliding a finger into my wet pussy. I let out a low moan and can her Kelly doing the same. I am not sure if Ryan is doing the same things to his sister but I think it would be hot to watch him.

Not sure how long it took them to get the rest of our clothes off but that is when the guys started to have fun.

My husband tells me that they start by cutting cards and who every got the high card got to pick a girls and had 60 seconds to do whatever they want to her. They only rule was that each girl could only be used once per round. The first guy could pick anyone and the third winner would have to take who was left.

Jason won the first round and had Kelly suck his cock. My husband tells me she was still awake but did not really know what was going on. She did suck on his cock while he was fucking her mouth. The timer ran out before Jason was able to cum. Next round Shawn won and my husband tells me that he picked me and was sucking my tits and fingering my pussy. My husband says he won the next round and that he spent his 60 seconds having Lisa give him a blowjob.

The second round Shawn won and he started to lick and finger Lisa. My husband won the second hand and used his time to tit fuck Kelly. Ryan won at the end of the third round and was left with Lisa. My husband says he tried to protest that Lisa was his sister but that Jason told him so what, that I was his aunt and he has no problem do stuff with me. At this point, I am sure Ryan is too horny to worry about it, goes over, and has his sister give him a blowjob while playing with her tits. He tells me Lisa is more aware of what is going on than me and Kelly and she take nice long strokes of her bother cock moving all the way down and then back up but time runs out before Ryan cums.

Round three has Jason win the first round and he uses his 60 seconds to fuck me and play with my tits. I can remember someone fucking me and how good it felt but I did not remember it was Jason. Ryan wins the second round and he picks Kelly and uses his time to lick her and finger her pussy. Shawn wins the third round and starts to tit fuck Lisa and is the first one to cum. My husband tells me that he came all over her face and that he used her finger to scrap it into her mouth so she could swallow it.

Round four and Ryan won the first round and used it to fuck me. Although time ran out my husband tells escort kızlay me he keep pumping into my pussy and cums a few seconds later. Next Shawn won and used it to finger Lisa’s pussy and ass. My husband won the final of round four and used it to fuck Kelly over the back of the couch while playing with her tits.

My husband says they decided to change what they were doing. The new game was they each put their names in one bowl and ours in another. The first two names pulled from each bowl would get 15 minutes to play. Same for the next two sets of names. The final would be two guys and one girl. Shawn and my name are the first two out. Next are Jason and Kelly. That left my husband, Lisa, and her brother to play together. My husband tells me that by now Ryan is eager to go, not even caring that Lisa is his sister.

He tells me they start by getting Lisa up and moving her to the floor. She is still awake and knows that they are moving her but that they have to hold her to keep her from falling. My Husband asked Ryan if he has ever done anything with girls before today. He tells him he has never even kiss a girl before except for his sister. He tells him that he has always wanted to have his sister jack him off and then fuck her. He tells him how they used to play doctor when they were little and that she would let him examine her tits and pussy. He was able to make her cum with his hands and that he was allowed to jerk himself off and cum on her stomach or tits. He tells them how she never did anything to him or allows him to touch her with his cock.

My husband tells him to get her to start jacking him off while he goes down on her. He tells him when he cums to cum on her face and in her mouth. Then have her suck his cock until she gets him hard again and then move around so he can fuck her as long as he wants.

He starts by spreading her legs and begins slowly lick her pussy to get her going. He tells me he watch Ryan the whole time. He starts by taking his sisters hand, wraps it around his cock, and starts to move it up and down. Lisa starts to do this on her own and tell Ryan how is cock has grown a lot since the last time she had seen it. He tells me how Ryan is playing with his sisters nipples while he is sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy and asshole at the same time. He tells me how she came a few times while she was jacking her brother off. Finally, he starts to cum and shots his first load over her mouth, noise, and eyes. Ryan then shoves his cock into his sister’s mouth and tells her to suck him. She does suck his cock into her mouth and he can tell that Ryan shots a few more times in her mouth before he is done. After words, Ryan lays back and just plays with her tits while he tries to recover.

Ryan tells my husband he should look over at me. Apparently, Shawn and Jason had decided to use Kelly and me together. They have me lying on my stomach with my ass in the air and my face in Kelly’s pussy with her legs over my shoulders. He tells me he can see me fucking her with my tongue and playing with her nipples. Jason is fucking me from behind me. He is not sure if he is fuck my pussy or ass but knows he was giving it to me as hard as he could. Shawn has his cock in Kelly’s mouth and fingering her clit.

After a few minutes, Ryan has his cock in his sister’s mouth and slowly fucking her face. Once his cock is hard he asks my husband if they can change places. Ryan gets down between his sisters legs and starts to fuck her. My husband tells him to pull her legs up and hand them to him. He holds her legs up in the air and spreads them as wide as he can. This lets Ryan full access to drive his cock into his sister’s pussy as far as he can. So now, my husband is watching Ryan fucking his sister as hard and fast as he can, while at the same time watching his nephew fuck me from behind and me eating out Kelly and playing with her tits. He tells me Jason pulls out of me and shots a blast of his cum all over my ass and back and then rubs his dick up and down my crack while he finishes shooting his load on my asshole and pussy.

Shawn is the next to cum and shoots his load on to Kelly’s tits and my hands. He watches me rubbing cum into her nipples. The last to cum is Ryan for the third time that night. My husband tells me he pushed is cock in as deep as it would go and just let all the cum he had left squirt into his sister pussy.

So the count now is Ryan has cummed in my pussy and Lisa mouth and pussy, Shawn has cummed on Lisa’s tits and mouth, and on Kelly’s tits, Jason has cummed in my ass as my husband found out where he was fucking me, and my husband has still not cummed. He tells me he knows Lisa had several orgasms while on his face as he was eating her out. He saw Kelly coming while I was eating her out. He was not sure if I had cummed but with all the attention I was getting he was sure that I had.

He tells the guys that he wanted to see how much they could do to me at one time. So first, he gets everyone to arrange me so that I am lying on top of Shawn with his cock in my pussy. He has Ryan get behind me and tells him either he can fuck me in the ass or he can try to fuck my pussy with Shawn. My husband tells me that my pussy and ass were both so slick because Jason had already fuck and cummed in my asshole and Ryan had cummed in my pussy earlier.

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