The Story of Ann Chapter 9 Becoming One with Jack’s Group

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The Story of Ann Chapter 9 Becoming One with Jack’s Group

Patty, George, Jack and I had another round of sex before Jack and I dressed and went to our own room. I was a little unsure of the night’s events. I had enjoyed myself with Patty and with George however her words of “I love you Jack,” were still on my mind.

Jack and I took off our clothes once more and climbed into bed. I cuddled up next to him laying my head upon his chest. I ran my hand over his abdomen tracing the six-pack that was there.

“You’re quiet Ann,” Jack said. Then he asked, “Is something on your mind?”

“Jack did you enjoy your fun with Patty?” I asked him.

Jack replied, “Yeah, she was OK.”

“Did she make you hear bells and whistles?” I asked.

“NO Ann she did not,” Jack replied as he picked my head from his chest looking into my eyes. “No Ann I do not love Patty and she does not love me it was just words to please us that was all,” Jack added.

“I wasn’t jealous Jack I was just asking,” I replied laying my head back upon his chest.

“Ann if you were not jealous or at least unsure you would not have asked me that,” Jack said.

I sat up in bed looking to him as I yelled, “OK Jack, I was and I am jealous.” “I hated watching her give you pleasure after she said those three words to you.” I paused for a second then added, “I have you now Jack and I don’t want to ever lose you,” as tears welled up in my eyes.

“I am not going any where Ann,” Jack replied sitting up taking me into his arms. “I will never leave you or Michelle ever,” Jack whispered into my ear.

“Promise me Jack,” I whispered back into his.

“I promise with all my heart,” Jack whispered into my ear lying back down with me in his arms.

I fell asleep in his arms as I always do. The next morning we packed our packs and grabbed an early flight home. We would never see Patty and George ever again. However, we both will always remember them as the two who broke me in to speak.

On our flight home, Jack told me that he was OK with just me teasing other males. If I took a liking to one of them, I could play as long as he was present. We would not play with couples or single females at least for now. He told me he was happy just sharing me with another male.

I told Jack that sounded like fun to me. However, I informed him it was not right if I could play and he could not. Jack just smiled as he told me who says I will not be playing.

“Jack, are you saying you are BI?” I asked him.

“Let’s just say I know my way around the male body,” Jack replied. “Besides there is always Janet,” he added smiling.

Janet picked us up at the airport, Jack and I sat up front with her as she drove us home. On our way home, we told her about Jack wanting me to tease and please other men. We explained the fun we had with Patty and her husband George. I explained how Patty had huge fucking tits and we found out they were full of milk.

“Maybe you two should have another baby,” Janet said smiling.

Jack looked at me as I looked at him and he said, “Those tits would be huge filled with milk,” as he ran his hand down the front of my top.

“Yeah they would Ann,” Janet added to me smiling.

“Maybe next year,” I replied smiling at them as I removed Jack‘s hand from my boobs.

“I wondered why the girls were hanging out,” Janet said looking at my tits.

Janet looked to Jack as she added, “I see your enjoying the show as well,” as she reached over me and grabbed Jack’s hard dick through his shorts.

The car swerved off the road and back onto the road as she did. I removed her hand as I told her to keep both hands on the wheel before we have an accident. Janet told us she was horny as she had been without this whole weekend.

“Why didn’t you join grandma and Frank?” Jack asked her.

“JOIN them,” Janet replied. Janet thought for a few seconds then asked, “Why would they have left me?”

“Don’t give the girl any ideas, Jack,” I said smacking his arm. I rubbed my hand upon her thighs as I added, “We will take care of you tonight.”

We no sooner walked into the back door than Michelle came running across the kitchen screaming, “Daddy you’re back, I missed you daddy,” as she wrapped her arms around his legs.

Jack bent over and picked her up as he asked, “Were you good for Aunt Janet while we were gone?”

“Yes daddy but she buzzes when she sleeps,” Michelle replied with a funny look on her face.

Jack gave a little laugh as he looked to Janet then to me before he said, “Lets you and I go check on Lucy,” as Jack put her down and grabbed her hand walking out the back door.

I turned to Janet and she said, “I was lonely without you guys,” smiling at me.

Janet and I went upstairs to unpack and as we pasted grandma’s door we heard moaning sounds coming from behind the door. Janet and I stopped in the hallway. I went to the door and opened it a little ways so we could see into her room.

Grandma was on her hands and knees with Frank behind her. He was fucking the hell out of her from behind. Grandma’s big tits were swinging under her as Frank plowed her from behind.

“Fuck me Frank,” Grandma moaned out as she pumped her ass toward him.

Janet leaned into me as she whispered into my ear, “Your grandma looks great for her age check out those fucking tits.”

Janet was right Grandma Mary still had a lovely figure with smooth skin. She hardly had any wrinkles on her anywhere. From the wet sounds coming from her pussy as Frank fucked her, I would say she got juicy as well.

“Ann, I am fucking horny,” Janet whispered into my ear.

I gently closed grandma’s door and led Janet to our bedroom. We tossed the suitcases into the corner, kicked off our sandals as I closed door. Janet wrapped her arms around me pulling my face to hers. She kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Take me with you the next time,” Janet said kissing at my lips. “You don’t even have to share Jack with me just as long as I have you,” Janet added breaking her kiss.

Janet pulled my shirt from the shorts I had worn. She pulled the top over my head tossing it to the floor. I pulled her top from her tossing it with mine. We reached around each other unhooking our bras. We slipped our bras off rubbing our tits together.

Janet moved her face down to my tits. She kissed and licked at my nipples. They grew long and hard at the touch of her tongue. She unsnapped my shorts allowing them to fall to the floor as I stepped from them. Her hand rubbed against my hairy mound, as I had no panties on under my shorts.

Janet slipped a finger up into my pussy as she moved her lips back to mine. She kissed me deeply with passion as she ran her finger in and out of my pussy. Janet fingered me until she had her finger coated with pussy juice. She broke our kiss as she seductively licked my juices from her finger.

I reached for the snaps on her shorts. I released it and left her shorts fall to the floor. Like me, she had no panties covering her blonde hair covered pussy. I pushed her back onto the bed taking a hold of her right foot. I brought it up to my mouth. I licked at her toes with my tongue before I ran it up and down the sole of her foot.

Janet moaned softly on the bed as she has a foot fetish. She loves her feet rubbed or licked and gets off to it every time. She cannot keep her fingers from her pussy when you are handling her feet. This time was no different. Janet rubbed at her pussy then slipped a finger between her pussy lips as I played with her foot.

Janet started to run her finger in and out, as I sucked at her toes. I sucked at each of then one at a time before I tried to take all five of her toes into my mouth at once. Janet moved her other foot to between my legs. She rubbed her foot against my pussy. Janet pumped her foot against my pussy as I played with her toes.

“AHhhh Janet,” I moaned as her big toes slipped between my pussy lips.

Janet started to move her foot up and down causing her big toe to slip in and out between my pussy lips. I started to pump my pussy against her foot. Janet was fucking my pussy with her toe as I sucked at her toes as she slipped another finger into her pussy.

Janet’s wetness started to flow from her pussy as her fingers dug into it. I pulled her foot from between my legs as I ran my tongue down the length of her leg. I ran it behind her knee until I crawled onto the bed with her licking at her thigh. I ran my tongue up and down her thigh as she drove her fingers wildly in and out of her pussy.

“AHhhhh Ann,” Janet moaned out loudly as an orgasm came over her causing her to shake on the bed.

I pulled her fingers from her pussy and buried my face into it. I shoved my tongue deeply into her pussy as her sweet juices coated my tongue. I savored her taste, her wetness and her smell for a few minutes before I kissed and licked my way up her body until my lips met hers.

I kissed her once then said, “I have missed you also.”

Janet wrapped me in her arms as we kissed deeply with passion. We rolled on the bed until she was now on top of me. Janet broke our kiss as she spun around burying her face into my pussy as she sat her own down onto my face.

My tongue licked wildly at her hanging pussy lips before I shoved it up inside of her. Janet’s tongue was going in and out of my pussy pushing me to the edge of another orgasm. I put my hands onto her butt cheeks and pulled them apart as her lovely brown eye winked at me.

“AHhhhh ANN,” Janet moaned as I slipped a finger into her winking asshole.

I buried it deeply before I withdrew it then buried it again. I licked wildly at her pussy as my finger raced in and out of her asshole. Janet’s mouth went to my clit that she sucked into her mouth. She sucked hard at it as she drove two fingers deep into my pussy. I added another one to her asshole fucking her asshole with two fingers.

Janet removed her mouth from my clit as she moaned, “Cum with me Ann.”

“AHhhhh JANET,” I moaned from under her pussy.

My pussy convulsed and as she withdrew her two fingers, it squirted with juices splashing onto the bed. I pressed downward with my fingers in Janet’s asshole as her own orgasm rushed over her. Juices squirted from her pussy onto my waiting tongue and into my face as I pulled my fingers from her asshole.

We lie there enjoying our pleasure for a while then she rolled from me. She wrapped me in her arms as mine wrapped around her. We kissed deeply with our tongues in the other’s mouth. We broke our kiss when we heard a sound at the door. We turned to see a dressed grandma and Frank standing there smiling.

“You watched us so we watch you,” grandma said smiling.

“Does Jack know you two are lovers?” Frank asked smiling.

“Yes, Frank and we both do him,” I replied from the bed.

“Damn, I have to be more observant around here,” Frank said shaking his head and checking out Janet‘s and my tits..

“You girls get dressed and help me with dinner before Frank has a heart attack looking at your tits,” Grandma said leading Frank from the room.

Janet and I got dressed and came downstairs. Frank smiled at us from the living room and Janet lifted her top flashing her big tits at him. We went into the kitchen to help grandma with preparing dinner. Michelle came running into the kitchen from the back door.

“MOMMY, MOMMY, I rode Lucy,” Michelle yelled with a big smile on her face.

I looked to her then to Jack who was just coming in through the back door. I told Michelle to go clean up for dinner. I waited until she had left the room before I turned my attention to Jack.

“JACK, I don’t want her riding that horse, that horse could have hurt her,” I said to him giving him the eye.

“I was right beside her at all times,” Jack replied.

“Jack that horse could have kicked you then tossed Michelle to the ground,” I said to him. “What if that horse had hurt her?” I asked giving him a long glaring stare.

“Then that horse would be dead just as anything would be that dares to harm the ones I love,” Jack replied with an almost frightening tone in his voice.

“Jack, you go clean up too you smell like horse,” grandma said to him giving him the eye.

“Yes, grandma,” Jack replied lowering his head as he walked from the kitchen.

Grandma looked at me as she said, “He tends to be a little over protective of loved ones at times.”

“Overprotective hell that boy almost killed me once,” Frank added walking into into the kitchen.

“FRANK,” grandma yelled at him, as if he had said something I was not to have known about.

“Frank, grandma what are you hiding from me?” I asked.

“That would be me Ann,” Jack replied walking into the kitchen.

“I came home from school one day and found Frank on top of grandma,” Jack said. “I did not know of the arrangement they had with your grandfather.” “I had already placed Frank into the hospital before your grandfather told me what was going on around here at the farm back then,” Jack added.

I looked at Jack to see the shame and the sorrow he held and felt in his eyes. I stood there staring into his eyes wondering how a sweet loving man such as himself could be so violent at times. I wondered where that hate and anger came from at times. Jack lowered his head as Frank came to him.

“Son, I would have done the same as you had I not known,” Frank said to him. Frank turned from Jack to Janet and I as he added, “It always pays to know what is going on around one,” smiling at us.

“Jack, grandma and Frank caught me doing Ann a little while ago,” Janet said to him.

I turned to Janet as I said, “Your safe Janet, Jack loves you like a sister,” smiling at Jack.

“Is mommy pregnant daddy?” “Am I going to have a sister to play with?” Michelle asked walking into the kitchen.

Jack smiled down at her then picked her up as he replied, “Not yet little one but someday you will have brothers and sisters daddy promises.”

“If you all do not get out of my kitchen none of you are going to eat,” grandma yelled.

Frank, Jack with Michelle in his arms ran from the kitchen. Neither of them said anything they just hightailed it from the kitchen. I looked over to grandma in wonder.

“How do you have so much control over them?” I asked.

“When you have one of these you make the rules,” grandma replied grabbing at her pussy as Janet and I busted up laughing.

That night after some wild sex between Jack, Janet and I. Janet went to her own bedroom leaving just Jack and I in bed. I cuddled up to him and we talked about having another baby only this one we planned. We agreed to try to have one come next summer.

The summer went on filled with work on the ranch and not much playtime. Jack was also busy with the Army reserves. It was bad enough he was gone one weekend a month but he also had to go for two weeks training as well. Jack did not talk much about what went on during those weekends he was away only that he hung around three other men in his unit. Jack went to his two weeks of training near the end of the summer of 1979. When he came home as I was walking him into the house, he looked at me.

“How would you like me to take you and Janet away for the weekend?” Jack asked me.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked in returned.

“I was thinking maybe finding a nice quiet spot in the woods somewhere,” “Relax a little and letting our sex run wild during our time there, Jack replied cuddling me up to him.

“Your slut is here to serve,” I said bursa escort rubbing my hand on his chest as I laid my head against his arm.

Jack kept his word as the next weekend on Friday morning the three of us left grandma and Frank in charge of Michelle and the ranch. We did not know for sure what Jack had in mind or where he was taking us. However, we did not really care as we all were together. We drove for what seemed like hours then we finally pulled onto this road running deep within the woods. While driving through the woods we found cute little cabins and a villa nestled in the woods.

Jack drove us to the office and he jumped out as he said, “You girls wait here I will be right back.”

“This place looks a little ritzy for county girls like us,” Janet said with a little laugh.

Jack returned jumped back into his truck as he said, “The villa is ours for the weekend.”

“Jack, one of those cute little cabins would have been alright,” I replied to him.

“My sluts go first class when they are with me,” Jack said smiling.

Jack walked us both up into the villa. It was lovely on the inside as there was a sunken in living room with a big fireplace, which we would not need, as it was still warm outside yet. It had a huge kitchen with a patio on which sat a huge outside hot tub. There was also a playroom with a pool table, a bar and a jukebox. We placed our suitcases into one of the four big bedrooms.

“Jack there is only three of us,” I said to him, as we did not need four bedrooms.

Jack smiled as he replied, “For now but wait until the party starts.” “You girls go change into something sexy as we have to go get some supplies for the weekend,” he added winking to us both.

Jack left us to get dressed. Janet asked me if I knew what was going on as we unpacked. I told her I had no idea what his plans were then she asked me what I was going to wear. I told her I believe this yellow tank top with a pair of tight black shorts will work. Janet picked out her red and white striped bikini top and a pair of white shorts. We undressed and slipped into our outfits.

My 40C tits hung nicely in my top and my ass filled my shorts well. You could even see a little bit of butt cheek hanging out of my shorts. Janet’s big tits barely fit into the red and white striped top. Her white shorts were close to being transparent. We went and joined Jack in the kitchen.

“Now that is what I am talking about,” Jack said as he stared at us as we walked into the kitchen.

“So you like?” I asked as I bent over in front of him.

You could see my full big tits hanging down in my top. I shook them back and forth, as they hung there. When I stood back up my hard nipples were poking through my tank top.

“Did you check out the side view on me Jack?” Janet asked as she turned sideways to him.

Janet’s tits stuck out from the side of her top. The meaty part of her tit was very visible and they jiggled with each step she took. Janet turned around and bent over in front of Jack.

“Damn girl I can see your fucking ass right through those shorts,” Jack said smiling.

Jack came to us both and wrapped his arms around us. He pulled us both tightly against his body. I felt his hard cock pressing tightly against us as he hugged us both.

“You girls are too nice to me,” Jack said breaking his hug. He turned and picked up two gift-wrapped boxes from the counter top, which he handed to us. “Just a small token for both of you,” he added handing us the boxes.

“Jack, you don’t have to buy us gifts,” I replied to him.

Janet yelled, “Yes, he does,” taking the box.

We opened the boxes together. Inside we found two gold necklaces. They both had a half of a solid gold heart on each necklace. There was writing inscribed on the half hearts as well however, you could not understand it unless you placed the heart pieces together. When placed together the words inscribed were, “Love only comes from your heart.”

Janet and I were almost in tears as we read the inscription. Jack placed mine around my neck first then placed Janet’s around hers. He kissed us lightly on our necks as he did. Janet and I threw our arms around him pulling him down to our faces. I kissed him on one cheek as Janet kissed him on the other cheek.

“Thank you Jack they are lovely,” we both said in unison to him.

We drove into the near by town and went inside a grocery store. We were walking into the store with Jack a few steps behind us. Two young teenage boys maybe about 16 or 17 were walking out of the store. The boys stopped and their mouths hung open as they stared at Janet and me.

“Look a penny on the ground,” I said stopping to bend over to pick it up from the ground.

I bent slowly down as my big tits hung nicely in my top. I looked up to the boys to see them staring down my tank top. My eyes went to the front of the shorts they had worn. I shook my tits from side to side letting them see them wiggle in my top.

I stood back up with my hard nipples protruding from my tank top as I stuck my tits toward them. My eyes watched as the front of their shorts grew outward revealing that they both were sporting boners under their shorts. I smiled at them as I handed Janet the penny.

Janet took the penny as she said, “Maybe I will get lucky,” smiling at the boys as she slipped the penny down the front of her shorts using her hand.

Janet’s hand rubbed at her pussy pressing the penny against her pussy. The boys mouthed dropped lower as they watched her little show. Janet smiled at them as she withdrew her hand to show there was no penny in it. She brought her hand to her mouth and used her tongue to lick lightly at the wetness on her fingers.

“Come on girls you can entertain later at the party,” Jack said looking back to us.

Janet and I had been to busy teasing those boys to have noticed he was now ahead of us. Janet and I smiled at the boys before we turned toward Jack. We both giggled holding each other as we ran to him getting on each side of him.

Janet and I both turned to the boys as we said, “Bye boys,” smiling at them and blowing them a kiss.

We walked into the store and I told Jack my pussy was dripping from seeing that those two boys had boners looking at my tits. Janet told him that penny was between her pussy lips getting soaked in her juices. Jack glance quickly behind us.

“You girls have some followers now as well,” Jack said with a little laugh.

Janet and I turned to see that those boys were following us through the store. Jack handed us a list telling us to find these things while he went and got the drinks for the party. We looked at the list that was mostly snack foods like chips and dip. We split up knowing that Jack would still be with us only out of site of the boys.

We went to the dairy section first to find the chip dip. Our nipples grew hard from the cool air in this section. Janet looked around as we stood there. The only ones close to us were those boys. Janet stuck her chest out making her nipples protrude profoundly from her top.

Janet came to me and she rubbed her hard nipples against mine as we stood there next to the dairy products. Our nipples were rock hard and they made our tits shake as they brushed against each other. Janet wrapped me in her arms smashing our tits together as she kissed me fully on my lips.

I saw that the boys had moved closer to get a better view of us. I turned our heads sideways so they could see that we were swapping tongues as we kissed. I broke our kiss licking at her lips with my tongue.

“We better stop before I have to way you right now,” I said loud enough so the boys heard me.

“Do her now,” one of the boys replied.

Janet looked at me and I looked around to see if anyone else was around us. I saw no one but those boys. I took my hand placing it to her pussy. I rubbed the palm of my hand against it. I pressed a finger upward between the camel toe at her pussy. I dug my finger into her pussy rubbing it back and forth at her pussy as I moved my mouth to her tits.

“AHhhhh Ann,” Janet cooed as I enclosed my mouth around her hard nipples.

I sucked and licked at her nipple through her top. Janet started to rock against my finger rubbing at her pussy. I felt her thighs start to shake as an orgasm rushed through her body. I looked to the boys to see them both rubbing at the front of their shorts. Janet pushed me away from her tits as I withdrew my hand from between her legs.

“ANN, you made me cum all over that penny,” Janet said as she reached into her shorts with her hand. Janet dug the penny from between her pussy lips holding it up as she added, “A penny for your thoughts,” as she stared at the boys.

The two boys started toward us when Jack suddenly appeared as he asked, “You girls aren’t causing trouble are you?”

The boys stopped dead in their tracks. They turned and took off running never looking back to Janet and me. Janet and I both turned to Jack.

“Jack, you scared those boys off,” We both said as we laughed.

Janet smiled at Jack as she handed him that penny as she added, “Your reward for defending us Jack.”

Janet and I grabbed some chip dip and placed it into the cart. I noticed the cart was full of all types of booze and beer. A lot more than us, three would ever drink.
We all went to the meat section where I gave the butchers behind the counter a good view of my tits as we picked up some meat to have a cook out during the party. I was also checking out their meat that swelled under their aprons. As we were leaving a very handsome man about Jack’s age came walking up to him.

“How you doing Jack?” the man asked holding out his hand as Janet and I stared at him

“Just fine Sam, I see you found the place OK,” Jack replied. He then added, “Sam this is my lovely wife Ann and this is Janet the one I told you about,” smiling at Janet.

“Nice to meet you Ann, you’re even lovelier than Jack said,” Sam said shaking my hand. Sam looked to Janet who smiled at him as he added, “Nice to meet you Janet, Your even more beautiful and angelic than Jack told me you were, I feel like I’d dirty you just by touching you,” as he withdrew his hand shake from her.

Janet just stood there staring at Sam as he stared at her. This was the first time I have ever seen Janet speechless when it came to a man. It might have been because in some ways he looked and acted like Jack. His words were just as sweet as Jack’s was. I finally took my arm and nudged Janet with it.

“Are you coming during the party?” Janet asked. “I mean nice to meet you and are you coming to the party,” Janet added turning a little red in her face.

“When Jack throws a party none of us miss it,” Sam replied. He turned to Jack as he added, “The boys and I like to thank you for renting those cabins for us.”

“Not at all Sam the unit that flies together party’s together,” Jack said to him. “We will see you all let’s say around five for a cook out at the villa.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, Jack,” Sam replied. Sam turned to Janet as he added, “I hope to see you especially later as well.”

“Oh I will be there waiting,” Janet said smiling at him as he walked away from us.

“Jack, who was that and what is going on here?” I asked.

“Lets check out and I will explain on the way back to the villa,” Jack replied.

We checked out and loaded up the back of Jack’s truck with all the supplies we had gotten. Janet and I tipped the stock boy who helped us with a full flash of our tits. We stood there with our tops pulled up shaking our tits at him until Jack told us to get into the truck. The stock boy was still standing there it the parking lot with his mouth hanging open as we pulled from the parking lot.

On the way, back to the villa Jack told us that Sam was the pilot of the helicopter he flew with in the Army reserves. He explained that four of them in this unit had become a close-knit group of men. Jack explained it was about time that I met them as well as their wives.

“Sam isn’t married is he?” Janet asked.

“No Sam is the only one not married Janet,” Jack replied giving a little laugh.

“Just what did you tell him about me, Jack?” Janet asked.

“I told him I had a sweet lovely girl for him to meet and he had better treat her right,” Jack replied smiling at her.

Jack explained that Sam did not have good luck with women. Most have used him to get what they wanted then dumped him. He told us that Sam distrusted most women now. Jack also explained that Sam and his girlfriend were the ones who rather broke his cherry with swinging when he returned from Vietnam and joined their unit.

“You asked me about being Bi, I have only had Bi sex with Sam,” Jack said to us.

Janet looked at him as she said, “Jack, your BI, you suck dick,” with a surprise look on her face.

“Yes, Janet I am and do you lick pussy?” Jack asked giving a little chuckle.

Jack went on to tell us that I have wanted to meet those who he served with in the reserves. Therefore, he had invited some of the other men and their wives he flew with to come spend the weekend with us at his villa. It was my turn to turn to look at him with surprise on my face. I was getting ready to ask him about it being his villa.

“Well it belongs to my mom and she has others run it for her when she is not using it,” Jack said to me smiling.

There was a lot it seemed that I still did not know about Jack. I found out that day that included his mother as well. We returned to the villa and got ready for our quest to arrive.

Jack went to work pressing the hamburger into patties while Janet and I worked on the salad and chips. We finished every thing up just before 4 pm. We asked Jack what we could do for an hour. Jack slipped his shirt over his head then slipped his shorts off then his underwear. He stood before us in the kitchen with his hanging cock growing between his legs.

“I was thinking a dip in the hot tub,” Jack said as he walked to the patio doors off the kitchen.

Janet and I watched his cute butt shake as he walked to a set of French doors leading onto the patio. Jack threw a couple of switches by the door and music filled the house and the back patio. He opened the French doors and asked if we were joining him.

Janet and I lost our clothes as we ran to him. We wrapped our arms through his as he led us to the hot tub. We all got in and sat down as the warm soothing water splashed against us. Janet and I had never been in a hot tub before and it tingled as we sat there on each side of Jack.

Janet was the one who found out about the water jets against her pussy. She had gotten out grabbing us all a beer. When she got back in, she slipped into the tub with her pussy toward the wall. Janet stopped and her eyes rather rolled back into her head.

“AHHhhhh ANN, come feel this,” Janet moaned out as she rocked her body against the side of the hot tub.

I joined her and positioned my pussy over one of the jets shooting water from it. It felt like a hundred fingers running through my pussy. We both moaned grabbing onto the side of the tub and rocked our bodies against it.

“Hello Jack,” a sexy female voice said. “I see your girls started without us,” the female voice added.

Janet and I halted our little fun. We turned to see a sexy long legged woman with short black hair standing beside the hot tub. She was our size and wearing a one-piece red swimsuit that showed her little but ample tits quite well.

“Hi Linda, where is Scott?” Jack bursa escort bayan asked.

“Right here buddy had to get us a beer,” Scott replied. “WOooo those girls have some BIG FUCKING tits on them,” Scott added staring at our tits.

Jack stood up in the hot tub with his cock hanging down on his thigh as he said, “Linda, Scott this is my wife Ann and our very close friend Janet,” looking to us smiling.

Linda held out her hand and Jack helped her into the hot tub as she replied, “Your wife and play toy are very lovely in deed, Jack,” looking at his cock resting on his thigh.

I looked to Janet as she looked at me we both did not like this bitch right away for some reason. Linda sat down across from us as Jack sat back down into the tub. I went to one side of him as Janet went to the other side of him. We both cuddled up to him lacing our arms through his as if we were afraid of something.

“How cute, your girls fear me already Jack,” Linda said with a little laugh. “Ann, Janet you have nothing to fear from me your man will not touch another woman thanks to the joys you both have shown and given to him,” she added.

Janet and I looked to Jack who was turning red in the face as I said, “Jack, you are blushing.”

“Look out coming in ladies,” Scott said stepping into the hot tub.

I looked to Scott who was naked as the day he was born. He was of average built with short black hair. His soft hanging cock swung between his legs as he stepped into the tub and sat down next to Linda.

“At least you could have covered your cock with the beer bottles,” Linda said.

“I am sure these two have seen a cock before,” Scott replied smiling.

“So how do you two know Jack?” Janet asked Scott.

“Jack and I met in the hospital after the war,” “Booby trap two days before being shipped home,” Scott replied showing a nasty jagged edged scar at his side. “If not for Jack I would still be in a hospital just not the one for sane people,” Scott added tipping his beer to Jack.

“I met Jack at one of the swing parties,” Linda said. I looked to her and then to Jack. Linda smiled as she added, “It is OK Ann he was the perfect gentleman back then before he married the girl who held his heart.”

“I think it is time we got dressed to met our other quests,” Jack said standing up in the hot tub.

Linda smiled from ear to ear looking at the boner on Jack as he stepped from the tub. He wrapped a towel around himself and grabbed two more towels. He handed Janet and I one however, I told him we would not need those.

“I am sure they have seen pussies before,” I said as I stood up putting my hairy pussy almost into Scott’s face.

Janet stood up as well and we both stepped from the hot tub with our tits bouncing. We took the towels from Jack wrapping ourselves in them. Linda reached out touching the back of my leg running her fingers lightly over the back of my calf.

“I would lick you dry if you give me the chance,” Linda said smiling at me with a gleam in her eyes.

I smiled back at her before we walked into the villa. I knew by her touch and her smile that I did not have to fear her around Jack for she liked women more than she did men. The three of us went upstairs to our bedroom. Janet went into the bathroom with her suitcase as she told us she had a surprise for us both. I grabbed a pair of hot pants and an orange tank top and dressed into them. Jack was quiet, as we got dressed for the evening.

“So are all your friends swingers?” I asked Jack.

“No just the five you will meet tonight,” Jack replied. “You have met Sam, Linda and Scott already,” “You still have to met Will and Denise,” Jack added.

Jack explained it was Sam and his old girlfriend who rather got all of them together for a little party one night. The drinks were flowing and before the night was over most had exchanged partners. Jack looked to me as he told me that he ended up with Sam and his girlfriend.

“It was just sex between friends that was all Ann,” Jack said to me.

“It’s OK Jack you were not with me then as you are now,” I replied smiling at him. “But wouldn’t it have been easier to just tell me about your friends?” I asked.

“I thought you would have more fun getting to know them,” Jack replied with a smile then took me into his arms.

Jack kissed me deeply and with passion. I felt a rush of warmth filling my body as our lips rolled then our tongues searched into the others mouth. His hands rubbed at my back as mine grabbed his butt. We were still kissing deeply and with passion when Janet came walking from the bathroom up to us.

“So how do I look?” Janet asked.

We broke our kiss turning to look at Janet. She was dress in a black leather jacket that was unzipped so you could see the red push up bra she wore under it. She also had on a very short black leather skirt that just barely covered her ass. Janet pulled her skirt up to reveal red panties and a red garter belt that held up her black fishnet stockings. Janet spun around in a circle giving us the full view of herself in her outfit.

Janet looked like a hooker in that outfit. If you would like to see Janet in that outfit all you will have to do is ask by emailing me. Jack had snapped some pictures of her in it back then. Janet was over here last weekend and she graciously agreed to share them with you our readers.

“Damn girl you going to be a little hot in that outfit,” Jack said shaking his head.

“I don’t plan being in it too long, Jack,” Janet replied smiling at him.

I grabbed Janet’s hand and I placed it into Jack’s as I said, “Janet you are in charge of Jack tonight and he is to play with only you.”

Jack smiled at Janet then to me as he replied, “I will not play with anyone but her as I know you trust her with both of our hearts.”

“Thank you for understanding Jack,” I said to him as I pulled the three of us together.

We had a group hug and a series of kisses before leaving the bedroom. The three of us walked down the stairs. I looked to the kitchen to see Linda and Scott sitting at the kitchen table. Scott was dressed and Linda had a fancy beach wrap covering herself. As we started toward the kitchen, the doorbell rang. The three of us stopped and Jack turned us all toward the door. He opened the door with the three of us standing there.

Sam was standing there with another couple. I stared at the couple, as they were a black couple. I am not racist or anything it was just there was not too many blacks who lived in our parts back then.

“Come on in,” Jack said to them ushering them all into the villa.

The black couple came walking into the villa. The black woman was very lovely. She was short maybe just barely 5′ if that with long wavy black hair; she had on a short white one-piece mini dress cut very low. She had rather large tits packed into her dress pushed up with a black push up bra. My eyes went down her sexy body checking out her shapely ass and sexy legs. She had on the cutest pair of sandals with straps that rather wrapped around her ankles.

The black man with her was maybe 6 ft tall. His arms were huge and very muscular. His hair was a short Afro and he had a mustache and beard. He followed the black woman into the house. The black woman threw her arms around Jack’s neck pulling him down to her level kissing him fully on his lips. I was not sure about their kiss. It looked more than just a friendly kiss as I watched them rolling their lips together.

She finally broke her kiss as she said, “Been a long time since I tasted those sweet lips.”

“Damn Denise, give the white boy a chance to breath,” The black man said sticking his hand out to Jack.

The men did not shake hands. Instead, they slapped hands then did five or six other movements with their hands. They finally touched knuckles smiling at each other.

“Denise, Will this is my wife Ann and our friend Janet,” Jack said to them.

“Nice to meet you Ann and Janet,” Will replied politely to her and I.

Denise came over to me and she reviewed me from head to toe. She walked around the back of me checking me out from behind. She shook her head at Jack as she walked over and did the same thing to Janet. Denise walked back to Jack still shaking her head from side to side as if she did not approve of Janet or me.

Denise looked up at Jack as she said, “Jack these two are way too good for the likes of a flying monkey like you,” smiling at him. Denise turned back to Janet and me as she held out her hands she added, “Ladies, a tour would be nice if you don’t mind.”

Janet and I took her hand and we led her through the villa showing her the place. She told us that Will had told her that Jack’s family owned this little shack in the woods. As we gave her a tour, we also asked her how she had met Jack.

Denise explained that Will had met Jack in the Army reverses. I guess one day Jack saved him from some men who did not like him because of the color of his skin. She explained it was three against one until Jack stepped up and together they beat the racism from the other three.

“Will came home that weekend and he told me a white boy had saved him from a lynching mob.” “He also told me we were going to a party the following weekend and I could meet him,” Denise said to us.

It was there she met Jack and the others. At first, the other women did not say much to her that was until Jack took her under his wing to speak. Denise explained she had never met a man like Jack before as he only saw her as a lovely sexy woman and not a black woman or someone who was different due to her color or short size.

“Those other bitches were all jealous because he was paying me attention and not their white asses,” Denise said with a little laugh. Denise took my hand as she added, “That man felt very bad about what he had done to you Ann.”

“Jack told you what he did?” I asked.

“Yes during a party he had a little too much to drink and he was feeling sorry for himself. Jack told us all he had a story to share with us,” Denise replied. “Jack told us about forming the Devils over in Vietnam and then coming home only to do a terrible thing to this girl whose name he did not even know,” “He explained he upped for another tour of Vietnam due to his shame, he was not figuring on ever returning home at least alive,” she added.

She told us that Jack told them I had cleansed his lost soul because of the wrong he had done to me. He swore he was going to change what he had become and make it right someday. He told us he was going to make it right with you. However, you had remarried by then.

“Jack was hurting badly back then over what he had done to you and allowing others around him to do bad things in Vietnam.” “During another one of our parties I found him in the bedroom sitting on the bed alone.” “I asked him what he was doing in here alone.” “Jack told me he was just thinking,” “I saw the gun beside him as I walked up to the bed,” “After seeing the gun I asked him wouldn’t it be better to talk to me than Mr. Smith Wesson,” Denise said

“Jack told me of his life from the streets to the joy of his adoptive parents loving him. How that love he once shared turned to hate against those who had wronged the family we came to love. How that love and he had died the day he went to Vietnam and the final shovel full of dirt on to him was when the girl he had wronged and also loved got remarried,” Denise said to us.

“What did you say to him that made him change his mind?” Janet asked her.

“Never give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about,” Denise replied smiling at me.

“So have you slept with Jack?” I asked her.

“Hell no girl, after Sam’s girl wanted to run off with Jack he decided it was better if he only played host at our little parties,” Denise replied as I stared at her. “From the look on your face I take it you did not know about Sam’s fiancee begging Jack to run away with her and to be with her forever after a few nights of sex,” she added.

“No I did not know that,” I replied to her.

“Jack used to tell me it was his curse,” “Every woman loved him except for the one he wanted,” Denise said to me. She took Janet’s and my hand into hers as she added, “You girls have a special one in that man called Jack.”

We finished our tour and joined the others out on the patio. The boys were standing there talking and drinking beer. I walked over to Jack threw my arms around his neck pulling him down to my size. My lips went to his and I kissed him passionately and slipped my tongue into his mouth. His friends encouraged us both on as we kissed.

Jack broke our kiss as he asked, “What was that for?”

“Just for being special and being that man who never gave up on me,” I replied.

Jack smiled at Denise who winked at him. I think he knew I had learned a little more about the man I married named Jack. I walked over joining the other women with Janet. We all chatted getting to know one another better. During our little chat, Linda asked me if I was going to share Jack with all of them.

“NO, I only share him with Janet,” I replied.

Linda looked to me then to Janet as she said, “You two must have been lovers for a long time for her to trust you with her and his heart.”

“Since we were kids,” Janet replied smiling. Janet reached over taking my half of our hearts necklaces and putting it with hers as she added, “Love only comes from your heart.”

Jack smiled at us as he asked us to help him in the kitchen. Janet and I got the salad, chips and other stuff ready as Jack piled the hamburgers onto a big plate. I walked up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist from behind.

“Promise me again Jack that you will never leave Michelle and I,” I said to him hugging around his waist.

Jack turned kissed my forehead as he replied, “I promise never to leave you and the little one,” “My love for you is like time, if you give it just one moment, it will last forever.”

Those words seemed important to me back then for some reason. Maybe I was afraid he would find another woman to love more than he did me. Maybe it was just that feeling I had or that distant look in his eyes every now and then when I would look into them. His look was not one of evil or filled with hate, maybe a little sorrow in his eyes. That look along with that feeling I had made me wonder sometimes about him. I could not explain it at least at that time.

Jack cooked the hamburgers on the grill and we ate outside talking and laughing. Jack suggested we all move into the playroom as the sun started to go down behind the trees. Janet and I sat with the girls talking while Scott, Sam and Will played pool. Jack was a good host as he saw to it that no one had an empty bottle of beer or an empty glass in his or her hand. Janet went up and took a sip from Jack’s glass at the bar to see what he was drinking.

“He is drinking ginger ale,” Janet said to me.

I smiled at her as I replied, “Someone has to take care of all of us and who better than Jack.”

Jack came over and sat down beside me. I looked to the jukebox by the bar. I asked Jack if it still worked.

“If it does the first dance is mine,” Jack said to me smiling.

The boys moved some furniture around making us a dance floor. Jack plugged the jukebox in and the lights came on so it at least had power going to it. Jack pressed a couple of buttons then came to me taking me into his arms. “You Look Wonderful Tonight,” by Eric Clapton played from the jukebox.

Jack danced me around lightly escort bursa singing into my ear as he did. The song ended with us kissing in the middle of the dance floor. Jack had barely released my hand when Will grabbed my hand.

“Let’s see if you can dance to this,” Will said to me.

“Play that Funky music White Boy,” by Wild Cherry came on as Will and I fast danced to it. Will and I ended up in each other’s arms laughing when the song ended. The night went on like this for the next few hours. Everyone danced with Janet and me however; we were the only ones to dance with Jack. Drinking, dancing, and brushing up against each other lasted until almost one in the morning. Denise and Will left first as they had driven the farthest to get here. Linda and Scott left shortly afterwards.

On the way out the door Denise had given Jack, a long tongue filled kiss, as she was a little drunk. I gave one too Will as I was just as drunk as she was. As I kissed him, I moved his hand from my shoulder to my ass. His hand grabbed my ass as he pulled me against his muscular body. I felt something big pressing against my pussy as we kissed. When Scott and Linda left, she gave me the long tongue filled kiss with her hands on my butt.

Linda broke our kiss as she whispered, “I can’t wait to taste you,” sweetly into my ear before licking my ear with her tongue.

Jack and I walked back into the playroom. We found Janet and Sam locked in an embrace of their own. Jack took me into his arms and kissed me once then whispered into my ear.

“Let’s leave them to get to know each other,” Jack whispered as he led me up stairs to our bedroom as I had a little too much to drink.

We climbed into bed with Jack holding me. I told him the men and their wives that he flew with were very nice. I remember asking him if I could play with them all. Jack told me I could have as much fun as I wanted with any of them just before I closed my eyes.

I awoke alone in the bed in the morning, my head hurt as I stumbled from the bed. I slipped my robe on walking down the steps. As I did, I heard Sam and Jack talking in the kitchen.

“You are going to have to tell her or at least ask her sooner or later Jack,” Sam said to him.

I walked into the kitchen as I asked, “What do you need to ask me Jack?” Holding my head with my hands as my head began to pound as I heard my own voice.

Jack looked at me for a few seconds then replied, “I think you need grandma’s cure.”

I sat down at the table with my head in my hands. My head was thumping loudly from too much alcohol last night. I heard Jack mixing and pouring stuff into a tall glass. When he was finished, he handed it to me. I took a sip then drank it all down as it tasted just like grandma’s cure for a hang over.

Within a minute the pounding in my head stopped. I took my glass to the sink then turned back to Sam and Jack. They both were staring at me with smiles on their faces. I looked down to see that I had slipped my robe on but had not tied it in front. My big 40 C tits as well as my hairy pussy exposed as I stood there before them.

“Sorry about that,” I said as I tied the front of my robe as Jack handed me a cup of coffee.

“Jack, did I pass out on you last night?” I asked sitting back down at the table. “I remember you saying I could have fun with any of them that I wanted too but nothing else after that,” I added.

“I hope that meant me Ann,” Sam replied smiling at me.

“Oh she is going to have you,” Janet said walking into the kitchen.

Janet walked over to Jack by the stove. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers. She kissed him deeply as her lips rolled over his. Jack wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back with the same passion. Janet slipped her tongue into his mouth as his hands went to her ass. Jack’s hand massaged her butt as their lips rolled together.

Janet broke their kiss as she said, “Down Jack or we will have to shower again.”

I looked to Sam taking a sip of my coffee as I asked, “Care to shower with me after my coffee?”

Sam looked to Jack and Janet then Jack said, “Don’t look at us buddy we did not ask you to shower with us,” smiling at him.

Sam reached across the table with his hand and touched mine as he replied, “I would love to share a shower with you.”

“You two run along and shower Jack and I will get breakfast ready for everyone,” Janet said smiling to us.

I drank the rest of my coffee and stood up holding my hand out to Sam. He took my hand and I led us upstairs into the main bathroom. I closed the door behind us and slipped to my knees in front of him. I pulled the jogging pants he had worn down letting him step from them. I looked up to see his limp cock hanging there between his legs.

I took it into my hand and caressed it as I ran my tongue across the head of his dick. I started to pump at his cock as I licked at the head. Sam’s cock grew quickly in my hand to fully hard. His cock I swear was a match exactly to Jack’s cock.

“Your cock is just like Jack’s and I know Janet enjoyed you last night as I can taste her on your cock,” I said to him pulling on his cock with my hand.

“Jack and I had the same postman,” Sam replied with a little laugh. “Janet told me you would enjoy my cock as well,” he added smiling at me.

I slipped my mouth over the head of his cock as I started to suck on it. I slowly worked my mouth down onto his cock until my nose pressed against the hair around his cock. I moved my hand to his hanging balls rolling them in my hand as I moved my head up and down his cock.

I sucked at his cock until I tasted his pre-cum dripping from it. I sucked hard at it as I pulled my mouth up from the base of his cock with my hand trailing from his balls up his cock. I pulled my mouth from his cock with his pre-cum stringing to my lips. I twirled my tongue wrapping his pre-cum around my tongue before pulling it into my mouth.

Sam reached down picking me up from the floor. His face came down to mine as he kissed me deeply and fully onto my lips. He might have a cock like Jack’s but I did not hear any bells or whistles as we kissed. Sam broke our kiss then closed the lid on the toilet.

Sam sat down pulling me down along with him. I straddled his lap. His cock throbbed and danced against my abdomen. Sam’s face went into my tits as he kissed and licked at my nipples. When he had gotten them hard, he sucked one into his mouth.

I raised up a little grasping his hard cock into my hand. As I sat back down, I guided it into my hairy pussy. Sam suckled my tits as I started to ride his cock. Sam’s hands went to my ass as he moved his face to mine. He kissed me slipping his tongue into my mouth as his hands bounced me up and down on his cock.

“AHhhhhh Sam,” I moaned out as he pulled my butt cheeks apart each time I rose up on his cock.

I slammed my pussy back down onto his cock hard taking it deep into my pussy. I started to grind my pussy into his cock. My pussy twitched just once before a powerful wet orgasm came over me. My pussy coated his cock and balls with its juices.

“AHhhh Sam, don’t cum in me I want you’re cum for breakfast,” I cooed.

I rode his cock for about another minute. Sam pulled me from his cock and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I grabbed his cock with my hand as I encased my mouth over just the head of his cock. I started to suck at his cock with my cheeks going in and out, as I did.

“AHhhhhhhh ANN,” Sam cried out as his cock twitched in my mouth.

The first blast went straight down my throat as the next two splashed against the roof of my mouth. I started to bob my head up and down on his cock. My mouth was full of cum from his cock as I did. Sam’s cock turned creamy white as cum trailed from my mouth flowing over his cock.

I removed my mouth from his cock letting some cum drip onto the head of his cock. Cum ran down to his balls before I used my tongue on his cock. I licked at the side and ran my tongue up and down his cock cleaning it of cum taking it back into my mouth. I used my tongue licking at his hanging balls.

“Wooaaa Ann, that tickles,” Sam said pulling my head from between his legs.

Sam stood up with me in his arms. His lips went to mine as I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth. I snowballed cum from my mouth into his. Sam pulled his face from mine licking his lips.

He smiled at me as he said, “Jack got himself a winner here.”

I turned the water on in the shower as I got into it. Sam followed me in closing the shower door as he did. I bathe him then he bathes me. As Sam bathes me, I felt his hard cock rubbing up against my thighs and my butt. I placed my hands onto the front shower wall.

Sam did not have to be told what I wanted. Sam slipped his cock into me from behind. He was being nice and gentle when suddenly Sam grabbed my hips as he pounded the fuck out of me. He was not being gentle with me any longer. It was as if something had came over him as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he slammed his cock in and out of my pussy. Sam started to smack my ass calling me by another name as he drove his cock in and out of me.

“AHhhhh Sam,” I moaned out as my thighs started to shake wildly.

I was in the mist of a pleasure orgasm when Sam removed his cock from my pussy. He tapped the head of his cock at my asshole once. Sam shoved his hard cock fully up into my asshole. It hurt like fucking hell as he buried it deeply into my ass.

“HEYYy,” I screamed raising my back up trying to dislodge his cock.

Sam pushed my back down as he said, “Take it like the fucking slut you are BITCH,” as he went back to slamming his cock in and out of my asshole.

Within a few minutes, his cock felt good fucking me deep and hard as it was. I started to pump my ass back toward his cock as my pussy twitched then throbbed. The orgasm I had lost returned only amplified by a hundred times as my asshole tightened around his hard cock. Sam shoved his cock deeply once more holding it there as cum filled my asshole.

“AHHhhh you fucking bitch Karen,” Sam screamed as cum filled my asshole from his cock. “FUCK,” Sam yelled as he pulled his cock from me as cum ran from my asshole to my squirting pussy.

Sam suddenly turned me toward him as he said, “God forgive me Ann I got carried away and mistook you for another woman.”

I stared at his face for upon his face was the same look I have seen on Jack’s. I looked into his eyes and I saw sorrow, hate and mistrust. His eyes returned to blue from black just as I have seen Jack’s turn too. Sam grabbed a washcloth turned me around as he cleaned my backside and his cock as well. I am not for sure but I think he had fucked the shit out of me.

We stepped from the shower grabbing some towels. As we were drying off, I looked to Sam’s right arm just below his shoulder. There on his arm was a scar. Just like the one, I have seen a thousand times. It was the mark of having the Devil removed from ones soul. Jack wore that same mark on his from when he had removed the Devil’s tattoo.

“Ann, I am so sorry I did not want to hurt you, I just could not stop myself,” Sam said with the look of disbelief over what he had just done.

I looked into his eyes as I asked, “Was I Karen the one who wanted to run away with Jack to you just then?”

“You know about that,” Sam replied in surprise.

“Yes Denise told me about it last night,” I replied.

“I don’t blame Jack for he was the one who told me what she wanted to do, he could have just run away with her,” Sam said to me. Sam lowered his head then raised it as he added, “All of us have a past we just soon forget, Jack has the Devils and you while I deal with a broken heart that will never heal.”

“What about the others?” I asked Sam.

“Every single one of us has something in our pasts we are either running from or toward,” Sam replied lowering his head. He lifted it as he added, “We help each other for we can not help ourselves.”

“We all learn from our mistakes,” I said then I smiled at him as I added, “I will keep this to myself if you keep it to yourself that I enjoyed it.”

“You enjoyed it,” Sam replied with a look of shock on his face.

Sam and I walked into the bedroom, as that was where his clothes were as he was staying here with us. We dressed with him telling me a hundred more times how sorry he was for his actions in the shower. I kept telling him to forget it.

I thought about what Sam had said as I dressed, “Every single one of us has something in our pasts we are either running from or toward.”

We all have things in our past mine just happens to be I like to be treated rough sometimes during sex. I like to be taken and used every now and then. I like to be fucked deep and hard. I not only want to be the slut I want to be treated like one sometimes too. Somewhere deep in my mind that gang rape that I hated was being enjoyed repeatedly while wishing sometimes it would happen again.

Janet’s something was the fun she used to have with their family dog. I would find her crying in our bedroom at home, as she sat it the sitting room in our bedroom. I would ask her what was wrong. She would tell me that damn dog still haunts her. I talked to her about it once and she told me it haunts her because she had enjoyed doing it. She once told me if not for the sex she has with Jack she would only fuck dogs, as she could not have an orgasm unless it was with Jack or a dog.

I held her that night and whispered, “You may have Jack anytime you get the urge.”

I wondered what things the others I had met last night had from or in their past. I also wondered about either running from it or toward it. The running from I understood but who would run toward it with no fear of it. “JACK” suddenly filled my mind.

I turned to Sam as I asked, “What is it that Jack should tell me or ask me Sam?”

“Sorry Ann that will have to be between you and Jack,” Sam replied with no emotion on his face.

“Will it bring me hurt Sam?” I asked as tears started to form in my eyes.

“There is not much any one of us do that does not bring hurt to someone or at least to ourselves,” Sam replied as he came to me.

Sam wrapped me in his arms hugging me. He rubbed at my back as Jack does. Sam whispered, “Alone we are weak but together we are strong.” “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”

His words and embrace gave me comfort and warmth. I was starting to understand why this group hung out together. Alone they were afraid of their past. However together they gave each other the strength, the will and the power they each lacked to break the chains that held them to their past. I was thinking Janet and I rather fit right in with the rest of this group of misfits.

I wondered just where Jack fit at in the group. Was he the ringleader? Was it Jack who held this group together? Was their free love just an example of the trust and love they had and shared? What was it Jack was not telling me or asking me?

Those questions answered in my next chapter. As always, please email me to let me know that you are enjoying my story. My email address is in my first chapter. I will be sharing some pictures of Janet at 23 years old in the outfit I described in this chapter. Jack had taken some of her in it back then. During Thanksgiving when she was here, she brought some of those photos with her. Jack converted them and Janet was gracious enough to allow me to share herself with my readers.

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