The Steamy Chase Ch. 09

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Hello guys, I’m so sorry for the delay in posting this chapter. After taking my time to complete all the remaining chapters on this story, I lost everything on it. I got so angry at myself I couldn’t even think or recollect what I had written. So I simply concentrated on other stories. I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced this but it’s so heart-breaking and irritating. Do forgive me. Hope you enjoy this. Cheers!

Comments, critiques and tips are welcome.

Dean Broody vs. Kayla Cooper

Dedicated to Myseason4fun


The raucous laughter from the group of friends seated around a table in the VIP section of ‘Club Aphrodisiac’, drew the attention of everyone. Some were amused, others frowned at their loud behaviour. The guys were however oblivious to everyone around them. They were obviously there to simply have fun and didn’t even notice that their loud laughter was attracting attention.

The group was made up of five doctors, who had come together to catch up on what was happening in each other’s lives. All five had been in medical school together and had remained good friends ever since. They hadn’t come together in about six months and therefore had a lot to talk about. Amongst the group was Jean Broody, Dean’s twin brother.

“I’m dead serious, guys.” Jean was insisting to his friends. “He’s damn serious about this one.”

“Shut up!” John, one of the guys shouted, disbelievingly. “Dean can never be serious about a girl, come on.”

“The guy lives and breathes pussy.” Mario, another guy chuckled. They all knew the notorious twins, as they affectingly called Jean and Dean, and their womanizing ways. And naturally, assumed Jean was pulling their legs…as usual. “There’s no fucking way your brother can stick it to just one girl. Hell, no!”

“Wait a minute. I have some shots of them on my phone.” Jean said, reaching into his pocket for his cell phone. “Now see for yourselves and tell me they don’t love each other.” He said, scrolling to the pictures he had of Dean and Kayla. “Check them out.” Jean handed his phone over to John who was sitting beside him.

As the phone was passed around, there were surprised gasps and nods all around, till the phone got to Cyril, the only gynaecologist amongst the group. He kept staring and scrolling through the pictures with a frown on his face. He would sometimes blink and squint, but still kept staring at one picture. That picture was a clear shot of a smiling Kayla.

“Dude, you sure that’s Dean’s girl?” Cyril finally asked sluggishly.

“What are you? High?” Jean laughed. Cyril had taken in more booze than any of them. “I just said she was, didn’t I?”

“Kayla right?” Cyril asked, still staring at Kayla’s picture.

“Yep. Know her?” Jean asked, taking in the frown on his friend’s face.

“Unless she has a twin called Kayla too, I definitely do.” Cyril laughed drunkenly, handing the phone over to Jean. “She’s one of my patients. And boy, is she hot.”

“Watch it dude.” Mario laughed. “She’s spoken for.”

“Hmmm…” Cyril reached for his glass. “Always wanted to hit that. Damn, she’s fine.” All the guys laughed, looking at the drunken Cyril. “Actually, just when I gathered the courage to tell her, it happened.”

“What happened?” Mario asked curiously.

“She went and got herself knocked up.” Cyril slurred and hiccupped.

“What?” Jean exclaimed with an incredulous look on his face. “Dude, be serious?”

“Dean didn’t tell you his lady love is expecting?” Cyril drawled.

Jean looked shocked. “Are you sure, Cyril?”

“Hey, I’ve been her doctor for years. I know.” Cyril laughed. “God, was she pissed. Didn’t expect to get knocked up since she was on the pill and all. Almost bit my head off. Such a feisty thing.” Cyril shook his head. “Told her shit is not hundred percent. Anyway, she wants to abort so problem solved.”

“What?” Jean bellowed. “Did she tell you she wanted to abort?” Jean looked livid.

Did Dean know about this? Did he approve? What the fuck was going on? All these thoughts ran through Jean’s mind. He knew his brother would never condone a thing like abortion. Hell, they came from a large family and their parents had always encouraged them to have a lot of kids. Each brother bragged about the number of kids they were going to have. Though it was just for fun, none of the brothers would agree to abort their kid…definitely not Dean. Fuck, they had bets all the time. ‘Who gets the largest brood?’ Their mum had actually sweetened the pot by promising a huge prize for the one who would get the highest number…sensibly of course. The clause was that, no one was to go breeding all over the place and expect the prize. So why the fuck would Dean agree to something like abortion, and with the woman he loved?

“Yep. Scheduled for tomorrow. Speaking of which, I need to get home.” Cyril slurred and got up. “Have to suck that baby out of sweet, sexy Kayla tomorrow afternoon.” He said, shocking an already confused Jean even more. “I’m Ataşehir Escort outta here, guys.” And with a drunken wave, Cyril left the guys.

“Hey, are you okay?” John asked a red-faced Jean. He knew his friend was not happy with Cyril’s news about Kayla.

“I’m fine.” Jean muttered. He was boiling mad.

“Dude, you know he was drunk.” John muttered. “You don’t have to take what he said seriously.”

“Yeah but we both know he wouldn’t lie about something like that. He knew what he was talking about, John. If anything, the booze rather loosened his tongue. He wouldn’t have said anything if he hadn’t been drunk.” Jean gave a deep sigh. “Thing is, I don’t think Dean is aware.”

“Jean, if you say anything, you’re going to put Cyril into trouble.” Mario said beside them.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Jean growled. “But I can’t not say anything.”

The guys went quiet for a while till their silence was broken by Ronhi, who they called the silent drinker. He usually didn’t say much when he was drinking.

“What if you play it this way? We all know Cyril. He’s not going to remember any of this come morning.” Ronhi looked at the others till they all nodded in agreement.

Cyril would usually ask the guys what had gone down the night before. He was a terrible drinker. That was why he always made it a point to come with his driver on his drinking sprees.

“So Dean pretends he doesn’t know she’s going to be at the hospital and catch her red-handed.” Mario concluded.

“Bingo.” Ronhi responded.

“But she could always say she’s there for her usual checkup.” John reasoned.

“I’ll go with Dean.” Jean said quietly. “We will confront her. She doesn’t have to know Cyril told on her. And even if she does, Cyril will understand.” Jean looked up at his friends. “Guys, I just can’t let this go. Please don’t ask me to. Please.”

The guys nodded and Ronhi patted Jean on the back soothingly. “You’ve got my support buddy. Just make sure Cyril doesn’t hang for this.”

By the time the doctors left the club, none even felt like they’d taken in a drop of alcohol.


“Is there a problem?” Dean asked for the fourth time. Kayla seemed a bit distant. Not like his usual bubbly Kayla. “You seem…”

“I’m fine.” Kayla said sharply. “I’m going for some ice cream. Want some?” She asked, getting off the bed.

“No, I’m good.” Dean couldn’t help but follow Kayla with his eyes.

He was worried about Kayla. For the past two weeks, she seemed a little bit off. Dean didn’t know what her problem was but he had a feeling she was worried about something. He had spoken to Cole but Cole seemed to think she was probably just occupied with her studies. Dean had accepted that but still wasn’t comfortable with the little little things he was noticing about his woman. He knew some people had the problem of craving for food when they were upset or worried. He couldn’t help but think Kayla had a problem and was resorting to food because she seemed to suddenly have an increase in cravings and appetite. She had even put on a little bit of weight. Dean didn’t have any problem with a bit of flesh on a woman. Not at all. In fact, he thought Kyla looked even sexier. But then, there was no day that his Kayla hadn’t looked sexy and gorgeous in his eyes. However, if there was a problem, Dean certainly didn’t want to sit back without doing anything till it was too late.

Dean knew that due to Kayla’s lonely childhood, she was used to solving her problems all by herself. The only person she seemed to ever confide in was Cole. And even that, it usually took some probing on the part of Cole to get Kayla to talk. Dean wished Kayla could feel free enough to tell him what was on her mind at any time. She had to know that he was there to help and love her in all situations. She could therefore tell him anything and he would understand and help her. Unfortunately Kayla didn’t seem to understand that. Dean felt helpless because though he sensed there was a problem, he didn’t know what it was, and couldn’t help the woman he loved more than life itself. Dean turned to look at Kayla when she entered the room. She was in one of his t-shirts and God, her boobs looked even bigger and more enticing under the soft material. Dean got so hard so quickly he groaned. Fuck!

“You sure you don’t want some?” Kayla asked as she got back in bed with a bowl of vanilla, coffee and caramel flavoured ice cream.

“Well…it depends on what I’m licking it off.” Dean drawled, reaching out to pull his t-shirt off Kayla. “Damn, I love these boobs.” He said huskily.

“Even without the nipple-ring?” Kayla giggled. She had taken out her nipple ring for the past month, claiming her nipples felt too sensitive.

“I would love them even if the nipples were cut off, angel. You know I love everything about you.” Dean purred, leaning over to cup one of Kayla’s boobs. “Are they still itchy?” He asked, lightly brushing the soft pad of his thumb across a rigid nipple.

“Yes.” Kadıköy Escort Kayla breathed, arching into Dean’s touch.

“Maybe you have to check it out with your doctor.” Dean suggested huskily, taking in Kayla’s slightly parted lips and closed eyes. God, she was beautiful. And she was without a doubt, getting off on his touch to her nipple. “They seem darker, bigger, even more beautiful…” Dean muttered just as his mouth closed over one hardened nipple.

“Oh God.” Kayla moaned, forgetting about the bowl of ice cream in her hand. Dean’s mouth on her super-sensitive nipple was pure bliss.

It had always felt good when he sucked on her nipples but of late, a mere brush on her always-itchy nipples felt ridiculously amazing. Just three days earlier, they had been about to leave the house to visit Aaron, Kyle’s boyfriend, in the hospital when something unexpectedly erotic occurred. They were in the garage and Dean had opened the front passage door of his sleek BMW i8, for Kayla to sit. She’d accidentally brushed her breasts against Dean and gasped at the electrifyingly exquisite sensation that had flashed through her. Dean hadn’t missed it. He’d initially thought she was hurt.

“Hey, are you okay?” Dean had held her back and asked, looking at her flushed face.

Kayla couldn’t speak. Her face had flushed even more when Dean’s eyes lowered to her pointy nipples. They were standing out so prominently, one would think she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her blouse. Then naughty as he was, Dean had leaned down and lightly bitten one extended nipple through her blouse. And that was all it had taken… Kayla had come so hard she had gotten dizzy.

“Ahhh…” She had moaned loudly as her core clenched and released with orgasmic bliss. A feeling which wouldn’t stop as Dean relentlessly continued his erotic assault on her taut flesh. “Don’t stop…” She had whimpered. It had felt so good.

She was still in the throes of her orgasm when Dean had picked her up and carried her back into the house and fucked her senseless. By the time he was done with her, she was feeling so sleepy he had kissed her softly and allowed her to sleep and gone to the hospital, alone. That was how sensitive Kayla’s nipples had become in the past month.

Kayla had read somewhere that her itchy, super-sensitive nipples, was a result of her condition. Strange as it was, she was loving the feeling. She especially loved it when Dean treated them roughly. A bite here, a pinch there…but when Dean sometimes chewed on them, Kayla came so hard she wondered if it was normal. Well, she was sure going to miss all that abnormally delicious feeling, she thought sadly. She might as well enjoy it whilst it last.

Placing the bowl of ice cream on the bed-side table, Kayla’s hand moved to cradle Dean’s head, holding him to her taut flesh. She couldn’t suppress the impassioned cries and whimpers of ecstasy that fell out of her mouth.

Dean worked on those nipples. He bit them, chewed softly on them, and licked them before drawing them, one after the other, into his hot mouth to suck greedily on them. Even as he sucked on one, he pulled and rolled the other between his fingers, loving the erotic sounds coming from Kayla. Her back arched as she totally lost herself to pleasure. When Dean’s hand disappeared into Kayla’s panties and came into contact with her soft drenched folds, she exploded with such an intense orgasm, Dean thought for a moment she was having a seizure. Kayla convulsed around those probing fingers, crying out as pleasure consumed her. Nothing else mattered at that moment. Neither her problems nor what was to happen the following day. Nothing mattered except that she didn’t ever want Dean to stop.

Dean finally released Kayla’s nipple from their exquisite torture and rose up on his knees between her legs. He smiled adoringly at a dazed Kayla as he removed his boxer briefs. When he reached for the sides of her panties, she lifted her hips to enable him remove that scrap of lace. She couldn’t wait to feel that hard flesh inside her. Dean threw the pantie onto the floor and reached for the bowl of ice cream.

Kayla never thought ice could feel so good on her. Dean smeared the delicious substance all over her boobs and stomach and licked it all off. Then he dribbled some onto her shaved mound, loving how she twitched when the cold cream hit her clit. The sounds coming from her throat and the wanton movement of her hips was so erotic, Dean just had to taste her. Even before Dean’s head disappeared between her thighs, Kayla was trembling with the beginnings of another orgasm. She just needed a touch to that swollen clit to fall over the edge again.

“Dean…” Kayla whimpered.

Dean didn’t need to be told what Kayla needed. Ignoring Kayla’s needy whimpering, Dean gently parted her thighs, and slowly licked all around her pussy. Kayla was going out of her mind with frustration. Dean was deliberately staying away from where she wanted him most.

“Oh God, Dean please…”

Kayla Ümraniye Escort writhed uncontrollably, trying to lift her hip off the bed to bring Dean’s mouth to her throbbing clit but Dean kept evading her. Kayla’s fingers went to her pebbled nipples, she pulled on them, twisted them, but it didn’t feel as good as when Dean did it. Kayla sobbed with need. She silently pleaded with Dean to satisfy her torturous need. She started sweating, breathing harshly, almost hyperventilating. When she finally felt Dean’s mouth take that hardened nub nestled between her thighs and start to suckle, her desperate moans turned into cries of pleasure. Kayla’s eyes widened as she felt her orgasm slam into her with such intensity she thought she might faint from all that pleasure.

Before she even came down from that high, she felt Dean rubbing the tip of his hardened cock against her. He rubbed slowly against her drenched pussy before pushing in inch by pleasurable inch till he was fully seated inside her tight warmth. Then cupping her arse in his large hands, he began to move in and out of her, looking into her eyes the whole time. Kayla wanted to keep looking into Dean’s eyes, she tried to keep her eyes open. But the pleasure was too much, they closed on their own accord.

Then she felt the universe tilt and opened her eyes. Kayla gasped. She was looking down at Dean. She was on top, straddling Dean, with his cock deeply embedded inside her.

“Don’t close your eyes.” Dean whispered. “Look at me. Ride me.”

Those whispered words set Kayla’s body on fire. Every part of her came alive, vibrating with need. Her back arched in pleasure as she set a rhythm above Dean. Her hips started moving slowly and erotically as she rode Dean, looking deeply into his eyes…the eyes of the man she loved. If only… But Kayla shook her head…she didn’t want to think about it. Not now. Then Dean moved. He moved so that he could take a nipple into his mouth. Kayla went berserk. With an erotic cry she slammed down on Dean’s cock, riding him harder and faster. She would gyrate sexily for a while, squeeze the cock inside her with her muscles, and then start riding him all over again. She fucked him with everything she had, pounding herself onto his cock relentlessly.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Dean groaned, releasing the nipple in his mouth to lie back against the pillows. “You are amazing.” He whispered, looking up at the glorious site of Kayla riding him, loving the way her boobs moved sexily. It was totally an alluringly sexy sight.

At each downward plunge, the intensity of Kayla’s pleasure increased to unbearable heights. When she felt the beginnings of another orgasm, so soon after the last, she increased her tempo even more. Reaching behind her, Kayla set her hands on Dean’s knees. Then arching her back, she dragged her soaked slit along the rigid length of his cock, and then slammed back down. Kayla looked into Dean’s eyes the whole time. She watched Dean’s eyes become glazed as she lifted and fell again and again on him, heard the way his breath hissed out between his clenched teeth. She wanted to give him pleasure, worship his body with hers, blow his mind, but…

Dean reached out one hand to take a nipple between his fingers and his other hand went to Kayla’s swollen, throbbing clit to lightly pinch it. Kayla didn’t stand a chance. She came with a hoarse cry of his name, her entire body convulsing in fierce tremors as the relief exploded through her. She moaned helplessly as her pussy rippled in climax, tightening and squeezing Dean’s cock as wave after wave of totally uncontrollable pleasure stole her breath away.

“Oh God, Dean…” She gasped.

Dean moved again so that Kayla was back beneath him. Then he pushed her thighs apart and put his mouth on her still-spasming clit. Dean tongued and sucked it until she came again and again. Kayla lost track of how many times she climaxed as they began to roll into each other. By the time Dean slid back into her swollen wet pussy, Kayla was almost passed out from too much pleasure. He drove deep into her with an animalistic growl, fucking hard, fast and rhythmically, with just one goal in mind…to come. His thrusts became fierce, deeper, harder and mind-blowingly exquisite. Just as Kayla felt Dean tighten and swell up inside her, his mouth came down on hers, brushing against hers.

“I love you, Kayla. Don’t keep things from me please.” Dean whispered just before his mouth claimed hers in a soul-searing kiss.

And for the first time since Kayla started fucking him, Dean didn’t make a sound whilst he pumped her full of his hot, thick and creamy cum. He just kissed her softly, with a touch of desperation, making Kayla, whose body still quivered from her mind-boggling release, fight to stem the tears that suddenly gathered in her eyes. She couldn’t even say she loved him back. She couldn’t speak around the huge lump stuck in her throat. She had never felt so much guilt for something she was about to do. God help her.

It was only when she heard Dean breathing softly beside her, indicating that he was sleeping, that Kayla allowed her tears to fall silently. Dean was going to hate her for what she was about to do…if he ever found out. But her mind was already made up. She couldn’t have the baby.

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