Two Lovers

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This is a true story. I get so wet thinking about it, I just had to write it out for you guys as you all seem to enjoy this stuff as much as I do.


I had my lover at my home one evening for a comfortable date and my girlfriend and her husband came over for just a bit to drop some things off.

My lover and I had been flirting and playing a bit beforehand, so I was a little flustered when they showed up.

There must have been sex in the air because my girlfriends husband kept hovering around me, staring me down, I think he could sense the sexual energy.

After a few minutes my friend said she wanted to go shopping and her husband begged off, saying he didn’t want to go to the store.

My friend being a good wife, offered me to go instead and leave the boys to themselves.

I wondered if her husband wasn’t up to something, so I begged off saying I had just gotten comfortable.

So my friend leaves, planning to be gone for several hours as this was around the holidays.

Not long after she left, I noticed my friends husband getting very close on one side. My lover didn’t seem to mind, so I began flirting a bit with both of them, and getting very touchy with my friends husband.

Before long, both of them were on either side of me, and my lover taking the queue began canlı bahis rubbing his hands on me, no where inappropriate at first, but it was just getting me hot as hell.

When I began to stretch and enjoy the treatment, my friends husband changed his demeanor, he began rubbing me as well, becoming more insistent than even my lover.

At first I pulled away a bit, then I pushed back against him, and let out slight moans of pleasure. Before long, both men were rubbing me and covering me in kisses.

My lover began kissing my neck on one side, and my friends husband began rubbing my mound and teasing my breasts. I was getting so hot, I was dying to fuck them both right at that moment.

I didn’t really know what to do, I had never had two men at once. I didn’t think I had the courage to pull it off, but they just kept being so insistent I couldn’t resist them. It felt so wrong, and so fucking good at the same time.

Both men began pulling my clothes off of me in a rough but loving fashion, after which I was completely naked and in their hands. My friends husband went down on me first, while my lover put his cock in my mouth.

Both men seemed to know exactly what they were doing, they match pace, both fairly gentle at first, then beginning to treat me with more and more carnality as my lust began bahis siteleri to become obvious.

I felt like such a slut, but was loving every minute of it.

My lover looked at me and told me to suck the other man off, while he was going to fuck my hot pussy. When he said that, it made me want them to use me in every way possible.

To my surprise, my friends husband was huge! When he pulled out his already throbbing cock, it was nearly 9 inches and thick. My lover is only around 7 and a half inches, and I had never had a cock this big.

My friend is a very lucky girl ;).

I took his massive cock in my mouth, it tasted so good. At that moment, I felt my lover enter me, and I climaxed instantly from the delicious wrongness of it all.

My lover knowing my body, kept up a very slow pace at first, allowing me to rebuild from my climax. Before long, he was fucking me hard while I moaned and gagged on my friends husband’s giant cock.

Before long, I begged my friends husband to fuck me. I wanted to feel that huge cock in my pussy.

My lover came around and I took his cock in my mouth. I could taste my juices on his dick, and the heady scent of it made me swoon a bit.

At that moment, I felt my friends husband enter me from behind. His cock filled me up in a way I had never felt. bahis şirketleri It did hurt a very small amount at first, but after that it was pure pleasure as he began to thrust into my wet pussy.

He really knew how to use his hips, and I came to orgasm shortly after he began thrusting. He did not let up like my lover usually does, but kept pounding into my pussy.

I began cumming in wave after wave, almost as if each thrust was another mini-orgasm.

The guys took turns fucking me while I sucked them off for about another hour. My friends husband finished first, loading my pussy down with semen. Since I cannot get pregnant, and he is married and mostly monogamous, I enjoyed the feeling of him cumming inside me, without any fear or regret. It was a satisfying feeling, as his sperm was hot and slick.

Shortly after, he came around and I began licking the cum off of his dick while my lover pounded my pussy furiously bringing himself to climax. He rubbed my clit really hard and we both came at the same moment. I came so hard that time I almost began to cry, but all I did was lay there and laugh and moan and grind against him as the waves of pleasure ripped through my body.

Afterward, we went upstairs and cleaned up, my friends husband acting very shy and awkward, but I patted him reassuringly on the arm from time to time.

My friend returned quite a bit later, and to this day has no idea of how her husband and my lover rocked my world that night. I loved being used by two men who I could trust completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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