The Naked Zone Ch. 03

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We had spent the better part of 4 years planning, planting, building and growing the buffer zone around our house. Once upon a time we had lived far enough out not to have to worry about being naked in the backyard, but town was slowly encroaching and they were building a house near enough to ours, that the time had come. A row of trees then a grape arbor 10 feet high and 100 feet long, big leaves on the grapes, plus bushing out the Aus trees provided for a nice sized area that know one could see into from outside the property lines.

Karen felt comfortable sunbathing, in fact with the new additions she mostly wandered naked through the backyard when ever she wanted. She has the full figure she has always had and looks close to 10 years younger than her 47 years. Her 38D bust narrows to a 34 inch waist then flairs back out to 40 inch hips, may not be what some call a goddess, but she is all woman. Me well I’m pushing the heck out of 50 and have been working out a bit so I don’t scare off the birds when my shirt comes off.

I had met Laura several years before, she worked at a bar a friend of mine owned, kind of a sleazy joint but I enjoyed hanging out there. Laura was the bar tender and loved to play with the crowd, the proper tip when things were slow and you got flashed with an amazing set of 38EE’s. Long light brown hair and brown eyes the tight tee shirts she wore showed off her curves, in her mid thirties she was holding up pretty well, but then I’ve always liked my women to look like women not little girls.

Laura had run into some hard times, lost her job and she hurt her back, so I helped her out on a couple of occasions with some cash advances. Mostly I was there for support, a friend if you will. Karen knew I was helping her out, lending an ear when she needed it, sometimes which was the middle of the night. “Maybe I should talk with her,” Karen offered “you know woman to woman.”

So I invited Laura over that Saturday for the afternoon, “If we don’t answer, just come around back we will be in the yard some where.” I had told her about the naked zone once and she had laughed it off, sure I was kidding and I think she may have forgotten about it.

Saturday rolled around and Karen and I did our normal routine mowing the lawn and generally taking care of the house and the yard, by noon we were done and had a light lunch then back to the backyard. Karen stepped out of the shorts and tank top she had been wearing and stretched out on a lounge chair and I went into the shop to work on a sprinkler head that was giving me problems. I’ve always enjoyed watching Karen from my shop window as she sunned herself or worked in the garden. The window over my bench gives me a great view of the yard and the Zone. So as I watched her beautiful breasts catch the sun I heard a woman’s voice call out “Hello?” We had both forgotten Laura was coming over.

Karen came up quickly out of her chair, looking toward the back door as if she would sprint to it as Laura came around the corner of the house, “Hello? Hell OH, I’m sorry,” Laura turned around, as Karen caught herself.

The transformation bakırköy escort was amazing; suddenly Karen was in her element “Wait! I was waiting for you,” Karen acted as if she did this every day, “didn’t Mitch explain the zone and the rules?”

Laura had a rather confused look on her face, half wanting to remember… “Rules…Zone?” she stood with a blank look staring at my nude wife.

“Typical Man!” Karen gathered Laura’s arm and walked her on back to the patio where the sign I had carved was posted. “He told me he had told you about the Naked Zone.” She pointed at the sign on the wall

NAKED ZONE RULES 1. You Must Be Naked 2. No Means No! And Yes spells FUN! 3. If You Are Jealous Go Home!

“I uh… he uh… Mitch wasn’t kidding?” Laura kept looking at the sign.

Karen had holding back her giggle “No honey he wasn’t but give me a moment and I’ll throw something on so you’ll feel more comfortable.” She started into the house.

“Wait!… You really can just lie around naked back here?”

“The Naked Zone is a safe place for our friends, we designed it so no one can see in and usually the gate is locked so people don’t do what you did.” Karen explained, “You can wear as much or as little as you want.” Karen has always been remarkable at making people feel comfortable, no matter what the situation. The opening party for the Naked Zone had been an amazing feet of bringing our friends together in one place naked, now she turned those same charms on with Laura. It was not so much what she said; it is just how she is.

“Where is Mitch?” Laura asked looking around.

“He is working in the shop,” Karen answered, “he will be out in a bit, come sit and we will talk.”

Laura pulled on the bottom of her tee shirt, “Can I…”

“As much or as little as you want, hang them on the hooks over there and I’ll grab the sun screen.” Karen pulled the bottle of spf 70 off the shelf as Laura pulled her shirt off to reveal a black framed leopard skin print bra, her back toward Karen; she peeled her tight pants off leaving a pair of pale blue panties and her bra on. She hesitated for a moment then reached behind her and unsnapped the bra holding it with her arms not sure if she wanted to remove it or not. “You need some sun block, let me help.” Karen dabbed some of the lotion on her hands and worked it into Laura’s back and shoulders knocking her bra straps off to the sides. Karen worked her way down Laura’s back spreading the lotion and chatting with her. “We can’t have you burning up or you’ll never come back. You have terrific legs!” Karen skipped over the thin pale panties and worked the lotion into Laura’s legs. Karen’s hips had always been wide and her thighs thick and she was a bit jealous of Laura’s tight ass and thin thighs.

Laura had been clutching her bra cups to her breasts, but as Karen’s smooth easy conversation along with the sun block massage was relaxing her. When Karen got to Laura’s panty line she shifted methods and knelt down and worked from her ankles up getting good coverage top to bottom, her hand lightly başakşehir escort bumping the bottom of Laura’s panties. This caused Laura to involuntarily inhale, then she parted her legs slightly giving Karen better access to her inner thighs she also dropped her hand releasing her leopard print bra into her left hand exposing her breasts, she lay it on top of her other clothing.

“Ok, turn around so we can get the front.” Karen quipped as she remained knelt behind Laura. Her turn placed her breasts level with Karen’s face, “Oh my! No wonder Mitch likes you. Your tits are magnificent.”

“Do you really think so? I’ve always thought they were too big”

“I’m sure no man ever told you that and I’m know Mitch didn’t, he is too much of a breast man to ever dis those.” Karen was right I love BIG TITS! And these two lovely ladies had what I love. Karen’s D cups with her large nipples sticking out surrounded by light areolas about the size of a fifty cent pieces and Laura’s EE’s had huge areolas the size of a beer mug opening with a much less protruding nipple.

Karen rubbed lotion across Laura’s stomach and up under her breasts, as she stood up their nipples rubbed together causing both girls to giggle. Karen spread the lotion across the top of Laura’s chest and on her neck, stepped back and motioned towards Laura’s breasts “Do you mind if I finish?”

Laura blushed and said “You might as well you’ve gone almost everywhere else.” Karen rubbed a new glob of lotion in both hands, circling first Laura’s left breast spreading the lotion from the base toward the nipple lifting her breast up, just before she got to the nipple she quickly kissed it softly and pulled on it with her teeth, then covered it with the sun block. Laura squealed just a bit as her nipple was pulled, but she shifted her right breast towards Karen for her to finish. This time Karen spent a little more time nuzzling the nipple.

“Now let’s grab some sun girl!” Karen grabbed the second lawn lounger and carried it out next to hers. “Mitch, quit staring out the window and bring this girl and me a wine cooler!”

Laura looked over in half shock to see me looking out the window of the shop. She realized I had been watching the whole sun block session; she was still beet red when I walked out with a wine cooler for each of them and a beer for myself. Still wearing my sleeveless T Shirt and a pair of shorts I grabbed a chair and set it down in front of the girls, “Before you sit you had best take care of that gate,” Karen half growled at me, “Laura scared the piss out of me.” Off I jogged into the trees and I locked the gate and headed back, I could hear the girls giggling as I came back into the Zone.

The girls were obviously hitting it off well and it was quite a sight to have two lovely ladies sun bathing one nude and the other nearly so in the backyard. “Somebody doesn’t know how to read!” Laura almost shouted as I walked under the zone sign.

“No problem.” I answered and reached for the bottom of my shirt.

“Wait!” they both yelled in unison.

“Since bayrampaşa escort you got one, we want a show!” laughed Karen.

“With Music,” added Laura, “and more wine coolers.” She drained hers and Karen followed suit.

“Yes my ladies,” I bowed deeply at the waist, “your wish is my command.” I grabbed a couple coolers each for them from the shop, then into the house to put on some tunes.

“WE WANT THE SHOW! WE WANT THE SHOW!” The natives were getting restless, so I just pushed play on the CD player switched to the outside speakers and walked out the door as “Tequila,” you know, the Pee Wee Herman song, started to play much to the laughter of the girls.

“Come on Pee Wee! Show me your dick!” Karen isn’t much of a drinker and had chugged her second cooler and was working on her third.

“WOO HOO!” Laura was getting into the program “TAKE IT OFF BABY!”

The shirt came off almost immediately as I dance for them, soon I popped the button on my shorts and they started to slip, my hard on was the only thing keeping them from falling down. When the sax riff hit I stopped pulled my legs together facing away from the ladies (if you could still call them that their cat calls were pretty sluttish) and dropped the shorts to my ankles. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so as I stepped out of them I was now the girls’ nude dancer. When I turned towards them my semi-hard on was bouncing in the air, both gals were laughing and cheering. I danced up to them and was standing between their chairs as the final refrain played.

“TEQUILA!” We all shouted.

Karen reached up running her left hand fingernails up the underside of my penis, sending shivers up my spine and a rush of blood to its head. “So Laura do you think our dancer deserves a reward?”

“I think so,” Laura answered her right hand fondled my testicles, her fingernails scratched lightly across them, then traced down my thigh, “what did you have in mind.” She was asking Karen, but looking at me.

Me? I was just grinning like a fool.

“Knowing my man…” Karen replied, with a drunken glint in her eye, “he wants to fuck those monster titties of yours.”

Laura giggled, rocked her chest bouncing those fantastic breasts, her nipples were rock hard. We moved to the grass, where the girls lay me out and started massaging me with their breasts. As Karen worked towards my head giving me her breasts to suck on for a moment while Laura worked her way down, bouncing my very erect penis with her breasts then enveloping it between them slowly she rubbed them over my shaft, as the head came out over the top of her breasts she would lick her tongue across it. Karen moved on around and behind Laura, massaging her ass, then slowly pulled Laura’s panties to her knees.

As Karen’s fingers began to probe some of Laura’s more private areas, Laura pulled my throbbing member into her mouth, deep throating it. When Karen moved around behind her and slipped her tongue deep into Laura’s clit, Laura in turn clamped down with her mouth almost to a bite, her teeth scraping along my shaft as she sucked harder and harder until I exploded into her mouth. Nearly choking she was Cumming herself rocking back onto Karen’s tongue, she swallowed the last of my cum and let out a loud moan as she collapsed on to the grass her legs quivering as Karen traced her fingers around Laura’s nether region. Her face covered with pussy juice Karen leaned over and kissed me, “Can we keep her?”

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