The Manor Pt. 01: Stella

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Introduction. The Manor is a finishing school for girls aged between eighteen and twenty one. They come from all aspects of life with a view of changing them into successful women. Problem is they have backgrounds that would be suited more to the porn industry. The only other problem is the staff. All women and as things progress it will turn out they are all just as bad.

While looking endlessly for a new job, I finally came across a vacancy for a teaching job at an all girl boarding school named the Manor. I researched the school and found it was a school of correction for girls aged between eighteen and twenty one. Hardly girls more like young women.

With my qualifications of English, Maths, Social skills it seemed perfect. I sent a email requesting an application form, which arrived in my mail two days later. I went through it carefully as this was seeming to be my best chance of a new job and career for ages.

Speeding forwards, a couple of weeks later a reply came through the letter box. I opened the envelope and opened the letter. It was inviting me for a interview at the end of the month.

This was great news, and I was to be interviewed by one Miss Lisa Fernandez. Wow she sounded hot, but I needed to be professional as she was the deputy Head Mistress. I sorted out a suit and shirt and got it prepared for the interview as this was a great opportunity.

The day arrived, it was a long drive which bothered me a bit, travelling to and from the place could be demanding, but the drive was a pleasant one with lots of country views. But I finally arrived the school. I could see it was a huge old building, and probably built for some lord in the 1800’s.

I drove up the gravel driveway and finally parked up. I sat for a second I felt nervous so I composed myself, if only I knew what I was getting myself into would I have come here? Who knows.

I arrived at the main entrance opened the large antique main door and walked in. The hall way smelt old, and looked it to. There were no signs so I had no idea where to go. Over in the distance not to far away I noticed a girl sitting on a chair. I walked over to her to see if she could help me out.

“Excuse me but I am trying to find the deputy heads office would you be able help me?” I asked.

She looked up at me, big hazel eyes, and long dark brown hair, she was slim with a light blue shirt hidden by a dark blue cardigan. Her skirt was pleated blue plaid with black stockings to finish the look. I joked to myself that if all the girls looked like this, was I in trouble, I could feel it.

“Why sure my name is Tracy let me take you there.” She replied. Getting up from the chair and instructing me to follow her.

As we walked my eyes began to wander, her skirt just covered her backside. Her stocking tops visible. Then she caught me looking at her arse as she turned her head to say something.

“So are you here for a job? We have only had one man teacher here before but he did not last long. Are you a long laster?” She asked in a flirty manner.

“Well its a good building Tracy and I do feel comfortable here. But I got to try and get the job first.” I replied very nervously.

“Oh I think you will be ok Sir.” I had no idea what she meant by that but It would not be long till I found out. We got to the office door, I thanked Tracy for her help, she smiled and looked at me again in a flirty way and a big smile.

And slowly walked off. I took a breath knocked on the door, the instruction to enter came straight away. I opened the door and walked in. Over in the far corner was a desk with who I assumed was Miss Fernandez. I introduced myself and sat down.

Miss Fernandez, how could I describe her? Long straight black hair, narrow glasses, a purple silk shirt with her tits bulging, the buttons straining to keep them in. I could just make out a short tight black skirt with stockings. This was Not what I was expecting from a deputy head mistress.

“Hello, Well So how do you like the building?” She asked.

“Well yes it is a impressive building how old is it?” I asked trying not to look at her heaving chest which was a difficult task.

“Oh a few hundred years old. But anyway enough of the bricks and mortar talk, your here about the vacancy. Now I have checked your CV and it is very impressive. Your social skills are excellent. Tell me why did you choose this school?” She asked looking over her glasses and in a strict and firm voice.

“Well the job seemed to fit my skills and to be honest on researching I found that well if you don’t mind me saying that there are some students that could benefit from what I can offer in a social way.”

“Well fair point, we have twenty girls here at the moment, we try to turn them around by the time they get to twenty two, they arrive at between eighteen and nineteen, They have many issues, and some bad attitudes, how do you think you would cope with them being as their university’s etc had trouble with them?” Miss Fernandez asked.

“Well canlı bahis depending on the problem, I would keep the relationship if you want to call it that on a professional basis. It does not pay to appear to be forward if the person is of sensitive nature.” I replied in a confident but professional manner.

“Yes very true, but the girls here are not of that nature, they are very forward, and have a high sexual drive, that is the main reason why they are here to change their attitudes.” She replied playing with her hair.

As she explained this she swivelled her chair round and crossed her stockinged leg over the other, her stiletto foot dangling in my direction, she seemed very forward herself and very confident.

“So how would you cope if one of them say came onto you? I am sorry but I do need to know as it is quite important you know what you could be getting into.” She explained.

This was going to be a struggle, I had to think and think fast, and what with Miss Fernandez sitting opposite me being quite forward herself this was going to be hard to answer. She was flirting with me, and I sensed she was trying to sound me out about my sexual habits. I came out with the answer of keeping professional and finding avoiding things to distract and calm the situation.

She seemed to approve of the answer and as she moved closer I was beginning to think she really did not care what I came out with. This was a strange place I felt, and yes she was turning me on but I kept my composure and concentrated on the interview.

The interview went on for about another thirty minutes the questions were more like trying to find out if I was some sort of sex maniac, she kept staring at me through her narrow glasses, as though she was un dressing me, then something came out that I was not expecting.

“So with all the talk done how would you like to meet your class?”

I had got the job! I felt overjoyed and nervous at the same time, as though I had entered a brothel for the first time, saying that this place was fast giving me the feeling of being a brothel. What with Tracy and Miss Fernandez who gave me the feeling she just wanted to jump me my nerves quickened.

“Well yes ok that would be great.” I replied.

“Good, welcome to the Manor. Now I will give the head Ms Jenkins all your details, you know bank details etc. We actually have a flat you can use rather than travel, being as you are quite far away I will get one of the girls to show you where it is how does that sound?”

“Well yes that’s fine thanks very much.” I nervously gulped.

She got out of her chair, slowly I might add, as if to show me what she had to offer, her cleavage bulging forwards as she leant forwards, her skirt up her thighs, her long stockinged legs. We went off and down a long old corridor wooden floors and wooden patterned walls pounded out the echo of Miss Fernandez’s stiletto steps.

“This lot will be your main group, and you will take two other classes and cover the other coaches when on leave.”

We arrived at the class, I took a breath and in we went. There was silence. There was a stand in teacher. Miss Fernandez introduced her as Ms Kellie and informed me that all coaches are titled with their first names.

“Girls this is your new coach, you will call him Sir, is that ok?”

There was no reply so she repeated her order. There came replies all at once with a few laughs, which Miss Fernandez quickly dealt with by reminding them they were not children and were women so they should behave like women. She then introduced them all to me.

Stella, Ruby, Ashe, Natalie, Mia, Bea, Roxi, Roz and Tracy, that Tracy who I had met earlier on, she just stared at me.

Miss Fernandez then instructed Stella to take me to my rooms after the lesson. With that she left the class and I was left with Ms Kellie. Ms Kellie was tall with long blonde wavy hair with dark brown tint. She had a long tight blue dress, she was pretty dammed hot.

As for the girls they were quite a mix, and really were doing what they liked, talking painting finger nails etc. Ms Kellie kept them under control but only just. I would have guessed this lot were the eldest even though I had not yet met any others. I had a few exchanges with a few of the girls and they were very forward as Miss Fernandez had mentioned. but I knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge.

I left the class and went back to Miss Fernandez’s office and confirmed to her I would be taking the job. Deep down if I am honest I was liking what I was seeing. We went off again together and she showed me around, and to meet the other staff.

We went to the medical room where I met the resident nurse Ms Jayne, then the staff room where I met the Secretary who they nicknamed Ali, and there was Ms Lucy and Ms Tina.

The main thing I noticed was that they were all blonde, we sat and had a coffee and things began to creep out about the going on’s at the school.

The previous male teacher left due to sexual bahis siteleri harassment. I could not believe what I was hearing, they did not go into to much detail but the harassment was done to him and Ms Lucy said he ran a mile. When she said that the other teachers burst into laughter.

This was getting very nervy and again I was beginning to wonder what the hell I was getting into, there was then a knock on the door, it was the Stella girl to show me my rooms. As I walked out I heard one of the teachers shout out good luck, then laughter followed.

“So Sir this way, are you enjoying your first day so far?” Stella asked. She was wearing a white shirt with red cardigan, a black tie with silver stripes white stockings and a red pleated plaid skirt that was as short as that Tracy girls earlier, strange attire I thought.

“Er well yes Stella so far so good.” I replied.

“You will like it here Sir and we all will look after you.”

“Does that mean you will all behave for me Stella?” I asked.

“Ha I can’t promise that Sir but you know.” She answered.

No I didn’t “know” what was she talking about?

We arrived at my rooms and walked in, I was shocked it was decorated and furnished in modern style I was expecting a room from a Dracula film.

Stella walked in front of me and facing me with her hands on her hips smiled and said, “So do you like what you see Sir?”

My eyes fixed on her for a second and I quickly distracted myself by looking around the room as there was a tension, a tension of being alone with a young lady dressed as she was.

“Yes Stella the room is very nice I think I will be quite comfortable here.” I replied.

“Good but do you like what you see Sir?” She replied.

“Yes I do very much.” I replied looking at her this time.

“Good so I will see you in class tomorrow instruction is over for the day so I am off bye Sir.” Stella said as she brushed past me, I just looked at her tits as she went past, then onto her arse, and her thighs her bare thighs between the top of her stockings and the hemline of her skirt. She looked back at me and smiled as she closed the door.

“Oh shit” I said to myself as I sank into the leather sofa. I had a choice that evening weather to stay or go. I stayed, it was going to be tough but I wanted it, my adventure at the Manor was about to begin.

As I sat I suddenly realised I had no change of clothes, I needed to go back all the way home and get my things. Why could I not have been given another start date so I could prepare and get things ready. I left my room and walked down the stairs dreading the drive ahead. But as I got to the entrance door there came a familiar voice.

“Hay there Sir Where are you going Sir?” It was Stella.

“Oh Stella I need to drive back and get some stuff, you know clothes and some other stuff I came with nothing you know.”

“Oh ok Cool could I come for a drive with you?” She asked.

“Hm not sure about that, is that aloud Stella?” I asked.

“Of course I am nineteen you know, we can go as we please.” She replied.

I thought about it for a few seconds and crazily agreed. As we were driving I began to think to myself I am at this place for the wrong reason. All my training was slipping away from me, I had not had sex for over a year after I split from my girlfriend. Now I had this girl in my car horny as hell, she smelt good and I knew what she wanted from me tonight.

“You sure live far away don’t you Sir.” She said.

“Yes Stella hence me staying at the Manor.” I replied.

“I could see that makes sense I mean by the time you would get home it would be time to come back.” Stella laughed.

“Yes your not wrong there Stella.” I replied.

“You have to be careful with the coaches at that place you know, I could tell you some of the things they get up to, shit you would so not look at them the same way ever again they are a handful.” She explained.

“Well I would rather not know, Stella and anyway it is their business Stella not mine.” I replied.

“Oh ok point taken Sir.” She replied playing with her hair.

“Nearly there now Stella not much further to go.”

“Cool I would love to see your place I bet it is a real shit hole.” She said laughing still playing with her hair.

“What makes you say that Stella?” I asked curiously.

“It is a known fact men who live alone live like pigs. I mean you do live alone don’t you?” She asked.

“Well yes I do live alone Stella and I do not live like a pig.”

“Oh I am sorry Sir its just what we are told, I mean they teach us funny things you know I did not mean to offend you.”

“No offence taken but I will have to change things then won’t I.”

We arrived at my place and went in, Stella sat herself down and made herself at home, I went into the bedroom and packed a bag thinking we had to get out of here quickly, I could not be alone with her. I took my bag and went back into the front room, and told Stella I was ready to leave.

“Oh bahis şirketleri let’s not go just yet, let’s chill for a bit before we drive all the way back Sir I mean we have just got here.” She said.

I agreed and sat in the arm chair. We chatted away and began to joke and laugh together. She was arousing me, I was fighting it, and fighting it hard. But then she spoke the words I deep down was hoping to hear from her mouth.

“Do you think I am nice? I mean what do you think of me Sir?”

“Well Stella you are a very nice young lady, you are funny and very pretty, if you sort yourself out whatever your issues I am sure you will make some man very happy.” I replied.

“That’s not what I meant Sir, as nice as your comments are, I mean are you attracted to me?” She asked.

“Stella that is not something you should be asking me.”

“Oh? and why not? It is a simple question, well are you?”

She was pushing me into a corner, a corner I knew I was about to get stuck in, but did I want to get out of it?

“Stella I think we should drop this subject and get going.”

“You are aren’t you? I know you are because you can’t look at me when you answer, I know the signs Sir.”

I had been defeated on this questioning and agreed that I was attracted to her, but said what man wouldn’t.

“So do you want sex with me? I know you do.” She asked.

She stood up still in her uniform from earlier and pulled off her cardigan. Then she un clipped her skirt and opened it up and dropped it onto the sofa. Slowly un buttoning her shirt, she opened it up revealing a pink bra. Standing there in her bra and stockings she beckoned me over to her.

“Come on Sir don’t let me stand here like this, I know you want me, come on, come on I know you want me.” She pleaded.

I could not take it, I tried and tried but I had to have her. I got up and walked over to her my eyes fixed on her.

“Kiss me Sir kiss me hard.” She ordered.

I pulled her against me, and we kissed, her hand lowered to my groin she began to squeeze as we French kissed. I took my jacket off and she then began to un button my shirt, she pushed it off my shoulders and began to kiss my chest.

Her lips felt fantastic as she gave little pecks and then she lowered herself going all the way down till she was on her knees in front of my crutch.

“Hmm lets see what is in here.” She said as she began to undo my trousers slowly. She pulled the lot down, she looked up at me and smiled as her hands reached up onto my belly, my cock began to stiffen, it was not difficult as I had been fighting it all evening.

She began to kiss around my hips then going close to my cock but not taking it yet. Then she kissed the top of my legs, she carried on her lips wet with dribble. She gave in grabbed my cock and took me with her mouth.

“Mmmmm I have not had a dick for ages mmmm mmmm.” She sucked good, her mouth was small and her lips took my head and she sucked it like a lollipop.

“Mmmm oh Sir mmm mmmm Awww mmmm so good mmmm.”

I grabbed her long brown hair and twisted it around my hand forcing her to take me deeper, her mouth was hot and very wet I began to pump into her mouth holding the back of her head. She did not hold back.

Looking up at me She then un clipped the back of her bra and took it off. she stretched up and pushed her tits against my cock, and began to fuck me with them they were big and her skin was soft, she spat in between them.

“You like that Sir? you like my tits?” She whispered.

“I love them Stella oh fuck yes.” I had never tit fucked anyone before it felt so good. She carried on for about five minutes and took me again with her mouth. She was good.

“Mmmm I think you need to fuck me now Sir I want you.”

She stretched over to her bra and found a condom. She informed me that was where she kept it as she was on her way up to my rooms when she met me in the hallway. She un wrapped it and skilfully rolled it down my cock. She turned around still on her knees and rested her arms on the sofa. Her arse pointing in my direction.

I stared at her slim well formed arse her slim back and long hair, I was about to fail my professional status, I did not care, I came to the quick decision that I was going to have a lot of fun in this job, but again did I care? not one bit.

I knelt and walked on my knees over to her. I looked at her back that spinal groove as I call it was very prominent, Giving her arse a squeeze, I leant forwards and began to kiss it, stroking her thighs, her skin was soft, as I began to kiss upwards on her back and up to her shoulders.

I moved her hair to the side and kissed her neck, my cock resting on her arse she turned her head and we kissed, her tongue finding mine, she is a great kisser, my hands then found her tits and I stroked the sides of them then found the front and played with them her nipples aroused they felt great.

“Aww fuck come on Sir fuck me.” She groaned in my mouth.

I leant up still on my knees and took another look at her sexy arse, then a nagging doubt came into my head again that I should not be doing this being as I was purely hired to see these young women on their way, but it was too late.

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