The Virgin Hunter Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Felicity explores the flirtatious access to John’s fellow athletes, culminating in a feast of teasing, group sex and John’s rear entry ecstasy.

Felicity was always careful to not allow her virgin lovers to become obsessed with her. After a virgin had feasted on her voracious sexual desire inevitably they would fall in love with her. She let them know that they were not her boyfriend’s they were just guys that she liked to fuck. So it was with John. Initially she mined his virgin enthusiasm to fuck her day and night long and hard until he became accomplished at pleasing her with his hands and mouth while his prowess with his cock foretold his athlete status and each fuck was longer, harder and more erotic than the last. Her orgasms were more intense and frequent, his held off for longer and then climaxed ecstatically. Felicity encouraged him with her sexy clothing or lack of it, she wore no panties or wore panties that filled his imagination with desire. She encouraged him to fuck her in exotic and dangerous locations. She fucked him wildly after he had won a distance race in the change rooms of the athletics club. But whilst her desire to fuck John was strong he was aware that he was not the only one to have her each week and sometimes each day this too added to the jealous enthusiasm with which he fuelled his lovemaking. Whilst he could think of nothing else but her she continued to fuck many men regularly. It was inevitable that her voracious appetite for sex with virgin men led her eventually to John’s friends. This is Felicity’s perspective on two of those seductions which she brought together into an unbelievably wild group.

I first met John’s friends Bruce and Sam at the track. I must admit all those fit, hard-bodied men around made me very horny. Bruce was tall blonde and good looking but unbelievably shy, whilst Sam was a big black guy with muscles that rippled seductively through his lycra outfits. I knew they were both virgins. Bruce was so shy he had never had a girlfriend and whenever I was there I felt him scanning my legs gawking at my cleavage or peeking at my panties down my hipster skirts. He stammered hopelessly in conversation with me and when left alone with me almost shivered with desire and embarrassment simultaneously. I could tell he masturbated fantasising over me because he looked so guilty each time he looked at me lasciviously. Sam on the other hand was a virgin not because of lack of offers, girls loved him, but he was such a fundamentalist Christian that sex before marriage was seemingly not an option. He would be a challenge, I thought but the image of his substantially clichéd large black cock in my hot wet pussy running a marathon inside me was adequate motivation for showing him the pathways to eternal damnation and the gateway to heaven both lay between my thighs Whilst having sex with me seemed remote in his mind he too drank in my figure and eat up my flirting. After a few weeks of turning up to the track dressed in my shortest tightest lowest cut dresses and tops to meet with John, I had two opportunities to be alone with both of his friends.

“Can I give you a lift home Bruce I’m going your way?”

He looked more embarrassed than ever as I met the three guys outside the change rooms as we discussed driving arrangements. John and I had both brought cars and he had planned an early night at home with his family with an early training session in the morning. The thought of an all night fucking session with me was a distraction that I talked him out of whilst secretly planning to tease his friends.

“Are you sure, I mean I can catch a bus or something.” He stammered.

“No it’s cool, John has an early night and I live nearby so it’s no trouble.”

I kissed John goodnight and walked beside Bruce as we headed for the car park. His eyes traced a line over my ass and waist down to my legs, hovered around the tiny hemline and then shot up to watch my breasts jiggle in the low cut yellow halter. We got into my car and my hemline inevitably rose up within a hairsbreadth of my panties and Bruce’s eyes were firmly fixed on the whisper of cloth that separated my legs and my panties.

“They’re white silk bikini panties in case you are wondering.” I said boldly as he began to shiver with desire.

“But… Ummm …. What makes you think I… um…”

“You’ve been staring at my legs all night, gawking down my top and peeking at my panties down my skirt hip band.’ I leaned across and kissed him before he could reply. He shook like an addict he was so horny.

“I’m going to make you cum in your pants and if you can make me cum in mine I’ll give them to you.”

‘Have you ever touched a girl before?’ I teased.

‘I’ve kissed a girl once, but she never let me touch her’

I reached across and took his hand and guided it beneath my skirt to the soft silk triangle that covered my damp folds. I led him to touch me the way I liked and as soon as I felt the warm sexy tremors take me zümrütevler escort bayan I let go of his hand and touched his cock though his pants. I reached for his other hand and kissed the fingertips as I saw his lump throb and swell. He was a big boy, I thought, and he’ll probably explode in his pants the moment he touches me. I guided his hand to my breasts, he sighed and I leaned forward and we kissed wetly as he cupped my tit eagerly. I tongued his mouth I was unbelievably horny and could feel my panties growing wetter as we kissed wondering whether he was going to cum in his pants. I felt evil. I wanted him to explode, and was going to tease him until he did. I took the hand, he had beneath my skirt and helped him massage my panties, and encouraged him to caress me until I began to moan and shiver and cum. He kissed me and ran his other hand over my breasts his cock seemed to swell more and more, throbbing violently. I caressed it gently through his pants running my fingernails over it teasing the outline in his pants as he gasped and moaned. He was rock hard and already throbbing when I ran my fingernails around the outline of his thickening cock. He gasped and the throbs increased as I took his cock firmly and teased him. My own excitement was confirmed as my panties exploded in wetness and the shiver of my first orgasm rippled through me then another.

“Slide my panties aside and finger me. Mmmmmm yeah that’s right! Mmmmmm two fingers ooooooh! yes! Yes! I’m cumming ooooooh Yummy!”

“Mmmmmm make me cum oh yes just there oh yes Mmmmmm again! Again!”

My hand pumped at his cock the pressure on his cock from my hand at first making him buck against my firm grip then teasing fingertips and nails with featherlike touch reduced him to feverent shivers. His moans became shouts and within a few seconds his cock reared up like a cobra straining against his tracksuit pants. He exploded cumming breathlessly as I clutched his cock in my palm beneath the soft fabric. Our tongues intertwined eagerly and we consumed each other’s lips, his fingers lancing my hot wet pussy, my hand clutching his spurting cock inside his pants.

“Did you like that Bruce?” he nodded helplessly. I reached down and wriggled out of my panties and tucked them into the top of his pants.

“Bruce if you could have do anything to you what would it be?”

“I’d love you to… you know uh… put my cock in your mouth… ummm… give me head. And then I ‘d like to fuck you too from behind with your panties on.”

“Mmmmmm Bruce if you want me to give you the best blow job you will ever have come and see me on Saturday night. Feel how hot and wet and tight I am… yummy just imagine how good it will feel when your inside me. See you Saturday night then.”

I started the car and drove towards Bruce’s home as he continuously attended to my hot wet naked pussy and I shivered with pleasure for the duration of the journey.

Sam’s seduction turned out to be less complicated than I thought. He worked at a Gym near by where I lived and the very next day after teasing Bruce I put on my sexiest gym gear and decided to do a work out at the gym he worked at. I wore a hot pink lycra bikini panties and a matching midriff halter-top that collected my breasts into a deliciously seductive cleavage, my smooth flat sext belly exposed. I had soft pink silk underwear beneath that was barely visible to the adventurous eye. I arrived late in the day planning to be the last one in the gym and made sure he watched me stretch and spread my body on the various machines that I worked out on slowly and seductively I flexed my pecks so that he watched my tits voraciously. By the time darkness had fallen and the gym slowly emptied leaving us as the last two he was almost obviously having fantasies about me.

I wiped my brow with a towel and walked over to him.

“You’re enjoying looking at my tits as I work out aren’t you. I must say I like the idea of you looking at them too you know you’ve made me unbelievably horny.”

He blushed and looked more than a little uncomfortable at my forward comments. I continued to walk toward him until I was almost brushing against him and looked up at his beautiful brown eyes across his rippling waves of chest muscles. I took his hand held it against my lips and kissed the fingertips tenderly.

“You know if you wanted to touch them I wouldn’t mind. And if you were to kiss me while you were doing it. I’d be ever so grateful.” He looked more uncomfortable and torn between the obvious firming of his cock that his loose fitting tracksuit revealed and his Christian values. Sure girls had propositioned him before but none had been quite so explicit nor had he wanted them quite as much as I sensed he wanted me.

“It’s a sin to do this Felicity, I don’t want to be tempted like this and I don’t want to debase our friendship by just lusting after you… I mean you’re so pretty aydınlı escort bayan and I just can’t take my eyes off you. Don’t think I don’t want to It’s just…”

I began to slide my tongue sensuously up his fingers kissing the tips gently and then suckling them suggestively. His eyes rolled back into his head and he shivered. I led his hand to my breasts and placed it on the outside of my soft lycra top so he could feel my nipple firm between his touch and when he began to fondle me I leaned forward and stood on my tip toes to kiss him. His lips melted into mine and he folded me into his massive muscular arms holding me close, revelling in his touch of my breasts and sweetly kissing me with a precious loving touch. I reached down my hand to the huge lump in his pants and began to caress him through the loose cotton. His cock was far from fully erect but it was so thick and long as to make me gasp from the size of it.

Oh God Felicity we shouldn’t! No! Oh yeah that feels so good…”

I ran my nails across the tip until his cock began to throb and become rock hard. Then I slid my hand inside his tracksuit and shorts to feel the hot black flesh beneath and like it had with Bruce his cock throbbed with excitement and he was speechless with desire. As he continued to fondle my tits and kiss me kith increasing desire I untied his tracksuit and let them fall to the floor. I broke our kiss and smiled at him and wriggled free of him, sliding to my knees. He gasped and looked down my top as I clutched his cock in my tiny hand.

“You like my tits a lot don’t you?”

I slipped out of the halter and bra that covered my tits by slipping the strap over my neck and then guided his now rock hard cock to each my nipples one at a time. I slid the hot thick shiny head around each erect nipple as he moaned uncontrollably then placed his cock between my tits and pressed them around his thickness my mouth greeting the tip with a flurry of wet kisses and an eager tongue. I let my tits drop and slid my tongue up the length of his impressive ivory tower alternating between wet kisses and a teasing tongue I covered every millimetre of his hugeness with my moist mouth. Up one side down the other all the while I kneaded his huge balls and caressed them with my fingernails and teased them with my fingertips. I paused briefly in my voyage around his cock to lick at his balls and gently pull them with my teeth. When his cock was moist from my wet kisses and tongue I blew warm air across it within a hairs breadth of the pulsing flesh. He was shaking with desire throbbing with anticipation. Then I engulfed him sucking at the tip sliding more and more of his delicious cock into my mouth. My hands pumping his thick shaft my head bobbing up and down on him encouraged by his helpless moans and increasing throbs and shivers. We reached a frenzy of activity. I was so intent on making his hugeness explode and he thrust at me and rolled about moaning uncontrollably until he screamed out in shock when he exploded.

He came in huge spurts. The first load shot into my mouth and I swallowed the sweetness of it gulping greedily. The next load I pointed at my tits and let a few hot spurts spray them so that each breasts had sweet sticky cum rolling from the nipples and between them. The next load sprayed my face and I greedily licked at the tip to catch the next shots lapping at his throbbing cock suckling the tip as I clutched his throbbing shaft to prolong his pleasure. When his cock had finally subsided from spraying me he slumped backward in exhaustion and I let go of his magnificent cock and kissed him again with lips sticky with his own cum.

“You know honey if that’s what an angels kiss feels like then the gates of heaven should feel even better.”

As we kissed I guided his hand to my wet panties and encouraged him to touch my wetness. I gyrated against his thick long fingers until I felt the tingle of my own pleasure. I reached down and guided his fingers past the layers of panties and guided two fingers into my hot wet cunt. I shivered and came the moment they stretched my pussy apart. He wriggled inside me encouraged by my shivers and moans. I rode his fingers as if I was on his magnificent cock and came instantly. I gyrated sensuously against his inexperienced fingers and we kissed ferverently until my orgasms evoked floods of excitement that rolled down my inner thighs and sprayed his hands with my scented juices. It was sometime before we let each other go. I could have invited him home to fuck me then and there but I resisted and instead invited him to join John and Bruce for dinner at my apartment on Saturday night with a promise that his cock being inside me would be the main course for him. I knew it was a cliché to want such a big black cock so much. I knew he was an inexperienced virgin but I was aching for him for the rest of the evening and most of the next day.

I resisted fucking anyone for the next gebze escort few days leading up to Saturday night I wanted to be ravenously hungry. I wanted to feel John’s wild jealous cock pounding my ass, Bruce’s excited cock in my mouth and Sam’s hugeness tearing at my tight wet pussy. The plan wasn’t just to fuck them it was to have them all together.

When the men arrived I spent a few minutes kissing each of them longingly knowing that watching me kiss the others’ was as erotic as kissing me. I wore classic seductress costume, an ultra short red dress with low plunging neckline black bra and bikini panties and suspender belt and stockings. I kissed each man until their cocks had risen then bade them to sit at the table. With each course of the meal I removed an article of clothing. The dress was slid over my head after the entrée, the bra followed the soup and each of the stockings came off following the main course and desert. As we ate I made a point of encouraging each man to fondle my tits and finger my dampening panties. By desert I had cum around thirty or so times and my panties were sodden with excitement. Then one at a time I undressed each man not allowing them to touch me at all. When they were naked I led them to the bedroom and lay on the bed directing one man for each breasts and one to my pussy. I instructed them to suckle me until I came and then rotate. John began suckling my clit through my panties and brought me to orgasm quickly and easily as he had learnt. Bruce and Sam took more time to learn how to pleasure me but eventually I came blissfully.

I reached across to my bedside drawer and pulled out some scented lubricant and rubbed it over my hands.

“I promised all of you something special that I know you want and you are all going to get your wish. What you have to do though is listen to me because I want all of you together to fuck me until you cum in me. John come here darling.”

I reached out and kissed him and rubbed the lubricant over his thick hard cock and then reached around and slid my fingertips around my ass hole.

“You first John you’ve wanted my hot asshole since the first day we met.”

I bent over and he pressed the tip of his cock against my tight asshole eagerly and parted it with a short thrust and recoiled from the tightness of the entry with a cry of pleasure. I pushed against him to let his shaft fill me and find its depth. He began sliding it in and out of me and I shivered with pleasure. We lay side on the bed and he pumped me eagerly. In the haze of pleasure I beckoned to Sam to come toward me and lie next to me. While John held my hips and pummelled my asshole I kissed Sam seductively and guided his humungous cock toward my pussy. I opened my legs and pressed his thick black tip between my pussy lips and winced slightly as its thickness stretched my tight hole. By the time he was inside me fully I had already orgasmed three times and when he and John alternated their entry into me I was delirious with pleasure. Sam loved my pussy and his gentle thrusts found the depths of my tiny wet tight hole as his huge balls slapped me. His hands fondled my firm tits while John pawed my hips and ass cheeks.

As I grew use to the two thick shafts of flesh sliding into my twin pleasure holes I called out to Bruce who looked awestruck at the two men slamming their cocks into me in envy.

“I want your cock in my mouth.”

I reached out as he dangled his own flesh monster before me I cupped his balls and engulfed his cock slurping wildly and gagging my shivering moans with his cock. I sucked him deep and he thrust at me until it slid down my throat. I sucked greedily and squeezed his balls excitedly as his cock throbbed and responded to my wet willing mouth and the shimmering flesh disappeared down my throat. I came frequently and so intensely I could barely distinguish one orgasm from the next. I could barely tell whether the huge cock inside my pussy triggered my pleasure or the eager thrusting in my ass sent me into a giddy shivering screaming fit of pleasure or the sheer thought of three huge excited young men fucking me just made me hot with desire. My pussy was drenched with wetness which pissed down my thighs in a continuous stream. My pussy pulsed around the hugeness that lay inside me my ass almost vibrated with pleasure sucking each cock into me like a vortex.

The cock in my mouth was first to shout his climax and begin to throb then shoot inside me. Then the cock in my ass pumped deep inside me, then moments later the cock in my pussy exploded. Three men filled me with semen almost simultaneously. It was the most erotic, ecstatic wild and sexy experience of my life. I had orgasmed myself into a continuous state of high stimulation. Once the cock in my mouth had sprayed my throat face and tits. I screamed wildly shaking and shivering in wild feverish tremors my body gripped in deep convulsions like I was having an electric shock shaking with pleasure. I clutched the cock that’s sprayed me while the two that filled my hot holes buried themselves deep in me throbbing and squirting. Their owners moaned uncontrollably and shivered and pawed at my flesh. We lay quivering like this until I passed out from the pleasure waking as if from a dream with Sam cradling me like a child while the two others splashed water on my face.

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