The Drive Ch. 01

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If you want to know what a text from your man means, ask a horny girl like me. I don’t know many girls like me, but the ones I do know are experts too.

I’ve known ‘Pretty Fly (for a white guy)’ for a long time now, always a text and never a call, he was my first ‘friend with benefits’, and there will always be a special place for your first. To begin with I tried to tell myself that he liked me too, and that one day I’d be his girlfriend. I still modelled myself on Gwen Steffani and Courtney Love back then, lucky for everyone I’ve come a long way since that.

He had text me earlier in the day. ‘Hows tricks?’ is always code for, ‘you busy tonight?’.

‘Tricks are good’ I replied, with a smile, ‘hows things with you?’ It was merely seconds before he replied, he must be keen. ‘Got that new car today, so cant complain.’

Subtle no? At times like this you have two options, play along, or call him out. ‘When you picking me up, then? I’m busy till 6’ I chose the latter, of course. I mean, do I sound like the kind of girl who’s got time for games?

At 6pm he was waiting outside my house, new car gleaming, a knowledgeable smile from the driver and I slid into the passenger seat, careful to allow my skirt to slide up to my stocking tops. ‘Stockings for me?’ he asked, as he does every time. İstanbul Escort I smiled as I delivered my standard reply, ‘No dear, for me’, and with that we were off.

He seemed determined in his pretence that he was out to show me his car, driving around the local forestry, I kept assuming he would pull into one of the little car parks, always deserted in the evenings, save for the occasional dog walker. So I unbuttoned another button, and slid my panties down from under my skirt. He laughed, and pulled into the nearest car park. ‘So, what does it do, this new car then?’ I asked, unclasping my seat belt. ‘This and that’ he replied.

‘This’ he said as he reached down between my legs, and pushed my seat further back. Then he leaned over towards me and planted his lips on mine, and all of a sudden, the seats back rest dropped away, ‘and that’ he smiled, running his hand down my chest towards the remaining buttons on my shirt.’You’re always so buttoned up’ he said as he flicked the pearl discs through their button holes, ‘its not good for my circulation.’ He groaned as I reached out to trace the line of his thick cock through the fabric of his jeans.

He pushed himself up in his seat to lean closer to me ‘Ive got heaters,’ he laughed, ‘I don’t think you need this’ as he pushed my shirt Bayan Escort down my arms. my breasts were straining against my bra, desperate to be freed, they knew what was coming next as much as my brain did. He pulled them free, his hands and mouth exploring, still leaning over the gear stick, with what looked like great difficulty. I reached over, and flicked the clasp on his belt, and unfastened the button of his jeans, his pulsing cock stood to attention and I could feel my cunt start to ache with wanting. There was no room for foreplay in the car, but that didn’t seem to matter, I knew I couldn’t wait, I needed him inside me. ‘Get over here’ I managed to say between kisses. Hot and heavy kisses, both painful and perfect.

He pulled his tee shirt over his head to reveal the wide chest and sculpted shoulders I enjoyed so much, and moved awkwardly over to the passenger side. I kicked off my shoes, and pushed my skirt to my waist. One foot on the dash board and the other near the hand brake, I tilted my hips and welcomed him inside.

The pleasure hit as he sunk immediately in, right to the hilt before pulling out, so only the tip remained. Sliding in only and inch or so before pulling back out, teasing me, knowing it drove me wild. I hooked my leg around his slim hips and pulled Eskort him further in. A scream escaped my lips as he started to thrust harder and harder into my cunt. Faster and faster. The windows had steamed up, and the air was hot. Sweat was dripping from our skin, and still he thrust hard inside me, making me moan with pleasure. I could feel my orgasm rising in the very bottom of my stomach, my hips bucked to meet his, I looked in his eyes, and he thrust, deeper and harder than ever before. The heat of my orgasm broke over my pussy, and travelled up through my stomach, my breasts heaving and my nipples so tight they hurt. I reached down to stroke my clit, wanting more, he took my nipple into his mouth, nibbling and licking, never once missing a beat. He pounded into me again and again, hitting the little bundle of nerves inside me, each time making my breath catch in my throat, catching my screams of pleasure just as they start. Surely he couldn’t last much longer? I knew that I wouldn’t, my orgasm had been building, pooling a delicious pressure in my stomach. I felt his cock buck inside me, and I felt the walls of my pussy begin to tighten with anticipation as he thrust again, once, twice, and the third time he didn’t pull out. Waves upon waves of orgasm spasmed through me, each twitch of his penis, each spurt of cum sent another wave around my cunt, up through my stomach, electricity in my breasts and a throb of my nipples.

As our breathing slowed to normal, he kissed me, as slid his cock out of my soaking pussy. “fancy a walk?” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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