The Shoot

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“Action!” the director yelled.

Jenny leaned forward on her hands and knees, intent on licking Simone’s spread pussy. As she lowered her head, she exposed her own moistly pouting pussy and the puckered rosebud of her anus to Adam’s admiring gaze. He moved forward on the bed so that he was directly behind her, and then slowly rubbed the swollen tip of his long hard cock against the soft lips of Jenny’s cunt, enjoying the jolts of sensation that ran through his cock, down to his heavy, aching balls. He watched Jenny slide her tongue inside Simone’s beautiful pussy and then, unable to hold back any longer, plunged his throbbing cock inside her.

Jenny gasped and turned her head, looking over her shoulder at him.

“Fuck me hard,” she said. “Make me come.”

Adam pulled his cock part way out of her moist warmth, then slammed it back in, loving – as always – the feel of Jenny’s hot cunt around his cock.

“I’m going to ream your cunt out,” he said, hating the trite dialogue the director insisted they had to say in this film – and in all of the other films they had made with him.

Jenny eagerly pushed her face back in between Simone’s spread legs and continued tonguing her. Simone’s hips bucked. Adam began a rhythmic fucking stroke, thrusting his cock in and out, his balls slapping the backs of Jenny’s thighs, his hands gripping her arse hard. Jenny began pushing back onto his cock, her head moving forwards and backwards in time to his thrusts.

“Slap her arse!” the director yelled. “Then say your lines.”

Adam raised his hands and slapped them both down hard on Jenny’s round, firm buttocks. Jenny groaned and writhed. Adam lifted his hands, saw the red hand marks and slapped both buttocks again.

“You like that, don’t you, you bitch?”

“Yes,” Jenny groaned. “Do it again. Harder.”

Simone got up and moved around behind Jenny’s arse.

“Let me spank her,” she begged.

Adam pulled his glistening cock out of Jenny’s cunt and moved around to where her head rested on the bed. He pulled her head up and fed his cock into her mouth.

She sucked hard on it, knowing he was near to coming. Adam heard a hard slapping sound and looked up to see Simone furiously spanking Jenny’s reddening buttocks.

“And… cut!” yelled the director. “Well done everybody,” he added.

Adam reluctantly pulled his pulsating cock out of Jenny’s warm mouth and Simone stopped spanking her buttocks. The three of them relaxed on the bed, waiting for the next set of instructions from the director. The harsh halogen lights were switched off and the air around the bed immediately cooled. Simone reached for her kimono.

“Someone to see you, Adam,” the director called.

Adam looked up, past the three cameramen, who were busy rearranging the positions of their cameras, ready for the next piece of filming. The director indicated a man standing in the tiny warehouse office. “Don’t be too long,” he told Adam. “Time is money.”

Pompous prick! Adam thought, as he got up, pulled his dressing gown on, and patted Jenny’s bottom affectionately.

“If it’s another job,” Jenny said, “make sure you tell him we come as a package.”

“Of course,” Adam said, looking fondly at his two favorite women. He crossed the warehouse and entered the tiny perspex cubicle, closing the door behind him.

“Good morning, Mister Walsh,” the stranger said.

“Hello,” Adam responded, wondering who his visitor was, examining him carefully göztepe escort for clues. He was about the same height as Adam, had thick red hair, a chubby face, a goatee beard and wore expensive clothes. There was a distinct military bearing about him which Adam felt he was trying to hide. “How can I help you?”

“I’m Neil Atwell and I run Ardent Productions, a small film company,” the man said. “I like your style and could use you in my next feature.”

“How did you hear about me?” Adam asked.

“You do have something of a reputation in this industry,” the red-haired man said, grinning thinly. “It wasn’t difficult to locate you.”

“I’m impressed by your powers of deduction,” Adam lied, “but I usually work with those two ladies out there. We come as a package.”

The man looked out of the office, focusing his gaze on Jenny and Simone, who were chatting together, Jenny smoking a cigarette, Simone lying back against the pillows, her hand busy beneath her kimono. The man watched them for a few seconds, and then looked back at Adam.

“Well,” he said reluctantly, “we already have some very gifted actresses cast for the central roles. I don’t know if the remaining parts will be big enough for them.”

Adam turned to the door. “Then I’m sorry I can’t help you, Mister Atwell. Thanks for the offer anyway.”

“Your role will earn you five thousand pounds,” Atwell said casually, as Adam opened the door. He shut it immediately and turned to Atwell.

“Five thousand! That’s double the normal rate for a full length feature. Why are you prepared to pay so much for me? You could get Geoff Banks or Larry Long – who are both good – for the going rate.”

“Oh, I know they’re good, I’ve seen them at work,” Atwell said.

“So why me?” Adam asked.

“The other two gentlemen you mentioned don’t have your… attributes,” Atwell said smoothly. “Mister Banks is fine for novelty films, but that’s about all, and Mister Long is too young for the central role of the film I’m making. You are the right person, Mister Walsh.”

“But you’ve nothing for Jenny or Simone?”

“Oh, I might be able to give them a few minutes of screen time,” Atwell said off-handedly, “but nothing much. It’s not them I want.”

“But why the high wages?”

Atwell shrugged. “Your salary is on a par with what I’m paying everyone else in the film. I can afford to pay it because I have an unofficial contract with a major film and distribution company.” He named the company. “You may have heard of them,” he added lightly.

“Of course. They’re probably the biggest film company in the world.”

“Yes. And my contract with them guarantees that my film will be one of the biggest-selling unofficial titles in the world.” He paused for a few seconds. “Do we have a deal, Mister Walsh?”

Adam hesitated, wanting to say no, but finding the prospect of the large payment alluring. He reasoned that he could split a thousand between Simone and Jenny and still come out on top. He nodded.

“Okay, Mister Atwell, we have a deal.”

Atwell stuck his hand out and Adam shook it, sealing the transaction. Atwell then took a beige envelope out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Adam. “You’ll find a one thousand pounds advance and a sheet of paper containing the time and location in there. Filming starts tonight. Just come on your own for the preliminaries – your young ladies can come on the second day. Please bring your istanbul escort passport and driving license with you for identification and set insurance purposes. See you at the shoot.”

Adam nodded, and then left the office, moving back towards the bed.

Adam shot his spunk into Simone’s mouth and she swallowed, and then licked the end of his cock with delicate tongue strokes. Then she slid his cock out of her mouth, and looked at his lean body. Sex was always better when there were no cameras; when it wasn’t a job.

“So we get five hundred each,” she said. “That’s not too bad for a few minutes work, is it?”

The question was directed at Jenny, who was sitting on Adam’s face, her eyes shut, her body swaying gently as Adam probed her cunt with his tongue.

“Don’t distract me,” she moaned, “I’m nearly there.” She speeded up her movements, wriggling fervently as Adam’s tongue brushed the walls of her swollen pussy.

She came magnificently, her mouth open wide, panting furiously, her eyes scrunched with pleasure, her body taut, her vagina pulsing with pleasure.

Beneath her, Adam felt a gush of wet warmth hit his face. Most of it went into his mouth and he drank it greedily, loving the taste of Jenny’s orgasm. He felt her slump across him and he stayed still for a moment, holding her gently, stroking her perfect buttocks.

“It’s five hundred each, possibly six, and all you have to do is what you normally do,” Adam said.

“When do you check it out?” Jenny asked drowsily.

“Tonight,” Adam said. “In about an hour.”

“A night shoot,” Simone said. “Where?”

“A place near Stonehenge named Exmoor Forest,” Adam supplied.

“Witchcraft?” Jenny asked.

“Vietnam?” Simone suggested.

Adam shrugged. “I don’t know yet.”

Jenny sat up suddenly. “Adam, this afternoon, after you’d told us about your meeting with Atwell, I took the liberty of ringing a few people. No one I know has ever heard of Neil Atwell or Ardent Productions.”

Adam got up off the king-sized bed.

“He might be new to the business.”

“Be careful,” Jenny warned.

“Yes, be careful,” Simone reiterated.

Adam walked back to the bed and crouched down. He wrapped his arms around both of them, hugging them tight. He thought the world of these two young ladies and would do whatever was needed to keep them – and himself – safe.

“Don’t worry, I will,” he said. “And now, I’d better get ready.”

He went into the bathroom and showered. In the spare room, he dressed in khaki trousers and a yellow shirt. He pulled on a pair of beige socks and slipped his favorite boots on. He took his leather jacket off its hanger and put it on. He made sure he had his keys, passport, license and his wallet, and then went back into the bedroom.

Jenny and Simone were in a sixty-nine position, Simone on top. He could hear loud slurping sounds. Jenny had a vibrator in her hand.

Adam grinned broadly. He’d join them later. He left the house and got into his car. He drove to the motorway, the image of Jenny and Simone licking each other out, along with thoughts about the film he’d soon be starring in making his cock swell and harden.

Adam turned the car into the entrance to Exmoor Forest. He drove down the bumpy track, past trees that seemed to reach out twiggy fingers for him. He found the car park easily enough. There was one car parked there; Atwell was standing waiting, dressed kadıköy escort in a long dark coat.

Adam got out of the car and crossed to the filmmaker.

“Where’s the set?” Adam asked, looking around, but unable to see any actors, crew, or filming equipment.

“We have had to set it up a little way back,” Atwell said. “Otherwise, the lights would draw attention to us and our activities.”

“Of course,” Adam said.

“Follow me,” Atwell said. He turned and began to walk along a narrow path.

Adam followed him deeper into the forest, a sense of unease beginning to creep over him.

Where’s the set?

Abruptly, they came out into a clearing. Neil Atwell turned fast. It was light enough for Adam to see the pistol he held in his hand. Atwell was pointing it at Adam’s lurching heart.

“What’s going on?” Adam asked, trying to keep his voice from sounding as scared as he actually felt.

“You don’t need to know,” Atwell said abruptly. “Move over to the trench,” he ordered.

“What trench?”

Atwell flicked a torch on and shone it across the clearing. Adam followed the beam to its end. At the base of a small tree was a freshly-dug trench.

“That trench. Now move.”

Suddenly the whole clearing was lit up by the glare of several searchlights. At the same time, the forest was filled with several flashing blue lights and the sounds of barking dogs, sirens and shouting voices. Adam froze; so did Atwell.


As the megaphoned voice began to repeat the order, a policeman stepped into the clearing, brandishing a pistol. Another policeman and two policewomen, also brandishing pistols did the same on the opposite side of the clearing.

Atwell dropped his gun and raised his hands. Adam watched in amazement as Geoff ‘Eleven’ Banks walked over to Neil Atwell, lowered his arms behind his back and slipped a pair of handcuffs onto Atwell’s wrists.

“Take him to the car,” he heard Larry Long say. Geoff Banks turned and led Neil Atwell away.

Adam got to his feet and looked carefully at the two policewomen. Recognition dawned.

“What’s going on, Jenny?” he asked as Larry picked up Atwell’s gun and put it into his uniform jacket pocket.

“We didn’t trust him,” Jenny said, walking over to Adam, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him long and hard.

“Tell me everything,” Adam said, when they broke for air. “Why all this?”

“Well,” Simone answered, taking off the police cap, “we couldn’t call the police, just in case there really was a film being made…”

“…So I phoned Larry and Geoff, and they agreed to help us,” Jenny finished.

“Of course. Anything to help my friends,” Larry said. “Incidentally, unlike ours, Atwell’s gun was real.”

“He was going to kill me!” Adam exclaimed.

“You’re going to have to tell it to the police,” Jenny said. “Maybe they can find out why.”

“Whatever his reasons, between you, you’ve all saved my life,” Adam said. “How can I ever repay you?”

He saw Jenny and Simone exchange a look he couldn’t quite interpret and then Larry grinned.

“Let me turn the special effects off,” Larry said, and let’s get Mister Atwell to the nearest police station, and then we’ll discuss it.”

“And… Action!” the director yelled.

Jenny moved her body down slowly and Adam felt his lubricated cock slide up inside her arse. He watched as Larry Long slid his big cock into her cunt. Above his head he saw some of Geoff Banks’s cock disappear into Jenny’s mouth. Simone moved forward and began licking Geoff’s arse.

“Good,” yelled the director. “Very good. Now fuck like you mean it!”

They all did.

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