The Town Bicycle

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My friends and I all agreed that Rachel really wasn’t that hot. She was short, and peppy, and kind of annoying. Her body wasn’t that great, and her face, with all those piercings, more every year since she turned 18. Just all around meh.

But still. None of us, especially me, could take our eyes off her when she walked by. She always noticed our attention, returning us a cheerful wave, a smile, and a derisive comment.

Behind her back we all talked about her– everyone in town did, really. What a slut she was, how she was probably just, like, riddled with disease and all worn out. But still, when she walked by, we all looked. And when she smiled her crooked little smile, we all wanted her.

When it was finally my turn it didn’t work out quite like I had planned. We’d met up at a party, and both of us had been drinking. And somehow, I– the big, strong, man– ended up drunker than the tiny little girl.

And she kissed me, and she grabbed me by the hand, and she towed me out of the room; to knowing smiles from everyone else. She took me back to her room and she was all over me. Pinning me to her bed with a ferocious leap and overbearing me with her enthusiasm. She started to strip me and had me naked in moments, her mouth on my cock moments illegal bahis later, and me buried inside her soon after.

I had never had a woman who was so enthusiastic…

I came once, as she whispered in my ear how much I turned her on, and how bad she wanted me. She kept riding me, and I stayed hard. And I came again. She finally slowed, and let me slide out of her, and I could just lay there, exhausted and still so drunk. She leaned, curled against my side, propping herself up on one arm. Then she tilted her head down and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“That was nice. But I have something else for you, too!”

She bounced out of bed, and I spent the time appreciating her ass as she rummaged in a drawer. She found something, and she bent over, pulling something up around her waist and fastening it there.

Then, dramatically, she turned around and fucking sashayed over to the bed where I lay, a fiercely veined purple cock swaying in front of her.

“What do you think?” She asked.

I struggled up onto my side and licked my lips nervously.

“Uh, I’m not really sure…”

She laughed, stepped closer to the bed. So that she stood right in front of my face, hard purple cock pointing right at me.

“That’s okay. I’m very illegal bahis siteleri sure.” She reached out and took a hold of the back of my head with one hand, and a firm grip on my ear with the other. “Come here.”

Wincing, I let her pull me in, twisting around so that I knelt before her on the bed.

She didn’t have to twist my ear hard at all, and my mouth was sliding open and her cock was thrusting inside my mouth. She started slow and shallow, thrusting her hips into me as she held my mouth steady. And all I could do was stare up into her face as she, rapt, whispered how hot I looked with her cock in my mouth, how horny it made her.

How she couldn’t wait to pound my ass. After a few moments I realized that her hands were on her hips, rather than my head, and she was standing still as I bobbed my head up and down for her, eliciting little gasps every time I went deep and gagged for her.

I slowed, backing my mouth off of her, and she smiled, taking my head in her hands and guiding me back onto the bed.

*Spread your legs for me, dear.”

Numb, I could only do as instructed. Laying back and curling my legs up and to the side as she pulled a tube of lube from… somewhere… and used it to quickly and professionally lube my canlı bahis siteleri ass. Stroking and pushing and coaxing, as if by proxy, my own cock into hardness.

I gave a moan, and she seemed to take that as her cue to remove her fingers and replace them with the head of her cock.

And then, without preamble, she pushed herself inside me. It felt huge. And a little painful. And she fucked me long and slow and deep, whispering again in my ears how horny I made her and how my tight little ass was driving her wild, and how she loved the way I moaned.

And I realized I was moaning. A constant chorus of “oh-god-oh-god-oh-god,” so loud I was sure the whole building could hear. And I heard her cock sliding in and out of my ass as she picked up the pace, panting and moaning a little herself now.

She sped up, until she was really pounding my ass and I was reduced to grunting each time she slammed into me. And I saw it on her face as she came again and again, until finally she stopped, buried deep inside me and grinding herself into my ass. And then she was finished, panting and sweating on top of me and sloooowly, painfully easing her cock out of my ass to my own renewed moans.

And then she crawled into bed beside me, turning me onto my side, laying with her cock pressed against me and her hand on my semi-hard cock as she furiously masturbated me to another orgasm, whispering in my ear all the while what a good fuck I was, how she couldn’t wait to have me again. And I came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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