The Girls Next Door Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: A Random Encounter

***This little story is dedicated to all of the geeks, nerds, and gamers out there, and to D, who read every word, and gave his honest opinion ~before~ jumping my bones. ***


David was in the basement of his home, getting ready for the monthly game he and a group of friends played. Now that they had all graduated from college, and had jobs, and very different lives, this was the lone holdout from their nerdy days in the game room at his parent’s house, playing Dungeons and Dragons for hours on end.

Now, he and his closest, oldest friends gathered once a month to play Drunken Dungeons and Dragons. He was the Game Master, and would set up a pretty simple dungeon for his friends to traverse, with the usual random encounters with monsters, and treasure to be found, and the standby big bad boss to fight at the end. They would drink, talk, and play until it was very late (or very early, depending on how you looked at it) and then everyone would either crash in the pillow strewn, lushly carpeted lounge he had created in the other half of his basement, or go home while he went upstairs to his own bed.

David looked forward to this gathering every month. He enjoyed the game, but it was being able to catch up with his friends and be around people other than his coworkers that really did it for him. Most of all, he looked forward to seeing the girls: Katie and Hannah.

Katie had been his friend since grade school. He’d had a part of his heart reserved for her for almost as long as he’d known her, but had never had the guts to say anything. She’d been a slip of a girl back then, tiny and as sharp-looking as she was sharp-witted, with thick bottle-glass glasses and unruly black hair. Katie eventually grew out of her thick glasses, and now with her sassy, curly black hair and modest figure was still a tiny slip of a thing, just over 5 feet tall, with a huge personality, always smiling and laughing.

Hannah had joined the group in middle school. She was the serious one, and had grown out of her once ‘big boned’ figure into a voluptuous brunette with large breasts and full lips. David had been fantasizing about Hannah ever since she’d got boobs, but Katie still had been the subject of daydreams for as long as he could remember. Her figure may not be as plush as Hannah’s, but her heart and mind were right up his alley. They were both great girls, and he’d never turn either one of them down if they offered him anything more than friendship. The way he saw it, Hannah was the girl you lusted after, and Katie was the girl you fell for. He looked forward to game night to be near Katie, and the opportunity to stare at Hannah’s boobs.

As he sat at the long hardwood table in the gaming half of his basement, rolling up the stats for the boss character he’d planned for tonight’s dungeon crawl, David’s mind was focused on Hannah’s breasts and speculating what revealing neckline she would choose to cover them with, instead of the level 40 Dark Elf Mage and the spells he would cast. David had just decided that Hannah’s breasts looked best in a v-necked t-shirt when his cell phone rang.

“Hey, Davey, it’s Joey! Listen, I hate to say it, but I gotta cancel tonight — I’m up for a promotion and my boss just dumped a stack of paperwork on my desk. I want to get it done this weekend so I can hand it back to him on Monday- get some brownie points, y’know?”

David rolled his eyes when Joey called him ‘Davey’, but remained silent until his loud friend had finished. “That’s cool, Joey. You do what you gotta do. We’ll see you next month, right? Maybe you and I can get together over drinks next week sometime.”

They talked a moment more, and then Joey rang off to get to his paperwork. David returned to rolling the boss stats, and then moved on to rolling some monsters for the players to meet in random encounters in the dungeon. He’d just decided on a Delver, a couple of Ethereal Filchers, a gargoyle, a gelatinous cube, a grove of Ropers, and a Tendriculous, when again his cell phone rang.

This time, it was Mike. “Sorry man, I know its last minute, but my mom needs me to fly out to Miami this weekend — she’s freaking getting married! Again! I don’t even know the guy – I gotta be there.”

Again, David told his friend it was okay, and after laughingly telling Mike to congratulate his mother and to wish the mystery groom luck for him, they ended the call and David got back to work.

He was fine tuning the dungeon layout, adding some Mimics to a pile of treasure in a decoy treasure room, and looking forward to seeing Katie’s sparking eyes and smile when his phone rang again.

Sighing, he answered. “Hello?”

“Dave? It’s Jeff. Listen, I have Marcus with me, and we aren’t gonna make it for game night tonight. Marcus won tickets to the Mind Flayer concert today on the radio, and the concert is tonight, and he asked me to go with him! You don’t mind, do you? We’ll make it up next month; we promise to bring some awesome alkie and snacks, okay?”

David sighed. “Yeah man, its okay. Joey avrupa yakası escort and Mike can’t make it tonight either. I’ll just call the girls and we will reschedule. Have fun tonight — and you owe me a t-shirt!”

David hung up and then dialed Katie’s number. No answer. He listened to her voicemail message, and then left a message. He then tried Hannah’s cell phone number — no answer, either. He was leaving a voicemail for her when he heard a tapping on his basement door.

He opened it, cell phone in hand, to find Katie and Hannah, six-packs of beer in their hands, grinning at him.

“Hi! Was that you calling?” Katie asked. “We didn’t answer our phones ’cause our hands were full! Are we late?”

“No, you’re not late, but you’re the only ones coming…” David told the girls about everyone bailing out and ended with “…so I guess we should just reschedule.”

“Nonsense!” cried Katie. “We are here to have a game of Drunken Dungeon and Dragons, and that is what we will do! I look forward to this all month, every month, and I’ll be damned if the others ruin it for me. You have the maps ready and the stats all rolled, right?”

“Well, yeah…”

“So let’s get to it then! The night is young! It’ll be fun, right Hannah?” Katie sent a meaningful look to her roommate.

“Sure thing” said Hannah. “I’ll open up some of these beers, and you two get the table set up.” Hannah turned and bent at the waist to pick up the six packs they had set on the floor to hug David hello, and he got a spectacular view of her perfect ass.

A little cough from Katie caused him to look up and he found her smirking at him, one eyebrow raised. He closed his apparently hanging jaw and got busy setting up, blushing furiously. Katie helped, and soon nearly everything was ready.

David set up his screen at one end of the table while Katie placed her character sheet at her seat and Hannah’s in the seat next to hers. Hannah brought three opened, sweating beers to the table and placed them on coasters, then put out a bowl of tortilla chips and a bowl of queso dip David had been warming in a crock pot in his basement’s mini kitchen. She put the rest of the beers in the small fridge in the kitchen, and then took her place at the table next to Katie, who was already dipping chips into the queso.

“Ready, ladies?” David looked at the girls over the cardstock tri-fold screen he had in front of him, obscuring their view of his dungeon map.

He could only see them from the neck up this way; if he really craned his neck he could get a nice glimpse of Hannah’s cleavage. She was wearing the v-neck tee he’d been fantasizing about earlier, much to his pleasure. A glance to the left gave him a perfect view into Katie’s bright eyes, which he always found so mesmerizing.

“Yup!” “Yes.” They replied, and David began.

The dungeon was not a long one, but with only two players things went slowly as the girls had to navigate it using only the skills of their own characters, and none of the absent players abilities. As they progressed, Katie often found herself damning one of their friends or another, like Joey, whose dwarf had a glowing axe that would have been handy in a pitch black cavern, or Marcus, whose barbarian character had a bag of holding, which would have been handy when they encountered the decoy room full of treasure. They drank their beers, laughed and played, and drank more beers, and soon all three of them were more than a little buzzed.

David narrated some unusually bawdy moments when the girls ran into some horny dwarves — he gave them the worst drunken Sean Connery impersonation possible as he described the dwarves’ blatant attempts to look up the girl’s character’s skirts. They all nearly fell out of their seats laughing as Katie’s character ridiculed the dwarves into running away by making equally raunchy comments regarding the dwarves’ genitalia.

With all the suggestive humor, David’s mind continued to wander toward his fantasies about the girls; everyone had been speculating last month after the girls left that they sometimes gave the impression that they were more than just roommates, and since then he’d had a hard time keeping his mind off of images of the two of them tangled together in bed. In fact, his mind wandered so far that it wasn’t until the girls’ characters had progressed past the decoy treasure room that he’d forgotten to use the Mimics there! He’d planned to have the Mimics impersonate party members, but with such a small group it wouldn’t have been effective anyway. He let his mistake pass, and while they all took a momentary break from the game, he and the girls enjoyed several very bawdy sex-jokes told by the usually quiet Hannah. The mood of the night was comfortable and David was a little drunk and more than a little turned on. Every time he looked over his screen at the girls, he found Katie’s eyes on him, or Hannah’s chest heaving prettily at him. He was rock hard, and so glad the table wasn’t glass!

As they returned to the game after their break, bağcılar escort David checked his map; the next intersection in the map had several different outcomes: the gelatinous cube, the Delver, or the grove of Ropers. Katie and Hannah, faced with three tunnels, chose to split up; Katie to the right, Hannah to the left, leaving the center tunnel for later.

David, prompted by the alcohol and his raging hardon, narrated a scenario that was definitely not in his GM notes.

“Katie, you walk into the tunnel on the right, and you immediately smell something sweet. The light is fading behind you, and you really can’t see more than a foot in front of your face. You put your hand out to make sure you don’t bang into anything and you feel it suddenly surrounded by warm ooze. Before you can pull your hand away, you feel two things: first, that you are being pulled further into the tunnel by whatever it is that has you; and second, that your hand suddenly seems to be the sexual center of your body.”

David didn’t wait for Katie to respond but turned immediately to Hannah and narrated: “Hannah, you enter the tunnel to the left, and after several yards you find yourself in a wide cavern that appears to be lit by a phosphorescent cave moss. The cavern has a grove of stunted trees in it; they are sickly looking trees, with limp limbs hanging from thick, short trunks. You walk through the grove, and it is not until you are completely surrounded by these trees that you notice that the limbs of the trees appear to be moving.”

Having set out the situations for the girls, David then advises them to roll to see what happens next. They don’t know it, but he has something very interesting in store for both of them — he just hopes they will play along.

Katie snickered and rolled her dice. “Sixteen.”

Hannah rolled as well. “Four.”

David smiled wickedly. “Hannah, the limbs are tentacles! You try to move out of their reach but you are surrounded. The tentacles wrap themselves around your wrists and ankles, and begin to explore your person. You find your armor is being stripped from your body, and there are tentacles touching you all over. At first you want to scream, but then you start to feel very good. You are warm all over. You realize, through a haze of sensuous feeling, that the tentacles must be secreting something on your skin that makes you less likely to fight! It’s making you feel like your entire body is as sensitive as your sexual organs.”

To Katie, he said “Katie, you are being pulled into the ooze. You can’t resist, and the ooze makes you feel so good you don’t want to. Slowly your entire body is enveloped and you notice that your clothes are dissolving away. You skin, so far, is unaffected, but you will be naked and defenseless in moments! Somehow, you are still able to breathe. You begin to feel the ooze harden; it feels as if in some places you are being held, not just covered. You are being poked and prodded from every angle, and it feels very, very good.”

Behind his screen, David licked his lips. He was putting the girls into a very interesting position and now he waited to see if the girls would react to this deviation from their normal game favorably. He rubbed his crotch through his pants — his cock was rock solid and didn’t look like it would be softening anytime soon. David grabbed his beer and drank deeply as he waited for the girls to decide how to react.

After some hushed conferring and giggling with Hannah, Katie spoke first. “I open my mouth and taste the ooze. You said it smells sweet; does it taste sweet too?”

“You taste it? Yes. The ooze is like…saltwater taffy, a salty sweet. When you open your mouth, though, it hardens inside your mouth and you can’t close it. You feel it pulsing and moving. It is hard and yet still flexible, and it is still prodding at you.”

Katie blushed. “Ohh-kay, where is the ooze prodding me?”

David grinned behind the screen. “It is trying to…explore you…and is looking for any openings. It has already checked your ears and found nothing of interest. It is currently pulsing around your chest, and is spreading your legs apart to investigate there.”

David looked over the screen and saw Katie was enjoying herself, her beautiful eyes full of mirth. She licked her lips slowly before saying, “I want to see if the ooze will react to me. Can I move at all?”

“No, your limbs are being controlled by the ooze. You were able to open your mouth, and you can also open and close your eyes. If you focus you can open and close your hands.”

“Then I suck on it.”

“The ooze?”

“Yeah. You said it tastes good, and that it is making me feel really good, all sexy and stuff, so I suck on it. Does it react?”

David rubbed his crotch again. He really liked where Katie was going with this! “Let me get back to you, Katie. Hannah?”

Hannah got right to it. “So the tentacles are making me horny, right?”


“Well if that’s the case then I doubt I’d want it to stop. bağdatcaddesi escort Still, I struggle, on principle. What happens?”

“The more you struggle, the more tentacles become involved. You now have tentacles all over your body, wrapped around your legs and thighs, curling around your breasts, and even one lying across your cheek. They are all warm and seem to have a sort of pulse that you can feel. This is probably the stuff that makes you feel good flowing through them. The tentacle on your cheek is thick, maybe 2 inches in diameter. It is trying to part your lips. Most of the tentacles are that thick or thicker, with not a few thinner ones here and there. Your body, from a distance, might look as if it had been trussed up by a Chinese rope bondage expert. Your breasts are bound tightly and are pointing straight away from your body. Some thin tentacles are wrapped around your nipples, and they are pulling, as if to see if they come off. You can see several of the thicker tentacles are aimed towards your crotch. You have no idea what might be happening behind you, but you can feel that your buttocks are being investigated. Your cheeks are being spread apart and then released, and you get a tickle every now and then from what feels like one of the smaller tentacles.”

“Well, since they make me frisky, I’m gonna follow Katie’s example. I open my mouth and let the tentacle on my cheek do what it wants.”

As he narrated, David quietly unbuttoned his pants, moved his zipper down, and shoved his hand inside to grip his cock. Pumping it slowly in his fist, he continued, starting with Katie.

“Katie, the ooze reacts to you sucking on it by ramping up its exploration. You suddenly feel your body get invaded in every orifice at once! The ooze flows inside you and then hardens, filling you completely, then begins to pulse as it tests the boundaries of the spaces it has filled. You feel it enlarge within you. It is still making you feel as if every part of your body is your g-spot. It is like having an orgasm with your entire body.”

Through the screen, David heard Katie let out a little gasp, and then a sigh. Her voice strained, she said “I lick the hardened ooze in my mouth and suck harder. I use the muscles inside me to squeeze it when it hardens inside me.”

David rubbed his dick a little faster, imagining what Katie’s face would look like if she were under him while he moved inside her. Would her eyes be open, so he could look into them, or would she close them? Mentally shaking himself, he returned to the game at hand.

“Hannah, when you open your mouth, the tentacle on your cheek begins to slide into your mouth. As it does so, the tickling touches on your rear end turn into two tentacles pressing into your lower openings. You are being invaded simultaneously by the tentacles. The tentacles on your chest pulse their grips, massaging your breasts, and the ones holding your nipples squeeze and pull away sharply at the same time. You discover that although the tentacles are secreting something that makes you feel good, you can still feel pain.”

David heard Hannah sigh, and he could hear her breathing heavily. “Mmm, I, uh, I suck on the tentacle in my mouth, David.” Hannah panted out.

David pumped his fist even harder, picturing Hannah’s full lips wrapped around his dick, her tongue licking at the tip of his penis. It was getting hard to focus on the game. Praying that the girls wouldn’t end up hating him and calling him a pervert later, he went on.

“Katie. The ooze begins to pulse rapidly inside you, and you can no longer resist the urge to climax. As you do so, the ooze absorbs any and all fluids you produce, and pumps a final dose of the sex-sedative down your throat. It then releases you, leaving you on the floor of the tunnel, with nothing but a sweet-and-salty taste in your mouth and a body that feels completely satisfied yet hungry for more.”

David massaged his cock feverishly, and he felt as if he might come soon. God, what he wouldn’t do to have one of the girls in his lap right now! He wrenched his mind back to the game:

“Hannah, the tentacles have their way with you. You are suspended above the cavern floor by tentacles around your wrists, ankles, breasts and nipples while still other tentacles rape your mouth, ass, and twat. They pump in and out of you until your body follows its programming and you orgasm. The tentacles complete their invasion of your body and withdraw, but not before pumping out large amounts of a hot liquid into you. They leave you on the cavern floor with purple liquid dripping from your ass, your mouth, and your pussy. You have rings of purple around your breasts and nipples, and around your wrists and ankles. The liquid appears to be a paralytic; you are immobile for the time being.”

Katie, panting almost in unison with Hannah, said “I get up and go find Hannah!”

Mentally groaning with the need to get off, David narrated. “Katie, you go to the tunnel that Hannah entered and find her in the grove on the ground. You kneel next to her and put her head in your lap as you try to revive her. Just as you realize that she is in fact completely awake, and just paralyzed, you feel the tentacles as they wrap themselves around you. Since Hannah’s head is in your lap, she is grabbed again too, but the tentacles recognize the secretions all over her body and merely move her aside and focus on you.”

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