The Freaky Friday Thing Ch. 03

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This is not a love story. Or rather it is, but it isn’t intended that way, or at least not ‘just’ that way. I’d like to explore some along the way, delve into some deep issues with sexuality along the way. Hopefully in a light and humorous way, without taking away too much of the serious nature underlying these things.

I hope you the reader enjoy.

P.S. If you haven’t read at least chapter 2, you may be a little confused as to what is going on.


Emily took a few minutes for a break from all the work, as she fretted about how her brothers shopping trip with their mother was going.

‘Not to mention that shower they shared! Shit I swear it’s like the planets and everything else have aligned to cause this freaky Friday. Poor Evan, trapped in my body, about to start his period, and who knows what else. I’m having a hard enough time of it, but Evan… How hard must this be for him? I at least got to cut the grass topless this morning. I still can’t get over how scandalous and exhilarating that was, wandering around outside without a top on.’

Over the next few hours though, Emily was frustrated by not getting a chance to talk to Evan. The chores just kept coming, right up until dinner, and it wasn’t as though she could talk to him over dinner either.

In fact, nobody seemed interested in conversation of any sort over dinner. They were probably all too tired and hungry for anything but eating. Sighing, Emily got up after she had her fill, and was about to start clearing away the table when her mother stopped her.

“No more work today Evan. You and Emily might as well get started on your studying, or just go relax if you’d rather. I’ll clean the kitchen first thing in the morning. At least that’s all that’s left. Hun, did you finish everything you wanted to?”

“I just need to nail up the panelling in the laundry room. It’s already all cut, and dry fitted. Shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes in the morning. I could use your help with it though Evan, if I can be forgiven for dragging you out of bed early?”

“Sure dad. I’ll hold them up, you nail.” she said, proud of herself for understanding exactly what was needed. “Just don’t try and drag me out of bed before eight, or I’ll be holding them up crooked.”

As she made her way to Evans’ room, she tried to figure out what to start with. She hadn’t had the chance to talk to him about that kiss, or how they felt about each other. Then there was the discussion about being stuck in each others bodies, and how to approach that.

They also did need to spend time studying, so with all this and the uncertainty of their future after a long hard day, Emily was feeling more than just a little overwhelmed as she walked into his bedroom, followed closely by him. ‘In my body!’

“I’m sorry Em… Evan, I’m sorry but…”

“What did you do now?”

“Well… Mom seems to think that you… or me… Oh shit, she thinks Emily is either… So how did your day go?”

“Emily what did you do?”

“Well, I think it’s more a matter of what your body did, than what I did! Ha, ha. Your not laughing are you?”

“Evan I swear to you, I’ve had a long hard day, after a couple of shitty months, and to top it off, are you ready for this? I have a cock swinging between my legs! Not a pussy, a fucking cock! So I’m not in a good mood.”

“I know Em, I do, which is why I’m trying to see the humour in all this. I think that if I let myself dwell on how seriously fucked up everything is, I’ll come unhinged. I figure it can’t be any easier for you either, so if I can make you laugh, even just a little, well it’s some medicine that I think we really need.”

She hated that he was right. She wanted to rail at him and let out all her frustrations, but she felt like she was to blame for all this as well. He was taking things so well, trying to make her laugh. “So have you heard any good jokes?”

“Have you heard the one about the twins who switch bodies?”

“Humph, some laugh doctor you are. So what did you do? I’m not letting you off the hook.”

“Well, the shower got kind of awkward. Your nipples are really easily excited by the way!”

Groaning, Emily thought she could see where this was going. “What did mom say?”

“Oh, you know… She sort of started asking questions about… well, your sexuality!”

“And what did you tell her?”

“That you’re straight of course. I don’t think she believed me though. She hadn’t gotten around to bringing it up until we were almost home, and I think she wanted to grill me more.”

The words from that artifact drifted back to her. Particularly the part about only in complete honesty and what not, would they find their way back. “Fuck. Alright, complete honesty right? You better appreciate this, and be completely honest with me in turn. I want my body back Evan. At least it’s you that gets to deal with it. If she asks again, and doesn’t seem to want to let it go… you can tell her that I’m bi-curious. No… Scratch cebeci escort that. I might be a lesbian. I just don’t know.”

She was looking at him, in her body, awash with so many emotions she couldn’t sort them all out. The first tears started to slide down her cheeks as Evan was suddenly on the bed beside her, and she felt his arms embrace her.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything Em? You know I would have been there for you right?”

“I… I don’t know… I was scared… I didn’t really want this. I can’t help it. It’s just how I feel. Guys don’t do anything for me. I’m looking at you walking around in my body today, and damn this must make me some kind of vane… but I can’t get over how awesome you look!”

He gave her a squeeze that just felt so damn good. “I can’t argue you that Em, every time I see.. sorry, I guess you don’t want to hear that.”

“No, it’s nice. At least it would be if… you know, it was me in my body.”

“Em, I feel like such a fool now, trying to kiss you back in Quebec.”

She looked at him, and could see that he was trying to put up a brave face for her, but she knew how he felt about her. Knew that he must be feeling crushed.

“Evan… complete honesty right?”

“Of course Em.”

“Have you ever thought about it? Do guys do anything for you?”

“No Em. Not at all.”

‘So while I might eventually be happier in a guys body… Poor Evan.’

“You know… Part of the reason it was so hard on me, when you tried to kiss me, well you’re the only guy that ever did anything for me, and I thought I had just come to grips with maybe being a lesbian. All of the sudden, the only guy that excited me, but that I couldn’t have because he’s my brother, suddenly he was kissing me… Opening up all the turmoil all over again. I felt crazy to be having those feelings for my brother, but also some hope that I could be normal after all.”

“Oh Em… You are normal, whether you like guys, or you like girls, or even better if you like both… You’re awesome. And you’re normal… well at least in your own bizarre kind of way Em!”

She wanted to dissolve into tears he was so sweet, right down to that rib he always broke out on special occasions. Somehow it always made her feel better. “So you think I’m a little bizarre do you?”

“Well Em, I don’t know too many girls sporting a cock between their legs!”

That did it. She burst out laughing, and was quickly joined. For the briefest of moments it felt like old times.

“You know Emily… Ah Evan… Oh screw it we’re alone, Emily.” he started once he was able to stop laughing, “This whole thing started this morning, and maybe we don’t need to worry. Maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow in our own bodies.”

‘No Evan, this thing started months ago.’ she thought quietly to herself. Instead, out loud she said, “So, then maybe I don’t have much time left to kiss you back, while you’re still me?”

Hesitating she leaned in, feeling his lips only for a moment before he pulled back.

“God I’m sorry Emily, I want to kiss you I do, but the feel of your stubble… I just can’t get past that I’m kissing a guy. Or at least a guys body.”

She had been afraid of this. Not so much about this kiss, but what she thought had to happen in order to switch back. “Evan… first of all it’s okay. I understand, but I’m scared for you too. If you can’t even kiss me… How are we going to, you know? Blissful union and all that… I don’t want you to be trapped in a body you don’t want, but I also don’t want you to be traumatized in order to get back.”

“We’ll figure something out Em. For now, can we put it aside. Maybe it really will be a mute point tomorrow. But if it’s not… There are things we need to talk about. I’ve been stupid in more ways than one today.”

“Oh dear. I’m listening.”

She could see that he was trying to think of how to start, so she sat quietly waiting, feeling her cock start to stiffen again while she gazed at him. It was a decidedly odd feeling as a woman, to be feeling an erection starting, and it caused her to squirm a bit, though luckily he didn’t seem to notice.

“Well, first of all, I wanted to assure you that mom at least, I’m pretty sure will not be freaked out by you being a lesbian.”

“While I hope that’s true, why would you think that?”

“Well, as I said… That shower got a little awkward.”

“So… I don’t understand the connection.”

“Oh… Let us just say that mom might have a bit of a bi-curious side herself.”

“What! Evan why would you think that?”

“Oh, maybe because she kind of felt me up in the shower.”

She knew her jaw was hanging open, but she didn’t know how to get it closed again.

“Em, I’ve recently been told by Susan that while humorous, my jaw hanging off the floor isn’t a good look for me. Now that I can see for myself, I have to say that I agree.”

“Ah… Wa… Susan? Who?”

“Mrs. Develon.”

“Mrs. Develons’ cebeci escort bayan first name is Susan? And your on a first name basis with her? No never mind, I don’t want to know. Mom felt me up! You’re serious? Mom actually felt me up?”


“Where? Did she grab my breasts?”

“Yup. And your pussy, and your ass.”

“And what was I doing to mom before this?”

“Oh… You saw that coming did you.”


“It wasn’t like that! She asked me to wash her back, then when I was finished she asked me to keep going, so I kind of briefly, I swear it was brief, briefly washed her derriere. Just on the globes! After I finished her legs, she said something about being almost all clean, and wasn’t I going to finish her. So I kind of got her stomach, and… and there may have been a tiny bit of breast washing too. But that’s all I swear! It was less than she did to me! She soaped my, or your, whole ass. Everywhere. And even got a little action in, in the front!”

She could feel herself giggling, listening to Evan. It was so comical that she wanted to burst out laughing, and probably would have to, if she wasn’t also a little miffed. “Evan your such a dunce. She was testing you, after what you did to her.”

“Oh. I suppose maybe. I knew we were dancing around something. I still think mom was a little into it though! She certainly wasn’t put off by it.”

“Maybe. I wasn’t there, so I can’t really say. She didn’t seem upset?”

“No Em.”

“I guess maybe I should have come clean to her some time ago. Wait a minute. You’ve been stupid in more ways then one? What else is there Emily?”

“Oh you’re like a bloodhound on the scent aren’t you. Well, this one is… maybe even more awkward.”

“Complete honesty right? Spill it girl.”

“Girl? Oh that’s a low blow. Okay, but speaking of me suddenly being a girl, when I’ve never really… you know…”

“Out with it. I promise not to get upset or make fun of you.”

“Em, I don’t know much about the female body. The first piss I took today, I was surprised that I wasn’t pissing out of my vagina. Hey now, that’s enough… Would you stop laughing at me!”

“Oh god! My stomach… Oh that hurts! Holly fuck I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard!”

“Are you quite done!”

“Oh god… I’m sorry Evan… Well you said you wanted to make me laugh. I’ll try to control myself. What did you want to ask?”

“Well… I’ve tried not to violate your privacy… but I let my curiosity…”

“Stop.” She had a pretty good idea where this was going, and she knew it would be uncomfortable for both of them. “Let’s just agree that for now, my body is yours, and yours mine. What we do with our bodies isn’t really any of the others business. Although Emily I do have a favour to ask. Please don’t break my hymen.” she could feel her cheeks heat a little at this, but the thought of just how curios Evan had gotten about her body, and just what he had already done caused her to feel that damn monster of his start filling again.

After an uncomfortable silence ensued, Evan got to his feet, looking incredibly hot, even if he was back in her dirty jeans and cami-top. “I still don’t know what to do with… those things mom had me buy.”

“Tell you what, if you can’t figure things out for yourself by lunch tomorrow, I’ll help you. Sound good?”


“Well, Emily I know it’s not that late yet, but it’s been a long tiring day. Can we say goodnight, and see what body we wake up in tomorrow?”

“Of course, um Evan, goodnight.”

After a brief hug, in which she enjoyed the feel of his breasts up against her she watched as he closed the door to what was by rights his bedroom behind himself.

Feeling flustered, she took a quick shower, all the while being amazed at her new pet monster which was refusing to go down. “Well monster, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about you wanting inside me anymore. Damn but you’re a hell of a lot bigger than I imagined. Although, if I do wake up back in my body, I guess I’ll have to go back to being scared of you. You want some fun before that though, don’t you?”

She felt foolish for talking to it, but laying back in bed after drying off, she found herself running her hand over it, experimenting with the sensations.

‘Is Evan running his fingers into my pussy right now I wonder?’

The imagery in her minds eye as her hand ran up and down along her erection excited her, and she soon found herself pumping harder and faster. Then the image changed to Evan showering with their mother, each others hands cupping and stroking against their pussies.

Her excitement skyrocketed, and before she knew it she felt her cock pulsing in her hand, a building euphoria, and suddenly she was startled to feel her cock spasm in her hand, even as rope after rope of thick white gel like liquid spurted out. She gasped as the first spurt landed partially on her chin, with the rest falling across escort cebeci her throat and chest. Amazed she watched as the next spurt landed mostly on the chest, with the third and last landing on her stomach, before her cock quieted, with only slow dribbles coming out now.

She was stunned, not having expected the stuff to fly out like that, nor for there to be so much of it. As she lay, allowing her breathing to slow down, she smelt the odd almost musty odour, and became aware of hearing her parents fooling around. It seemed as though everyone in the house must be feeling frisky tonight, and struck with a thought, she used a finger to scoop up the semen that had landed on her chin, tentatively bringing it to her lips.

She stuck her tongue out, giving it a cautious taste, before plunging her finger into her mouth, sucking the semen off and swallowing.

“Hmm, strange. I don’t know if I like it or not!”

Getting up to go clean up she dared to scoop a little more up as she walked to Evans on-suite. This time she held it it her mouth to examine the taste before swallowing it.

‘Well, I suppose it’s not bad. Maybe it’s something that can grow on you like coffee. Ugh, it does leave an aftertaste though doesn’t it.’

Something started to drag Mike out of his deep sleep. Slowly, he became aware of hearing a mumbled voice.

“Oh… Emily! Oh feels so good!”

The feel of his wife writhing in the bed next to him brought him the rest of the way awake. “Oh yes… Suck my clit Emily!” Hearing that and realizing that his wife was having an erotic dream of lesbian sex instantly had him hard as a rock.

Horny as he was, instead of sliding himself into her, he slipped down in the bed, letting her words guide him. He took her clit into his pursed lips, sucking it gently while his wife started to moan and scream.

“Oh god Emily! Oh your going to make me orgasm! Ohhh…”

He was now so horny he wanted desperately to be inside her, but he made himself suck a little harder on her clit, while he used his lips to tug it around. Looking up he saw his dreaming wife’s face distorted in her erotic passion. Just seeing her like that made his cock throb all the harder. But then her thighs were crushing his head between them.

“OH!” her body locked up as her eyes came wide open, her chest heaving off the bed, with her erect nipples standing as hard as he had ever seen them while she screamed out silently. After a second or two her entire body started twitching in orgasmic release while she fell back into the bed releasing his head from her thighs.

As he climbed up her body, he could see the confusion in her face, having just woken to what he knew was a massive orgasm, but he was in too severe a need to reassure her. He placed the head of his cock against her soaked lips, swishing it up and down her labia a few times, and then could hold back no more.

He did manage to force himself to slow his entry to an excruciatingly slow pace, relishing the feel of her warm moistness as it inch by slow inch, engulfed his throbbing member.

“OH! Oh god fuck me Mike! Please… I need you to fuck me harder than you ever have before!”

It was rare for her to ask anything like this. He knew it only happened when she was seriously aroused, and somehow he knew she meant it more now than ever before. It was more than he could take, and he slammed into her. He felt his hips working hard. Felt himself relentlessly pounding hard into his amazing wife, as she gasped and moaned, working to meet his every thrust.

When her body locked up again, her screams of passion going silent, he knew she had just gone over the edge, and that another powerful orgasm was going to wrack her body, and though he was so close himself, her legs were locked incredibly tightly around him, preventing him from getting that last little bit that he needed.

She bucked and twitched under him like a wild thing as her orgasm took her full force. Without even knowing how it happened he found himself on his back, near the edge of the bed, his wife still trembling on top of him.

He tried to sit up, but as she regained her senses she stopped him. “Oh my lord! No Mike relax. Please baby, let me take care of you. After that, I think I owe you a months worth of waking up to a blowjob. That was beyond amazing.”

It took her several seconds in her afterglow, but she picked her hips up off him, his cock sliding free as she slid down his legs, and took him into her mouth.

As he felt her lips slide slowly down his shaft, he couldn’t stop but to close his eyes and enjoy the sensation. ‘Good lord if she wakes me up like that she’ll give me a heart attack!’

His eyes popped back open as she sucked hard, pulling him into her throat. Seeing her eyes smiling back at him as she managed to get her lips right down to his base, nearly took his breath, and then he felt her throat trying to swallow. The sensation was so strong that he felt himself surging to the point of no return. Frantically he tried to warn her, as he knew she didn’t like him to go off in her throat.

Groaning he struggled as hard as could to hold it back, as she slid her lips back up off him, but she seemed to eagerly wrap her lips tightly around his head, and he could take no more.

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