The Interview

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It was the moment of truth; they had chatted online for a little over one week now, but finally, she would get to meet the man she had fallen in love with over the internet. He had kindly offered her a possible job as his care assistant if she thought she could handle working for him, but this was obviously based on the assumption that they hit it off in real life, and that she could do the job…

“A little cooking, cleaning and ironing doesn’t hurt anyone” thought Beth as she walked up the path of his small house for her interview.

She looked down at herself before she knocked on the door to check that she really had picked the right clothes combination; she had selected an attractive set of lilac satin underwear comprising of g-string and bra, coupled with a black, low-buttoned blouse, knee length black skirt and three inch high black boots.

She took a few deep breaths before pressing the doorbell.

“Would he like me or was this just destined to be a huge disaster?” she was musing when the door opened and she was greeted by someone she knew from photographs had to be Dave.

The large dirty grin that greeted her from the wheelchair-bound person at the door was enough for her to know that the clothing was suitable, and as she bent over to give him a small kiss on the cheek, she could see his eyes wandering to her large cleavage exposed by the low-cut blouse.

The kiss moved from cheek to mouth as a weak arm lifted itself from the arm-rest of his wheelchair and Dave’s hand stroked the side of her face and turned her mouth to his. Tongues met and intertwined for many seconds before they broke off their passionate kiss and she stepped through the doorway of his house.

“If you’d like to come into my bedroom, I think we’ll do the interview in there,” he said to her after first introducing her to the other two care assistants who lived in the house.

She stepped in to his bedroom and immediately saw a collection of computers and hi-fi equipment that made the room look like a shrine to technology. The only place to sit was on the edge of his bed and she hitched herself up onto its high edge and crossing her legs in a lady-like fashion to preserve her modesty.

He closed the door as he entered, selected a good poppy CD from the rack and then turned İstanbul Escort to face her. He eyed her up from black boots, past her still slightly exposed cleavage, up to her face and pretty, blonde hair. He was transfixed by the whole package and could barely utter a word.

She broke the ice by uncrossing her legs and started swinging them like a small child on a swing. As she uncrossed them, Dave got a glimpse of thigh flesh coupled with the purple crotch of her panties. She motioned him to move his wheelchair closer so that she could share his footrests.

As he moved close she placed her feet up higher than originally intended, using his lap as a cushion; she knew this was just a ploy to see more of her thighs and panties and didn’t fail to accommodate him, as she lifted her legs and planted her still booted feet on his lap.

He couldn’t remove his eyes from her exposed pale purple clad sex and she nudged him in the balls with a leather-clad toe to make his eyes meet hers.

“My feet are killing me in these!” and with this Dave pulled off her boots and threw onto the floor.

He took her left foot into his hand and started to massage it to remove the pinch marks clearly visible on her feet, working his hands up the calf of her leg before switching to the other foot.

Her left foot nestled between his legs and she used her toes to massage him through his trousers and boxers, feeling an already stiff dick grow to attention at her firm, but pleasant insistence.

His head went back on to his wheelchair’s head-rest and he started to pant slightly as her rubbing got more insistent – he released her second foot having completed his massage and it moved to be alongside its partner and assist in making him groan.

His eyes closed and a healthy glow came to his cheeks as weeks of sexual frustration were released in one gush from the end of his cock. He came so much that he instantly soaked his trousers and she could feel his wetness on her feet.

“Jesus, is that all you got” she said to him cheekily, although she could fully understand his short fuse when she was also about as horny.

Him getting off had made her very hot and a small wet patch was already visible on the pale material of her panties. Dave noticed this and decided it was time Bayan Escort he returned the favour.

He returned his hands to giving her legs a massage, his strongest right arm moved further and further up her leg, eventually reaching her thigh. He caressed the inside of her thigh with his fingertips before momentarily dipping his head between her legs and kissing her several times on the sensitive inside if her leg, just inches from the ever increasing wet spot. He inhaled deeply, savouring her musky smell.

She laid back on the bed and started to unbutton her blouse. Sliding her bottom forward to the very edge of the bed made it easier for Dave’s limited reach and soon the fingers of his right hand were tracing along the edge of her purple panties, brushing over the odd wisp of pubic hair that had crept out from under the garment’s restraint.

The wet spot made the material cling to Beth’s sex and her slit was clearly outlined by the taut, sticky material. Tracing along the elastic edge one more time, he moved his index finger to trace along her cleft through the damp cloth, focusing on her clit.

“I am so wet!” murmured Beth as he worked her clit for a short while, and with this she opened her blouse fully, unclipped her bra and released her large breasts.

Her hands moved to her nipples, massaging the already erect tips, while Dave’s single finger continued its clit mission.

She was getting close; he could see her whole body starting to tense as he touched her most sensitive spot and she worked on her nipples to make the whole experience more intense.

With that, he stopped touching her, to a small groan of “No, don’t stop, pleeeease!” from the incredibly horny woman under his finger.

“Strip for me” he instructed, and with this moved away so that her feet were no longer supported.

Her hand moved to finish herself off, but when she heard the words, “Do you want this job?” she realised that self-climax was not allowed.

She stood before him and slipped off the already released blouse and bra, before unzipping her skirt and stepping out of it. He looked at her full breasts and wondered what it would be like to suck on those nipples? As her thumbs moved to the elastic waistband of her panties, he told her to leave them and return Eskort to the bed.

Backs of hands “accidently” touched her sex, feeling the cushion of her pubes behind the material, while hands and fingers explored the warm and incredibly soft flesh of her legs – she had shaved them very well.

Positioning his head for a good look at her pussy, she put her legs over his shoulders, crossing her ankles behind his head to prevent his escape should he try to stop again.

His index finger slipped in the elasticated leg of the purple panties and pull them across, revealing a glistening bush of pubic hair soaked in juice.

He ran his finger along her crack and after moistening it with her own juices, slipped it into her hole. She panted for more and her own hand snaked down her tummy and slid under the top of her pants to rest on her clit.

He started to work, rubbing hard on her clit to excite her further. His finger became more and more soaked and with her ever increasing wetness, and he slid a second finger inside her which he moved these in and out as well as rotated, smearing the whole of his hand and her gushing pussy with juice.

Her knuckles were clearly visible again the panties as two of her fingers rubbed her clit furiously and after 10 seconds of this combined sexual stimulation, she panted and gasped and started to wriggle furiously under his and her own touch.

Her breathing quickened to short puffs and the occasional “God!” of acknowledgement, before finally Dave felt her pussy contract and spasm against his fingers.

Fingers that were already soaked in cum, got more wet, fabric already damp in places became soaked. She almost screamed with pleasure as she came. He slid his fingers out of her and intertwined them with the fingers of the hand she had used to rub herself to orgasm.

Their fingers unlocked as she stood up and slipped out of her soaked underwear. He savoured every inch of her naked body before she sat on his knee and turned to kiss him.

“So, do I get the job?” she asked.

“Maybe!” he replied. “We’ll have to test that out again and see if you can do it better next time” he grinned.

“OK, maybe not. When can you start? You’ve got some sheets to change for starters – look at that mess!” he gloated as he pointed to the damp patch she had made on his bed.

With that, his hand parted her legs, two fingers moved to her clit and his mouth descended onto her nearest nipple.

“But it can wait ’til I’ve finished here” he mumbled with a mouthful of breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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