The Girl for Me Ch. 04

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Night blurred into dawn and then morning and finally early afternoon. Carmen was the first to notice the time. “Shit,” she said, “I’m going to be late for my shift.”

“Just tell your boss you got tied up,” I said.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been…yet,” she winked at me. She was curled up in my arms, her hands on my chest. We were both recovering from the last fuck session. At the foot of the bed, Phoebe was crumpled up, exhausted from her third double dicking in the last twelve hours. Or was it the fourth? Brad walked in the door, naked as the day he was born, looking down at his phone. Both Carmen’s and my attention were more focused on the dick swinging between his legs, though.

“This is weird,” he said, looking puzzled at his phone.

“What’s that, pal?” I asked.

“Megan wants to see me?” His voice went up at the end as if it were a question. “What does she want with me?”

“Maybe that,” Carmen offered, pointing out Brad’s dick with a smile.

“Doubtful,” I said, “but good luck, anyway, buddy.”

“Well, I’d better get dressed, sadly,” Carmen said. She got up and started search for her clothes, which were strewn about the apartment randomly. I followed her.

“I’ll join you. I should probably do something besides fuck this weekend,” I said. “Phoebe?” She just mumbled something incoherent and didn’t move. “Alright, make yourself at home.”

Once we were done getting ready, Carmen and I set out by foot for campus.

“Do you think anyone will notice that I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday?” she asked me. I just shrugged an apology for keeping her so long. “Well, whatever. Totally worth the walk of shame, especially since I don’t have to do it alone.”

“I think if you do it together it hardly qualifies as a walk of shame…” I replied.

“Hey, I didn’t mean…” she was back to being her usual awkwardly cute self. “I’m not ashamed, I mean.”

“Good, ’cause neither am I,” I said, and dragged her towards me for a hug and quick kiss on the top of her head.

“So you don’t think I’m like some kind of crazy slut or anything, right?” she said, her big eyes looking up into mine as we stopped for a second.

“Uh, no,” I said. “I mean, if you are a slut, then what am I? Nothing I haven’t done.”

She sighed as if relieved and started walking again.

“Were you honestly worried about that?” I asked, catching up with her.

“Of course not. I mean, you would have to be a huge hypocrite. Just testing you.” She smiled at me. “Good thing you passed. Your cock is pretty nice, but it’s not worth putting up with a judgmental asshole. Especially if I’m going to have to share it.”

I somehow liked this girl even more now. “You didn’t seem to mind sharing last night. Or this morning.”

“I don’t mind,” she shrugged, “as long as you don’t.” Definitely liking this girl more and more.

When we reached the coffee shop, Carmen said goodbye with a quick kiss on the lips, and disappeared into the back. I looked around the shop and considered whether I should wait for her to reappear before ordering something. I hadn’t really planned on studying here, but I supposed it was just as good a place as any.

The place was largely empty, which I surmised a good thing for Carmen not getting yelled at too much for being late to her shift, but in the corner with a stack of books on the small table in front of her sat Mei Lin. She was writing something with a look of concentration on her face, and she didn’t even look up to sip from her drink, just bringing it to her lips while staring at whatever she was scribbling, then setting it back down in the same spot.

I walked across the room and sat down across from her. Somehow she was still staring at whatever it was in deep concentration. Feeling a bit cheeky, I took the cup of what I assumed was coffee and slid it towards myself. Again her hand reached up for the cup, but this time found only air. Finally she looked up with confusion on her face.

“Looking for something?” I teased her.

Her face broke into a cute smile of recognition. “Not any more,” she said. “I think I’ve just found it, actually.” She snatched the cup away from me and took a sip, following it with a satisfied “ahh.”

“Really hits the spot, huh?” I said, smiling back.

“I hope it will,” she said, somewhat ambiguously. “I think it will, anyway, but that sort of depends on you.”

Now I was the one with the confused look. This seemed to please her even more. “…huh?” I asked. She reached into the bag that was sitting down at her side and fished out a smart phone, then manipulated it somehow, as if looking for something.

“Here,” she said, turning the phone around so I could see it. “What do you think about this guy?” On the screen was a picture of a guy, smiling in a way that demonstrated his irritation at having his picture taken. He was a white dude with hair somewhere between blond and brown. He was wearing just a pair of shorts and seemed to be cooking something before being interrupted aksaray escort by Mei Lin’s photography. He seemed a bit older, not a college student, but he had a pretty nice body if so.

“Um…” I said, “what do you mean, what do I think?”

She sighed in a cute, half-irritated way before turning the phone back around to look at it, swipe a few times and then turn it back to me. “Here, what do you think now?” The photo on the phone had been replaced with another one, of the same guy, but now without the shorts. Between his legs hung a massive cock. The background of the picture was the same, but his smile now seemed far more irritated.

“He’s got a nice smile,” I said, looking back up to her. She didn’t exactly laugh but her smile seemed sarcastic. “…among some other nice features,” I added, and her smile turned more genuine. “Seems like the kind of picture that Matty might not be so happy you have on your phone…”

An odd expression came over her face. “Yeah, maybe…” she said. “But on the other hand, he didn’t seem to mind you. But on the other other hand, maybe, so that’s kind of why I’m glad to run into you.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, still confused. “So, thanks for photo show, but…?”

“So, you’re kind of a freaky guy, right?” she asked. Before I could answer, she continued, “Don’t bother denying it, I was there, anyway.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. I didn’t know where this was going, but somehow it was amusing to me.

“So,” she said, looking around to make sure nobody was listening, “I think you might be the perfect guy for a little plan I’ve been working on…”


I ended up not getting a whole lot done between being exhausted and Mei Lin’s distraction (but that’s a story for another time…), and when I got back to my empty apartment, I almost immediately passed out and slept through the night so that when I got there, Brad had already disappeared off to early practice, leaving me to prepare for class alone. I thought briefly about how just a few weeks ago I would have used the situation to jerk off, but know I would rather save it up for whoever was next to show up at the apartment. And anyway I wasn’t sure I had anything left, even after a night of deep sleep.

The morning was largely uneventful, just classes and so on. I gave Phoebe a call and she was happy to have lunch with me. We met up at the cafeteria and found a relatively isolated table. It wasn’t long before conversation turned, or rather she turned the conversation, to the weekend’s events.

“So that Carmen girl’s something else, huh?” she said over the last of our meals.

“Yeah, that’s one way to put it,” I replied.

“So, you and her…are you putting a label on that?” she asked tentatively.

“Um…no?” I said, unsure of where this was going but not wanting to replay with Phoebe. I suppressed the natural urge to ask about her and Brad (learning!) and instead asked, “I don’t want to label anything with anyone, you know. Are we still good?”

“Yeah, of course,” she replied, seemingly a bit relieved. “That is, if you’re still good with ‘us’.”

“Such as it is,” I said. Not wanting to be misunderstood, I reformulated my thoughts, looking around to make sure no one was in earshot. “I mean, I’m basically happy with how things are with you and me, and if you were worried about Brad, I wouldn’t be. So, what I mean is, you and me and him, we’re fine by me, you know?” I wasn’t sure if I was making sense, but I supposed that was the drawback to not labelling things.

“You mean you’re fine with him fucking me because I have plenty of holes.” She gave me a glance I could only describe as amused.

“Well, basically. But you forgot the detail that he has them, too,” I replied, feeling a bit of tension disappear. “Holes, I mean. And other things.”

“Good,” she said, “so we’re agreed. I’m moving in, then.”

“Huh?” I said in disbelief.

“Look, my dorm room is shit, and apparently anyone can just walk in,” she said. “Besides, I don’t want you two wasting all your cum on each other because it’s too inconvenient to walk to campus. So, I live with you two and we all fuck each others’ brains out without any hassle or running around.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that,” I agreed, leaning back in my chair. “Although we’ll have to work out some kind of sleeping arrangement, I suppose.”

“Naturally,” she added and sat up, a satisfied look on her face. “So when coffee wench stays over, I’ll stay with Brad, and maybe we rotate other nights?”

“Sounds like a good preliminary plan, but what makes you think Carmen will be staying over?” I emphasized her name, though I knew it was probably pointless by now.

“As if she wouldn’t. Would you be satisfied with just one night of that?” She seemed genuinely irritated by my doubt, although slightly amused by it. Instead of letting me answer, she just continued, “Anyway, she had better. Don’t fuck that up for me.”

“For you?” I scoffed.

“Yeah,” she anadolu yakası escort said, “and if you do plan on fucking it up, please get her to teach you to eat pussy first. Jesus fuck I am wet just thinking about it.” She didn’t seem to mind if anyone heard that, but I guessed nobody had, fortunately.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said, adding a sarcastic salute. “What do you think Megan wanted with Brad? You weren’t too asleep to hear that this morning, were you?”

“Probably his dick,” she said pointedly. “And, yes, I heard it. I just don’t really give a shit about what she wants. If that bitch wants some dick come between us and ruin our friendship, then she can fuck off, anyway.”

Wondering if she was referring to me or just part of me, I shrugged, “Fair enough…”


When I got back to the apartment that evening, there was nobody there, so I decided to chill on my own for a while. Eventually, Brad returned, and over a quick dinner, I asked him, “So what did Megan want, anyway?”

He paused mid-bite to answer. “It was really weird. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you really fucked her up.” Probably true, I thought, and though I felt guilty about it, I had given up a while ago on trying to make it better. He continued, “She just wanted to look through my phone, ranting about how many girls you had fucked behind her back and she wanted to know if any of the names in my phone were those girls.”

“Jesus,” I said, “sorry about that.”

“Yeah, no, it’s fine, dude,” he said, “I mean, I guess it’s kind of your fault, but not really. Anyway, I don’t think any of them were in there, since why would I have their numbers. I mean, you don’t even have their numbers, right?”

“Well, there’s Nadia,” I said, “but what did you do?”

“I didn’t really do anything,” he said. “Like I said, I think she’s messed up, man. I didn’t want to make it worse. I told her I didn’t know who the hell you slept with, but I’m not sure if she believed it or not. She said sorry and gave me back my phone and stuff, but I don’t know. This is why I stick to one night stands. I don’t know what to do with this girl.”

“Yeah, it’s not your responsibility,” I said. “Maybe there’s something I can do. It sounds bad.” I didn’t really believe this, but if she was really spiraling, I knew I’d have to do something, although I had no idea what.

After dinner I tried to take my mind off it with some tv, but it wasn’t really working. What could I do? I mean, she could have just asked me, but the fact that she went to the length of interrogating my friend told me that she didn’t want to see me. I didn’t know. I considered briefly talking to Phoebe about it, but, recalling our lunchtime conversation, I thought the better of it.

I decided maybe I’d give Carmen a call, not really to talk about this, but just to pass some time. She answered quickly after I called with a “Hey, there lover boy.”

“Are we really going with ‘lover boy’?” I asked, only partly worried about getting another terrible nickname.

“I don’t know,” she said, “you don’t seem like a ‘sweetheart’ to me. How about ‘fuck buddy’?”

“I don’t think it’s as much a nickname as a description,” I said. “How are you doing, lover girl?”

“Oh, pretty well,” she said, “got enough studying today and I don’t have a shift at the coffee shop for the next few days, so I have a bit of free time.”

“And what does a girl like you usually do with her free time?” I asked. It occurred to me how little I really knew about Carmen, despite how much it always felt like we were long time friends. Friends who have sex. Group sex.

“Oh, just girl stuff,” she said, bringing my mind back to the conversation at hand. “Probably nothing you’d be interested in…”

“Why would I not be interested in girl stuff?” I asked. “Didn’t you notice how interested I was in your ‘girl stuff’ the other day?”

“Oh, I noticed,” she laughed. “It would be kind of hard not to notice…but you also seemed pretty interested in ‘boy stuff’…”

“Ah, I see,” I said, drawing it out. “Is that a problem?”

“Oh, no, not at all. I mean, I’m into ‘girl stuff,’ obviously. Actually, I think it’s really hot.”

“Oh, yeah?” I asked, interested. “So you liked it, then?” Her reactions that night had already convinced me of this, but I sort of wanted to see where it was going, and it was as fun a thing to talk about as anything else.

“Uh-huh,” she said. “So, like, when you and Brad…are you always the girl?”

I had to laugh a bit. “Do you mean am I always the bottom?”

She laughed nervously. “Yeah, sorry, I’ve never really talked about this stuff before. Honestly I’d never thought of it, but when I saw you…”

“When you saw me what?” I cut in as she trailed off.

She sighed in amused befuddlement. “When you sucked his cock, ok? Did you just want to hear me say it?”

“Yeah, kind of,” I admitted. “I think it’s really hot when you dirty talk, by the way. I noticed you ataköy escort didn’t start until I fucked your ass…”

She giggled again, “Oh, yeah, I guess so. I mean, usually I don’t know if people like that, but I guess it’s hard to keep it inside when you have a dick in your butt, you know?”

“Yeah, I do. On multiple levels, even.” Her laugh turned into a cute little snort.

“Oh, wow, jeez, listen to me,” she said nervously. “So you, uh, know what it’s like to have a dick in your butt, then.”

“Pretty nice, right?” I replied. She made a noise of agreement. “So, yeah, I’ve taken some cocks up my ass…”

“Hmm,” she said, her tone having changed somehow. “Some cocks?” she hung on the word “some.” “So more than a few? Who else has fucked you in the ass.” Yes, her tone had definitely changed, I thought, changed to that tone she had when I’d first given her anal.

“Oh, no,” I said, teasing her by drawing it out, “just Brad and another guy…and one girl…”

I thought I could hear her breathing through the phone.

“A girl’s dick, huh?” she sounded excited. “Sounds…interesting…Tell me about it.”

“Interesting, eh?” I teased again, feeling a familiar tingle in my dick. “Well, it was a big, fat, black dick, attached to a very pretty girl.”

An interested “Hmm” was her only reply.

“Actually Brad and I fucked her together. That was the first time I ever sucked his cock, as a matter of fact.” My mind thought back to that night and somehow describing it made the memories even better, more vivid.

“Ooh,” she said. I could clearly hear her breathing into the phone now. “So she fucked your ass, huh? What about Brad? Did you take his big cock, too?”

“You seem very interested,” I teased. “Where’s your hand right now?”

“On the phone, dummy,” she teased back.

“Uh-huh. And where’s the other one?”

There was a pause and then, “Between my legs…”

“And you’re the type of girl who likes to tease herself first? Or more of the dive right in and finger your clit type?” I asked as I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down, freeing my rapidly hardening cock.

“…the second type. Now tell me, already, did Brad fuck you up the ass that night?”

“Oh, there was so much going on, how am I supposed to remember it all clearly? I mean, I fucked his ass and sucked his cock…She made me eat her ass at some point…and I remember us all coming in each others’ faces. So, yeah, I’m sure he put that big, hard dick up my tight butt at some point.”

“Mmmm…and when did you two start fucking Phoebe’s little pussy?” her breathing had increased speed considerably.

“Oh, we each started separately,” I replied nonchalantly. “The first time I tasted that sweet little cunt of hers I was hooked. The way it massages my cock…it’s like magic. And that tight little asshole, I could just lick it all day. But you know all about that…”

“Mmm, oh, yeah,” she said. “It’s so…mmm…so when you two fuck her…”

“Oh we love it. She’s a greedy little slut, but you know that. She loves to rub our cocks together in her mouth after we fuck her holes raw. She really loves the way we cum on each others’ dicks for her…” I was busy stroking myself when the door opened. I had expected maybe Brad, but I was surprised to see Phoebe.

“…and she was just telling me today,” I continued, “how much she loves sucking on your clit.” Phoebe listened silently as a smile crept across her face. She mouthed “Carmen?” at me and I nodded back. “And she can’t wait to suck my cum out of your asshole.” Phoebe climbed onto the bed as Carmen moaned into the phone.

Phoebe took up a position between my legs and dutifully started sucking my cock. “More…tell me more…” Carmen breathed into the phone. I smiled down at Phoebe and she smiled back.

“Oh, what do you want to hear about?” I teased, winking down at Phoebe.

“…Please,” Carmen begged into the phone, “…tell me what you are going to do to me…”

“Oh, generally treat you the way a lady should be treated,” I teased, eliciting an eyeroll from Phoebe as her tongue danced around the swollen head of my cock. Carmen breathed into the phone heavily. “Like shove my dick down your throat while I finger fuck your little ass, watch you eat Phoebe’s pussy…” I looked down to see Phoebe lightly tapping her own ass with a finger. “…and asshole while I fuck you from behind, take turns with Brad filling your butthole with our cum, you know, the usual.”

“Oh god oh god mmmm oh god,” Carmen moaned into the phone.

“And how was that for you?” I asked over her panting.

“Not bad,” she said finally, adding, “but I can’t wait for the real thing.”

“And when will that be?” I asked.

“Up to you, I guess. Right now I should probably shower off”

“Well my doorway’s always open, as they say,” I replied.

“That’s how I got in,” Phoebe piped up.

“Is that Phoebe?” Carmen asked, surprised. “How much of that did she hear?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied, giving Phoebe a look. “Probably enough to get wet but I bet she could use some help from there…”

“Put the phone on speaker,” she said. I did as she asked. “Phoebe?” Carmen asked.

“Yep,” she replied.

“If you’re sucking him off right now, you should know that it counts as my load of cum. You owe me one now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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