Turning 30 Can Be Fun

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The alarm went off with a loud blare. Brian reached over to turn it off. He threw off his covers and sat up. Brian rubbed a hand through his short black hair before he started stretching his arms in bed. While he stretched, Emily began moving next to him. He looked down at his wife, who smiled up at him. She brushed some of her shoulder-length, dark red hair out of her face “Happy Birthday, old man,” she said in a teasing voice.

“I’m not old. I’m seasoned!”

She gave a small laugh as leaned down to kiss her. Brian got up and began stretching some more. Emily continued to lie in bed and admire her man as he began doing some push-ups in his boxers. She always got a little wet when watching him work out. He got up and sighed. “I wish I didn’t have to go to work today.”

Emily responded, “Well, we both have to go. Although some of us don’t have to be in until 9.”

With that she gave a mock yawn and started stretching under the covers. The covers were just below her tits and she made sure to stick her chest out so he couldn’t miss them. She could sense him stop whatever he was doing to admire her. She knew then that she had him. Brian said, “When do I get my birthday gift?”

Emily smiled and teased him by saying, “Are you sure you’re not too old to handle it?”

“I’m taking a shower,” he responded and headed into the bathroom.

Emily could hear the water start running and worried that maybe her teasing had gone a little too far. She threw off her covers to reveal her white spaghetti strap shirt struggling to contain her D-cup breasts. She had on a pair of Ghostbuster undies to go with it. She headed to the bathroom, thinking she would join him in the shower and “apologize” for what she said. Emily opened the sliding door quietly, intending to surprise her man.

Instead she gives out a yelp as a pair hands grab her and pull her in. They were both laughing as he pulled her close to him. She playfully hit him on the arm and called him a jerk before they began kissing passionately. Within seconds her shirt and his boxers were on the floor. He went down to his knees in front of her, letting her tits brush against his face. He grabbed her panties and roughly pulled them down around her ankles.

Emily kicked them away as he came back up. He paused at chest level to take one of her tits in his hand and suck on her nipple. Nothing could get Emily as quickly excited as having her man admire her tits. He only suckled on her for a few seconds before coming the rest of the way up to stand in front of her. She smiled at him and bit her lower lip seductively as he admired her body. His hands rubbed up and down her sides as she wondered how he planned to fuck her that morning. Emily wasn’t an athletic type like her husband but managed to maintain a decent figure. She was only a couple of inches shorter than her husband’s six-foot height. She brushed her red hair out of her face. She preferred her hair shorter but was growing it out because Brian liked it that way.

He took her by the hand and led mobilbahis güvenilir mi her to the shower, which was steaming hot by now. They both started rinsing themselves down and Emily’s eyes focused on her husband’s growing cock. She grabbed the bar of soap and began rubbing it over her Brian’s chest. She ran her fingers through his chest hair as she rubbed it in. Her hands moved down over his abs as she rubbed soap all over him. She gave him a naughty girl smile as one of her soap covered hands found its way to his cock.

Brian stood in the hot water stream while his wife rubbed his shaft. Her other hand reached around to squeeze his ass while she jerked him off. They were both breathing heavily. She was now rubbing soap all over her man’s cock until it was nice and slippery. Brian kissed his wife deeply before turning her around. She reached around to position his cock so it rested in her ass crack as she pressed her butt against him. She leaned back so her head was resting on his shoulder and her tits were jutting out.

Brian took the soap from her and began lathering it all over her chest. She was breathing deeply into her husband’s ear as he began feeling her up. He was rubbing the soap all over Emily’s tits now. Her nipples had grown hard like ice picks under his palms. His hands moved downward over her stomach. She was gasping in his ear as his fingers began running through her pussy hair. She was moving her hips so that his cock rubbed up and down against her ass.

Just before his hands reached her pussy, Brian stepped away so his wife began to fall backwards. Emily out a squeal of surprise as he caught her and moved her backwards so she was leaning against the wall of the shower stall. She could feel how hard his cock was against the side of her hip and couldn’t wait to get it inside her. His hand was rubbing between her legs, causing her to gasp audibly. Emily bit her lower lip as she felt his fingers push past her pussy lips and into her.

He started with two fingers for a moment, moving them in and out of her. Each time he did this he pushed a little deeper into her. He then added a third finger. Emily’s mouth was hanging open and her breasts heaved as her husband fingered her. Her hips had started to instinctively thrust forward to push his fingers deeper into her. She began to let out a high-pitched squeal that she always gives right before she climaxes. Her entire body began to shudder and Brian wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her into him to ensure she didn’t fall.

He pulled away from his wife and she immediately stepped forward, turned around and bent over. She wriggled her hips at her husband has he stepped behind her and lined up his cock. He entered his wife slowly, enjoying her moan of delight as she took her husband’s cock into her. Emily looked back at him and gave him that glowing smile that a wife reserves just for her husband. He started thrusting slowly, enjoying how tight his wife’s pussy felt. Emily let out a moan of frustration, as she wanted him mobilbahis to fuck her hard. She could feel her tits bounce around with each thrust. Brian ran his hands up and down his wife’s back. He started running them over her ass and spanked her a couple of times. Emily was still groaning in frustration over him not fucking her faster.

“Pound it in, baby,” she moaned.

Brian began to make his thrusts firmer but at the same slow pace. The bathroom filled with the sound of his hips hitting her ass with each one. This just made Emily more frustrated and she let him know with a long, exasperated moan. Emily didn’t want him to make love to her gently. She wanted him to screw her and make her his bitch. Even more frustrating was that she knew he knew this. He was just teasing her.

“Make me your slut, baby,” she begged.

He showed no sign of having heard her. In fact, the pace of his thrusting seemed to slow slightly. Emily couldn’t stand it anymore so she shouted, “FUCK YOUR BITCH OR I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE!”

That threat did the trick. He started fucking her with all he had. Emily was panting uncontrollably. Her tits were bouncing all over as her husband fucks her like an animal. He had one hand gripping her hair while the other reached around to squeeze one of her tits. He loved feeling her up when he was about to cum into her. This thought pushed Emily over the edge and she moaned loudly as her orgasm hit. He let go of her hair and instead wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her close. Emily felt him tense up and knew that he was cumming.

For over a minute he held her as he gave her his seed. Emily just stood there in the shower and panted with her mouth hanging open as she took it. His grip on her relaxed as he finished. She remained bent over as he pulled out and looked back at him with that glowing smile he liked ever since he popped her cherry back in college. He leaned against the wall as she stood up.

“Thanks baby,” she cooed as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, “That was incredible.”

He smiled at her when she broke off. She had a sparkle in her eye that told him she wasn’t done yet. Sure enough, as he was thinking that she pushed him against the wall. She started moving her hands down his chest and stomach. She inhaled sharply as she started rubbing herself. Brian looked at her in amazement as she started building herself up again. He gave a gasp himself as she started rubbing his cock with her other hand. She also began rubbing her tits against his chest, as his shaft grew hard again in her hand. The two of them stood there gasping heavily as Emily got both of them hot again.

He stepped forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. Brian maneuvered her around so that she was now leaning against the wall. Emily continued rubbing herself and stroking his shaft as he massaged her tits with both his hands. He was kissing her deeply before she turned her face to her left so he could nibble on her neck. She could feel him biting her and knew she was going to mobilbahis giriş have a hickey.

She felt one of his hands move down her side and reach around to grab her ass. Emily stopped rubbing both of them as he pulled her into him, letting his now hard cock push into her waist. Emily knew that any second now he was going to lift up her leg, crouch down, and enter her. She bit her lip in anticipation of what she was about to do.

“Ohhh,” she exclaimed while feigning surprise, “Look at the time! You’re going to be late.”

“Huh?” he asked dully as she began pushing him backwards to the shower stall door. She opened it and shoved him out. Emily had to stop herself from laughing at the ridiculous sight he presented. Here her husband was standing in the middle of the bathroom naked with a huge boner and a bewildered look on his face as though he didn’t know what to do with it.

“Don’t worry babe,” she cooed, “I’ll finish myself off.”

With that she gave him a peck on the cheek and closed the stall door. The glass was all fogged up but he could see that she had leaned against the opposite wall and both her hands were on her pussy. Brian walked back into the bedroom as his wife started moaning in the shower. He closed the sliding door to block out the sound some and began laying out his clothes. His hard on gradually went away as he distracted himself from his wife. Ten minutes later he was in his suit and ready to start the day. The clock showed that he wasn’t even remotely in danger of being late.

Then he noticed that his wife was still moaning in the shower. That couldn’t be right. When she has a second orgasm it usually only takes a couple of minutes for her to peak, if that. So he slid the door open just enough to take a look. Sure enough, there was his wife in the shower, rubbing shampoo in her hair while making noises to drive her husband nuts. Brian smiled as he closed the door again. “Bitch,” he muttered while chuckling to himself.

With that he grabbed his things and walked out of the house. He made sure to close the door loudly so she’d know she could stop trying to torture him. When he gets home tonight he’s going to fuck her in the ass as punishment for this. She won’t even see it coming and he’s going to enjoy every pained look on her face as he fucks her rear.

Emily heard him go and quickly rinsed off her hair and got out of the shower. She had a lot to do today but not at work. It’s not every day your man turns 30 and she intends to make it special for him. The morning part of her plan went surprisingly well. He’s going to spend the whole day wanting her. But now she needs to get ready for the evening.

She was going to cook him a nice candlelight dinner to start. But first, she had to get ready for the after dinner activities. Hopefully, that sex shop a mile away still has that schoolgirl costume. She’s going to reenact the time Brian popped her cherry back in college. She still remembers laying back on her dorm bed that afternoon with him over her. They rushed and tried to finish before her roommate got back. It wasn’t so bad. They were halfway dressed when she walked in. Emily frowned while looking herself over in the mirror. She also better make sure they had lube on hand for when fucked her in the ass tonight. Men think they’re so fucking smart like that…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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