The Things You Do For Family! Ch. 03

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Jen stood under the shower, the pressure of the steaming water beating down on her head. As she looked down at the soap suds rinsing down her cleavage she pondered the recent situation. Bob was obviously a bastard, he’d set her up. Whilst she had confidently cast herself as the bait to win the cash her grandfather needed, Bob was in turn setting a greater trap. You don’t end up with a multi-million dollar lifestyle without playing some pretty major games, way beyond her reckoning. But grandpa, he’d enjoyed the blowjob far too much by her reckoning. Then again, she had really gone to town on him, not many guys of any age could have resisted her ministrations.

As she dried herself she shrugged off the worries she felt stirring in her mind. Bob had really left them both with no choice but to go through the ordeal… and to be honest, it hadn’t been all that bad, she reflected with a wry smile.

In the lounge, Bert was sat, determinedly looking away from Jen as she returned from the bathroom. He was determined to take his lead from her attitude. If she was pissed at him, he’d know how to handle things, if not, well his attitude would be different.

Jen came into the room, wearing shorts (and man, were they short!) and a halter top. Beneath the two items of clothing Bert could see the outline of a tiny bikini, not that it really hid much. He looked away, determined not to be accused of lechery.

Jen sat down on the end of the sofa, also determined not to make eye contact. In the end, the tension grew too much and both of them went to speak at once.


” Jen….”

The silence oozed back into the gap where they both wanted to speak. Bert cleared his throat, Jen checked her nails.

“Jen… about what happened earlier…. erm, I’m sorry.” Bert stumbled through his apology. After all, it had been the best blowjob he could ever remember.

“OK, grandpa. I’ll accept your apology. But I don’t want to find myself in that kind of position again, you understand?” Jen still couldn’t look him in the face. Her cheeks still burned with embarrassment as she thought back to the scene outside. Despite everything it had felt kind of good, very naughty, but good.

“Let’s go down and have a look at this boat then, shall we?” Jen hung a Chanel bag over her shoulder, picked up her shades and swept from the room. Bert followed behind, admiring the roll of her hips under the tiny shorts she was wearing. If all I get was that one blowjob, he thought, I can die happy!

Downstairs Bob met them at the door, escorting Jen through the door with his hand suspiciously low on the small of her back as they made their way to the waiting people carrier. The air con was again running flat out and the leather seats were chilly on Jen’s legs as she sat down. The effect on her body was not wasted on either Bob or the chauffeur who helped her with her seatbelt. A quick glance from behind his sunglasses swept the length of her slender body in appreciation. Jen simply ignored him.

The MPV made its way through the winding streets of the town, passing small shops on either side. Bob waved to a couple of people as they swept by. They acknowledged him with friendly waves and smiles; Bob was obviously accepted by the locals.

Arriving at the quayside, Jen looked out at a forest of masts where the local flotilla of yachts lay at anchor. She had never been on a sail boat before and was quite excited at the prospect. Their chauffeur led them to the side of the dock, where a small launch sat, engine ticking over gently as it waited for them. Stood at the controls was a dark haired young man, tanned to the colour of mahogany, dressed in immaculate white trousers and shirt. Bob led the way down to the gangplank and helped his guests aboard. The chauffeur untied the rope, passed the end to the crewman and stepped back as he opened the throttle and the launch headed out through the floating pontoons, yachts and launches, seagulls screaming as they circled overhead.

As the chaos of the moorings close to the dockside dropped away behind them the average value of the boats increased. Out towards the harbour wall were moored the real big vessels, the kind of vessels that only really the really well-heeled can afford.

It was towards one of these that the launch was now headed. As they approached, Jen could read the name painted on the bow: “Nothing Ventured…” and the port of registration, “Cannes” below.

Bert knew a little about boats, but even he was taken aback by the size of this gleaming white beauty.

“What size is she?” he asked Bob as they drew up at the stern where a pair of jet skis and the hoist for the launch were located. Bob helped them step across from one boat to the other and swept his arm around the deck.

“Welcome aboard Nothing Ventured. She’s an Overmarine Mangusta, and she’s 108′ long, top speed of 46 knots. Not bad eh?”

Jen and Bert made their way down the steps into the main state room, where a different member of crew greeted them. illegal bahis Again dressed in perfect white uniform, he welcomed them all aboard again, explaining their schedule for the day ahead in a slight Scandinavian accent.

“We will be leaving in just a few minutes, once my colleagues have stowed the launch and taken up their stations for the trip. We will cruise out into the bay, and then head east to a quieter bay where we will stop for a swim and lunch on the beach. I am Captain Tomas, and will be in command throughout your day’s journey. If there are any queries throughout the day, please feel free to speak to me or any other member of the crew. There are six of us aboard, so you should be able to find someone fairly easily, even on a boat as large as this.” As he spoke, a gentle beep came from the control panel upstairs.

“Excuse me, please, I must make ready for our departure.” Bert followed him up to the flying bridge, taking in the perfect interior of the boat on the way. Forward of the bridge was a large sun deck, big enough for a dozen people to lounge in the Mediterranean sunshine in comfort.

Bert made his way to the colour co-ordinated seat alongside the controls and sat down, watching with fascination as Captain Tomas fired up the engines, made his checks and spoke briefly into the walkie talkie clipped to his belt.

“Ok, my friend” he said. “Here we go.”

He gently depressed two tiny levers in the centre of the controls and turned a dial no bigger than a dollar coin. The bow of the boat gently swung out from the mooring, the stern staying more or less where it was.

“Bow thrusters. They make these manoeuvres so simple!” The captain explained.

With another touch of the two levers and a deft turn of the control knob, the boat stopped its movement and lay still on the water. Tomas moved his hands to a pair of simple chrome levers to the right of the controls and eased them forward about an inch. From the rear of the boat a muted burbling sound started and the vessel slid smoothly out into the clear channel. Tomas handled the boat deftly, his hands making tiny adjustments to the controls as they nosed their way out towards the gap in the harbour wall and the open sea beyond.

Once alongside the harbour entrance, Tomas eased the throttles forward and the boat accelerated smoothly to a cruising speed of around 25 knots, heading out into the sparkling Mediterranean, their shining white wake shining behind them in a gleaming crescent.

Bert stood on the flybridge, enjoying the feeling of power transmitted through the hull of this super yacht, the sea breeze ruffling his thinning grey hair. Forward, the access to the sun deck opened and a slender blonde figure, again in crew whites, carefully laid out dark blue towels on the sun deck.

Within a couple of minutes, her figure was replaced by Jen’s, who had shed her halter top but still had her tiny hipster shorts on. She sat on one towel, looking forward to the distant horizon for a few moments before reaching into her bag and removing her sun tan lotion. Bert looked on enthralled as she spread the white creamy lotion over her shoulders, arms and legs before laying down on her back, adjusting the tiny triangles that passed for a bikini top and settling down to catch some rays.

Bert returned to the cool dark interior of the boat. Boat, he thought, this was bigger than his house! He strolled through the main room in which they had been greeted, into the forward reception area, which in turn led to the walkway and the forward sun deck.

Bob was stood looking out of the forward windows at Jen as she lay, shining in the sun, a few feet away.

“You’ve done well there, my friend! Even if your earlier show was a fake, I reckon she’d one of the hottest women I’ve ever had aboard this vessel. Very nice indeed.” He turned to Bert. “I know it’s early but do you fancy a beer? I know I do.” He stepped to over to a well equipped bar, complete with chillers and a draft beer tap. Grabbing a couple of glasses from the shelf above, he poured two large headed glasses of pale lager for the two of them.

“Let’s go and see if Jen would like a drink. Or anything else, come to that!” he winked at Bert as he moved to the door and stepped outside. Bert followed carefully, not happy with the casual attitude his host was showing towards Jen. She was, after all, meant to be Bert’s partner! Stepping over the combing as he exited the boat along the starboard side of the vessel, Bert shook his head. The two of them made their way onto the raised sundeck, where Jen lazed, soaking up the sunshine.

“Hi love, do you want a drink?” Bert asked as he sat down on the other towel.

“No, thanks, I’m good” Jen replied. “But I could do with someone to put some lotion on my back, my front is pretty much done, I think.” She looked down over her glowing front and frowned. “Mind you, these shorts will give me some strange tan lines if I’m not careful.”

She stood up, turned her back towards Bert and started to illegal bahis siteleri wriggle her shorts down. Bert gulped as he watched her heart-shaped ass gradually appear from above the waistband. Christ, was she wearing anything under those, he wondered.

The shorts eventually slipped down Jen’s thighs, revealing the tiniest bikini bottoms Bert had ever seen or even imagined. They were held in place by a slender string around her waist which then joined another piece which vanished into the deep cleft between her buttocks.

Jen casually bent over, pretty much straight-legged, to slip her shorts off her feet, giving Bert a close-up look at the bulge of her pussy in the process. He groaned, hoping the distant roar of the engines would cover the sound of his excitement.

Jen lay down on the other towel and stretched. “Some lotion on my shoulders and back, if you please!”

Bert swallowed again and poured lotion into his hand, noticing it was shaking slightly. He reached forward and started to rub it into the skin of Jen’s shoulders, massaging it gently into her warm soft skin. He worked his way down her back, ever closer to the tantalising string of her bikini bottoms. He paused at her waist.

“Don’t stop there, love. Keep going or I’ll get burnt buns!”

Bert was conscious of eyes watching him and glanced up to see Bob regarding him with interest. He returned to the task in hand and started to work the lotion into the smooth peachy skin of Jen’s backside. His hands made circles on her buttocks, gently easing them apart as he did so, revealing the tiny white triangle of material that protected her pussy.

Jen moved a little to make herself more comfortable, her legs now slightly further apart. Bert could now see the very outer edge of her pussy lips on both sides, and the dark pucker of her anus where the thin cord ran over it. He was breathing deeply, and again could feel his erection growing in his pants. He glanced up again to see Bob paying close attention, both to his actions and to the view before him.

It was almost an out of body experience as Bert began to massage sun tan lotion into the curves of Jen’s ass, gradually working further and further into the crack of her ass. Jen moaned gently and moved her legs even further apart. Now Bert could definitely see the edge of her pussy lips with the white material of her thong now showing a slight damp patch in its centre, the darker cleft of her vagina showing through the skimpy material.

Bert watched his hands as they smoothed the creamy liquid into the inner curves of Jen’s buttocks. His fingers slipped under the string running between her cheeks as he spread the cream down the length of her crack, from waistband to a fraction above her anus. The cream, however, ran on, anointing her asshole and dribbling on down towards her pussy. Bert watched enthralled as it soaked into the thin white cloth, turning it all but see through.

There was a deafening silence ringing in Bert’s ears as he admired the view of his granddaughter’s crotch. What would his daughter say if she could see him now? Bert wondered. Now he could clearly see her asshole, his fingers holding the string of her thong away from it, just below was the edge of her cunt, a brighter pink and shining with the combination of lotion and excitement. Jen was far from the only one getting excited. Bert’s shorts were displaying his erection clearly, and Bob appeared to have the same problem, caused by the erotically charged scene unfolding on the deck before him.

Jen, who had been gently dozing in the sun, dreaming of having a man’s hands on her, anointing her back with sun lotion, moved her arm, bringing her skin into contact with the hot teak deck alongside her towel. She flinched, startled awake from her day dream, and suddenly realised where she was.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as tried to roll over. Bert’s hands, cupping a buttock each, pressed firmly on her ass, preventing her getting far. “Get your hands off me!” Bert laughed, “C’mon love, let the dog see the rabbit!”

“Get your hands off my ass, you creep!” Jen tried again to get up, but Bert’s right hand, slippery from sun tan lotion, slipped between her legs and onto her mound.

“Oh yes, baby, that feels good — I’d forgotten how hot your pussy gets when you sunbathe!” Bert couldn’t help but react positively to having his hand on Jen’s pussy. He’d never thought this would happen, and in a way that looked likely to give him even more and all without him appearing to want it — perfect!

Jen struggled again but was brought to a halt by Bob’s laconic voice.”Don’t mind me, I’ll just watch… assuming there is something to watch.”

Shit, she thought. Shit, shit and shit again! How the fuck would she get out of this situation?

“Bert, you know I don’t like you touching me in public! It makes me feel so uncomfortable, knowing other people might see us being… well… you know… intimate with each other!”

Bob, who had moved closer to the towel on which canlı bahis siteleri Jen lay, knelt down to get a better view of proceedings. “It’s a bit late for that kind of worry, bearing in mind what I’ve seen you two doing! A blowjob is hardly a discreet act when there’s an audience, is it?”

“But you forced us into that, you bastard!” Jen protested hotly, still trying to squirm out of Bert’s grip.

“But if I’m the audience, it’s hardly time to come over all modest, is it?” Bob enquired softly “and it would pretty much confirm that you are genuinely a couple, that’s for sure!”

Jen turned her head towards him as he knelt next to her head. Her eyeline gave her a great view of Bob’s knees, but also up the leg of his shorts. She blinked twice as she realised that Bob’s cock was erect and poking down his left thigh, its head pointing straight at her face. Even as she looked, a tiny bead of clear fluid appeared at the slit in the tip of his penis, hung there for a moment then ran down under his cockhead. She swallowed and closed her eyes. The only way out of this was to go through it. Just like that kids’ book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” she thought — can’t go under it, can’t go over it, gotta go through it!

Behind her, Bert was revelling in the opportunity to touch Jen in such an intimate way. He looked down, still not believing quite what he was seeing, as more of Jen’s pussy came into view, her tiny bikini bottoms dragged off to one side as she tried to roll over.

Bert licked his lips and swallowed. Jen moved her legs closer together, blocking Bert’s view.

“C’mon, babe. Bob’s got a point. It’s not like he’s not seen us together…”

Jen rolled onto her side, glared briefly at Bert, shrugged and reached down to slip the waistband of her thong over her hips. She knelt up to make the job easier, the tiny white patch of cloth rolling down her crotch to reveal her neatly trimmed triangle of light brown pubes. Bert reached up and took hold of the string himself and tugged the tiny garment down past her knees, over her ankles and tossed it to one side.

Bob had not been idle. He took the opportunity to untie the halter neck of Jen’s bikini top, freeing her breasts. They bounced slightly as their support was removed, exposed for the first time to her appreciative audience.

Bert thought he was in heaven as Jen turned towards him and he saw her breasts clearly for the first time. They weren’t huge, just full, rounded and firm. In fact, thought Bert, they are just about perfect! He reached out to hold Jen’s left breast in his hand, feeling the weight in the palm of his hand. Her nipple hardened at his touch, puckering up and standing proud from the soft pink flesh around it. Bert rubbed his thumb across the tip, causing it to harden further and turn deep pink. Jen moaned gently and leant further forward, her mouth opening as her breathing grew deeper. Bert took this as an invitation and leant forward himself to kiss her, initially in a gentle fashion, but with increasing passion.

Jen’s tongue was initially still but soon reacted to Bert’s kisses. Within a couple of moments they were in a passionate embrace, one of Bert’s wiry arms wrapped around Jen’s ribs, the other gripping her hair to prevent any escape. With her eyes closed, Jen just enjoyed the contact, the intimacy, the fresh air over her naked body; if she couldn’t see Bert, she could imagine it being someone else. Someone who wasn’t her grandfather, she suddenly thought, her eyes flying open as the implications of her position struck her. Her body stopped reacting and she sagged slightly into Bert’s arms.

From a couple of inches away, Bert looked into her eyes, sensing the change in mood. He tried to look apologetic, as though he didn’t really want to be doing what he was. This was a real trick, as the kiss had given him the hardest cock he could ever remember — even more so than the one he’d had so enthusiastically sucked the day before. Not only that, but he was really having the forbidden fruit — his daughter had accused him, years before, of inappropriate behaviour towards Jen when he’d been innocent; this time he had a perfect excuse, an ideal opportunity and no witnesses — Bob couldn’t have engineered it better if he’d tried!

Jen glanced to her left to find Bob looking closely at the two of them. Again her brain shouted “Get out” but Bert was still kissing her. Her instincts may have had the right idea, but they didn’t have access to all the facts — there was $25k at stake, Grandpa’s house and the horrific alternative of being Bob’s slave. Jen gave in and kissed Bert as passionately as she had ever kissed anyone.

Her tongue snaked out and slithered around the interior of Bert’s mouth. He tasted slightly bitter, the after effects of the beer he’d shared with Bob a few minutes earlier. His stubble grazed her lips as he enthusiastically responded, his tongue forcing itself deep into the hot moist cavern of her mouth. Jen closed her eyes and went with it — whatever else had changed over the past 60 years, grandpa’s kissing technique still worked well; Jen could feel herself getting turned on despite the fact that there was a 50 year age gap. Maybe there was some truth in the old saw about older men being better!

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