The Cure: Dose 03

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I’ve learned some amazing things about my mom and my sister, and even myself, over the past few weeks. Having given their nymphomania free rein, Carol and Mom are happily exploring their sexuality, both with me and each other. They’ve begun teasing me (and possibly each other) by wearing frilly lingerie and nightgowns around the house every evening, creating a good-natured competition to see which one of them can be the most seductive.

Since I can see either one of them nude anytime I want, they wear things that are more suggestive than simply revealing. Carol has adopted Mom’s philosophy that lingerie should leave something to the imagination. Bras, panties, garters, bustiers, babydolls, nightgowns, even their street clothes are meant to pique my interest rather than assault my eyes. They both have long, lean legs which they flaunt and accentuate by frequently wearing stockings, short skirts and high heels.

They’re both adventuresome and like to experiment with different scenarios; not silly role-playing, countess-and-the-stablehand games but more sophisticated fantasy games. For example, I’d have never guessed my little sister occasionally likes to play rough.

She surprised me the first time she straddled my lap wearing a t-shirt with a notch cut into the collar. It wasn’t the usual sort of thing she wore around the house. I was already getting used to seeing her and mom in sheer nylon, lace and satin.

I was sitting on the couch with my feet on the coffee table staring blankly at the TV when she came downstairs and threw one of her legs over mine.

She was in her little girl persona; no makeup, lush, blonde hair in pigtails. A light dusting of baby powder made her smell fresh and innocent. She likes to tease me by acting as if she doesn’t know she how enticing she is.

Her eyes sparkled as she knee-walked her way to my crotch. It was late afternoon and the sun was giving the room a hazy glow. We’d fucked that morning before school and I was almost dozing when she climbed on me.

“What happened to your shirt?” I asked as I slid my hands up and down her smooth thighs with a sleepy grin. She raised the hem to her waist exposing the lacy panties she was wearing. I saw there was another notch at the bottom of the shirt. They’d clearly been cut with scissors.

“It’s just an old shirt,” she breathed, leaning in to kiss me. She ran her tongue across my lips before moving it to my ear. “I don’t mind if it gets torn,” she whispered. She nipped my earlobe as she ground her pussy against my rising cock. Her tongue darted into my ear and I could feel her warm breath on my neck. I almost shivered at her seductiveness.

I could tell the shirt wasn’t old. It still had creases in it from where it had been folded in the package. I suspected she’d bought a pack of three and the other two

were somewhere in her room.

She squirmed against me as I slid my hands under the shirt and caressed her naked tits. Her nipples sprang up under my fingers. “Ooh,” she purred as I tweaked them. She moved her hands to my hair and began stroking it. I pulled my hands from under the shirt and moved them to the collar.

“You’re sure you don’t mind if this gets torn?” I asked, suspecting what she wanted.

“No,” she whispered, sliding her moist tongue around my ear. “The panties are old too.” She gasped as I began to pull the fabric apart. It was then that I realized she’d notched the reinforced collar and hem to make the oversized shirt easier to tear.

The material began to give way with a sharp ripping noise. I could feel her cunt spasm. “Do it,” she breathed. “Tear it off me, Robbie. Tear my clothes off and fuck me like an animal.”

She sat up as I jerked at the shirt, tearing it to just below her heaving tits. Her breathing was already becoming rapid. Her nipples were so hard they looked like cherry pits. “Oh, God,” she gasped.

I’d never do anything to hurt Carol but I could see that my rough handling was exciting her so I upped the ante. Instead of pulling the fabric apart, I pulled it away from her body, making her lunge forward. She leaned backwards causing the cloth to pull away from her quivering body. Her firm 36-C tits were soon completely exposed.

“Rip it, Robbie,” she groaned. “Treat me like a slut. Tear my clothes off and fuck me like a whore, baby. Fuck me like the slut I am.” She was bucking against my cock as I grabbed the bottom of the shirt and tore it open the rest of the way. It hung on her in rags as she gasped for breath.

“Oh, God yes,” she groaned, moving her hands to her tits. She pinched her nipples viciously. “I’m your slut, baby. Take me. Use me, Robbie.”

I took the hem in my hands and began pulling it apart. I made sure I pulled my shivering little sister first one way and then the other. I gave her the rough treatment she wanted while being sure not to let things get out of hand. I didn’t want her bruised at the end of our play. I have to admit a certain lustful thrill at treating her like illegal bahis a ragdoll.

She grunted and gasped as she slid off my lap onto the couch. Her shirt was in rags with only a thin strip of material across her taut stomach holding it in place. Her lacy panties were clearly soaked. I climbed up on my knees, my cock throbbing and hooked my fingers under the waistband.

“Cut them off,” Carol gasped, flailing one arm in the direction of the coffee table. I hadn’t noticed the pair of blunt-nosed scissors there until then. She must have planned this scene carefully to have them in place for just this moment.

I leered at her as I reached for them. She was panting, a wild look in her eyes. She looked so vulnerable with her scant covering in tatters. Her pigtails had fallen and her thick, blonde hair was tossled from my mock assault. Her tits heaved as she gasped for breath. It wasn’t exactly a rape fantasy since she wasn’t resisting me. It was more of a domination scenario. Carol made it clear she wanted to be treated like a submissive slut. She apparently wanted to be manhandled. I was excited to be playing the role of tormentor.

I pressed the cold steel of the scissors against her quivering thigh, causing her to gasp and bite her lip. Moving slowly, I slid them up her leg and under the waistband of her panties. I was very careful to make sure I didn’t scratch her. Her eyes flashed and she was gasping for breath. I slowly snipped the waistband on one side causing it to snap. Her panties now hung by only the thin strip of elastic around her other luscious hip. I made a show of dragging the scissors across her lower abdomen, only inches from her bald and oozing pussy. She groaned as the steel slid across her skin. I could see goosebumps.

I slid the scissors under the waistband, ready to cut the final thread holding her panties in place and then hesitated.

I wanted to fulfill her fantasy as best I could. I tried to look menacing. “Whose slut are you?” I asked softly in my most domineering voice.

“Yours, Robbie,” Carol panted. “Only yours.”

“Whose pussy is this?” I snarled as I cupped her mound. I slipped one finger between the lips. Her fluids were hot and flowing freely.

“Yours, baby. It’s all yours. All of me is all yours,” my sister groaned. She licked her lush lips in anticipation. “I’m your fuck toy. My body is your toy, baby.”

“Whose cock do you want to suck?”

“I’m your slut,” she panted. “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll suck your cock. I’ll fuck you anytime, anywhere.”

“You’re damn right you will,” I said with as much ferocity as I could manage. The scissors bit into the remaining fabric as Carol twitched. The elastic snapped causing the lacy crotch of her panties to slide off her mound, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. Carol was almost in tears with excitement. I’d never seen her so turned on. She twisted one nipple as she stabbed her free hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit furiously.

It must have been the idea of being utterly helpless and terrified at the hands of a supposedly ruthless attacker that sent her over the edge. She shuddered and gasped as she furiously masturbated herself to a shattering orgasm. She stiffened and stopped breathing, her eyes screwed tightly shut. Her bottom lip was trapped between perfect teeth as she shivered and twitched. I thought she was going to pass out before her eyes snapped open and she began gulping huge lungsful of air.

“Oh, God,” she panted over and over again. “Oh, God, Robbie. Fuck me. Fuck your little slut. Please, Robbie. Please fuck me hard.”

I pushed myself off the couch and stood near her head. “Take my cock out,” I demanded, playing the role of callous tormentor in contrast to her helpless waif. Still gasping, Carol reached for my waistband and pulled my shorts down to mid-thigh. My cock snapped up to my belly, pulsing wildly at the sight of my breathless sister at my mercy wearing only a shredded t-shirt.

She’d convinced me early in our new relationship to let her shave my genitalia. Now we showered together often enough that she kept my cock and balls completely smooth as a matter of routine. The sensation of fucking her and Mom with no coarse hair coming between us was incredible.

“Do you want to suck my cock, you slut?” I asked her, roughly.

“Yes, Robbie,” she panted. “Let me suck your cock. Let little Carol suck her big brother’s hard cock.”

“Beg for it,” I demanded, thrusting my pounding hard on in her face.

“Please, baby.” She stroked my shaft furiously as she looked up into my eyes. “Let me suck your big, hard cock. Let me take it down my throat.” She leaned forward and kissed the head, whimpering. “I want to feel your hard cock in my mouth, Robbie. I want to be your slut and suck your big, fat cock. Please, baby. Please let me suck your cock,” she pleaded.

“Suck it, slut,” I answered.

She licked the head of my cock, holding it with one hand, while massaging my balls with illegal bahis siteleri the other. “Um,” she purred. “So good. Such a big, hard cock for little Carol. I love feeling your cock in my mouth. I love it when you fuck my face, Robbie. Shove your cock down my throat. Fuck me like a whore. Treat me like an animal, baby.”

I let her slobber on my cock for a couple of minutes, taking it down her throat and then releasing it so she could lick the head before again taking it in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the length of it, panting as she kissed and fondled it.

“You want to be fucked like an animal?” I demanded. “Then stand up and put your hands on the arm of the couch. Bend over like a slut so I can fuck you from behind.”

Carol scrambled to her feet and did as I told her, bending over and putting her hands on the arm of the couch. The remains of her t-shirt hung in rags around her shoulders. Her shredded panties fell to the floor when she stood up. We’d fucked in this position before, but never with her at my mercy the way she was now.

“That’s it slut. Bend over like the whore you are. Stuff my cock in your pussy.” I leaned over her and mauled her tits. She was groaning in anticipation. She reached between her legs and found my shaft as I ground it against the back of her thighs. She pointed the head at her dripping slit and pushed back against it. It took only a couple of strokes before I was buried in her oozing cunt.

“Oh, God, yes,” she panted. “Fuck me, Robbie. Fuck your little sister. Treat me rough. Take what you want, baby. Fuck your whore. Fuck her like the animal she is. Treat me like an animal, Robbie. Slap my ass and ride me.”

I took her hips roughly and pulled her against me, pounding my cock as deeply into her as I could. “You like that, slut? You like having your big brother’s cock in your pussy? You like being a whore, a slut for your brother? Whose whore are you? Whose cunt is this?”

“Yours,” she cried. “I belong to you, baby. I’m all yours. Nobody fucks me but you. My pussy, my ass, my mouth, it all belongs to you, Robbie. I’m your whore,” she wailed. “I’m your slut. Fuck your slut, baby. Fuck her like an animal.”

I used my thumbs to spread her ass and pounded my cock into my sister’s drooling cunt with all the strength I had. I could feel it spasming around my throbbing cock. Carol grunted with each thrust as I did my best to drive my cock out her mouth. Her tits wobbled forward and back under my ruthless assault. I grabbed one of her nipples and twisted it while I hammered at her dripping pussy. I was practically lifting her off the floor with each thrust. We were both gasping for breath as she did her best to keep her balance while I pounded her. Her hair hung in sweaty strands around her face as she occasionally swallowed to keep from drooling on the couch. The fresh smell of baby powder had been replaced by the heady smell of hot, frenzied sex. I was fucking my sister just the way she wanted it, like an animal.

“Oh, God, Robbie,” she panted. “I’m cumming. You’re big cock is making me cum again. Cum in my pussy, baby. Shoot your hot cum in my pussy. Fill me with it.”

I continued slamming my cock into her until I felt her knees begin to buckle. Her orgasm was racing through her and she was gasping raggedly. Instead of cumming in her pussy, I spun her around and let her collapse. She sat splayed on the floor, her pussy throbbing and oozing. Her heaving tits peeked out from her tattered t-shirt. She was moaning as I grabbed a handful of her tangled hair and pulled her head up. I used my other hand to furiously pound my cock soaked with her juices. She was still gasping for breath as the first shot of my cum sprayed across her face.

“Take my cum, you slut,” I grunted as I fisted my cock and pressed it against her cheek. I sprayed a rope of creamy cum between her slack lips. It pooled in her mouth as the next shot landed across her perfect nose and covered one eye. She tried to swallow what was in her mouth but couldn’t while she was panting. The next shot of my boiling cum landed on her chin where it hung in a slimy strand. “You want to be treated like an animal?” I panted. “I’ll give you what you want. I’ll treat you like the slut you are. I’ll cum all over you.”

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “Yes, Robbie. Cum all over me.” She slid one hand to her cunt and began finger fucking herself furiously. “Soak me with your cum. I’m your little cum slut, baby. Use me like the fuck toy I am. Fuck me and cum all over me. That’s all I want. I want to be your toy, your slut. Make me your whore, baby.”

I finally released my cock and slid it between her lips. She sucked it greedily, making sure she got every drop of my cum. When she finished I pulled my cock free and left her panting on the floor. A happy, if somewhat dazed, smile played across her full lips.

I continued our role play by leaving her in a heap on the floor covered in my cum. Having had my pleasure I walked away without a second thought canlı bahis siteleri of her comfort or satisfaction.

“That was incredible,” she sighed as she slumped backward against the couch, exhausted.

Carol and Mom kissed and caressed each other while we made love gently later that night as if to reestablish our loving relationship.

Mom agreed that being dominated occasionally is fun when all involved understand it’s only a fantasy. That night she taught us the concept of a “safety word.” Now anytime any of us wants to stop whatever’s happening, we only have to utter “checkmate,” and everyone freezes.

Carol hasn’t had to coach me since then. Anytime I see a conveniently placed pair of scissors or my younger sister in a t-shirt with a couple of notches cut in it, I know exactly what she wants and am more than happy to give it to her.

Mom, on the other hand, is more subtle. While Carol’s aggressive and athletic, Mom likes to take things more slowly and savor the moment. It’s the difference between a Ferrari and a limousine. Both have their advantages.

We’ve all three moved into Mom’s bedroom since her king-sized bed is the only one in the house that can accommodate all three of us. I usually sleep in the middle. No matter which way I turn I have a warm and willing body to caress. One of the things I’ve learned about myself during the past few weeks is that I’m something of a voyeur. I’ve also learned that Mom and Carol are accomplished exhibitionists.

We’ve worked out a number of signals which enable us to express our wishes. Carol’s scissors, for example. She makes her desires known and it’s up to me to decide whether I want to participate. It saves her the embarrassment of having to ask and gives me an easy out if I’m not interested. Of course, I always am.

The last thing any of us want is to feel like we’re forcing ourself on the others. Our signals give us a way to let our partners know what we’d like without feeling like we’re making them do something they don’t want to do.

Both Mom and Carol like to occasionally stir things up by grabbing the center position on the bed. We all know what that simple rearrangement of bodies means. One of my incredible ladies is in the mood for a little girl-on-girl affection. I’m always welcome to join in but I know the action’s going to start between the two of them.

On this particular night, Mom was in the middle. She and Carol were already in a loose embrace by the time I reached the bedroom. Mom was in a purple baby doll and Carol was wearing a red floor-length gown that was split up one side all the way to her curvaceous hip. They both smiled up at me as I climbed into bed.

They looked beautiful and I could smell a musky undertone to the light perfume they were both wearing. It had been an evening of endless teasing as they’d moved around the house pretending I wasn’t even there. I’d been given several lingering peeks at heaving cleavage and well-turned thighs. Even though both women’s nipples were making impressive peaks in the fabric, their low cut gowns were just thick enough that I couldn’t see any skin through them. Knowing that Carol’s hairless pussy was completely naked under her long gown and occasional flashes of Mom’s bikini panties kept my cock pounding for hours. Any attempts on my part to initiate any contact had been gently rebuffed. I was meant to look but not touch.

That restriction was dropped once we reached the bedroom. I think they might have actually been teasing themselves as well as me by making me keep my hands to myself.

“Want to join us?” Mom asked coyly. Carol was running one manicured finger up and down Mom’s flat stomach.

“Don’t mind me,” I answered with a smile.

“We don’t,” Carol answered, pulling Mom to her. Their lips met in a gentle kiss. Mom sighed as Carol’s hand slid to her breast, cupping it firmly.

“I love your tits, Mom,” she whispered. “I wish mine were as big as yours.” Mom slid one leg between Carol’s and pushed herself up on her hands.

“Yours are perfect, honey,” Mom answered. Carol slid one spaghetti strap off Mom’s shoulder, freeing one of her tits. Mom lowered it to her lips and Carol licked the stiff nipple hungrily. “Ooh, baby,” Mom moaned. “That feels so good. Lick Mommy’s nipple, honey. Suck it like you did when you were a baby.”

Carol took Mom’s engorged nipple between her teeth and tugged it gently. Mom squealed at the sensation. “Ooh, you’re such a bad girl,” Mom giggled. “Biting your Mommy’s nipple like that.” Mom ran her hand up Carol’s naked thigh and caressed her hip. “You’re making Mommy’s pussy wet, baby,” Mom cooed.

“Mine too,” Carol answered. “Feel my pussy, Mommy. Feel how wet you’re making me.”

Mom slid her hand across Carol’s leg and teased her slit with one finger. Carol squirmed and spread her legs, not caring that I was getting an eyeful of her bald lips. “Oh, God, Mom,” she groaned. “Quit teasing me. You know what I want.”

“Tell me, baby. Tell Mommy what you want her to do.” Mom lowered herself onto one elbow as she stroked Carol’s pussy. She pressed her lips against her daughter’s ear. “Tell Mommy what you want, Baby. Mommy will do anything for you but you have to tell her what you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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