Unblended Ch. 04

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Cum Covered

This story is based on the setting created by icedragonmo3 in their story The Blending. It contains lots of characters of intersex gender with exaggerated proportions, oral sex, huge cumshots, polyamorous relationships, group sex, and a developing exhibitionist streak.

As always, all persons participating in sexual activities or described in a sexual manner are at least 18 years of age. All characters, locations, and scenarios presented here are a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real-world people and places is coincidental.


I could not think of a better way to start the Saturday morning after one of the best nights of my life then the way that Saturday morning started. Let me warn you, you will likely find it super disappointing. You may expect that I woke up first, looked at the sleeping form of Tanya Peterson, and decided to wake her up by taking her exquisite girlcock into my mouth. Or the reverse, that Tanya woke up first and did likewise, sucking a huge load out of my morning wood and then sharing it with me in a filthy, cum-stained kiss. This is not what happened.

We woke up at the same time, kissed good morning, gazed into each other’s eyes for a while, and then I introduced Tanya to Monster Hunter.

If it helps, we were naked the whole time. She sat beside me, her arm wrapped around my waist while I started up and showed her the basics on a quick Anjanath hunt. I was vaguely aware that Tanya was a gamer of some variety, but I didn’t know where her interests lay along those lines. I was glad she was willing to indulge me, but she got into it real quick once the fight started. She asked a lot of questions, and I did my best to answer. After the hunt was over, Tanya left to take a shower and I quickly texted the girls, letting them know I might have found a fourth to round out our hunt group if they were willing to start over.

I didn’t hear back for a while, the girls no doubt sleeping in. I’d spent that time going back over the chat logs from the previous night and sussing out who specifically Tessa invited to watch Tanya and I have sexytimes. Tanya announced her return by coming up behind me and setting her mammoth tits on my shoulders.

“42M, huh?” I said as she squeezed my head between those amazing orbs.

“Yeah. You know, I didn’t have much use for boobs back in the day, but I’m kind of obsessed with them now I know how much fun they can be.”

“WHAT?” I said. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU THROUGH YOUR MASSIVE FUNBAGS.” We started laughing as she started batting my head around with them.

“What are you finding out?” she asked eventually, resting her head on top of mine.

“Well, we know Tessa, Michiko, Becky, and Stacy already. Some of these are pretty obvious: here’s Jamie Jay, Kat Unger, pretty sure these are the Foster twins…”

“I’m surprised Tessa was able to charge them both,” Tanya commented.

“Would you want to watch a sex show with your twin sister? If you had one, I mean,” I said. Tanya gave me a weird look, like she knew something that I didn’t.

“Probably not, but I couldn’t speak for Lexi or Laurie.” I decided not to pursue that line of discussion further; I might have known about the twins’ incestuous coupling (and told Tessa and Michi about it), but I had no idea if anyone else did and little interest in sharing that secret further before talking to them about it myself. Besides, I was a little distracted imagining Tanya having a twin sister and watching them suck each other off. Before joining in myself.

“Anyway! DocSlut69 is probably the specialist I’m seeing, I invited her to the server yesterday, she must have gotten the stream notice popped in, I need to ask her about that.”

Tanya looked down the list. “GrellkaStormaxe?”

My face brightened, I’d missed her name last night. “Donna! That’s super cool, actually, I’m glad she signed on.”

“Where’d she get that name from?”

“Oh, that’s her barbarian from last year’s D BigMama28, on the other hand, was more than likely my Mama, she wore

8 as a ostim escort college lacrosse player (first-team All-American). The last name, DevilWoman66, I had no clue. I could, of course, ask Tessa for the registration info, or at least the FundFriend contacts, but that felt like the easy way out.

Tanya looked at the clock and stood up. “I should get going, I need to go shopping before tonight.”

I turned around in the chair and pulled Tanya close to me, pressing my face into her soft belly and kissing it. She giggled at the close contact.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Kissing your belly! I didn’t get to nearly enough last night.”

“Why? It’s not very attractive…” Her voice dropped a little as she said it.

“Stop that,” I said, more forcefully than I was expecting, which gave her a shock. “Every inch of you is beautiful.”

We looked at each other, and her eyes started to sparkle with moisture. “…thank you,” she said eventually, leaning down to kiss my forehead. I looked up at her, my hand slowly tracing down her body.

“You’ve got a few minutes before you need to go, right?”

Tanya bit her lip. “I mean, I probably don’t…”

My hand found what I was looking for, and I gently massaged Tanya’s ballsack. Her dick was already hard, and she moaned deeply as I touched her intimate areas. “Come on, just a little bit. Please?” I could tell she was being affected by my supercharged pheromones, so I added “Unless you don’t want to,” in a firmer tone of voice.

She hesitated, but then asked quietly “…would you eat me out?”

“I would love to.”

She sat down on the bed and spread her legs, giving me complete access. I gave her cock and balls soft kisses before lifting them out of the way. Tanya’s pussy glistened with moisture, and I gave it a slow lick from bottom to top. It caught her off-guard and she gave a loud yelp.

“Okay, I’ll try to be quick,” I said with a grin. Tanya’s only response was to push my head down into her. That really got me motoring, I have to say, and that translated into intense licking and sucking.

Tanya’s pussy was amazing. She wasn’t clean-shaven down there like the girls were, most likely due to Tanya’s larger frame making it a more difficult proposition. It enhanced the experience in a way I wasn’t expecting, her hair almost caressing my face as I drove my tongue into her. Even though she had just showered, she smelled strongly of cardamom and her own indescribable musk, and it went straight through my nose to my brain. Her nether lips were thick and very sensitive, given the reactions I got from sucking on them.

As opposed to Michiko and especially Tessa, Tanya was pretty quiet as I went down on her, restricting her responses to moans and the occasional “fuck” and “oh, yeah.” It was no less clear that she loved it, however, and it was plenty enough feedback for me to know what was working and what wasn’t. She eventually wrapped her thighs around my head to keep it in place as she got close, and I discovered I loved being encased in them.

It didn’t take long before her hips started bucking against me, and with one final deep thrust of my tongue, she came all over my face. Her nectar was smooth and floral, tasting weirdly of cherry limeade, and I drank as deeply of it as I could before she released me from her thighs’ grip. I gasped for air for a moment before Tanya threw herself at me, kissing me passionately as she shook through the crest of her climax.

“Damn,” she eventually said between kisses.

“Thank you!” I responded, sending us into a giggling fit. I grabbed the towel Tanya had brought from the bathroom and used it to clean my face off. When I was done, she took it to clean herself, and I pointedly looked away to give her some privacy. She thought that was hilarious.

“What time tonight, and should I bring anything?” I asked, joining Tanya in getting dressed.

“I told everyone else after 7, but you should come by earlier with the girls, we can talk about… things.”

“And ankara otele gelen escort possibly make out with Mai Shiranui and the Goth Queen of Granite Hills?”

“And the most wonderful boy I’ve ever met.” She hugged me and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.

“You are too kind.”

I walked her downstairs and out to her truck, sharing one last deep kiss before she headed out. It was fair to say I was walking on air as I went back inside. A grumble from my stomach directed me to the kitchen, where my parents were having coffee. Mama slid a glass of orange juice towards me as I sat down at the table. For some reason, Mom was trying to not look at me.

“Well, well, slick,” Mama said, smirking as she started fixing me some breakfast, “how’s that dance card lookin’?”

“Pretty good, still have a few spots on it though if you’re interested,” I said, smirking. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Mom start blushing hard. I decided to probe a little further. “You catch the stream last night?” Mom’s eyes burst wide open at the question.

“I sure did, and I’m glad to see you puttin’ that advice a’ mine to use,” Mama said, handing me a plate with eggs, bacon, and toast.

“Mama knows best!” I said, scarfing the food down. I noticed Mom glaring at Mama and looking flushed. Something was happening, and I saw Mama give us her “I’m scheming” look.

“Is it okay I did that? I mean, I wasn’t expecting Tessa to charge for access.”

“What’d you pull in?”


“Hell, for one stream? Not bad! You will, of course, split that with your fellow performer, I expect.” Not a question.

“Already sent it to her. Tessa wants 25% for being the web mistress moving forward. I bet I can talk her into being even partners with me, Michi, and Tanya.”

That shook Mom out of whatever state she was in. “I hope this isn’t your way of telling us you’d rather do porn than go to college!” Based on her tone of voice, she wasn’t too pleased with that prospect, and I started to assuage her fears.

“No, Mom, I am not giving up college to be a webcam starlet.” She calmed down a little, until I added: “It’d be nice to help pay for things, though, I’m sure I’d have time to do both.”


I fled upstairs, laughing all the way. Honestly, it wasn’t so crazy an idea, but it definitely required further discussion. Especially with some possible co-stars.


After banging out what homework I had, I grabbed my RPG gear and headed downstairs. All the talk of D I would return to my post as primary DM after the last year’s… forced sabbatical. Michiko had already polled the other members of the club over the last few weeks and collected their feedback. With those notes in mind, I started describing a few scenarios, Michi helpfully writing down my thoughts along with hers. We would later go over these with the group at our first meeting, at which point I would start writing the campaign in earnest.

Throughout this discussion, Tessa purred and moaned softly, sucking my cock into her mouth and watching me with her icy emerald eyes. She looked so happy and sexy with me between her lips, and she occasionally reached under her skirt to stroke herself a little before returning her hands to my thighs. I was definitely feeling great, Tessa’s mouth was amazing, but she kept her pace slow and deliberate so as to prevent my climaxing too soon. I watched her work and was entranced, her beautiful face smiling and eyes sparkling as we gazed at each other. By the time we had landed on a few particularly interesting ideas, the record had progressed to “No Quarter”, and I was thoroughly impressed with Tessa’s jaw stamina.

Michiko set the notes down and moved to sit next to me on the couch. She turned my head to hers and we kissed, our tongues dancing in our mouths as Tessa moaned around my cock. Michi took my hand and slid it around her waist, leaning into me as we made out. The stimulation was getting to me, and Tessa increased ankara rus escort her pace as I somehow grew harder in her mouth.

“I love you so much,” I said, feeling that warmth and closeness between us so ardently I had to express it. Michi looked into my eyes, piercing me with her depthless grey pools.

“We love you too, Ace, we’re yours for as long as you’ll have us. Now give kitty her present, I want to get lunch.”

The gentle order set me off, and Tessa buried me deep as I came. I could feel my cream spilling down her throat, and she kept me there as she shook through her own orgasm. I moaned into Michiko’s mouth as she thrust her tongue into mine, and that made me cum even harder. I collapsed into her as my issue was finally spent, Tessa collapsing into my lap as well. Michi caressed my head and planted soft kisses on my cheek. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t believe that this was my life now.

“Alright,” I said, eventually, “great planning session.”


After grabbing some sushi with the girls, I returned home to attend to a number of chores, the price for my going to Tanya’s party that evening. I cleaned and dusted the living room, which included a bit of carpet cleaning in front of the couch. Then I put away dishes and went through the fridge, looking for old leftovers past their prime or other foodstuffs no longer fit for consumption. After that came cleaning the countertops and the dining room table. The kitchen cleaning was actually above and beyond, but I had the time and the comforting sounds of Young Americans to keep me motivated. I wasn’t surprised when Mama wandered in with her laptop, drawn by the sound of David Bowie. She was a columnist and blogger for Stars and Stripes, the US military newspaper, and an eloquent writer in complete defiance of her normal mode of speech. As I cleaned and she worked, we sang along.

As I finished up and was putting the record away, Mama waved me over to the dining table. “Take a seat, slick, let’s have a chat.”

“What’s up?” I asked, sliding in to the chair across the table from her.

“First off, this party tonight. Tell me what I’m gonna say.”

“‘Be polite,’ ‘be safe,’ and ‘even if everyone else is drinkin’, I ain’t.'”

Mama nodded. “Good, that’s that talk done. Now, I wanna ask you about last night.”

I nodded. When we’d talked about it earlier in front of Mom, it was definitely more to get a rise out of her than a serious talk. Now, Mama and I were going to have that serious talk.

“So, your mother and I did see it, and it was stupid hot watchin’ you and that young lady together. What do you wanna know?”

“Why did you watch?” I was genuinely curious.

“Well, Dr. Schneider narced on you when she saw what was happenin’, and she got us set up on the server, after we paid Tess, obviously. We were concerned you were making a dumb decision, and we wanted to keep an eye on you. Overall, though, we shouldn’t have worried, and I gotta say, your mother came buckets for me watchin’ you swallowin’ that girl’s spunk.”

This was definitely more surreal than I was expecting, but I was glad I wasn’t in too much trouble. “Wasn’t it weird watching your son getting nasty?”

Mama thought about it for a moment. “You know, I was actually pretty proud of what a charmin’ young man we raised. It was clear you were treatin’ her right, and that you were both really into it. Like I said, Ronnie was all about you takin’ that load… and I mighta’ wished I were in Tanya’s place when she sucked you dry. You know, full disclosure.”

I laughed. “Geez, Mama! Don’t soft pad it or anything.”

“Now, when have I ever pussyfooted around anythin’?”

“Point.” Mama got up and pulled a beer and a soda from the fridge, sending the soda sailing my way across the table. We clinked drinks, as was custom, before continuing.

“Now, level with me: you actually interested in doin’ that for real?”

“You know, I wasn’t before last night, but the more I think about it, yeah, kinda. It felt so good to share that with everyone, and that enhanced the experience for me. I was glad Tanya felt the same way. I don’t know about Michi and Tessa, but it sounds like they might be interested too. I think we’d have a blast, and if we can sock a little money away for the future, that wouldn’t hurt either.”

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