The Experiment Ch. 02 – 12.5″ DDD

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This is the second installment of “The Experiment” series – it’s recommended that you read the first chapter, “The Experiment Ch. 01,” before you read this one, but it’s not necessary.

All individuals involved in sexual activity are consenting adults 18 years old or older. All events and people within this story are fictional and created solely as a work of erotic entertainment.


When she first came home from work that day, Jennifer was greeted by the sight of her son Chris in nothing but shorts. She could tell he wasn’t hard just yet, but she could still make out the distinct bulge of his flaccid cock. Aside from that, she was still mesmerized by her son’s tight, rippling muscles in action as he quickly moved around the kitchen, making dinner for her. His actions caused both her heart and pussy lips to swell in pride. That’s my son, she thought proudly. Mine.

Before she’d announce her arrival, she discreetly undid the top few buttons of her blouse, exposing her bounteous cleavage to his hungry eyes if he chose to look her way.

Normally, Jennifer wasn’t this promiscuous – but teasing a younger man was something that had turned her on even before the serum was given to her: she remembered in her senior year of highschool, she was passing by a freshman in the hallway after school. She remembered wearing a trenchcoat and lingerie underneath because later on, she had a date with her boyfriend, Jason. As she passed the freshma, she turned to him, tapped his shoulder, and undid her coat, flashing him.

She remembered how horny the simple act had made her. The date with Jason had ended with with a two-hour session of sex. Even though he had wore a condom (at least that time), she still ended up pregnant with Chris.

She undid the last button she could before she was basically topless, thought about what she was going to say, and said it.

“No shirt, today?” she asked teasingly, her horny desires were in the driver’s seat with the serum stomping on the gas. Her motherly side sat shotgun, non-committedly trying to reach for the wheel.

“No, it’s a little too hot for that,” Chris responded, not taking an eye off of his cooking.

“Good,” she approved. “you look a lot better like this,” she commented, biting her finger sexily.

This drew a reaction from him that greatly pleased her; his eyes were redirected to her cleavage as he blushed. They made eye-contact for a mere fraction of a second before his eyes were redirected to her breasts which had noticeably swollen since this morning, and like this morning, his erection popped back into existence. Like mother like son, Jennifer’s eyes were redirected to her son’s shorts.

But unlike this morning, Chris made no attempt to hide his hard member. Even through his shorts, she could swear that his cock had grown since breakfast. She could now see how much more defined its veins ridges had become through the thin material of his shorts. They both stared at each other’s bodies for several seconds before she broke the silence.

“Perfect,” she said approvingly, “you look the best like this,” she said as she walked to the coatroom, weighing her breasts in her hands.

She took off her heels and walked up the stairs to her room, “I’m gonna go change,” she threw over her shoulder as she sashayed up the stairs as her son watched from the kitchen, behind her. She swayed her hips tantalisingly for his gawking eyes.

He licked his lips as he watched his mother ascend while rubbing his massive phallus through his shorts.

After she disappeared, Chris realized in shock what had just happened: he just showed his own mother his erection, which she looked at, and complimented! His member swelled in pride at the compliment to a point at which is was becoming painful to keep his shorts on since he had noticeably grown since this morning. He quickly shed them, freeing his titanic erection which stood out like a third arm. He now had to stand over a foot away from the edge of the counter so that his cockhead didn’t touch it. It was a little awkward at first, but he liked how it felt without wearing clothes. He continued moving around the kitchen, his dick slicing through the air in front of him as he set the table.

Suddenly, he heard his mother coming down the stairs. He looked down at his nude state and knew he had to make a choice: he could either put his shorts back on, or not. Thinking about his mom’s words earlier about freeing up his cock, he hurriedly tucked his shorts under the small round table and tablecloth and sat his bare-butt on the on the leather chair with his cockhead almost touching the underside of the table.

He turned his neck to face the stairs and couldn’t believe his eyes; his mom was descending the staircase also naked apart from a pair of turquoise, lace silk boyshorts and a smile. Her huge, natural and sagless boobs bounced as she stepped with each of her breasts being the size of her head, maybe even bigger. Her bright, pink nipples were as sincan escort long as pinky fingers with only quarter-sized areolae that simply begged to be sucked – especially as they dribbled a small squirt of milk with each of her heavy footfalls that made the buck naked Chris go buck wild.

His cock jumped, hitting the underside of the table with a thud as precum oozed from his tip and onto the floor. Chris was only now realizing how much of a mess was caused by the experiment. Luckily, the tablecloth meant that she couldn’t see any of this, for which Chris sent a silent prayer of thanks.

He managed to choke back his moans of pleasure as his giant dick continued to repeatedly nudge the underside of the table and spew precum onto the floor.

Meanwhile, his mother either didn’t see his current situation or pretended not to. She then went to the kitchen to grab utensils, something Chris had forgotten when setting the table, along with a cup. As she did this, she exposed her bare back, and more importantly, her sweet behind that was only covered by a thin layer of silk leaving little to the imagination; with every step, her ass gave a sexy wobble that did nothing to help Chris’s pre-orgasmic coma. With great self-control, he tore his eyes away from her body to regain his composure and to stop his dick’s spewing.

On the other side of the kitchen, Chris’s mother relished in the taboo element of the current situation.

Jennifer could feel herself hot all over as she pranced around the kitchen in front of her son in nothing but the silky shorts. Despite everything, being this close to being nude was very invigorating; with each step, her ass and boobs jiggled without restraint. Speaking of her boobs, Meiko was definitely right; the milk was certainly ready; she’d have to lactate after this as she leaked milk everywhere she walked.

She then went back to the table to sit down, gave a fork and a spoon to her son and looked at him with a smile. As their table wasn’t that big, their knees nudged each others’ as she sat opposite to him, catching his eyes on her chest.

“Yeah, you’re not the only one who can suddenly decide to stop wearing clothes,” she said, boldly thrusting out her chest.

“I noticed,” he said with a grimace.

She quickly realized her son’s discomfort. She knew exactly what effect her newly exposed curves were having on him, and she loved it. She readjusted the way she sat, with one of her feet down and one nestled against her crotch up on the seat.

“What’s wrong, honey? Is everything okay?” she asked, knitting her eyebrows, feigning innocence.

He didn’t respond immediately, and his breathing was slightly ragged.

He’s probably so hard right now, she thought. She licked her lips remembering how fat his member had looked earlier while he was wearing his shorts. The serum in her had her thinking about all the naughty places in her body she could use to house her son’s incestuous hard-on as the mother in her tried to fight these thoughts away – but it was of no use.

She felt the heel of the foot against her crotch warm up as she started directing pornos starring her and her son’s hard cock as she started grinding her almost-bare pussy against her heel, with nothing separating them other than a sheer piece of fabric she regretted putting on. She rocked back and forth in her seat patiently pleasing herself as she waited for her son to answer.

“I-I’m fine,” he finally spat, openly ogling her tits with both his large hands on the table, balled in tight fists.

She knew that this was obviously a lie, but her motherly side took over and dropped the subject.

They sat in silence for a few seconds before they both realized that they were sitting at a dinner table with no dinner.

“Damn, son, the food sure smells amazing… but I kinda wanna try it too!” said her inner mother, lightening the mood of this incredibly sexually tense moment. Jennifer shot a wholesome smile and relaxed.

He smiled back.

“Holy f- you’re right, mom, I completely forgot,” he chuckled. “Actually, uhh, I was kinda hoping the dog would fetch it,” he grinned.

“We don’t have a dog!”

They both burst out laughing. As Chris surrendered and slid his chair out from under the tablecloth, for a moment, Jennifer thought that the two of them could overcome the serum and live life like a normal family. She thought that she wouldn’t succumb to her own fantasies. She thought that the tension between them was forever broken.

But all that wishful thinking was trumped as her son stood up.

She let out a sharp, audible gasp as she saw his long, thick, pulsing penis.

Chris wondering what had drew this reaction from his mother before looking down and realizing his mistake far too late.

He froze as he stood before her, naked from head to toe like a deer in headlights – except his cock was the deer and Jennifer’s tits were the headlights.

Chris gulped as he watched sincan escort bayan his mother drink in his naked, aroused body and he had to admit that this wasn’t exactly the reaction he’d expected: Her eyes were automatically glued to his ruler-sized member – that was expected – but it was the craning of her neck to get the best angle that surprised him. It was the kneading of her breasts that made his cock jump. It was the gentle gyrating of her hips that made him think that his mother may not be having the most motherly thoughts right now.

“Wow,” she said, breaking the silence, blinking, tearing her eyes from his giant member to look to his eyes before flicking them back to it. “You’re huge, baby.”

He felt his face turn red, but it wasn’t with embarrassment, he thought to himself as he grinned.

His cock twitched, causing a drop of precum oozed from its tip that his mother watched slowly trail from his bulbous cockhead to connect itself to the scarlett tablecloth, darkening it with a dark stain.

She smiled before flicking her eyes to his eyes and back to his slit as if she hoped more would form. “A little excited, aren’t we?

“Sorry about the mess-“

“Oh, don’t apologize for that, Mr. Miller,” she reassured. “As this experiment progresses, our house will become more and more messy with all these extra fluids we’ll be producing.” To prove her point, she leaned forward and squeezed her left nipple causing some milk to spray onto the table, the streaks of her heavenly white booby beverage contrasting sexily with the ruby-red table covering. “See?”

Watching his mom squirt milk was one of the hottest things Chris had ever seen – his knees almost buckled as he started seeing stars.

Jennifer didn’t think such simple act could have such an effect on her only child – but she wasn’t going to complain.

She watched as her son clutched the table’s edge, his cock bucked repeatedly as a thick, white fluid shot onto the table in quick, tight ropes. Probably cum, she thought. He couldn’t stop humping the air like a dog in the presence of a bitch in heat. She started rocking back and forth again, her eyes glazed over as she ground her clit on her heel repeatedly. She bit her lip so she wouldn’t moan from pleasure from the eye candy her son was giving her right now.

He closed his eyes as he leaned forward, his thick rod gushing across the table, painting the red tablecloth a slightly translucent white color.

Oh, my poor baby, she thought to herself as her motherly side and serum side merged. How pent up are you?

She watched intently as her son continued spurting onto the table showing little to no signs of stopping.

His cock pumped again, and again, and again – each pump making her want pull open the waistband of her shorts and shove her fingers knuckle deep in her pussy to get her the orgasm she craved and needed so much – but she just couldn’t. She wasn’t going to masturbate over her own child. At least, not while he’s in the room…

After what felt like forever, his manmeat slowed, and stopped its pumping.

He opened his eyes and saw that there was now a thick, white streak of his precum on their dinner table.

He slowly sat up straighter and looked to his mother: her eyes slightly glazed as she looked from the mess on the table to his still hard cock, one hand alternatively squeezing her hefty breasts and pinching her nipples, the other hand underneath the table – arm moving rhythmically.

His mother was sexually pleasing herself right in front of him! He was thinking so many things right now:

That’s your mom! This is gross!

That’s so hot! This is amazing!

Look at how big her tits are!

They’re your mother’s breasts! Don’t look at them!

You sucked those tits as a baby! You should suck them now!

He was definitely conflicted – but his penis sure wasn’t as it stayed hard – maybe even harder than before. Thrusting out his hips, he showed off his cock in such a brazzen way that even he was surprising himself. He had to admit, the serum was definitely affecting his thoughts and decisions a lot more than he thought it would. He became desperate to clear his head and make sense of everything that happened since Mom had come home: Why were they doing this? How had he lost so much control? He had to put an end to this – at least for now.

“I’m going to get the food now,” he said, breaking her reverie.

She blinked a few times, her hands freezing, yet staying on her body. She tore her eyes from her son’s dick to look him in the eyes, almost in awe that he was more than just a potential sex toy. “What?”

Chris grinned; she was so horny she could barely hear him! His mother! The woman that scolded him to make his bed when he was eight, the woman that kept reminding him to wash behind his ears when he was nine, the woman that helped me get dressed for prom when he was seventeen… it was all so wrong… so taboo…

His escort sincan cock kept pulsing.

“I’m going to get the food now,” he repeated.

She blinked again. “Yeah… okay, honey,” she mumbled absentmindedly. “Just… let me finish myself off,” she said, turning red from her forehead to her tits almost shocked at her own upfrontness.

On his way to the kitchen, he saw her hand wrist-deep in her shorts under the table cloth, moving violently as she strenuously massaged a titanic titty with her other hand. Her eyes stayed glued to his erection as her breathing quickly sped up, lips parting. As he left the room, she gave her erect nipple a pinch sending another gush of her white milk onto the red cloth to mingle with his dick-juice.

As he checked on the food, he was able to take his mind off his need to fuck as his erection slowly deflated. Chris heard the quick breathing from the dining room turn to panting. He contently sighed at his new reality as the panting turned to loud, feminine moaning as he heard a chair creaking rhythmically. He touched the food with the back of his hand: it was warm, but not quite perfect.

“Ohh…yes…please… oh, fuck…yes, baby…ohhh,” she screamed in the other room. As soon as it left, erection returned upon hearing that his mother was fantasizing about her own son’s cock.

He took some of the soon-to-be dinner and popped it into his mouth and immediately spit it out – too raw. With a slight pang of guilt, he remembered the mess he left on the table and grabbed a roll of paper towels to clean it up.

The moaning went back to panting as Chris started walking back to the dining room to see his mother again; the same woman, but so different all the same: her hand was still in her underwear, but the other hand was running a finger through the puddle of his magic juice still pooled there. She stared at the finger for a few seconds, transfixed at its viscosity before she brought it to her lips and licked it clean with her eyes closed the entire time. Watching this one of the hottest things he had ever seen. His hands went a little limp nearly causing the roll of towels to be dropped.

She was leaning back in her chair, traces of his precum staining the corners of her satisfied smile. She was positively GLOWING and was easily the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen; it made his heart race and his cock throb.

Her eyes were still closed, so he quietly tiptoed to his seat and sat down across from her. However, due to the small size of our table, his knees made contact with hers.

Her eyes opened and quickly found his. “Hey, dear.”

“Hey mom,” he replied, smiling back – her happiness was contagious.

Noticing his empty-handedness, “No food?”

“Not yet, it’s still a little raw.”

“Ooh, a little raw – I can’t say I mind that,” she said dreamily, looking off into the distance. “Your father: Jason and I had it raw a lot when we were your age. It was a lot of fun.” She reminisced in silence for a moment before shaking her head and tucking in her chair, but given how small the table was and how big his member had grown, her knee nudged her son’s cock.

“Oh yeah,” she said, remembering her son’s sudden nudity. “You… your shorts seem to have disappeared?” she asked, before adjusting herself such that his beating cockhead sat comfortably on her knee.

“Right, yeah,” he chuckled. “Well I took your advice – you freed up your breasts while I freed up my… my…”

She rolled her eyes playfully. “You can say it, baby,” she said with a grin as she bobbing her leg up and down, causing his manmeat to bounce on her knee.

“Alright, mommy,” Chris smiled. “My cock!”

She mirrored his smile. “Yes, Chris! Attaboy!” she congratulated as she gave a little shimmy-shake causing her massive tits to sway from side to side. “Now that wasn’t too hard now, was it?” she asked, continuing her dance as her tits vied for his horny attention.

“Yeahh… no…” he couldn’t help but imagine his cock between her tits as they tumbled around. He twitched on her knee.

She stops her dancing. Noticing her son’s lowered gaze, she snaps her fingers a few times. “Eyes up here mister,” she said playfully.

He blinked. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly as he once again notices the precum around her lips. “Hey, you got a little something.”

“Yeah, well you’ve got a really big something,” she said, bouncing her knee once more. “If you let me have my ‘little something,'” she said, still smiling, “Then I’ll allow you to keep this,” she proposed as she tapped the tip of her son’s rock-hard penis under the table, sending a jolt of electricity through his body. “Deal?” she asked, arching a single eyebrow.

“Deal.” said Chris quickly.

She smirked. “That’s what I thought.” She slides a finger into her mouth and sucked it clean before pulling it out with a loud pop. On her knee, she felt a jerk. “Oh, I almost forgot to ask: have you been able to produce anything while I was gone?”

“Any… what?”

“Cum? Semen? Hell, baby batter? Whatever you wanna call it,” she giggled.

I chuckled, shaking my head. “No, no cum since you left for work.”

“Other than this art, of course,” she said, running her fingers through the thick white streaks on the table.

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