Tourists in Hawaii

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This is a completely fabricated, fictional story. I do not condone the behavior enacted in this story, nor do I encourage it. Before moving on, be warned that this story contains material that may be unsuitable for audiences who may be offended by sex and violence. This is also my first story, so please, contribute as much constructive feedback as you like. Thank you.

Tourists in Hawaii
By hosephm

Five dozen tourists feasting on traditional Hawaiian BBQ, kalua pig, poke, and other cuisines. Every Friday night, we host these luaus, which have become a pretty big hit among the visiting tourists. And every Friday night, I scout for new fresh meat.

I’m Alan. I’ve worked as a fire dancer at the Makahiki Hou Resort and Spa for two years now. If I’m not performing, I’m on the Makahiki Hou’s beach, people watching all of the lady tourists in their revealing bikinis. With its private white sand beach, complimentary beach massages, and snorkeling, the four star resort always attracts beautiful women.

Tonight, as we’re walking off stage after a firedancing performance, I look over to my childhood friend Jimmy.

“Yo Jimmy! Tell me you saw those college girls in the front row!”

“Yeah Alan, I was worried I was going to pop a boner through my malo!” Jimmy laughed.

“That would’ve been hilarious, man. Out of the four of them, who would you fuck first?” I asked with an amused look.

“Oh brother, that’s a hard decision! I’d fuck the shit out of the freckled brunette half white, half Filipina girl wearing the white tank top! Her nipples were erect the entire night, bursting out of that top man! I would love to suck on those. But then again, the blue-eyed, lean blonde girl had such full lips that I would totally enjoy around my cock. What about you?” Jimmy’s eyes conveyed a more serious tone now. He knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Well shit, you can have those two. The mixed-Asian girl with the huge tits and short black hair is all mine! I would fuck her in every single hole. But the one I would total dominate would be the Latina girl with the thick, wavy hair; I would grab her hair and force that bitches mouth around my cock.” I started getting hard and my malo started to tent. We knew we had to have them. As we finish our last act of the night, Jimmy and I waste no time approaching the 4 ladies.

“Aloha ladies! How did you like the show?” I asked, mentally taking note of any hints as to where and for how long they would be staying at the Makahiki Hou.

“It was incredible! The fire made me hot just sitting in the front row. I don’t know how you two do handle it!” The mixed-Asian with large tits exclaimed.

“Well, that’s why we do it shirtless. It’d be way too hot if we were even wearing a tank top,” Jimmy laughed. He made all four of the coeds chuckle revealing their perfect white teeth. “I’m Jimmy by the way. This is my buddy, Alan.”

“I’m Azia.” The mixed-Asian smiled as she shook each of our hands.

“I’m Camilla. Nice to meet you two.” The blue-eyed blonde smiled, a bit red from drinking a little too much.

“I’m Mary. You guys were amazing!” The half-white, half-Filipina said with such a beautiful, Beyoncé-like voice.

“And I’m Olive.” The Latina said with a bit of a bitch-face expression.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. You’re all very beautiful, and I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay so far.” I said, awaiting the perfect moment to lure them back to our home.

“It’s been fantastic so far. Today is our first day in Oahu actually. How’s the nightlife here?” Mary asked.

“It’s incredible. Unlike anything I’ve experienced. I’ll tell you what. How about Jimmy and I take you Club X in the heart of downtown? It has the best drinks and dancing around!” I claimed, having found the perfect opportunity to take these ladies out.

The four ladies looked at one another, smiling excitedly. “Yes we would love to if that wouldn’t be too much trouble? Please, give us a moment to change first! Where should we meet you?” Camilla asked eagerly.

“Well company policy states that we can’t leave the hotel with guests. But how about you take a taxi 2 minutes down the road to Starbucks, and we will pick you up from there?”

“Perfect! See you boys soon!” Azia said as she was the first to starting running to their room.

Walking toward Jimmy’s SUV, we laughed as to how easy it was to get these four hot girls. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of women, but what we were about to do to these girls was so much more than the passionate sex we typically had. We wanted to break these girls; to own them; to dominate them. Growing up, we’ve been comfortable enough to talk about our deepest and darkest sexual fantasies. Tonight, we were about to actualize one for the second time. On our way to Starbucks, we stopped by a local liquor store to grab some Hawaiian rum. Jimmy opened it and poured a couple doses of roofies into the bottle.

“Perfect. Now we can get the party started, Alan!” Jimmy said as we pulled up into the Starbucks parking lot. Sure enough, there they were, waiting for us. My god, they looked even more stunning than before.

“I see you all decided to wear matching short, black cocktail dresses tonight,” I said as they entered kocaeli escort the SUV.

The ladies laughed. “Well I’m glad you noticed. We want to look good for tonight!” Olive retorted as I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

“I hope you don’t mind, but obviously we can’t go clubbing in our luau clothes. So we need to stop by our house for a few minutes. We won’t be long!” I said as we drove out of the lot.

“Of course not. Tonight is all about adventure.” Mary smiled. God, I wanted to take her so badly.

“Well, we might as well pregame before!” I chuckled, holding up the bottle of spiked-rum. “Jimmy can’t drink since he’s driving, but we just bought this bottle of Hawaiian rum! Here, try some.” I said, opening the bottle and handing it to Azia.

Each girl swigged from the bottle with no hesitation nor restraint. They handed it to me saying that I was next. I closed my lips and pretended to chug a few shots. The ladies cheered me on, thinking it was real. These bitches were so stupid. They had no idea what was about to happen.

“What? Where am I? Azia? Camilla? Olive?” Mary began to wake up, realizing she had no idea what was going on. Hands tightly tied to a pole behind her back, she was blindfolded and the only one not gagged. All the other ladies were tied in similar fashions but had ball gags inserted in each of their mouths so they couldn’t make a sound. “Is anybody there? Please. Help me!” Mary screamed, sweat trickling down her smooth, light mocha skin.

“Aloha ladies.” I said sinisterly, enjoying my prizes of the night. “Welcome home.”

“Alan. What the fuck did you do to us? Where are my friends! Get me the fuck out of here now!” Commanded Mary.

“You were right man, Mary would be the one to put up a fight. You win the bet.” Jimmy chuckled. After the four coeds knocked out, we made a bet of which one would put up the biggest fight. I said Mary seemed the most headstrong. If we could show the other three ladies that we could break Mary, then they knew their fate would be inevitably gruesome as well.

Wrapping my hands around Mary, I pull her pretty straight brunette hair behind her ear, nibble on it, and yell, “YOU ARE OUR PROPERTY NOW. Whatever the fuck we want to do with you, we will do. We are going to fuck each and every one of you in every single hole and you are going to comply. If you don’t obey us, you will receive several of these!” With a swift gesture, I swung my palm into Mary’s face. She stood there sobbing.

“Please. Stop this right now! We have money. Our parents are rich. They will pay for our safe return and not speak a word to the police. Just please let us go!” Mary screamed in desperation.


“What did I just fucking say about misbehaving Mary?” I removed her blindfold and commanded Jimmy to remove Azia’s, Olive’s, and Camilla’s blindfolds.

Each one of them glared with fear and tears in their eyes, absorbing the newfound environment.


“I just asked you a question, doll. What did I fucking say about Misbehaving?”

Covered in tears, Mary replied “We will obey your wishes! Just please, stop hitting me. It hurts so badly!”


“That one was for giving me an order. We give the orders around here ladies. Not you. Understood?” All four ladies hesitantly nodded. “Good. Now, we are going to remove your ball gags. But before we do, I’d like to tell you about this room you are in.” Before starting the story, I grabbed two chairs for Jimmy and me so we could sit directly in front of the girls. “Now, you are not the first girls to be in here. You need not know about the girls who stood, tied to the very poles to which you are attached. You do need to know that you are in the basement of our house which is separated from the next adjacent house by an acre of land. No one can hear you. Furthermore, these walls are layered with concrete. The only way in and out is a metal door directly behind you which can only be opened with a code. If you open that door, it will lead you to the room in which our pitbulls stay. They hate guests and they will attack. So don’t even think about leaving. Now, we would like for your stay to be as pleasant as possible. We will provide food, proper sanitation, and any other commodities that you request within reason. All that we ask, is that you let us fuck you whenever the fuck and however the fuck we want. Got it?

Azia, Olive, and Mary bursted into tears. Camilla was the only one who nodded.

Jimmy and I stood up, approached Azia. SMACK SMACK. She received a palm to the face from the both of us. Olive was next. SMACK SMACK. She cried even more. Then we moved to Mary. “I get it! Please, just don’t hit me again. I can’t take it anymore.” SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK.

“The first two were for not responding. The second two were for commanding us after I specifically told you to never do so!” Jimmy yelled. Mary just shook her head. Tears were flowing, but she understood defeat. We broke her.

I took a seat as I watched Jimmy grab hold of the knife pocket in the back pocket of his jeans. The ladies cringed kocaeli escort bayan at its sight. He grabbed hold of Camilla’s tight-fitted cocktail dress. “This is nice. How much did it cost you?”

“$500” Camilla said faintly, terrified by Jimmy’s touch. Her breath heavy and perspiring profusely, she maintained eye contact with Jimmy as he cut swiftly the front of her garment. The dress fell to the ground, revealing a white strapless c-cup bra and a yellow and white g-string. Her hands still tied to the poll behind her back, Camilla attempted to cover herself but to no avail. She looked at the ground. “Please. Stop.”


“You better watch yourself Camilla. I’m a pretty powerful man.” He stepped behind her and cut off her restraints. He threw her to the ground on all fours, got behind her and slapped her ass hard. “OWWW!” You could see the redness created by the sheer force. “He violently stripped her of her panties and bra, took his clothes off, shifted his entire weight onto her, and plunged a finger into her tight asshole.

“As you can see, I am a straight-to-the-ass kind of man.”

Not expecting him to go straight for her ass, she yelped, “Anywhere but there. Please. I’ve never had anything in my ass before!” She struggled to scream, the wind was knocked right out of her.


Jimmy quickly grabbed her by her beautiful, blonde hair and gave her a palm to the face. She laid there, crying and screaming, knowing that she was going to have her anal virginity taken. Jimmy was turned on, holding Camilla’s thick blonde hair in his hands. He moved to her face, shoved his dick in front of her face, and commanded her to suck. She looked hesitantly at first, but complied as Jimmy raised his hand, seemingly about to smack her again. Those full, luscious lips wrapped around his cock was turning me on. My best friend was getting the blowjob of his life. She was a pro at cock sucking. Her tongue was all over his balls and she could deep throat like a champ!

“Yo brother, grab a girl and stop watching! Let’s get this party started.” Jimmy laughed, still receiving fellatio.

“Alright man. Let me just get all of the girls!” I replied, knowing that I couldn’t just choose one.

I walked up to each one of them, cutting off their tight dresses. They all looked absolutely gorgeous nude and terrified of my touch and the feel of my cold blade.

Mary stared hard at me with her green eyes. Tears flowing down her freckled cheeks, I slowly moved my hands along her body. Her d-cup breast was complimented by the curve of her soft, round ass that consumed the poll behind her. Her legs were that of a volleyball or a soccer player. Clearly toned, her abs were visible but not heavily defined. The thick brunette hair rested along her tiny frame. The half-filipina, half-white combination is what drove me crazy though. I dipped a finger in her pussy as she cringed and sobbed, but did not dare to say a word. I pulled out and moved to Azia.

With her piercing hazel eyes, Azia shivered in fear. I plunged the same finger with which I used to penetrate Mary into Azia’s mouth. “I hope you like the taste of your friend. You’re going to be eating her pussy more than you know.” Azia cried. “Please Alan, I’m a virgin. I will blow you, I will take you in my ass, but just not my pussy. I’m begging you. I want to save that for my boyfriend.” Azia pleaded, those sharp eyes amused me.


“I hope that answers your question, Azia.” I tore her dress apart, squeezed her d-cup tits, and licked her all the way from her neck to her bald pussy. “Look, you even shaved for me. I will not pass up the opportunity to fuck a virgin with a shaven pussy.” I plunged a finger into her pussy as she winced in pain. She was tight as fuck!

I walked over to Olive and jammed the wet finger into her mouth. “How do you like the taste of virgin coed?” I asked, only receiving Olive’s cries as a reply.


“Answer the fucking question Olive.” I said more forcefully now. “I like it a lot sir!” She complied. “Good, good. I’m glad. Here, taste yourself.” I said as I fingered Olive and then shoved it into her mouth.

“That’s fucking awesome man! Now time to get your dick sucked too. I feel like I’m about to drop a load in Camilla’s mouth!” Jimmy said as he pulled out. “But I’m not going to. I want to take her ass.” Jimmy repositioned behind Camilla and thrusted hard into her asshole. Camilla grunted in pain but said nothing. Her eyes, glaring at the floor as if she lost all dignity and hope.

“Alright brother! I think I’ll have the virgin first.” Azia cried loudly as I stepped behind her and cut her free of the pole. I threw her against the mattress we had lying in the corner. I sat on top of her face, perpendicular to her as she lay flat on her back. My balls dangling above her mouth, “If you bite me, I will cut Olive’s throat and make you watch. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, just please don’t hurt my friend.”


“You need to learn to stop commanding and just reply with a fucking yes or a no.” I leaned forward, guided my hardening cock into her mouth, and throat fucked her. She choked on my 9-inch cock as it reached its maximum girth. I exited her filthy mouth, got on top of her, izmit escort grabbed her face with both my hands so that she could look at me as I took her sacred cherry. I ripped her open, plunging all 9-inches of my cock with full force into her womanhood. “I bet your boyfriend wouldn’t fuck you half as good as me you filthy whore!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jimmy yelled as he came deep inside Camilla’s ass. “Hell yeah, that ass is so fucking good.” He stood up and shoved her to the floor. Camilla lay still, eyes wide open, barely breathing. It seemed as if she was having an out-of-body-experience. “Whatever bitch. Your friends are next.” Jimmy walked over to Olive and Mary. “Which one of you have boyfriends?” Jimmy curiously asked.

“We all do sir.” Mary hesitated, looking at the floor. “Well, except Camilla.”

“Great, well, they’ll be glad to know that Alan and I broke you bitches in more now.” He cut Olive and Mary free. “Hey Alan, you said earlier that you wanted Olive right? Here, take her.” Jimmy said, pushing Olive towards me as I kept pumping in and out of Azia’s tight pussy. “I’ll have Mary here suck on my cock as I recuperate after fucking Camilla!”

I just laughed. As I slowly and forcefully fucked Azia, I yelled at Olive, “come here Olive. I want you to suck Azia’s blood and pussy cum off of my cock.” Olive crawled over to me, knowing that I would smack her if she didn’t comply. She stared at my cock as I pulled out of Azia, who, just like Camilla, appeared dazed and lifeless, and saw the blood. She looked sickened by the sight and closed her eyes. “I grabbed Olive’s black hair and shoved my cock into her Latina mouth. She bent her neck towards my cock, positioned on her hands and knees as I lay on my knees upright. I grabbed her throat with my right hand and hair with my left hand and bobbed her head along my cock. She choked and tried to come off a few times, but I kept her mouth in place. I looked over at Jimmy and Mary. “How’s Mary’s mouth?”

Lying on his back with Mary between his legs, she jacked his 10-inch cock with one hand while moving up and down it with her mouth. “She’s servicing me pretty damn well. I think she enjoys it. Are you enjoying this Mary?”

“No. I just want you to fucking cum already and get this over with.” Mary replied in a hasty manner.

Jimmy burst out laughing. “Oh you stupid bitch. You better start respecting us. This blowjob will be the first of many. And for your insolence… SMACK.” Mary reeled back, dizzy for a second. Jimmy got on top of her and whispered in her ear, “You’re mine bitch. I am not your boyfriend.” He guided his cock into her tight womanhood. He struggled to penetrate her with the head of his cock. “God dammit Alan, this bitch’s pussy is tighter than Camilla’s asshole!” He finally got leverage and slammed his entire cock into her. She started bleeding and crying. “Oh fuck, she’s a virgin too!” Mary lied, appearing lifeless with tears involuntarily streaming out of her eyes.


I hit Olive across the face, forcing her to the ground. She lay on her back, scared for her life. I picked up Azia on top of Olive so that both of their pussies were in plain sight of me. “Now this is a scene I can get used to! I positioned myself into Olive first, fucking her for a few second. She grunted in terror, taking my hard cock. Then, I pulled out and penetrated Azia. “Fuck yeah, this feels amazing. Azia is definitely tighter than Olive. Olive, you must be a huge slut in your normal life am I right?” Not responding, I smacked Olive again. “No sir, I’ve only slept with one man before. My boyfriend. His cock is just bigger than yours.” I laughed. “Well it doesn’t matter, he’s never going to have your pussy ever again,” I said as I pulled out of Azia and pushed back into Olive. Both of their pussies were dripping wet, their bodies involuntarily enjoying the physical sensations of my invading cock. I fucked Olive as I pinched Azia’s nipples. Although she seemed paralyzed out of shock, her body responded by erecting her nipples and sending goosebumps across her body. The sight turned me on, so I exited Olive and took Azia as I was about to cum. “Fuck me you stupid, filthy, fucking whore! GAHHH!” I screamed as I blew a huge load into Azia’s deep cunt. “Well shit, now you can say that you had a man cum in your pussy the first time you ever fucking had sex!” I laughed, taunting Azia.

“Shit, I’m cumming again! Fuck!” Jimmy yelled as he pulled out and came all over Mary’s face. The cum looked beautiful, glazed across her green eyes and freckles. Some of it even got in her brunette hair. “Shit man, I’m exhausted. I’m going to take a nap and then come back downstairs to tap these ladies again. What do you say?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m going to have a drink first. That fucking left me wanting a cold one.” I laughed as Jimmy and I got dressed. As we were about to leave, we looked at observed and reveled in our artwork. Camilla lied still on the ground with her ass face up, arms open wide, and eyes wide open. Mary lied on her back, face covered in cum and tears. Olive remained underneath the paralyzed Azia. Olive was the only one who seemed conscious, crying and whispering a prayer.

“I suggest you take a shower before we return. Actually, that’s an order. If you don’t, you may end up just like our first two victims. You’ve got a few hours.”

TO BE CONTINUED? OR PREQUEL ABOUT THE FIRST TWO VICTIMS? Feedback and criticism is most welcomed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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