The Monster Pt. 07

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By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2022 Charlie Flemming

Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

This story begins in 2022

Main Characters

Jack-18, 16″ cock, light brown hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ tall

Sara-Mom-36, GG-sized tits, black hair, brown eyes, fit but very tone and curvy.

Rita-Aunt-37, FF-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, similarly amazing body to Sara but not quite as hot

Josephine (Jo)-sister, 18, EE-sized tits, twin to Jack, red hair, green eyes most popular girl in school

Clara-Cousin, 18, EE-sized tits, brown hair, kinda dumb but very kind

Beth Ryder-teacher, 28, FF-sized tits, redhead

Naomi Moore-38, doctor, FF-sized tits, African American

Rose (Ro)-18, DD-sized tits, Jo’s best friend and a popular girl in school, brunette hair

Saturday, September 24


Though Sara had decided to help her son she instead woke up early and left for the day. She left a note on the table saying she was visiting an old girlfriend from out of town, which actually wasn’t untrue but it was a last-minute thing Sara organized herself. A fact that she did not mention in the note.

Rita was looking forward to a day at home for once but was almost immediately called into work anyway. “Fuck flu season!” She shouted as she headed out the door again.

The next to wake up was Clara. She was very horny, but unlike Jo, she still had a list of boyfriends to choose from. She took out her phone and started scrolling through them.

But then she remembered that she had made a date with Jack last night, and he stood her up! Clara was going to get revenge on him somehow!

Clara wasn’t angry at her cousin as she walked down the hall. She kinda looked at most things as some sort of game, one she didn’t mind one way or the other if she was winning or losing. Clara, most of the time, was just looking to have fun. So when she snuck into Jack’s room, she really didn’t have anything in mind for her “revenge” outside of waking him up.

As usual, he has a boner, Clara noted the huge tent in Jack’s blanket she would have thought was fake if she hadn’t already seen his cock first hand.

That made her think of when Jack showed it to her. Clara had promised to show him her naked body but couldn’t at the time because they were interrupted. She thought of the perfect revenge…

Clara removed her clothes. Which was just what she wore to bed, her panties and a long t-shirt. And then got into bed with Jack. She didn’t realize until she did that that Jack slept naked.

Oops, better be sure not to fuck him! She thought only somewhat sarcastically because Clara, like every other woman in her family, had been thinking about just how good a cock that big would feel thrusting in and out of their pussies since they all discovered it.

Clara cuddled up next to her cousin, similar to how Jo had done the other day, a leg over his leg, an arm over his chest, her head lying on the pillow next to his. Clara then moved her body close enough to his that she pushed her breasts into the side of his arm and her pussy into the side of his leg. She kept her snatch shaved so she rubbed the skin of her pussy up against Jack’s leg. Clara was getting very wet being this naughty already, this was just intensifying her pleasure.

Clara remembered the kiss, and just how great of a kisser her cousin is. She felt like she couldn’t help herself and grabbed her cousin’s sleeping head and kissed him. He started kissing her back in his sleep, his tongue entering her mouth.

Jack woke up like that, kissing a beautiful girl in his bed. He wasn’t even thinking about it as Clara moved up on his body, straddling him, pushing his humongous cock up between them so it was pressed ultrabet yeni giriş against his belly and her pussy was resting on it and leaking her juices all over his balls. Jack moved one hand to her ass and another to her tit, just as Jo had shown him in the car.

If someone went straight for Clara’s ass and tits the first time they ever kissed, she would normally push them away. But, as it was with Jo, Jack seemed to naturally find Clara’s most pleasurable points in her butt and breasts sending Clara’s horniness from “just a bit” to “Oh my God fuck me right now!” in absolutely no time at all. She started to move her pussy up and down Jack’s cock, if her cousin had a smaller cock, her cunt would have accidentally been penetrated already, but as it was she rubbed her labia only about halfway up Jack’s dick before moving back down his shaft to his balls again, her pussy leaking juices all over his thick shaft and chest.

If that went on for another minute, Clara probably would have started fucking him, whether Jack liked it or not. But, that’s when Jack’s door opened again and someone turned the light on.


It was Jo, “Wake up Ja-” She started to say and then saw them, “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

Clara was off of her cousin in seconds, but this let Jo see that she was naked.

Jo looked her body up and down, her expression filled with suspicion and anger.

“Oh, don’t worry, we weren’t fucking.” Clara said with a smile as she put her panties back on.

Jack wasn’t looking at his sister or Clara, he was too embarrassed and instead was staring at an unused corner of the wall.

Jo glared at her brother and cousin once more before growling her jealousy at them and stomping back to her room.

Clara ran after her, “Jo, wait!” But Jo had locked herself in. Clara glowered but she decided it was probably best to leave for the day, she called Rose and she swung by to pick her up within a half-hour.

Jack laid in bed for longer than he meant to. He felt really stupid, For one thing, He thought angrily at himself, I thought it was Jo I was kissing, but for another, I think I was just half asleep and wasn’t thinking AT ALL! I mean, I almost fucked Clara! My cousin! What the fuck is wrong with me! He remembered he thought it was Jo first, his sister, and, really, that was even worse…

He heard the call pull up outside and glanced out the window and saw it was Rose. Jack assumed that she was picking up Jo and Clara because they had made up or something and decided it was safe to leave his room again.

He grabbed some clothes and crossed the hall to the bathroom. Jack showered and tried not to think about any of the women in his life, his balls felt like they couldn’t handle any more erections and he needed to cum. His last orgasm was at the doctor’s office on Tuesday.

He was distracted by trying not to think of how his cousin’s lips tasted that morning, or how her tits and ass felt, or how beautiful her whole body looked, that Jack didn’t hear the door open, or his sister cross the tiled floor of the bathroom. Which allowed her to just get in behind him since their bathtub was so big and Jack normally didn’t close the shower curtain. Jo tapped him on the shoulder.

“What the- JO!’ He said, surprised as ever, “What are you…” He looked down, her amazing body on display before him. Jack was at a complete loss for words as his erection came back strong as ever.

“I thought maybe I could tell you about Clara,” Jo explained as she put a hand on her brother’s chest. He looked her in the eyes and Jo felt like she had somehow put him under a spell. She felt like testing it out and grabbed his head and pulled him down into hers so they could kiss. Jo kissed her brother fiercely and he had just as much ferocity. If ultrabet giriş not even more!

Jack couldn’t help himself anymore. He didn’t care at that point. His naked sister, her crazy hot body, her soft sexy lips against his, her tongue that tasted of, well, her spit but it might have been the most delicious tasting wine in all of the existence Jack was tasting. He grabbed her, his arms wrapping around her as their tongues melted in each other’s mouths, and Jack pulled his sister into him roughly, almost forcefully, as their passion became even more animalistic. Brother and sister fell back in the tub, neither caring as they hit the hard linoleum. Their mouths never broke away from each other.

Jo closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She was so fucking horny right then she just wanted to hold her brother down, straddle him, and then fuck his brains out until the water went cold. She knew that would be too fast for him but figured she’d ask for something less intense.

“Will you finger fuck me please?” She begged, breaking the watery kiss for only a moment.

Jack only nodded, feeling so horny he probably would have fucked Jo right then had she asked him to. Jo grabbed his hand and took it to her pussy and he started playing with her labia.

Jo just let him explore for a bit. At first, it was like the worst fingering she’d ever had, but, like with everything, Jack seemed to naturally figure it out in almost no time at all and soon she felt like she was seeing stars as he gently probed her labia, clit, and cunt. They were kissing again, and Jo was feeling so good she just grabbed her brother’s cock without thinking about asking this time. She started to stroke him as he fingered her. She had to break the kiss to moan, “Oh fuck! FUUUCK! JACK! JAAACK! FINGER MEEEEE! FUUUCK!” And she came in long bursts all over her brother’s fingers and continued expertly jacking his cock as she did so.

Jack knew she was cumming this time, and not just from her facial and vocal expressions. But this time he could feel her pussy squeezing around his fingers. It was so hot that it made him cum too as Jo continued to jerk his cock like it was her destiny in life to do so.

Jack’s balls tightened and soon he unleashed what felt like ten years’ worth of cum all over both of their bodies, but since they were in the shower, it all soon washed from their bodies and down the drain.

They held each other as they came down from their orgasms. “Jesus Christ,” Jo moaned after about a minute, “You’ve now given me another orgasm that was better than any other orgasm I’ve ever had.” She then kissed her brother on the lips and he kissed back without hesitation. Even though Jack’s horniness of many days had finally subsided, he didn’t want to stop kissing his sister.

Jo broke the kiss to say, “You know… I don’t think anyone else is here. We could, um,” she smirked at him, “Do more stuff until they come back.” She suggested.

Jack frowned, “I still feel really conflicted about, well, about all this stuff. I don’t know if we should keep doing stuff like this.”

Jo scoffed, “But do you want to continue?” She asked, hopeful.

Jack looked at his sister and then down at both their bodies. As he stared at her tits and tight pussy, his cock started to rise again, “I mean, yes. I want to. But I also know that we shouldn’t.”

Jo stared at her brother’s rising cock and considered just grabbing it and lining it up with her pussy to see what he would do after that. But then Jack said, “Actually, would it be okay if we were just a normal brother and sister for the rest of the day?”

Jo agreed, she was only a tad disappointed mostly because she had such a great orgasm.


They decided to watch a movie. Jo made popcorn while Jack picked ultrabet güvenilirmi one out. He wanted something they both would enjoy so he picked out a romantic comedy that he had heard was pretty funny.

It was really funny actually and Jo and Jack were laughing a lot on the couch for the first half of the film. About halfway through, there was the point when the guy and girl kiss for the first time. When that happened, Jack took his sister’s hand. Jo turned to look at him. She pursed her lips, wondering what he was thinking.

Jack, knowing it was wrong but no longer caring at that moment, leaned over and kissed his sister. Jo kissed back and they were soon passionately making out on the couch. Jo pushed her brother back and was straddling him, loving that he was grabbing her tits and ass as she showed him yesterday, but that he had gained confidence and had lifted her shirt and moved her bra out of the way to grab her bare tits and pushed his other hand into the back of her panties to fondle her ass.

They continued to make out recklessly as Jo started undoing her brother’s pants. She had pulled his cock out…

That’s when their mother came in from the garage and saw her son and daughter, lips together, Jo’s tits out, Jack’s dick out, both looking at her like deer caught in the headlights.

Jack and Jo broke apart and fixed their clothes very quickly but they both knew it was too late.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT FUCKING DICK!” Sara yelled at her kids, her lid blowing right off the top.

After a very long period of yelling about Jack and Jo being brother and sister. That they should know better. That they’re totally insane. Etc. Eventually, Sara calmed down long enough that either of them could speak.

“It’s my fault,” Jo said, knowing it really kinda was in the end, but she had an excuse, “I was trying to teach Jack about women. Like we talked about, Mom.”

“I never said anything about this!” Sara shot at her with an expression that would make paint peel.

Jo winced like she’d been slapped but continued, “We did talk about Jack’s condition though and about him needing a girlfriend.” Jo bit her lip, knowing that maybe if she took the brunt of the blame at least Jack wouldn’t be punished, “Jack is just such a good kisser though, I guess I just lost all control. It’s really my fault. Jack was just acting the way he was because of his condition, obviously.” Jo knew it was best to salt your lies with truth, the only reason she added that Jack was a good kisser line.

Sara thought about her son’s condition, something it seems I can’t stop thinking about since every time I turn around something keeps getting worse in that area…. Now, Jo and Jack are fooling around at home?! That’s just one more thing I have to worry about. She sighed, “It’s both your faults,” She decided, “And you’ll both get the same punishment. No TV, No videogames, No phone.”

Jo jumped at that, “What?! No! I need my phone!”

“No phone!” Sara repeated, “No car either, I’ll drive you to school.” She said that specifically to Jo since Jack didn’t have a car, “I don’t want either of you going anywhere but to and from school either. And until further notice, I don’t even want to see you in the same room together except for at meals, are we clear?”

“Crystal,” Jack said bitterly, the only thing he’d said since their mom started yelling at them. He was feeling especially guilty, he knew what they were doing was wrong and he still did it anyway.

“How long are we grounded for?” Jo asked.

“Like I said,” Sara explained, “Until further notice, but at least a month.”

“What!?” Jo got very upset, “But Homecoming is in two weeks!”

“My decision is final, now give me your phone, both of you, and go to your rooms!”

That night, when Clara got home, and later Rita came home very late at night. All Sara said to both of them was that Jo and Jack were grounded so that she didn’t grant them special privileges. But she wouldn’t tell them exactly why, and Clara wasn’t allowed to visit with either of them in their rooms.

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