The Last Day Of School: 3rd Period

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My name is Paul Wilcox and I am a High School math teacher just completing my first year at Jefferson High. I had relocated over the previous summer from an all-male prep school in California to the city where my brother lives in Illinois, and the past year had been a real eye opener. I had thought that coming to the midwest to continue my teaching career would be a calmer, more sedate atmosphere. How mistaken could one 40 year old single man with a masters degree be! As the last school day of the year unfolds, I find myself reminiscing over the special students I have encountered in each of my classes this past year, and how we have impacted each other’s lives.



As this was my first year at Jefferson, the principal had assigned me as a homeroom teacher for freshmen. Mrs. Triplett’s theory was that we could help each other adjust to our new surroundings and not be intimidated by those who were already seasoned high school veterans. My class of twenty was not too big to be an informal group that really did help each other in many ways. The students were invaluable to me as a resource in a new city, helping me to settle into their community with ease. I, in turn, was able to give them a sense of worth as my “welcome-wagon” and they really responded to helping their new teacher feel welcome. We got each other through a year of transition with a teamwork approach, as students helped students work through the tough times and celebrated each others triumphs.

One young man sticks in my mind as the student who benefitted the most from my own involvement in his life. Tim Smyth was a very smart boy who was having trouble early in the year with just about every class except P.E. I was approached by several of his other teachers to see if I could find out the source of Tim’s problems. I asked a couple of the other boys who knew him from Junior High what they thought was causing his lack of effort and inattentiveness in class. They were reluctant to talk with me about their friend at first, but I assured them that I needed their help if I was to help their friend. They agreed that Tim had changed dramatically over the summer, and that his attitude was a symptom of trouble at home with his parents.

Having an idea of the problem, I now met with Tim alone and told him that I was there for him to talk with, away from the pressures of family and friends. He was distant at first, but as we talked more he visibly relaxed and opened up to me. I discovered that Tim’s parents had split up that summer after his mother had discovered the affairs his father was conducting. His mom was understandably shaken and self-absorbed at the sudden betrayal, while Tim felt abandoned by his dad and ignored by his mom.

I suggested that Tim focus on what he could positively affect and show his mother something to be proud of, instead of giving both of them more problems to worry about. If he could give her something positive in her life, both of them would grow closer and gain strength from each other. I told him I would be there for him if he had questions or problems normally directed towards his dad, and he smiled in gratitude.

Tim did suggest that I talk to his mother, as he was impressed with my caring attention to him as an individual, not just a name in the roll book. I thanked him for his thoughtful suggestion and told him that his mother will be aided greatly by the mature attitude that Tim was exhibiting. I called his home that afternoon to set up a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Smyth at her convenience. She was concerned at first that Tim was in trouble, but I was able to assure her that Tim was addressing his new circumstances in an impressively adult manner, now that he had a friend to confide in. Stacy Smyth was immediately sobbing with gratitude for my attention to her son’s difficulties and was eager to meet me and discuss her son’s adjustment to their new family reality. She suggested we meet this coming weekend because her job limited her availability. I agreed to meet her Saturday morning around ten and would call her at nine to set a location. She agreed warmly and said she looked forward to meeting me.

One of the perks of living in the same town as my brother Sam was that I got to look after his house when he was on one of his frequent business trips. He had a modest 3 bedroom with a pool and spa in the back, which was surrounded by hedges on all sides. I had taken a few dates to his house and enjoyed the privacy and stylish amenities his house provided, not to mention the sexy neighbor couple that lived next door with their college freshman daughter. Both female neighbors were hot, the mother flirting openly with Sam & I, while the daughter flaunted her nubile young bostancı escort body with a knowing smirk. Sam had a few tales of listening in to her wild sexual exploits in the afternoons before her parents got home. Apparently she was very vocal and demanding of the studs she deemed worthy of her tight treasures. Sam especially enjoyed jacking his erect cock while she screamed in ecstasy and commanded her lover to fuck her in her tight ass with his big hard cock until they both reached a loud climax. Sam had shot his load over the fence in the direction of their voices and was rewarded with shocked laughter, then respectful applause. He returned the compliments and told them that their performance was AVN award worthy. They both responded in a manner that told him they were familiar with the Porn Cinema’s version of the oscar, a very encouraging sign!

Now Sam was gone for two weeks and I was watching (using!) his house at my leisure. It was around five miles from Jefferson High, so the neighbors didn’t know anyone from my school, a definite plus! I called Stacy Smyth on Saturday morning to suggest we meet for coffee and lunch at Sam’s house, and since it was still warm for late Sept. I said we might even enjoy the pool. She shyly giggled at my suggestion, saying that she had been looking forward to this morning all week. Her voice sounded young and sexy, giving me hope that Tim’s dad was a fool. I had asked Sam if he knew the Smyth’s and to my surprise he informed me that Tim’s father Ted was a regular visitor at his neighbor’s house. I asked if he was visiting the Dad or the Mom and he just said, “All of the above!”

“What do you mean?” I asked in shock.

“His name is high on Tina’s list of huge cocked lovers,” Sam said of the obviously over-sexed daughter.

Wow, that was a development that might be interesting on this lovely morning.

I picked Stacy up at her and Tim’s house, saying hello to Tim and two friends as they shot baskets in the driveway. Stacy told Tim to lock up the house if they went anywhere, and that she would be back around two or three. I was pleasantly surprised at her generous allotment of time for our meeting.

Now let me tell you about Tim’s mother, Stacy. She was in her early thirties at most, but looked about ten years younger. Her tan skin was a perfect compliment to her dark brown hair, which fell to just below her shoulders with cute bangs framing her face, just above her gorgeous blue eyes. She was about 5 foot 4 and had nice high tits above her smooth bare stomach, and when I opened the car door for her she displayed a firm round ass as she seated herself with casual grace. Tim’s dad must be the biggest idiot in the state, unless Sam’s young neighbor was too good to pass up.

I was a little nervous that Stacy would recognize Sam’s neighborhood and the house next door, but she didn’t react at all as we pulled into Sam’s driveway. I noticed that the cars were all home next door and hoped that a little aural stimulation was in store. I led the way into the house and she was impressed with Sam’s living style. We sat at the kitchen table and I made us both coffee. Stacy relaxed with one foot up on the seat of the kitchen chair, resting her chin on her knee with an innocent air about her. Talking about Tim’s progress at school and at home filled her with a glowing pride, until we got to the part where Stacy found out about Ted’s flings. She couldn’t understand his motivation, as she stated that their sex life had been very good. I assured her that the fault was not her own, that I found her to be very attractive if I might say so. She blushed and looked at me over her sexy, tanned knee as she rocked her leg to the side and back. This gave me a nice view alternating down her tan thigh as well as down her impressive cleavage. I asked if she would like to see the back yard and sit in the noonday sun. She readily agreed and I got the feeling she was checking me out in my cutoff shorts as we headed out back.

I offered her a lounge chair, but she chose to sit at the edge of the pool and splash her feet in the cool water. I stood next to her as we looked around Sam’s playground, getting a great view down her top at her all over tan tits. I could see her nipples reacting to the cool pool water, growing erect and proud in the sunlight. I tore my gaze away from her tantalizing breasts, only to catch her staring blatantly at the growing bulge in my shorts just at her eye level.

She looked up at me, licked her lips and asked “Do you want to take a dip in the wet?”

“I’d love to dip myself in the wetness,” I replied directly into her blue eyes.

“Give me a hand up, pretty please,” she coyly requested, batting her lashes and biting her lower lip.

I göztepe escort grasped her soft hand in mine and drew her up next to me, staring down at her sexy smile and beautifully tipped breasts. Her nipples were poking out prominently, demanding my attention. I continued raising her arm over her head and placed my other arm around her waist, bringing our bodies close enough to cause her nipples to brush against my chest.

She gasped in pleasure and to my surprise, leaned to the left and tipped us both into the pool. We bobbed to the surface and she leapt into my embrace, wrapping her strong legs around my waist and planting her hot mouth over mine. She twirled her tongue around mine as she ground her pelvis into my now prominent bulge. My cock was rock hard and straining to be free of its prison, her mound rubbing up and down the shaft through both our shorts. I grabbed her firm ass and squeezed it tightly, raising her up so I could bite her erect nipples playfully. She reached down to my crotch and felt the hard piece of meat awaiting her hot holes and moaned deeply into my mouth. I waded to the side of the pool and deposited her on the edge, taking down her tight shorts and panties at the same time exposing her trimmed pussy. She spread her legs wide and pushed my head down to her wet slit, huskily telling me to eat her hot cunt.

“Lick my pussy juice up and suck my clit, Teach!” She shuddered as my tongue slid up her lips and teased her hard little button. I spread her lips with my fingers and tongue fucked her till she squeezed my head between her thighs. She then leaned back on the pool deck and lifted her feet out of the water, giving me a perfect view of her beautiful pussy begging to be filled. I placed two of my fingers in her hot mouth as my tongue returned to her clit, tracing its way slowly down to her winking ass hole. She greedily sucked my fingers as I tongued her ass, panting around my dripping digits. I took my fingers from her mouth and slid them into her dripping snatch, massaging her g-spot teasingly. She gasped loudly, “Fuck! That feels so fucking good! Don’t stop, dooo’nt stooop!!! She lifted her pelvis off of the deck and her muscles spasmed around my fingers and tongue. She bit the side of her hand as she came violently from my tongue in her ass and fingers in her grasping pussy. I slowly brought her back to earth, only then hearing the neighbors laughing and talking over the fence. I could recognize Tina & two men talking about the loud neighbors, complaining that they were never invited over to swim.

Stacy & I looked at each other in surprise, then she grinned wickedly and asked about the nosy neighbors.

I answered her loudly, making sure that they could hear me over the fence, “How would you like some more meat for that hot pussy of yours? Yes, you Tina! We hear you like to cum, so come on over and bring your meat with you!”

Stacy was laughing silently, while looking at me with questioning eyes. I told her not to worry, that she was in for a great time and would still be home on time. She assured me that she could stay until we were done with whatever came over the fence. I loved her game attitude and again wondered what Ted was thinking. I didn’t have long to find out!


The side gate swung open as the eager trio arrived. Stacy and I had climbed out of the pool and were reclining on a lounge as they rounded the corner of Sam’s house. His horny neighbors were not hard on the eyes by any means. Both young men were tan and lean, just over 6 feet tall and shiny with sun tan oil. But the centerpiece was definitely Tina. A petite little brunette with smallish breasts rising up from her smooth torso, she was tight and firm all around. Her long hair was in pony tails and her legs were long and thin and stopped at a thinly veiled groin, visibly wet through her bikini bottoms. She had a cropped tee-shirt on that barely reached the bottoms of her pert tits, and did nothing to hide her large dark nipples.

I introduced myself as Sam’s brother and Tina welcomed me to the neighborhood, then she introduced Stan & Stevie, two twin brothers from her college classes. I could see bulges growing on both Stevie and Stan, but Tina’s eyes turned lust crazed as she took in Stacy’s beautiful body glistening with sweat.

“I want to see you cum hard and often, Stacy! God you look hot! Stevie, you got wood for this beauty to taste? I sure would if I were any of you three! Paul, you deserve to cum next after the orgasm I just overheard! Just let me sit there so I can watch the boys play with Stacy while I suck that big cock of yours!”

We shuffled around until I stood over Tina while Stacy rested her head against Tina’s thigh and spread her istanbul escort legs for the eager duo. Tina grabbed my cock by its base and stroked it while directing Stan to take out his cock and stroke it for Stacy while Stevie knelt between her legs and devoured her already dripping pussy. Stacy watched as Stan stroked himself until he reached his full 9 1/2″ and started to drip pre-cum over his fingers and down his shaft. Stacy started to moan as Stevie ate her with gusto, gasping that Stan’s cock was beautiful and she needed to taste it.

“Stick that fat wet cock in your mouth as far as you can Stacy!” Tina commanded, “Suck it deep, that’s it! Let’s see your hot spit all over that cock, suck up that tasty juice! She sucks great cock, huh Stan?”

Tina turned without waiting for an answer and, grabbing my hips, swallowed my aching cock whole. She looked up at me while bobbing up and down on my straining shaft, twisting my nipples hard as she deep throated me. I grabbed her by the pony tails and fucked her face as she dripped spit all over my cock, down my balls till my legs were covered as well. She pulled off my cock and grabbed it with both hands, slapping it against her face and tits. We watched Stacy suck Stan’s huge cock until his legs tensed and he groaned loudly, “God I’m gonna cum! Suck my cock, Stacy!” He pumped once into her willing mouth and she took his first load down her throat, then he pulled his glistening cock head out of her mouth and shot two more loads all over her face and tits. Stevie looked up at his twin’s dripping cock and opened his mouth to catch the flow of cum falling his way. Stacy moaned as she licked Stan’s cum from her fingers, her tits covered in his cream as he stroked the last drops into Stevie’s waiting mouth. Stevie then cleaned Stacy’s tits of Stan’s cum and shared it with her in a sloppy kiss.

Tina was telling her boy-toy to eat his brother’s cum and stroke his own cock for her to fuck next. I looked down at Tina and told her to get ready. She yelled for me to cum all over her heaving tits and in her hot mouth. Needless to say I obliged my demanding cock sucker and shot load after load all over her face, neck, tits and even over her head and onto Stacy’s belly and Stevie’s face. Stevie and Stacy attacked Tina’s cum covered body as I slid down onto the lounge, totally drained.

Tina stood up and kissed Stevie, grabbing his rock hard cock and pulling him after her. She stood on the pool steps and pushed him down, straddling his legs as she fingered her dripping snatch in front of his cum covered face. She scooped cum from his body and stroked his hard shaft, coating his cock with Stan’s and my cum. She turned and looked at the three of us, announcing that she was now going to ride her stud’s big cock until they both came. She didn’t tell us that she was going to put it into her hot tight ass, so we were surprised to see her strain to take him into her until she shrieked, “Fuck!!! Put that fat cock into my ass now! Fuck my ass, you cum loving slut! Oh myyyyyyy Godddddd!!!” Slowly she sank down until all 8 of his erect inches were buried in her tight ass.

Tina slowly built up momentum, riding Stevie’s cock for all she was worth. She tossed her head back and forth as she muttered unintelligibly, blurting out random thoughts as her orgasm built from deep inside her. Stevie started to sweat as the grip of her tightly stuffed asshole brought him closer and closer to eruption.

We gathered around them and offered our encouragement to the pair of wildly fucking lovers. Stan told his twin to fill her ass with his cum, as Stacy and I cheered Tina on and twisted her stiff nipples while she worked Stevie’s cock into her rectum one final time. Then all hell broke loose as Tina started a low moan that quickly built to a piercing shriek of ecstasy. Tina convulsed in orgasmic bliss while Stevie thrust his cock into her as deep as he could, biting her shoulder as he began to shoot his seed deep into her milking ass. We watched as rivers of cum flowed out around his shaft and coated his cock and balls entirely. Stacy knelt between their legs and lapped up the river of cum that ran out of him and then her. She then clamped her lips on Tina’s clit and sucked it fiercely, sending the young girl off on another wild orgasm. She barely made a low whimpering sound as sensations ripped through her, until she collapsed back onto Stevie in total oblivion. Stan and I could only marvel at her capacity for pleasure, which on this occasion even she had surpassed.

The two young men picked Tina up gently and borrowed a towel to wrap her in, then carefully carried her still quivering body back to her house. Stacy and I heard her asking drowsily “What the fuck happened to me???” as they took her inside.

We went inside and showered together, enjoying a slow sensual fuck and then I took her back to her waiting son. Tim showed remarkable improvement over the school year and even ran for school senate. His mother and I occasionally visit Sam’s house, looking in on his hot neighbors as well.

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