Tortured Daily Pleasure

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She walks past him as he works sitting at the desk overlooking the Master’s bedroom. She enters the adjoining bathroom clothed, and leaves said room a few minutes later, naked as the day she was born. She never looks at him, and he doesn’t acknowledge her presence. Silently, she opens two drawers in the chest of drawers near the desk. Three items are removed, and the drawers are just as silently closed. She approaches the high, sleigh style bed and sets two of the items down. Bending over with her back to him, she slides on the third item, a pair of rarely worn silk panties.

As she climbs on the bed, he quietly and firmly states, “It is 9:00.”

“Yes, Sir,” is her only response. Every morning, at this hour, she completes the same task. A type of homework her play partner has commanded her to do. Her Master and play partner enjoy that this task will sexually frustrate her for the rest of the day. Her play partner has her masturbate to the edge of orgasm for 30 minutes at the same time daily and her Master decides if, when, and how she finds release after the allotted time.

Settled on the bed, she picks up one of the objects retrieved from the drawers escort şişli and slowly slides the long, glass dildo into her wetness. There’s a whisper of a sigh, barely heard, as she seats the glass all the way in her slick tunnel. Lifting her behind off the bed, she adjusts her panties to meet the purpose for having them on in the first place. The back of her silky panties is pulled tight between her ass and pussy lips, holding the dildo in her passage and catch her honey as it flows from the source.

Lowering her ass to the bed, she lightly begins to rock back and forth, causing the dildo to glide slightly in and out of her. She reaches over and picks up the remaining object she retrieved from the drawers. Using the front of her panties to hold this second toy in place as well, she places the vibrator between her lips and against her throbbing pearl. Setting the speed of to fluctuate as time passes.

Settling her hands above her head, she begins moving with purpose. As she rocks on the rock-hard toy deep inside and feels the zing of the vibrator. She rotates her hip to feel the pressure and excitement build. Her entire body feels like a bow string escort etiler about to pop. The moans are frantic and desperate. The air is alive with her charged, sexual tension.

Hoping he will notice her, say something to her, give any indication that she has affected him in some way. He continues to work with eyes seemingly focused on his work and voice calm and controlled when on the phone. His posture and collected attitude push her arousal that much higher. The need for his acknowledgement is overwhelming.

She pinches her nipples and slaps the sides of her breasts. The red welts a testament to their treatment. The gyrating and rotating of her hips grow more frantic and erratic. Suddenly, a frustrated groan comes from deep in her throat, she grows still and strains for control. She refuses go over the edge.

Within the 30 minutes of torture, this dance takes place twice. The second much faster than the first.

As His slave skates the edge of the nearest orgasm, he approaches the bed. He knows her need is piercing. She glistens with the sweat from her exertion and he can smell her arousal, heavy in the air. He knows she craves bayan escort taksim for him to touch her. He knows she is hoping he will take her quick and furious, or at the very least give her permission to gain satisfaction on her own. His lips twitch into the slightest of cruel grins as he thinks on how she will find no satisfaction today.

He gently shuts off the vibrator as she begins to settle some. A deep and angry growl comes from her direction because he was so careful not to touch her. He knows she already knows the answer to her next question due to that sound.

With a desperate pleading in her voice that tickles a sadistic part of his pleasure, she begs, “Please, may i cum, Sir?”

“No, not today kitty cat. Have you cum yet this morning?” is the calm, loving response. A total contract to the glee that sparks in his eyes.

“No, Sir.”

“Good girl. I’m very pleased. He will be please too. Now clean your toys and go finish your chores. Then, you can send him your message to let him know how well you did today.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She slides off the bed and removes her panties. Handing them to him, she gathers her toys for cleaning. As she leaves the room, she sees him place the wet silk on the desk. She imagines him taking in her scent while placing them against his face. With that thought she knows it’s going to be a long, frustrating day, for she is dripping with need again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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