The Picture of Elegance

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I walked home in the glaring sun as sprinklers tinkled on the lawns of our neighbours and sweat seeped slowly into my clothes. I wiped my brow and held the straps of my backpack, beneath which the thin material of my school shirt was nearly saturated. The temperature had risen steadily over the past week and the heat wave was now at its peak.

I trudged along and finally arrived home, bursting in and slamming the door behind me. My mother and her best friend Mrs. Michaels looked up seeming somewhat startled by the sudden intrusion. They were sitting together in the living room sipping tea from small china cups which were part of a set Alison and I had recently given mom as a present. The two were the picture of order and calm and standing haggardly in front of them in my disheveled uniform and red faced from the heat I felt entirely out of place.

“Excuse me,” I said, awkwardly slipping out of my shoes.

“Wow hon, you look cooked.” mom remarked

“Yeah the weather’s insane.”

“I could have come picked you up.” Jean said as mom echoed almost the same thing.

They both laughed looking at one another; Jean laughing a bit more nervously than my mom. Mrs. Michaels didn’t know my mom was already aware that my friend Liam and I were fucking her regularly, and lifted a biscotti daintily to lips, as I assured them I was fine.

The room was warmly lit and a soap opera played quietly on the TV; with my damp clothes and matted hair I felt entirely out of place.

“Well why don’t you go get changed and then come join us.” Mom proposed.

I looked at the TV, a male model was trying to show in his expression the deviousness of the plan he was scheming up as the camera slowly zoomed in.

“No I don’t want to interrupt your conversation or anything.”

“Nonsense honey, you just get changed and you’ll have a cup of tea waiting for you, okay?”

I knew there was no way out and agreed, heading up the stairs and into my room, stopping at the bathroom and pouring myself several glasses of cold water before rinsing my face and feeling much better. Alison wasn’t home, I suspected she was at Megan’s house as long as her mother was here and her father was at work, and what the two of them might be doing at the moment had me wondering if I shouldn’t have gone with them.

Once dressed I headed down the stairs and, as promised, found a steaming cup of tea with a biscotti resting on the saucer. It was set directly in between the two ladies as they chatted quietly about some unnamed person who apparently had awful taste in men. I was sitting on the couch beside my mom who wore a light brown skirt and stockings which, when she crossed her legs revealed that she also wore a black set of garters that looked magnificent on her –particularly when it was all she was wearing and the straps would hug her broad thighs as they stretched up to the belt wrapped around her narrow waist, accentuating her wide hips beneath. Additionally she wore a slightly ruffled blouse which she had obviously bought before she had begun lactating as the material and its buttons strained to contain her now more than ample bosoms.

“So we were just talking about you not too long ago,” she said nudging my thigh affectionately with her own.

“Yeah? All good I hope.”

They laughed and smiled knowingly, though one of them knew much less than the other. “Yeah we were saying how funny it would be if we ended up becoming family.”

I looked at Mrs. Michaels quizzically until my mom added, “You know, if you and Megan ended up married. Then we’d be sisters in law!”


We all laughed and Mrs. Michaels added, “We were just joking around though, I know young men don’t think about making any commitments like that.”

She once again smiled knowingly and uncrossed her legs, re-crossing them to the other side, giving me the profile of her gorgeous thighs pressing against each other as her black skirt rode up her bare legs approaching her hips. Jean’s frame was smaller than my mom’s and her silky thighs were firm and muscular. As I looked –perhaps stared- it was as though I could feel her warm flesh as I slid my hands up the smooth surface of those legs. The soft contours of the muscles made me hungry for her and I imagined biting them; eating her thighs like a plate of wings.

My eyes shot up to Mrs. Michaels and I stammered something about liking her daughter very much, feeling the warm sensation of my cock swelling in my pants.

As the conversation went on I tried not to stare at Mrs. Michaels’ legs, though she gave me every opportunity, and even bent over the arm of her chair twice to get something from her purse and then put it back, giving me a perfect view down her nearly open blouse; she even winked at me when mom was watching the TV. The bulge in my pants was growing steadily.

In addition to Mrs. Michaels however, amid the smells of the warm tea and chocolate I could detect on every inward breath my mom sitting next to me. There was something about her lately, something in her scent that drove right to my core, and bakırköy escort without the need of any other stimulus I would find that in her presence, in the scent of her skin and her sweat and more than anything the smell of her hot cunt -I would find myself inescapably aroused.

I shifted in my seat and pulled at my pants, trying to act natural, but only attracting mom’s attention. She looked down in my lap to where my erection was now outlined in the material as I continued to shift at this tightness and visibility. As mom looked I glanced over at Jean who observed the whole occurrence with a bit of apprehension, perhaps fearing her flirtations had gone too far in my mother’s presence, and not realizing that my mom was as much responsible for it as she was.

“Oh you know Carey from work?” Mom asked, drawing Mrs. Michaels’ eyes back up.

“Mm hm,”

“She had her baby a couple weeks ago; she came in and showed her to everyone, she’s just adorable.”

“Aww,” Jean held her open hand to her chest, her voice taking on a sweet tone, “I always wanted to have another baby -especially so Megan could have had a brother or sister to play with, I think as things went we may have spoilt her a bit.”

She thought for a moment then added distractedly, “But you don’t always get what you want.”

My mom worked at the local newspaper along with Mr. Michaels who, as editor in chief had been largely responsible for her getting a column of her own on cooking.

My hard on stood out prominently against my left leg despite all my efforts to forget the two minxes on either side of me, as with every abstract concept and unconnected thought I entertained there persisted still that odour, that musk lingering on the periphery of my mind. I found myself breathing more deeply as the air caressed my nostrils like a warm vapour, and the image of mom waiting for me just the night before in this very room, came vividly to mind; with the candles lit wearing a lacy white teddy bear, silently waiting for me to kneel between her legs and suck her pink swollen nipples, drinking the milk from her bulging tits before mounting her on the love seat and sinking deep into her hot wet pussy, humping her slowly and cumming inside her three times at a stretch.

Suffice to say my erection was going nowhere and I simply had to come to terms with its presence. This did however free me up to ogle the two ladies as I watched them calmly discuss TV characters and plotlines, and to play back in my mind expressions I’d seen in each of their faces and in their eyes as they climaxed on my dick, clutching me, screaming, spitting, and swearing, as they pounded their hips against my own, fucking like animals in the very act of life itself, and the sweating pulsing embrace of the infinite. I sipped my tea slowly and looked over at mom sitting next to me, looking down into her cleavage which seemed to swell from within the confines of her shirt and heaved seductively with every breath as her gold necklace reposed gently across her collar bone. Mom definitely needed milking, her tits were huge and swollen and as I looked I noticed her wetness had begun to seep through the thin material of her blouse.

I took a bite from my biscotti and washed it down with a large mouthful of warm tea, and looked at the screen where a blonde woman was arguing with a doctor about …something. I leaned back in the couch allowing my hardon to sit clearly outlined along my left thigh and watched for a bit as mom and Mrs. Michaels seemed engrossed momentarily in the characters’ exchange. The scene reached its ominous conclusion and then a loud commercial exploded on the screen and mom reached for the remote and turned down the volume. As she set it back down she looked at her breasts and then pressed them down with one forearm as she examined the damp material, saying distractedly, “Oh, I’m leaking.”

Mrs. Michaels and I looked at one another immediately, each of us checking to see if the other knew what she meant and it was clear that mom had already told Jean about her ‘problem.’ I looked back at mom who held her hands limp and hesitating in front her enormous chest before asking, “You guys don’t mind do you?”

We both assured her it was no problem as she began unbuttoning her blouse. I wondered what she was doing as I thought she was simply asking if we minded her appearance like that. My heart began to beat quickly, my face warmed and my cock began to swell in my jeans even more as my mothers huge jugs still strapped into her white bra came into view right in front of ‘Aunt Jean.’

“With the heat we’ve been having they just get so hot and sweaty when I keep them in a bra all day,” Mom said without looking up as she held the top of one tit and plunged her other hand down under it, hoisting it up and out of her bra, into the open air. The firm round breast looked glossy as it was indeed glazed with a thin layer of perspiration as well as a large white droplet which clung to the bottom of her pink nipple. Mom looked up and smiled apologetically bostancı escort as she held the top of the other breast and reached in underneath it, trying to find a good spot to lift out the weight of the breast. Finding it she let the second of her massive butter bags spill out over her bra and into the cool air of the living room.

She looked at Jean who looked a little speechless and said, “I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable.”

“Oh no,” she replied, “I just…”

She looked furtively at me and mom immediately responded, “Oh he doesn’t mind, he knows all about my problem.”

As she said this mom slapped me gently on the chest, her hand lingering a moment as she said, “I’m his mother after all, you can’t be embarrassed in front of your own family.”

Removing her hand from my chest mom began waving it in front of herself, using it to fan her big sweaty tits as she continued, “And you know I consider you family Jean, but if you want I can put them back, just give me a second,”

Mom’s breasts seemed to grow bigger by the day and both were now quite a bit bigger than her head, giving her a swan-like appearance as her neck seemed thinner and longer and her hair, tied up fell only here and there in a few loose curling strands. She continued to quickly fan her plump breasts, the shaking movement this created caused a drop to fall from one nipple and then the other, each followed by another as Mrs. Michaels said, “No no, if Nick doesn’t mind I don’t mind.”

“I’ll put them back.” Mom said grabbing hold of one and struggling to wrap her shirt around it.

“No no, really, leave them, I don’t mind at all. They’re very full -I can see why you were so uncomfortable.”

A drip fell from each nipple as mom smiled and thanked her, leaning back into the couch next to me and watching the screen where two guys on a boat were arguing about a woman and wrestling with an oar between them. Sprinklers poured heavily and the camera shifted from side to side; “You only used her so you could gut the company and give the money to Arizona! Once you had your chair at Boswell Enterprises you tossed her aside!” one of them yelled, seeming a little verbose for one engaged in such a lethal struggle.

I glanced down at the table and at the cup in front of Mrs. Michaels; the tea was hazy with milk and I smiled knowing that mom had stopped buying milk at the store weeks ago. I looked back at the screen and tried to focus on the conversation the two men were having but found my mind absorbed in the present situation; that we were sitting having tea with Aunt Jean while mom’s breasts simply hung out in front of her, swollen and dripping steadily onto her shirt. Jean looked at mom and remarked, “I don’t know how Madison didn’t see that coming –that Garreth would back her after she was basically responsible for his father’s death, I mean hello-o, of course it’s a set up…”

“Yeah but remember she said to Aisley that she still had feelings for him and she didn’t know that he knew that she had left his father alone that day.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jean conceded as I looked over at her. Mom was watching the screen again and Jean’s eyes were fixed on her huge jugs as mom once again began fanning them off with her hands. I grabbed hold of my jeans just above my knees and pulled at them, lifting my ass off the couch momentarily, trying to get comfortable. I smiled as I imagined simply pulling my hard sweaty cock out of my pants and letting it stand straight up in front of me, fanning it off as I watched the show in an attitude of perfect nonchalance.

For the next half hour we passed the time chatting idly during commercials or boring parts. Mostly Mom and Jean gossiped about ladies they knew and people’s marriages and jobs but over time they tried to include me in the discussion, asking about school and friends and that. In the unusually open and comfortable environment we had going they asked me about Megan and pushed me to speak candidly about the things we did together. Mrs. Michaels smiled mischievously as she informed my mother that Megan would ask nearly every night for permission to let me sleep over, adding as she looked to me, “So apparently he’s doing something right.”

Her nose crinkled as she smiled even more looking right into my eyes with a look I knew quite well, it said “If your mother weren’t here I’d pounce on you like a wolf on a helpless rabbit.”

She had been sitting more and more with her legs apart over the last half hour and now she didn’t seem to realize how lewdly she sat on the loveseat, dressed so ladylike while giving me and my mom a clear view of her panty covered pussy. She was slouched and shifted often in her seat, and like my cock her pussy seemed to emanate heat, like it was the whole center of her being and it was clear that she was very much affected by the way mom just sat there with her big sweaty knockers hanging out in front of her, dripping milk all over her shirt.

That was it for me, I stood up, leaning forward slightly and moving quickly çekmeköy escort behind the couch to hide my erection, “Well, thanks for the tea, uh, I should really go upstairs and do some homework now so…”

“Oh, come on honey, stay just a little while longer,” mom said over her shoulder as she set down her cup.

I gave her a look that said that wasn’t an option, I knew where I was going and I wasn’t stopping now: in the top drawer of my mom’s dresser buried in her bras and panties I had found (several years ago) a faded and dog-eared book which I had since read cover to cover several times.

It was a book of erotic short stories describing in detail scenes of fucking and sucking and kinky hot sex and I always read it with a pair of mom’s panties wrapped firmly around my cock as I stroked it up and down, picturing the various scenes and the sensations the book described, and savouring the very thought that my mother, who had always scolded us for using any swear words, owned a book crammed with more filthy language in it than I’d ever heard; throbbing hard fuck-sticks and wet sopping pussies practically dripped from every page, and I’d fuck her soft silky panties with my stiff dick dripping precum all over them as I imagined her reading these very words and rubbing her hot puffy mound through the very same panties I’d fold up afterwards and replace in her drawer.

I’d always take note of pages she’d dog-eared as they changed regularly. I’d backtrack and read whatever led mom to the point where she had left off, presumably after cumming, as these portions were generally the hottest fuck-scenes of the respective stories, and shared with her in this way her life in sexual fantasy.

Mom insisted, “Just one more cup sweetie, there’s still plenty of time to get your homework done.”

“Yeah but I…”

There was something in her eyes as I began that told me not to go, and made quite a convincing argument. Also staying in the company of her big exposed tits was fairly persuasive and I said alright as I sat back down.

“Oh wait, give me a hand in the kitchen first would you? I’m just going to put on another pot and get some more snacks, kay?”

With that she stood up and collected all the cups and saucers onto the silver tray (which caught several drops from her dangling breasts) and turned towards the kitchen. As I followed her with my cock pressing out against my pants I watched her ass move in her tight skirt and traced her figure up to her narrow elegant waist and then to her breasts, noticing that without a bra on her tits bulged out at the sides so much that from behind her both were visible bulging out just beneath her arms.

In the kitchen mom set down the tray and turned to face me, leaning back on the counter with both hands.

“So what do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Come here and suck my tits while I get the tea ready.”

I noticed then that mom’s face was quite flushed and shone with the same glaze of sweat that glared on her tits from every angle. Her breathing was heavy as I advanced quickly, pressing our lips frantically together and sliding my tongue into her wet waiting mouth. She pushed me back after a moment, straightening her shoulders so that her massive jugs pressed out towards me even more. From each nipple a large drop hung, shaking with each beat of her heart and every spasm of every muscle that quaked with her ragged breathing. I bent down and sucked one smooth nipple into my mouth and felt a warm stream of milk fill it as mom gasped and held tightly to the counter behind her.

I sucked and swallowed and licked the hard nipple as milk poured out and mom began to push out her hips, rhythmically grinding against the air for a short time before shuddering as a sudden stiff spasm ran through her entire body, leaving her shaking and bringing out a deep red blush across her chest and neck as well as her pale sweat-glazed face, “Oh baby, that felt so good,” she said, turning her chest as she continued to lean back on the counter.

As my lips approached the other areole a smaller spasm ran through her like an aftershock which caused the muscles of her chest to convulse, and a thin shot of milk to spray out in several directions, splashing my lips and nose, and running quickly down my chin as I pressed her swollen nipple between my wet lips, and sucked on it. The taste of her skin and of her milk was intoxicating and I sucked her nipple firmly, gulping down milk as I rubbed my hard cock through my jeans wishing I could pull it out and cum all over the floor at my her feet.

After a while she pushed me away unexpectedly and a mixture of milk and saliva spilled down my chin from between my open lips. “Shhh,” mom said grabbing my arm and pulling me back to my feet, “I’ve got to get the tea ready.”

As mom handled the kettle and the cups she seemed unsure of her movements, she reached too far for the tin of tea bags and knocked it over, and then seemed to have trouble opening it. As she raised the kettle off the stove it was apparent that her hands were shaking and her legs seemed rubbery as she moved on them as little as possible, finally carrying the tray out very slowly and still misstepping once as she moved into the living room with her tits still hanging out in front of her, making me think that she had stopped me so suddenly because she didn’t want Aunt Jean to notice a difference in how full her tits were.

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