The Damned New Bathing Suit Ch. 02: Mom’s POV

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Mom’s POV

Kat pulled and tugged at her new bathing suit as she looked at her reflection in the long dressing mirror, trying to move the skimpy fabric around so that it covered a bit more of her breasts. Finally she decided that there wasn’t enough of it to cover any more than it did. She turned and twisted, looking at herself in the mirror from different angle.

“You have to be out of your mind,” she said quietly to her reflection. It was by far the tiniest bathing suit she had ever worn. She liked the light yellow color with its subtle silver checked pattern and had to admit to herself that, despite its size, it did look good on her, although she worried if she sneezed or turned around too quickly that her D cup breasts would come loose and become fully revealed. As she looked at herself a bit more she thought about taking the skimpy suit off and burying deep at the bottom of the closest trashcan but, in the end, decided to go through with her little experiment.

The seeds for her plan had been planted earlier in the week at a lunch with her friends Sue and Lynne. All of them had sons that were 18, recently graduated from high school and heading off to college soon and they all spoke about how nicely each of them had grown up. The three of them agreed with each other’s assessments of their sons, about how handsome and nicely built they all were. Their sons were quite hot in other words.

But then Sue, always willing to bring up sexual matters even if Kat and Lynne were reluctant to hear about such things, said she had played a prank on her son Robbie.

“It was just for fun,” she said with a sly smile as she sipped her apple-tini.

“What did you do?” asked Lynne.

“I went out and found the skimpiest bathing suit I could and made sure he saw me in it up close.”

“Sue!” exclaimed both Kat and Lynne.

“Why in the world would you do that?” asked Kat.

“I wanted to see what would happen.” Sue had a bit of a kinky side to her. She was more than willing to tell the others about her and her husband Bill’s sex life which often included bondage, role playing and sex toys. The fact that neither Kat nor Lynne indulged in these practices nor did they intend to experiment along those lines didn’t seem to matter to Sue. Three apple-tinis had loosened her up more than usual and Sue tended to give out way too much information when she was drinking.

“This is a bit over the line even for you Sue. This is your son. What in the world were you thinking?” replied Kat.

“It was all in fun, kind of a mother/son bonding experience. I wanted to see what he really thought about me.”

Both Kat and Lynne looked at one another in amazement. They would definitely talk about Sue more once they were away from her.

“Sue, are you saying you wanted to see if you could get your own son turned on? I don’t call that bonding,” said Lynne.

“So what happened?” asked Kat, allowing the conversation to shift from berating Sue for her actions. Lynne gave Kat a sideways look in response.

Sue smiled again. “He was out at the pool like normal. I waited until Bill was gone then went out where he was. The kid was absolutely shocked when he saw me. I could see it in his face. He tried to get up and leave but I kept him cornered, talking about school and life but the whole time he kept looking at these.”

She cupped her breasts with both hands and gave them a little lift. She had big tits for sure, the end result of a first rate boob job a few years before. They weren’t as big or as fun to look at as Kat’s D cups but could definitely get a teenage boy’s attention.

Sue finished off her drink, turned around and waved for another one. Lynne caught their waiter’s attention and made cutting motions through the air with her hand silently telling the waiter to cut her off. The waiter nodded as Sue continued her story.

“He got a raging hard-on which he was doing his best to cover up. He put a towel in his lap which I took and started rubbing over my tits so he put his hands in his crotch trying to hide it but I reached over and took his hand and held it, telling him how much I’d miss him when he went away.”

“Sue that’s sick!” said Lynne softly but with as much emphasis as she could.

“How far were you going to let this go on?” asked Kat.

“Well…I wasn’t going to fuck him if that’s what you mean.”

“How much had you had to drink before this?” asked Kat.

“Quite a bit I guess.” Sue’s demeanor seemed to change a bit as she realized what she was telling her friends. She seemed to sink into her chair a bit.

“I’m sorry,” Sue said. “I guess I did go too far with him. You know how I can get when I drink. He does look really good with his shirt off though, doesn’t he?”

“All of our sons do,” said Kat. “But let’s remember they are our sons.”

With that the group was quiet. Kat waved to the waiter, signaling for the check. She put the bill on her credit card and the 3 left. Sue wobbled a bit as she made her way out into the parking lot with the others.

“Can you take me kızılay escort home Kat?” asked Sue.


“I’ll see you all next week, OK,” said Lynne who then made her way over to her own car.

Kat and Sue got in the car and buckled up. Kat backed out of the parking place and guided her car out on to the main road. The car was quiet for a time as Kat drove along.

“Do you want the truth?” Sue finally asked.

“The truth?” replied Kat.

“I wasn’t just playing a prank on Robbie.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kat although she was almost afraid to hear Sue’s answer.

“I was drunk and I wanted my son to fuck me.”

“Sue! Really?”

“You said it yourself; he’s handsome and built like a Greek statue and I’m going to miss him so much when he goes away.”

Kat kept her eyes on the road, glancing over at her friend from time to time. Sue was looking out the window, not really focusing on anything.

“What really happened?” asked Kat finally.

“I took him upstairs and let him fuck me senseless. My own son fucked me like a jackhammer and I loved it, I absolutely loved it.”

“Oh my god. You didn’t really, did you?”

“Twice more since then too.”

Kat mouth gaped open in surprise as she listened to her friend. But, on a deeper level, she felt incredibly turned on as she thought of Robbie on top of Sue, fucking her hard. Robbie was bigger and more muscular than her own son Kyle. Kat found him very attractive but never really thought about having sex with him. He was Kyle’s friend, the same age, with the same unruly thick brown hair and the same blue eyes. She felt herself getting wet as she thought about Robbie and Sue together then the image slowly changed and, in her mind, she saw Kyle replace Robbie on top of Sue then saw herself replace Sue. She tried to get the thought of her son fucking her out of her mind but the image remained, growing more detailed as Kat became more wet thinking about it.

“You should try it,” said Sue.

“Sue, let’s not talk about this anymore, OK. You’re drunk.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone alright.”

“Of course I won’t.”

They spoke no more until the reached Sue’s house. Kat pulled into the driveway and saw that Robbie’s car was there.

“You want to come in for awhile?” asked Sue.

“I need to get home.”

“Come on. It’s not like I’m asking for a threesome here,” said Sue although her tone and expression said otherwise.

Kat took a moment to answer. “I’ll see you next week Sue.”

Sue shrugged her shoulders and slowly got out of the car. Kat watched her as she stumbled around the house to the side door and disappeared inside. Kat backed down the driveway and out into the street then made her way home.

You should try it, Sue had said. Kat wasn’t clear if she meant having sex with Robbie or with Kyle. Neither option was going to happen in any case. Kyle was a good boy, a good son and she wouldn’t mess up his life by having sex with him for sure. Kyle wouldn’t fuck his own mother if she stripped naked and jumped in bed with him.

Or would he?

Kat shook her head, trying to get these thoughts out of her mind. She took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed a bit realizing she was still turned on herself. She thought some more about Sue and her son and the not so subtle invitation to join them. Kat quickly discarded that idea. Robbie seemed like a nice boy but, being a teenager, he would probably crow to all his friends, including Kyle, if he had fucked one of his friend’s hot moms. Would Kyle do it if Sue enticed him? Would he possibly fuck Lynne if she gave him the opportunity? Probably, maybe, who could predict what a hormone crazed teenaged boy would do? But would Kyle fuck his own mother given the chance. Of course not, he was too good a son for that. Despite knowing that little good could come from testing this theory, as crazy and twisted as it sounded, Kat had to know.

So now here she was in a tiny, revealing bathing suit, about to show her son more than he had ever seen before just to see what reaction he would have. He would be shocked and surprised for sure but what would he do after. One thing Kat knew was that she wasn’t going to make any move that might lead to sex. What she didn’t know was what she would do if Kyle wanted to do more with her than just see her in a skimpy bathing suit.

Kat wrapped her towel around her waist and picked up her pool bag which she had already packed earlier. She took one last look at herself in the mirror then headed downstairs. She looked around for Kyle and saw him in the kitchen making a sandwich.

“You just ate lunch!” she remarked as she breezed by him then went out the patio doors and out to the pool. She thought about turning around and seeing if he were watching her but decided to just walk out to her tanning spot without looking back.

She pulled out a deckchair and whipped off her towel, exposing her ass to Kyle but not knowing if he were watching or not. Then she began to apply her kızılay escort bayan tanning lotion, making a little bit of a show of it but not so much of a show to be obvious. Through her sunglasses she took a quick glance and noticed that he was, indeed, watching her. Kat suddenly became very nervous and finished her lotion application quickly. She reclined on the deckchair and lit a cigarette, relaxing as she exhaled. This was all silly, she thought. Kyle was in there making a sandwich, that’s all. He probably barely noticed her and if he did it was because this damned new bathing suit had put him in a state of shock, not sexual arousal. She would throw it away just as soon as she finished tanning.

In a little while Kat heard Kyle come out and take a spot on the other side of the pool to eat. After a bit she heard him jump in the water, no doubt holding his breath for time before he came up. She relaxed and enjoyed the hot rays of the sun on her skin. She heard some sloshing at the other end of the pool and saw that Josh was heading inside. Kat quickly turned on her stomach and untied the strings on the back of her suit.

“Kyle,” she called.

“Yeah mom,” he answered.

“Come and rub some lotion on my back.”

She purposely faced away from him as he walked towards her. He heard him pull a chair over then felt the lotion splashing on her back and shoulders. Kyle spread it around like he always did, maybe a little faster than usual. His hand found that sensitive spot on the back of her neck and she involuntarily voiced a sharp little squeal in response.

“Sorry,” he said.

He didn’t need to apologize but that’s the kind of son he was. Once he finished rubbing the lotion Kyle got up and went inside without commenting on the damned new bathing suit, without putting his hands where they shouldn’t be and without asking to fuck her.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said as he walked away.

She cursed inside for going through with this whole idiotic plan then put the whole thing aside and continued her tanning session.

After awhile Kat got up, gathered her things and went inside to shower. When she reached the top floor she noticed Kyle’s door was closed. There was nothing unusual in that since it was generally closed anyway. She went into the master bath and undressed. She held the damned bathing suit and looked at it, going back and forth between throwing it away and keeping it. Eventually Kat decided to keep it. It was a great suit for tanning if nothing else.

She turned on the shower and stepped in. The water felt good on her oily skin. She soaped up the loofa with her fruity smelling body wash and gave herself a good scrubbing, removing all of the lotion in much the same sequence as she put it on. Then she heard a small noise out in the bedroom, a little thump as if something had shifted. She stopped washing herself for a moment and listened more but heard nothing so she resumed her shower. After shampooing her hair she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, holding the towel up to her face, drying it off first. She patted her chest dry, checking for any sunburn as she did then whipped the towel behind her and dried off her back. For a moment she felt as though something wasn’t right, like she was being watched. She glanced outside the door and saw nothing but her familiar bedroom furniture and so continued drying herself. When she felt her body was dry enough she wrapped the towel around her and went over to the sink to dry her hair.

Drying her hair never took long since she had always worn it in a longish pixie cut and she finished quickly. She applied a little bit of makeup then walked over to the bathroom door. Something caught her attention. Something was not as it had been before. Kat glanced around trying to ascertain what was different when she noticed her reflection in the dressing mirror across the room. Kat looked behind her and noticed that the position of the mirror offered a full view of the shower area where she had just been standing. But had it been there along or had it been moved. She had done some vacuuming earlier and might have bumped it or repositioned the mirror so she could clean around it. The other option was that it had been moved and the only other person in the house was Kyle.

Now you’re really cracking up, she thought. This whole thing had been a mistake to even contemplate and now she was interpreting things to fit this fantasy that Sue had planted in her head. She had moved the mirror when cleaning that was all. Kyle had not snuck into the bedroom and tilted it so he could see his own mother naked. But yet the thought still stuck in her mind. Kat closed the door to the bedroom and got dressed.

After a time she heard the garage door coming up signaling that her husband, Tom had come home from golfing hopefully having remembered to pick up their daughter Megan. Kat changed into a blouse and some shorts before heading downstairs. Tom was in the kitchen. She walked over to him and gave him a big hug and kiss like she always did escort kızlay then turned to start preparing dinner. But Tom was not quite finished with her. He grabbed her from behind and started kissing that sensitive spot on the back of her neck like only he could.

“Ooooo! Stop! Stop!” she shrieked before squirming out of his grasp and wiping off her neck. “You’re horrible!”

After a nice summer dinner and some TV the family retired to bed. Kat knew that Megan would be up late, playing on her computer while Kyle tended to go on to sleep. Kat started to change into a nightgown, her thoughts still on what she had done with Kyle earlier. It was wrong, plain wrong, she thought, but in the end nothing had happened and she felt the whole thing was just a misguided mess that Sue’s drunken confession had inspired. Now she could tell Sue that her Kyle was a good son and above such temptations. On second thought she wouldn’t tell her anything about the new bathing suit or Kyle’s reaction, or lack of reaction to it. This whole thing just needed to fade away and the best way to do it was not to mention it again.

But now she thought of Robbie fucking Sue again. In her mind’s eye she saw Robbie’s tall muscular frame on top of his mother, her legs spread wide as he thrust inside her again and again as she moaned and yelped in delight. She pictured him grabbing Sue and roughly turning her face down and entering her from behind, grabbing her around her hips and lifting her off the bed as he slammed his dick into her until he flipped her on to her back and pulled her up by her hair, shoving his big cock in her mouth and coming fiercely as she jacked him violently causing sperm to splash on her face and hair.

Kat shook her head, trying to clear her mind of these thoughts. She noticed her heart beating faster and, more to the point, she could tell she was very wet down below. She reached down and stroked herself a couple of times then yanked off her nightgown and went back into the bedroom where Tom was fluffing the pillows in anticipation of a good night’s rest.

“Not so fast,” she said before ripping the covers back and climbing on top of him. Tom responded quickly, like he always did. They dispensed with foreplay and soon he was inside her, using slow, careful strokes until she signaled him to go faster by thrusting her hip upwards again and again. He got the message and in a short time they both came, nearly together. Afterwards Tom fell asleep. Kat stayed awake, looking at the ceiling inwardly cursing herself for closing her eyes and thinking that it was Kyle on top her and inside her.

A week passed and although she continued to wear the skimpy bathing suit, Kyle did not seem interested one way or the other. He tended to stay in the house while she was out sunbathing which Kat took as sign that the tiny, little, yellow suit had no effect on him. She had lunch again with Sue and Lynne but, thankfully, Sue said nothing about what was happening with her and her son. Not even a sideways glance or a wink to hint that more details needed to be shared. Sue drank nothing but iced tea on that day and so was a bit less forthcoming regarding personal matters much to Kat and Lynne’s relief.

It was Saturday and Tom was out of town and Megan was over-nighting at a friend’s house. It was dark and rainy outside, not a day for lounging by the pool or sunbathing. Kyle watched TV while Kat caught up on some work at the kitchen table. There had been some rumbles of thunder in the distance but nothing that sounded more threatening then usual when suddenly the harsh grinding blare of and EBS warning came from the television. Kat looked up from her work to hear what was going on. The screen had shifted to a local weather man standing in front of a Doppler radar screen that was lit up with brilliant reds, greens, oranges and yellows all forming a band that moved from west to east as he spoke with a serious tone.

“This is serious folks,” he began. “There are confirmed sightings of at least two tornadoes right here along this band and if you look at this section we can already see that buttonhook formation developing meaning that more tornadoes may form at any moment. If you’re in your home please take shelter in the lowest part of your house immediately. If you’re in an apartment get to a spot that’s away from the windows. There is a strong possibility of flying debris and, as you may know, that’s what causes most injuries and deaths during these storms. If you’re on the road, take cover somewhere fast.”

“Hey mom isn’t that just southwest of us?” asked Kyle.

Mother Nature answered his question with a bright flash of lightning followed immediately by clap of thunder that sounded as if large cannons had gone off in their front yard. As if it were pre-arranged, the house simultaneously lost power, leaving Kyle and his mother in near total darkness. Rain and wind, heavy and fast, began to pummel the house causing a loud roar that seemed to grow stronger by the second.

Kat shrieked at the sudden thunderclap and darkness. She was deathly afraid of thunderstorms owing to an encounter with a tornado when she was a child that, while not destroying her family’s house, certainly caused significant damage and instilled a somewhat tendency to overreact to big loud storms. Kyle tried to stay calm although there was a sense of urgency in his voice.

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