Treats for my Man and a new friend

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I am a 52 yr old grandmother – often taken by guys to be about 42, my tits are firm and natural with nipples that stand proud when horny. I trim but don’t shave my pussy and I have to admit that I am a little overweight, but as I have found out that bit of a fat belly seems to turn guys on. But I jump ahead.

My partner and I have been together 10 years – both from previous marriages. His was interesting in that his ex wife was a slut and a half, but he encouraged her even joining in watching her, fixing her up with blokes and licking her out after she had been fucked and had loads of cum shot into her.

He had often told me that if I ever wanted to try it he would be fine with it. But up until last week I had not taken the offer up. Last weekend changed that though and this is the true story of why.

You see Doug has lost the ability to maintain a hard on, and can only cum by wanking. So as this had been the case for 3 yrs now I was from time to time very frustrated. Anyway Doug had come home some months ago and told me that he had joined us up to a nudist club, and we had gone a couple of times. It was nice – but nothing outstanding. Then they arranged a boat trip where the entire boatload of people would be starkers. We would be taken to a remote beach and could enjoy the day totally nude.

So on Saturday we turned up, and I was surprised to see a boat capable of taking about 200 people, and about that many had turned up. All ages from early 20’s to late 80’s and what appeared to be quite a few singles as well.

We got on and set off. As soon as we cleared the harbour the captain told us we could get it all off. Everyone quickly stripped and in a flash there were cocks of all sizes swinging around, pussy’s of all sorts on display. I said to Doug – “lets go on deck” and started making my way through the crowd to the upper deck – well as in all crowds when your squeezing through pieces tend to touch and I found that I was brushing against cocks and tits, both of which had the effect of turning me on. My nipples started to visibly harden and as we made our way forward I slowed and found myself pressing against a cock or two. At one point we stopped and this guy was almost face to face with me. He grinned and said “it’s quite crowded isn’t it, almost intimate don’t you think?” “It is”, I replied smiling at him and I felt his hand brush my pubes. “You know in this crowd, someone could feel you up and no one else would even see it” he said “Ummmm I know and the best thing is, that if a girl liked it, she could simply stay a little while, couldn’t she”

As I said that I parted my legs slightly. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but it was as if the words were coming from another person and the actions occurring involuntarily. He pressed closer his cock against my leg – it was growing – his hand pressed into my pussy and I smiled as his finger extended into my slit, gently rubbing my clit. I made no attempt to move on and growing bolder he slid his palm under my cunt and two fingers quickly dipped into it. I was wet – incredibly wet and this was just the start of the day. Suddenly Doug said “we can get through now darling”, and pushed forward. “Hang on a second” I said “I was just chatting with this guy” and turning to him said “what’s your name?” “Steven and is this your Husband?” – “Yes I said feeling Steven slip a third finger in. My hand caught his cock and stroked him gently “Why don’t you join us, Doug is keen for me to get out and about and relax in this lifestyle, I am still a little new to it, and may need some help, which Doug is happy for me to get today”

I had no idea kocaeli escort if I was making any sense, all I knew was that this guy had a fucking lovely cock and his fingers were doing amazing things inside my cunt, on a public trip with lots of other people within touching range – it was fucking amazing. I shuddered a little as a small orgasm rippled through me. God I was grandmother of 52, in public letting a guy about 40 finger fuck me with my man standing behind me and oblivious to the fact and I was loving it. I wondered what I had missed in the last three years. I did not feel at all ashamed or afraid. I was hot honey – oh yes very hot.

Doug also nodded “yeah man join us – do you have a partner?” Steve replied “No – I am here with a couple of mates. This trip is one where the singles are encouraged to come along and ‘mingle’ help make the girls feel good and sort of – throw the normal standards to one side along with our clothes, I came on the one about 4 months ago and it’s good fun.” He leaned forward slightly and whispered to us both “But what happens on the trip stays on the trip, that’s the only rule today – does that sound good?”

We both nodded – “Sounds cool” said Doug.

All three of us then moved on, and as we did so Steve removed his hand from my cunt. I watched as he raised his fingers and licked them, grinning and winking at me. Suddenly Doug caught on – He whispered to me “Have you been doing something naughty just then?” – I looked back at him and nodded “I didn’t mean to, but Steve’s hand was on my pussy – sorry” Doug grinned and said “Don’t be sorry – I am taking it that you enjoyed it and want more because you invited him along – am I right?” I was nervous but also excited so I said “Would it be ok if I came out of myself a bit, and maybe explored where this could go” we had stopped again and Doug reached around my neck, pulled my head forward and kissed me, then whispered “Sweetheart I would like you to do exactly what your mind or body says for you to do today – no boundaries and no regrets OK” I felt my cunt twitch and warm as more love juice flowed in to it. I kissed him back and said “OK I might be in for more than I bargain for, but I will explore – only your not to leave me alone” He nodded and I turned back to Steve who was watching quizzically and then I reached down and slid my hand along Steve’s cock again which had now grown soft. “This is going to be a good day, and Doug knows what you were just doing and is very happy to let me explore where I want – are you cool with that”

Jesus fucking Christ I thought – I barely know this guy and I am basically offering to let him fuck me if he so desires. I felt like a real slut. But it felt good too.

Steve grinned, reached around me and extended his hand to Doug – they shook and Steve said “here’s to a great day exploring and having fun – it’s cool. Maybe if you felt like it we could meet up with my other mates later in the day, once we have got to know each other”, he paused, “more closely” he finished. Doug immediately said “yeah that sounds like it could be fun all round, but why don’t we move on up to the top deck where we can enjoy the view as well as each other” And at the same time he slid his hand around my belly and quickly dipped to my cunt, sliding his fingers along my wet slit and having a little dip in my honey pot. Then looking at Steve he brought his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers. He glanced around and then quietly said “She tastes nice Steve, doesn’t she” Steve grinned and agreed and with that they each took a hand and we moved more rapidly to the top deck.

I was so nervous and so sexually darıca escort excited at the same time. I wondered if this is what Doug’s ex felt when she fucked other guys, while Doug watched or joined in – Maybe I had been missing out. I knew that today I would find out, and I wouldn’t object at all.

On the top deck there was not a lot of opportunity to do much other than a few little touches, but I saw Doug watching as I stroked Steve’s cock a few times. Unfortunately I couldn’t do more and I didn’t want to bring him off. What I did notice though is that I could see a few couples quietly touching each other and just over from us were two girls about 20 or so – beautiful long legs, one with small perky tits with conical nipples and the other with long saggy tits with huge buttons for nipples – but they were so sexy, those tits. I watched as that one reached between the others legs and from my position I could see her fingers working back and first in the other girls cunt. I quickly told Steve and Doug and they enjoyed the show as we sailed on.

Soon enough we were at the beach and we offloaded – diving into the sea and swimming for the lovely beach. By this time we had become well acquainted and I knew that today I was going to fuck another guy (or guys) whilst my man watched me. Steven and I went swimming and as soon as we were in slightly deeper water, but still able to stand he grabbed me and swung me around so we were face to face. His cock was erect and poking me in the belly and he kissed me deeply his tongue sliding into my mouth. My hands were on his ass kneading and feeling it (I love tight asses) He went to lift me so that his cock would be in or near my cunt, but I stopped him. I said “Wait – I want to fuck you, and I know we will but would you like to fuck me in front of Doug – he wants to see another guy fucking me and cumming inside me?” Steve grinned “you betcha – I have had a few threesomes with other guys and 1 girl before so it doesn’t bother me to have other cocks close to me. Do you reckon he would like to feed my cock into your cunt, or maybe suck me up after we have fucked a first time, so that I could fuck you a second time” “I don’t know – but only 1 way to find out and with that I opened my legs and positioned my cunt over his cock and let myself down so that it entered me, with a swoosh of cold water as well. Steven groaned “ahh fuck that’s nice.” I rode him for a few minutes then lifted off and started swimming back to shore.

Doug was watching from the shore and as I waltzed up the beach my hips swung and I was grinning from ear to ear – I dropped down beside him and said “I have just had a cock in my cunt” I saw his cock twitch and start to rise a bit. Then I said “Lets all go for a walk – I want to Fuck Steven while you watch – would you do something for me – I want you to feed Stevens cock into my cunt when we are ready – will you do that?” Doug smiled “Of course baby whatever you want.”
The three of us walked away into the dunes, I had been careful not to get sand on my cunt lips or upper legs, I did not want to get chaffed
we rounded a dune and stopped – right in front of us was an old guy up to his balls in a teenager girl, she was obviously enjoying his cock and was panting whilst muttering “yeah granddad fuck me” Oh shit my cunt spasmed as I realised that this was a true incestuous scene happening in front of us. It seemed so natural and so good for them both.

Oh damn I needed cock.

I dragged the two guys another way and in a minute we found a private area. I threw a towel down and dropped onto my knees – motioning Steve to stand in front gölcük escort of me. His cock was waving in the wind, it was long about 9 inches – maybe a fraction thicker than Doug’s but just about the same size. Doug was sitting back, his hand stroking his rapidly hardening cock – I saw a bead of pre cum forming.

Steve was watching Doug, a smile on his face then he said “I am going to fuck your wife and fill her up for you man, you like that?” Doug breathed “Fuck yeah Steve, take her and give her a real hard fucking man and whatever you do – don’t pull out to shoot, I want to watch you cum inside her beautiful belly.”

With that I opened my mouth and pulled Steve closer so that his cock slid into my wet and willing mouth. He was salty but nice, warm and pulsing – I gently started sucking – making it as sexual and horny as possible for Doug – I was soooo excited my cunt lips were engorged, my clit was hard as rock and my tits almost hurt they were so aroused. I sucked Steve for 5 minutes and then when I sensed him about to explode popped him out of my mouth and gripped the bottom of his shaft until the pulses subsided a bit. I know how to control a guys orgasm.

I then laid back – missionary position then draw my legs back and up opening my hot wet cunt ready for cock. I look at Doug and gasped “Put Steve’s cock into my cunt – now!” Steve positioned himself and Doug knelt by my side. I watched as his hand wrapped around Steve’s cock – this was exciting too. He wanked him a couple of times then Steve lent forward and Doug rubbed his cock head up and down my slit, then positioned it at my gaping fuck hole. He said “Put it in Steve all the way” And I felt this lovely cock pushing into my fuck tube, my lips closing around the flesh of this relative stranger his balls coming to rest on my exposed arse cheeks. He held still but I didn’t. I thrust up telling him “fuck me hard Steve- fuck my cunt and fill me baby – do it pleeeease”

He started and I could hear my cunt squelching and looking down could see his lovely cock pumping in and out of my belly – looking across I could see my man watching intently – watching another man’s cock invading his woman’s body and loving it, his hand rapidly moving back and forth on his very erect cock. It didn’t take long for me to begin to cum — I cried out as wave af6ter wave of spasms caused my belly to clench and my cunt to contract tight onto Steve’s hammering cock. Suddenly Steve said those fateful words and started being religious “Ohhh God” he groaned – “Ohhh my fucking God I am going to cream your slut cunt baby – oooooh yesss” And then thrust in and held it fully inside me, I felt the end of his cock grow and swell and then spurt after hot spurt of his cream blasted into me. I was going off like a fire cracker, Steve was filling my hole and I saw Doug’s cock spurting a stream of cum into the air and onto the sand and his belly I was in seventh heaven.

Steve did get Doug to suck him up again and then fucked me again. Later he introduced us to two of his mates and then the party really started – but that’s for next time. Right now I am off to use my vibrator because writing this has got me soooo turned on again I have to wank. Tonight I am entertaining a young lady and her older grandfather and Doug is going to (hopefully) find his mojo again with the 18 yr old beauty– yes that’s right as we finished fucking the first time I saw the two of them watching us. We got talking and swapped stories and formed a friendship – I will tell all when I have the time to type it all up.

This is a true story, it has changed my life and opened up so much possibility – I am now a swinging convert and know that even at 52 younger guys find me attractive and sexy and older guys I find horny, and I also want to experiment with licking pussy – sooon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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