The Job Was Only Temporary

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The job was only temporary. Rosie wasn’t, therefore, entirely sure why she tired so hard to please. Another month and the effort she’d put in would be forgotten. Then she’d be back looking for work again.’Good riddance’,she thought.’I’ll go forever insane if I hear ‘Last Christmas’ again. George Michael has a lot to answer for.’

All the labels on the spray snow were facing outwards. The red swirling baubles hung delicately from the shelf hooks. Her reflection swung by. Rosie’s hands clamped down the fizz on the top of her hair. Trying not to look overworked was just one campaign she was losing. She smoothed the fizz into her light brown locks.

Rosie’s reflection oscillated back round. This time it wasn’t so bad, but the bauble still distorted her newly slender figure. Groaning at her bloated reddened image she turned her mind back to work.

From the corner of her eye, Rosie saw a shape move behind the till counter. Another customer lost in the drowning array of retail shopping. She sighs and moved to shoo them away. The customer shape soon took on the form of Rosie’s area manger, Martin.

At 5’5 Rosie isn’t short, but Martin stands a foot above her. His smiling hello takes the corner of her lips to new heights. Here’s the reason she works so hard. Her friendly workaholic area manager. Martin is just as dedicated as she is. Just as polite. Just as tired.

Others views of Martin oppose her own glowing praise, which of course, she keeps in her head. Impatient, angry, bad tempered, dickhead. All words used to describe him, but she can’t see it.

“Hello Rosie”

“Hello Martin”

“How are you?”

“I’m ok. How are you?”

“Fine, can’t complain.”

Formalities over, it was now time for the obligatory one-minute embarrassing silence.

“Ready for the long night?” Martin broke in.

“Martin! You’re here! Great,” Robbie sprang from the back door of the stockroom. He’d probably been listening. Martin was late again, as always.

“Hi Rob,” Martin turned from Rosie towards a suited and booted Rob. “Ready to leave, I see.”

“Yeah and thanks again for covering.” Rob called back already half way to the door.



Martin turned back to Rosie. He stared at her forest green eyes watching Robbie leave.’Rosie,’he said to himself, letting his thoughts circle around the collected memories of her.

“I heard the delivery I put together came today.”

“Yep, just in time for Robbie leaving,” Rosie smiled.

“Better crack on then.” A deep sigh followed, as he prepared to leave her. Then he was through the door and attacking the boxes with great alacrity.’Keep busy,’he thought; tearing aggressively at the first box,’the time will fly by’.

Rosie stared at the closed door. “Stupid Rosie,” she said quietly. The name Rosie to her did not sound as mature as she wanted to seem. It belied her age. Twenty two short years. Her breasts still strained under her shirt, her nipples indenting the fabric. Her hair still Escort İstanbul had plenty of volume. Her lips still pink and full.

Martin was older than Rosie. A lot older, but for forty one he still had all the liveliness of a twenty year old. His smile creased his face, but it only made him seem generously warm hearted.’You’d think he’d at least look at me, even if he knew he couldn’t do anything,’Rosie thought, her confidence crumbling even more.

The night continued on, with weary late night Christmas shoppers idling around the store. Rosie was indifferently passed boxes from the stock room door to fill the shelves. Shimmering lametta, pine candles, tinsel, garlands and the other trappings of Christmas passed through her hands as she caught momentary glimpses of Martin.

A customer with an apologetic smile and remnants of a snow globe walked up to Rosie. From behind the small two-way glass in the stockroom door, Martin watched as Rosie dealt politely with this careless customer, thinking that he wouldn’t be so kind.

Martin’s eyes were glued to Rosie as she flitted around the store. Martin had observed how Rosie had only grown in beauty since she’d been working there. Her energetic working style had amplified her curvy supple figure.’She’s too young for you… more like your too old for her.’

Martin lifted another box off the pile. After opening it he immediately closed the lid. His finger tapped on the lid a few times. He twisted his head to look at Rosie through he glass again. He glanced at the resealed box several times while working, before picking it up and placing it to the side.


Rosie sighed heavily and smiled tiredly at the last leaving customers. The shutters came clunking down, as she turned the key. Back at the tills she started to empty the cash into the money bags. She wondered if Martin would come to help her.

Martin undid his belt and worked the zip of his trousers down. Millions of hairs reacted to his tantalizing proximity to Rosie. He had the next fifteen minutes while Rosie counted the change. He’d use the time to gaze, wank and cum.

Rosie flicked through the notes in Robbie’s till. Fives, tens, twenties… a dollar. “Robbie! You’re supposed to be the manager.” Rosie extracted the dollar and headed for the door. She’d have to let Martin deal with it.

The door smacked off Martin’s foot, only slightly nudging his penis still clasped in his hand.

“Shit!” Martin cried out before thinking.

“Martin?” Rosie said hesitantly.

“Errrr, yeah sorry Rosie there’s a huge box up against the door, give us a second and I’ll move it.”

Behind the door Martin was hot with panic and the aching need for release. He shuffled a box near the door and then ducked behind it, shoving his hard cock back into his trousers.

“Ok,” he quickly said.

Rosie carefully nudged the door a jar and feeling no resistance this time pushed it open.

“Martin?” Rosie stepped in but couldn’t İstanbul Escort Bayan see him.

“Mar… Oh, there you are,” Martin was leaning flustered behind the door.

“I found this dollar in Robbie’s till, I thought you should have it. Are you Ok? You look hot,” Rosie blushed.

Martin’s foot still throbbed, but he laughed and shook the box he was behind.

“No, just a heavy box.”

“Right… Is the delivery finished?”

“Pretty much, only artificial trees left now”

“What about this box here?” Rosie walked to a small box that sat alone on the stock room shelf. She opened the box and pulled out a stem of lush green leaves with white berries. She spun it in her fingers, knowing what it was.’Maybe he’ll ask?’ She thought.

“Mistletoe.” Martin’s voice came from behind Rosie. He breathed the word on the back of her hair. She hadn’t heard him approach. Her body froze with the uncertain anticipation of what was to happen next. He wondered desperately if the same images where running through her head. If she turned round now, she’d see his raging hard on urgently pushing against the zip of his trouser. He realised he didn’t care.

Martin closed the gap. Rubbing his painful aching lust away on the crest of Rosie’s accommodating bum. Reaching round to graze, cup and clutch at the welcoming softness of her breasts, he locked her arms to her sides. Clawing open her shirt, he tore down her black bra until deep pink nipples poked over the fabric.

“Martin!” Rosie called out in shock or lust, Martin couldn’t tell. Rosie’s head spun with the overwhelming sensation of her breasts being taken from her bra. Her manager’s thumbs eagerly circling her hardening nipples. His trousered cock thrusting into the cleft of her bum.

A frantic state of mind drove Martin uncontrollably on. The intense frustration he felt around her had been mounting for a long time. Did she know she stood to close too him, looked at him too long, brushed her bare arms against his too often, he wondered. Moving his hand down her stomach, he reached below her trousers to trace the top of her knickers.

Rosie’s soft body easily gave way to Martin’s rough round fingertips. Her thoughts were only of the excitement shaking through every muscle in her compliant body. Placing his hand in the middle of her back, he pushed, telling her body to bend. Rosie relented and rested over a box.

The sound of Martin unzipping his trousers however, shattered the delicate coloured glass of her excitement. Did he want her or a quick fuck? Did she care? She looked back at him. Martin caught her confused expression as he tugged at the top of her black trousers with a new desperation.

“Rosie… I need you”, was all he could say in a crumbled broken voice. Martin matched her stare. His cock bounced eagerly desiring the satisfaction it was being denied. She didn’t speak, but reached underneath herself and undid her trousers. The smooth fabric hissed as it slid over the Anadolu Yakası Escort plump orbs of her bum, and fell free of her skin.

Martin’s fingers hooked the fabric of her white cotton knickers. She rationalised that the job was only temporary. Whatever came from this she knew she wouldn’t regret it. With her white knickers bunched, Martin placed his cock to her wet entrance. His hands parted her bum cheeks, as he watched his cock disappear into her cunt. It was the small moan from Rosie’s lips, however that sent pangs of sexual fire through his flesh.

Martin’s thrusts were shallow and slow. Exploiting the sensitive circle of her entrance. Manipulating it with the head of his cock, prolonging the first throb of pleasure. The rough cardboard box rubbed at Rosie’s raised nipples. Her body became taunt and stretched as she grasped the box. Her tension buckling the edge.

A tension that was released when Martin’s finally seated himself deep with Rosie’s cunt. The satisfaction of having his cock enclosed within Rosie expressed itself in his guttural groan. Her bum pressing against his groin, demonstrating he couldn’t pierce her flesh anymore. He held her hips while her nervous body shook.

Rosie’s breath caught on a succession of low moans. Martin began to rock. Her cunt rippled in response, trying to seep every last ounce of pleasure from his thrusts. His cock rubbed heavily on her walls bringing hot peaks of gratification that pooled in her stomach.

Reaching back Rosie felt his cock penetrate her opening. Feeling it corrupting her cunt caused her desire to swell. Spreading her juices and crooking her fingers she begin to circle her clit.

His hard bucks slapped against her bum. Her mouth was opening, panting from the intense thrill in her tensed thighs. Enticing every muscle to vibrate with excitement. Waiting between each wave of pleasure seemed to stretch her anticipation to breaking. Even though, in reality, it was only seconds before the crest of another wave hit her. She was never so aware of awaiting desire more than now.

Martin pumped frantically in and out, shaking from the force and tension of his building orgasm. He hears her tiny squeals. Sweet small Rosie, taking his cock. Her cunt swallowing it. He can see his cock disappearing into the tight grip of her entrance. His hands are tightening on her hips, forcing her back harder, while her cunt becomes tighter.

A long mewl that melted into a groan filled the stockroom. Rosie came hard around him. Martin could barely move his cock while Rosie’s orgasm squeezed vigorously around his hard on. He thrust against her bum. He pumped hard again. An intense orgasm exploded in his cock. A thick rush of cum streamed forth, deep into Rosie’s cunt. Relentlessly, warmly filling her. Still pulsing, his cock thrust once more, releasing more thick, sticky cum inside her.

Rosie groaned with her receding orgasm. She was revelling in the feeling of warm cum coating her cunt. The pulsing of Martin’s cock slowly gave way and so did the box. His cock slid from Rosie as they careered down with the crumpled box. Fake snow burst up in huge white jets. It slowly drifted down coating the pair. Martin brushed it from Rosie’s hair, pulling her in for a shamefully passionate kiss.

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