The Vacation_(4)

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Spring break, the craziest week of the year. I was a sophomore in college and taking a trip to Daytona Beach, Florida. The plan was for me to stay all week in my own room with friends showing up separately later in the week. I showed up Monday just before lunch, parked my car, and walked to the front desk. After waiting a few minutes, the tired receptionist gave me my key.

I grabbed my suitcase from the car, slung a beach towel over my shoulder, and walked up the stairs to the room. The key card slid in, beeped, and the door opened. My back to the door, I drug my heavy bad in the room, turned around, and practically kissed the tall, tan, muscular surfer guy about my age staring back at me. He had a confused look on his face and I jumped back with a quick “AHH!” from shock. Laughing in embarrassment when I noticed he was in just a towel and headed to the bathroom, I apologized, fumbled with the keycard, and said I must have the wrong room, though both the key and the room number on the door were the same.
Luckily a hotel manager happened to be walking by and I flagged her down. I explained that the room was already occupied and I must have the wrong key. After a brief moment of exchanging words on a walkie-talkie she nervously bit her lip. “Guys…we have a problem.” We stared at her, expecting her to fix this awkward situation as soon as possible. “You’ve both been booked in the same room.” We nodded. “And the Hotel is full,” she finished.

We looked from her to each other, then back. The guy, who had to be about 19 or 20, adjusted his towel trying to act unfazed by two strangers in his room while he was wearing a small hotel towel. I stepped out, motioning him to go change real fast while I took care of the manager. When he came back, she proposed, “Look, we are really sorry, but the island is full. If you can share a room, it’s on us, as is anything you need. Food…anything. We apologize.”

The stranger and I looked at each other and shrugged. After a moment I extended my hand, “Names Cody.”

He smiled, griping mine firmly, “Austin. Nice to meet you roomie,” he said with a friendly laugh. The manager left, apologizing again and promising anything we wanted. After closing the door and setting my luggage down by the couch, he said nervously, “Hey sorry about this man. I feel bad. And I’m sorry about the awkward…Well I promise I’ll wear more clothes from here on out!” He laughed nervously, ran his hand through his spikey short dark hair, and rubbed the back of his neck.

“No worries bro. I practically grew up kocaeli escort in a locker room so I’m not fazed much,” I said as I set up some stuff. Then looking up, “Hey…Problem…” Austin looked at me, and then noticed what I was staring at.

“Oh…”he simply said. “This will be fun.”

“You were here first. It’s yours man,” I said as I taped the side of the single bed with my hand. “Looks too fluffy for me anyhow!”

He laughed and sat on the edge; I sat in the chair by the window overlooking the beach. We chatted for a bit, getting to know each other. Turns out we were the same age; having just turned 20 within the past few months. Both could surf, both strong swimmers, and both liking the hot girls here. After the conversation turned to girls, I laughed “Guess we won’t get many here. I’m not bangin in your bed and I kinda don’t wanna see you bangin either!”

He laughed and we joked about sex and how awkward that would be. Austin turning a deeper and deeper red the longer it went on. Deciding to spare him since he was obviously embarrassed, and deciding the joke about him in a towel was bad enough, I asked if he wanted to hit the beach after a bite to eat.

The waves were perfect, though it was still a bit chilly in the Atlantic. After a few hours of surfing, around dinner time, we headed in. Dinner over, Austin decided to finally take his shower. Heading in, he shut the door; however, it didn’t catch on the latch and when I looked up he was stark naked and facing me as he took off his board shorts. Though I tried to turn my head before he noticed I saw, he let out a long sigh. “I’m sorry man. Really?” He mumbled something under his breath as he covered his crotch with his hand and kicked the door shut.

“Don’t worry man. I’ve got one too!” I called out trying to make him feel better.

He stuck his head out the door a moment later, “Well doesn’t mean you’re interested in my body does it?”

I just smiled.

“Hey…”he said, wrapping a towel around him and stepping out to sit on the bed. “Maybe I should tell you…” he looked up at me, looking sad.

“What’s up man?” I asked, leaning forward, “Hey talk to me buddy.”

He sat with his head down for a minute. Then looked up at me, took a long breath, and said, “You’re really cool. I think we could make good friends…” he trailed off and I nodded slowly. I patted his leg, telling him to go on. “I…I don’t know maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but I’ve…I kinda like…I mean guys…”

I stood up and he jumped a little, but relaxed when I sat on the kocaeli escort bayan bed beside him, putting my arm around his shoulders. “Dude. It’s ok.”

He looked up at me confused. “Really? But…”

I stopped him. “Really. Were buddies right?”

He smiled weakly, “Thanks Cody. You’re a cool guy.”

I shrugged. “Maybe I like you too.”

Apparently that thought hadn’t even a possibility to him from the way he reacted. He just blankly stared, so finally I leaned in close to his face and elbowed him, “You kinda left the water on dude.”

He startled and stood up, the towel falling and his firm muscly butt right by my face. I playfully smacked it and told him to move as I stood up and went into the bathroom with him. Realizing I intended to take a shower with him, he started to grin. The grin got bigger with each inch my board shorts dropped.

Finally, naked together, we stepped in the shower. He was a little excited and his dick started to swell just a bit. He grabbed a thing of soap and started massaging my back slowly, shoulders first. I relaxed. The guy was good. His hands were firm and yet gentle. I let out a deep sigh and closed my eyes. He stepped closer and kissed my neck, sending shivers through my body. His hands slipped lower, massaging the suds into my skin. He turned me around after spending a bit longer than usual on my round butt.

“Damn you’re good at this man,” I said as he soaped up my front. When He got to my crotch, I had to lean against the wall for support. His big strong hands stroked my cock hard, and then caressed my testicles.

After I was clean to his liking, he handed me the soap, grinning. “My turn!” he beamed as he turned around.

I stole a quick glance at his butt and crotch, then winked as I kissed his neck and gave it a few squeezes, massaging in the soap like he had on me. His skin was soft and warm, fresh from the sun. I pulled his body into mine, smelling the musky aroma. My hands slid up and down his chest, my chest pressed into his back as he leaned into me.

My hands slid lower with the water that ran down our bodies. His crotch, within my reach. “You’re a good roomie,” he panted and turned to kiss me right as I wrapped my fingers around his semi-erect shaft.

I laughed as I continued to stroke him, using soap as a lubricant. He moaned softly, and after a minute or so I let go, just to stand in the warm stream of water together.

Shutting it off, I handed him a towel to dry on, and we went to the bed to cuddle naked, me in back, being that izmit escort I was taller. I started to get hard again, my dick slipping between his firm butt cheeks. I slowly slid up and down, my hand moving towards his crotch, both of us breathing heavily.

“We can do this ALL week,” I whispered sexily into his ear, then turned him so we were face to face on our sides. We started milking each other’s dicks as we kissed, our tongues warring for room in the others mouth.

Austin turned to 69, taking my dick before I had time to get a hand on his. He sucked like a vacuum and swirled his tongue around like a hungry animal. I teased the tip of his cock before finally taking as much of the 8 long inches I could.

We sucked on each other for a long time until I began to squirm. Sitting up, he pulled me in for a kiss. “Fuck me handsome. Hard.”

With that, he was on all fours. My cock, covered in spit, was wet enough to slide right in his warm tight hole. I fucked in and out, hard, balls slamming into his. He moaned in pleasure. After a few minutes, he moved to his back so we could make out while I fucked him. The sound of our passionate kissing, moans, and slamming of flesh filled the room.

“I’m gonna cum!” he panted, jerking his cock furiously. His ass clenched onto my throbbing dick, making me launch into orgasm inside him as well. “AHHHH!!!” he moaned as we shot together. I collapsed on top of him, smearing his cum. My dick began to shrink and came out with a *pop* in a minute.

“Tomorrow I get you?” he asked, and I winked.

Grabbing my ass playfully, “Think you can pop this?!”

He tackled me and kissed me passionately before replying, “You made mine pop. I’ll gladly return the favor stud!”

We took another shower, this time holding the other under the warm water, washing away the world. We spent the rest of the week in love. But this was just one night. There are plenty more.

“Spring Break, here I cum!” I giggled, then spent the first night wrapped up in this sexy boys arms.

As always, any comments, be it suggestions for better writing or ideas to continue (or for a whole new story!!) are always amazing and greatly appreciated. I do ask that comments be about the story and not ads for hook ups, especially if youre underage. (huge thing that bothers me. thanks for not doing it guys!)

Thank you to my readers, I hope yall enjoy it. Yalls imput means a lot, good or bad. Im working on several themes, so if you have one you want, let me know! Thanks again!

I would like to continue this story, so seriously, let me know yall’s thoughts! keep an eye out if you liked it. Definately hoping to do another!

Later 🙂

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