The Happy Plumber Ch. 01

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I’ve been a professional licensed plumber now for a few years. My name is Bruce. I’m a twenty six year old single guy, living alone in a small cozy apartment in New York City.

New York is a very expensive place to live but I make an incredible salary of almost $150,000 a year. Who would have thought plumbers made this much as I attended college? What a waste of time college was!

I received a Master’s Degree in education and was planning to be a school teacher, then a friend of mine told me what he was making as a plumber.

My response to my buddy was “Fuck this, I’m going to be a plumber too!”

I went back to school for only a year as I had already taken most of the “filler” classes to receive my license as a plumber. I did some research and found there to be a tremendous shortage and need for plumbers in New York City, and the starting pay was unbelievable.

I applied for and got a job as a plumber with a large company in New York, certain to have steady employment and plenty of house calls.

I love making house calls, never knowing what the job will entail or who will be waiting for my services. Every call is unique is so many ways.

I guess most women would say I’m a good looking guy, I try to stay in shape by working out a few times a week. I’m a little over six feet tall, weighing about 180 pounds. I’ve been called tall, dark and handsome by a few ladies but I’m not a cocky kind of guy. I’m fairly easy going and all about business while on the job.

It wasn’t long before my attitude about being all business would change though. I quickly discovered that most of the time I was greeted by women at the door when I made my service calls. It also didn’t take me long to figure out that New York City housed some of the most beautiful, sexiest women on the planet.

I received a service slip to go to an apartment in a section of the city known as SOHO to repair a leaky sink drain. I had only had the job for a few weeks as I was still an innocent professional.

I arrived at the building for my call as rang the doorbell.

“May I help You?” from the intercom came a woman’s voice.

“Yes, my name is Bruce, I’m the plumber here to fix your sink.” I answered.

The door buzzer sounded as she granted my entry to the building. I entered and easily found the apartment as I knocked on the door.

The door opened as a forty something lady greeted me by saying,”Come on in, I’ll show you them problem. I’m Nancy.”

I followed this lady and couldn’t help noticing how damn sexy she was. She was wearing only a house coat but I could tell this lady was built, she had that swagger about her. We walked into the kitchen as she opened the cabinet showing me the dripping pipe, a bucket wedged beneath it collecting the water.

I knew this would be an easy fix, I just needed to get everything out from under the cabinet to give me working room.

Nancy turned, now looking me up and down appearing to check me out. If I hadn’t known better I’d think she might have spent a few too many seconds staring at my crotch.

I couldn’t help but to return the favor as I got my first real look at her as well. She was gorgeous with ample cleavage showing as her robe was held in place by a single belt loosely tied around her esenyurt escort waist. She made no attempt to tighten the belt and tuck everything back in as my eyes were fixed on her breasts.

Damn, I had to get to work and get these thoughts out of my head. I was getting an erection and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Nancy. I put my tool box down on the floor, opening it to retrieve the few tools I’d need to stop the leak. This should take only a few minutes.

I slid under the sink, on my back after removing the contents of the cabinet and started working on the drain.

I hadn’t been under the sink for more than a minute when I felt my belt buckle being undone.

“What the?” I started to ask as I sat up so fast I bumped my head.

“Please, just continue working. I like to give a little bonus to my handsome helpers,” she said interrupting me before I could finish my sentence.

My belt was unbuckled as she unzipped my jeans, pulling them down to my knees. I was already growing hard as she yanked my underwear down and I felt her hot breath on my now stiff cock.

She ran her tongue the length of my cock to my balls, then wrapped it around my shaft it snaked it’s way back to my cock’s head flicking it with her tongue..

“You have a wonderful cock,” Nancy said seductively as she plunged onto it, taking me deep in her mouth.

I consider my cock to be a little above average at eight inches long but quite thick. I had my eyes fixed on the oral assault taking place on my cock as her tits escaped her rope, her robe being fully open now exposing her naked body. Holy fuck, she had a great body.

She was now slamming my cock into her mouth, taking all of me as she gagged with each plunge she made. She hand both hands around my cock, working it by twisting and stroking as she continued bobbing up and down.

Each time she came down on my cock she continued plunging all the way, taking all of me.

I had no time to react or control my building eruption as she feverishly attacked my cock, not giving me a chance to do anything but lay there and accept this fantastic fucking blowjob. I reached out, massaging her big tits now as they hung and swayed with her movements up and down.

I felt myself swell, contracting to explode in her mouth. I never said a word as she could feel my sperm pushing up the shaft, exploding into her mouth with a blast. I came with such force she gagged as she chocked on my cum as I erupted into her throat. , She was forcing my cock down her throat, holding me as I could feel my cum escape my shaft with such force as I thrust my ass upward.

I could hear her chocking and gagging, refusing to come up for air as she greedily devoured my hot sticky cum. As I enjoyed the final few spasms of my cock deep in her mouth, emptying me of my offering she finally came up for air. She released my cock from her hands and mouth after milking me dry, sitting up licking her lips in content.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened, staring in shock at her with that stupid , just fucked look us guys get after having sex.

“Please get back to work Sir,” she said as she stood and left the room.

Wow, did that just really happen? I quickly pulled my pants etiler escort up, putting everything back in it’s place as I finished the plumbing job.

“Thank you Nancy,” I said as I finished and made my way to the door.

“No,thank you. Please come again,”Nancy said as she opened the door, blowing me a kiss as I left.

As the door shut behind me I only had one thought. Damn, I love this job. I sure hope this happens more than once.

I finished work that day with an entire new outlook on working as a plumber, hoping this wasn’t a one time incident. It didn’t take long before I had my next opportunity on a service call.

A few weeks later I was on my way to another house call, my final one of the day actually being paid overtime for this one. This call was at another apartment building. As the resident buzzed me in I again easily found the apartment.

I knocked on the door as it quickly opened. A gorgeous very young woman, probably no older than twenty one stood before me.

“Come in please, I’m Julie. The problem is our toilet won’t quit running. Follow me I’ll show you,” she said as I followed closely behind.

She did say “our toilet” so I was almost expecting to see another resident appear at any moment. This little woman must have been a model. She was very tall, long hair, thin and walked like she was walking a runway at a fashion show. She wasn’t wearing much either, only a sports bra with tight work out shorts. I must have interrupted her while exercising.

As we entered the bathroom I could already hear the toilet running and knew it only required an adjustment, easy fix. She left me to do my work as I couldn’t help but watch her turn to walk away, she was beautiful. She knew it too as she was also checking me out.

She left the room as I put down my toolbox. It took me about two minutes to repair the toilet and clean up what little mess I’d made. I exited the bathroom, hearing something in the room to the left. The door was closed, partially. I looked around, searching for Julie to give her the bill and escort me out.

I didn’t see her anywhere but kept hearing what sounded like someone was in trouble in that room, moaning for help. The door was slightly ajar as I peeked through the crack. She must have thought I’d be busy a lot longer and I must have interrupted something when I arrived. That’s why she was moist with sweat.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as a very young man, probably about her age was fucking her doggy style on the edge of the bed. He was really pounding her, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I’m sure he was trying to get off fast before I finished with the plumbing. She still had her top on as he was totally naked.

“Oh my God, he’s at the door!” she almost screamed as she saw me standing there.

I was so embarrassed being caught as I tried to make a quick exit, not waiting to give her the bill.

“Wait, come back here!” she yelled from the bedroom.

I turned and sheepishly walked back to the doorway of the bedroom.

“Me?” I asked. “I’m so sorry that I interrupted something.”

“Fuck it, don’t worry about it. You’re hot and my boyfriend agrees, join us!”

I just stood there and stared not knowing if this fatih escort was a joke or not as she pulled her top off exposing her small but perfect tits.

“Come here,” she said seductively as she licked her lips.

I moved toward the bed, not knowing what to expect or do next.

Julie reached for my pants,undoing the buckle and zipper in a second.

“Get naked,’ she said

I started taking my clothes off as her boyfriend positioned himself behind her again, grabbing her now naked tits.

“Get on the bed,” she said as I was now naked, my cock growing as I watched this guy push his cock into her pussy.

I practically jumped onto the bed as she attacked my cock with her hands and mouth, grabbing my cock with both hands and hungrily shoving it into in her mouth. My cock quickly reacted and came to attention as her hot, moist mouth worked up and down as she was being fucked from behind.

She was now taking most of me into her mouth, all she could as she was cumming from the hard pounding she was getting from behind. She froze on my cock as she shuttered, cumming on him.

“You fuck me now,” Julie said as her boyfriend withdrew his cock, still rock hard.

I got off the bed and stood behind her as she presented her tight little moist pussy to me. Her boyfriend was now on the bed, Julie hungrily stuffing his moist cock into her mouth.

I pushed the head of my cock in, marveling at how tight she was, she was so young. I pushed as she moaned, arching her back as she received my cock. I slid in, giving her all of me. As I withdrew to push forward she met my push with her own.

“Fuck me hard, I like it hard!” she commanded.

Being the gentleman that I am, I obeyed as I rammed my cock into her tight pussy. I pushed her forward into her friend’s cock as she gagged not expecting such force. She screamed with pleasure as I was now trying to hurt that pussy, Pounding her as hard and fast as I could. I felt myself about to erupt as she could feel my shaft swell.

“Cum in my pussy,” she commanded, temporarily removing her friend’s cock from her mouth.

Just as I tensed to erupt inside her I heard her friend grunting and growing as well. I knew he was cumming in her mouth. That’s all I could handle as my first blast splashed in her pussy.

I heard her choke as I knew he had just started to shoot his losd into her mouth. His ass pushed forward as he shoved his cock deep, holding her head as he came. She took her mouth off his cock, sticky cum dripping from her mouth as she had his shaft gripped with both hands. She jerked his cock up and down as he shot his cum onto her face and in her hair.

My cock was erupting in her pussy as she continued pumping and licking her friend’s cum from his cock. I growled as I continued shooting load after load deep inside her, then I pulled out and continued cumming on her ass and back as I stroked my cock dry. I was covering her with my cum as well, watching my hot cum run down the cheeks of her ass.

As I had emptied everything I had into and on her I collapsed on her as she shook, still quivering from this dual fuck.

She turned and grabbed my cock, licking her juices from it. She then looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you, we set you up for that. You were hot and we both wanted you to join us. Thank you for living out a fantasy we had with you.”

“Any time,” I said as I dressed and left, completely shocked again at the good times I was enjoying as perks of being a plumber.

As I left the apartment I couldn’t help thinking that I was so happy I changed professions. I love my job!

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