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I was summoned up to Superintendent Ploncke’s office where I found my pal and fellow probationer, Gina, waiting outside the door. She and I had become friendly at the police academy, but not really very ‘best’ friends, and having both graduated somewhat closer to the bottom of our class than the top.

“What’s going on?” I asked Gina.

“Don’t know. My Sarge sent me up here to see the Super.”

“Constable Fodero, is Constable Quimby there yet,” our superior officer called through the closed door of her office.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Come in then.”

She was a formidible woman of many years’ experience in the Police Service; with a reputation for being absolutely straight, having strong moral values and demanding similar attributes from subordinates.

“Luigina and Elizabeth,” she pointed to each of us in turn, correctly putting our names to our faces.

“Yes Ma’am,” we answered.

“Okay, well I’ve got a job for you both, together as a team I mean,” she explained before briefing us in detail as to what the task entailed. “You will use your initiative in solving any problems which might arise, without reference to me or any other member of the service.”

In general terms we were to go to a coastal resort town during the summer vacation and mix with the college students and recent high school graduates to discover what occurred by way of any illegal behavior. We were to report only to her on an ‘as required’ basis and were not to identify ourselves as police unless it was unavoidable. We must become part of the scene there and must not hang back at the periphery of the crowd where one is actually more visible, she told us with the clear certainty of long experience in undercover work.

The possibility of us getting into any trouble due to moral turpitude was pretty well nil as my upbringing was strict enough, but Luigina’s must have been even harder in a Catholic, Italian family. This relaxed me, although I began to wonder when we went to spend the clothing allowance provided by the Super. Gina bought us all manner of light, casual gear which I’d never have chosen to wear due to modesty, but in the context of our task, she was probably quite right. Of course we couldn’t take anything with our names on them like most of mine did, so we finished up with bags of garments and left the opportunity-shop proprietor with a big smile on her face.

We set off for the coast on a lovely, sunny morning that promised a great day for those of us who enjoyed the beach. Looking back now makes me wonder whether I’d have gone off down there so happily with Gina if I’d been aware of what was in store for me. Probably not, although things turned out well enough for us both and we became a little more worldly due to our experiences. Anyway, we weren’t volunteers, but following the orders of our superior officer which relieved us of responsibility for decisions we needed to make during the course of the operation.

We caught the train to the edge of suburbia and by 9am were hitch-hiking on the highway running north. A few minutes behind us we saw a teenage girl following along with her arm held out to signify that she sought a lift too. Barely forty metres before reaching us, a motorcyclist stopped to pick her up and she smiled happily on passing us. A bit later another two young women walked past us and obtained a lift only thirty metres further down and so, after another half-hour, decided that we must have had an image problem and found a little privacy in the roadside foliage to change. The successful hitchers wore only brief shorts or skirts and tops, so we removed our jeans and workshirts and got into something more revealing. I’d never been in a public place without a brassiere before and was feeling quite self-conscious in a short elastic-waisted skirt and halter top of light cotton.

Ironically, we quickly found a lift with a very aged couple on their way back to their farm and it was reassuring to find that they thought we were students on vacation, asking about our school and the kind of career we aspired to. A few kilometres before they dropped us off Gina indicated the side of the road where I saw the motorcycle, but no evidence of either the rider or the hitch-hiker he’d picked up.

We hitched for another fifteen minutes before an antique, erstwhile railway company coach shuddered to a halt ahead of us. The forward section had seven paired seats and the rear half was a freight van which had later been converted to a camper with fold-up bunks and surfboards in racks on the roof.

“Where’re you going?” asked a teenage chick whom I immediately recognized as one of the hitchers I’d seen earlier and was now bare-breasted.

“The beach,” Gina answered for us both.

“D’you play? Only players allowed on this bus,” she giggled while a hairy male hand slid up her young body to squeeze one pale boob.

It occurred to me that we might just pick up some very useful information in that particular situation and perhaps even a social entree to the larger social group. Besides, there was safety in numbers here and the şişli escort highway was pretty quiet that day.

“A ride for a ride, so to speak?” asked Gina, her hands on hips and I was unsure as to her meaning then.

“Right on,” laughed the girl, “work your passage, as they say in the classics.”

Gina obviously had a better grasp of their vernacular than I, so when she gave me an enquiring look to ascertain my thoughts, I merely gave a sort of ‘why-not’ shrug and she grinned wryly. Call me slow, but it was only then that the penny dropped. I was seriously glad that Ma’am Super wasn’t there to see what we’d agreed to and hoped sincerely that she never found out how low we’d go for a quiet life, but it was in the line of duty.

“Okay,” we chorused in a display of bravado that belied the gut-knotting ache of trepidation in my stomach. I would, I decided, be like those ladies of history who lay back quietly and thought of England as their fair bodies were ravished by hordes of evil foreigners. If worst came to worst, a quick poke in the course of my duty would hardly ruin my life, would it? The wide pneumatic doors in the middle of the vehicle hissed open to the darkened interior and our nostrils were assailed by the fragrance of cannabis smoke, mingled with warm bodies and beer.

“Thank God! Reinforcements,” I heard a semi-hysterical girl gasp in the gloom.

“You’re gorgeous,” murmured a manly voice as an uninvited hand slid up my soft inner thigh to cover and press the damp crotch of my panties.

I was just about to remonstrate with him when I remembered the fare price I’d agreed to pay. As I found a place to stow my bag and back-pack my skirt was quickly dragged downward to my ankles and strong arms pulled me down to sit on something soft where my top was quickly unfastened and pulled off my then naked figure.

“Nice boobs too,” he approved as his stubbly mouth found a swollen nipple and thrilled me by gently biting and sucking the shiny pink nub.

Rather than be seen as being in any way reluctant, my training telling me that it often leads to violence, I kicked off my leather sandals and lacy knickers in readiness for the imminent assault upon my poor pussy. I reached over to feel what was going to be used on me and

found it to be both stiff and still rather sticky from being in another chick’s vagina.

“Oooooh,” he growled at my touch. “A sex kitten, can’t wait for it eh.”

I simply grinned inanely so as not to spoil the impression and, as he seemed to be in no hurry to abandon his attentions to my tits, I took a quick look about as my eyes adjusted to the low light. My heart seemed to stop momentarily as I came to comprehend that our fares for the trip could be a lot higher than either of us had anticipated: there were at least a dozen young blokes in the rear compartment and the driver in the front!

For a moment I considered reneging on my agreement on the grounds of not being told of the full requirement, however I chose to stay for two reasons; Gina was already giving us credibility with the group and an agile finger was alternatively titillating my hard clitoris and sliding in and out of my increasingly cock-hungry pussy. In that Gina had made such an effort to get us accepted I thought I should at least do a bit to ensure that her efforts weren’t wasted, her next session in the confessional sure to be a real marathon.

The tall blonde girl who’d earlier received a lift from the biker and a petite brunette from the other pair of hitchhikers we’d seen, lay at the centre of two foursomes of erect cocks variously within their twats, mouths and hands for stimulation. Two of these guys left the chicks to move towards Gina and I; she obligingly lifting herself into the doggy-fucking position to orally accommodate the proffered penis.

“Are you going to hog all the talent Mitch?” asked the newcomer.

“No mate,” grinned my original fondler. “You go for it Neddy.”

“Okay?” Ned asked of me and I nodded my agreement.

My trembling body was arranged as the filling in a human sandwich when we lay on our sides, Mitch facing me and Neddy behind. Ned’s hard tool pressed into the cleft of my buttocks and so I lifted my upper leg back over his to grasp and moisten his knob in my welling slit before he pushed its entire length easily into my vagina, surprising me a lot after the trouble I’d had in accommodating my former boyfriend in the past. My usual dry tightness was gone and he really felt so nice in there.

My usual ability to remain detatched deserted me when my senses were completely overwhelmed with pleasure as Neddy’s sliding prick stretched my love-sheath and his practiced finger diddled my tingling clitoris while Mitch continued to fondle my boobs and kiss my mouth so deeply. I held his penis tightly as I returned his kisses and all restraint left my deliriously straining body. No previous experience could have prepared me for the sexual wallow I found myself in and I felt more than a little pride at having coped successfully with the unforseen requirement to put out for so many males in such a short time. Initially I’d experienced acute embarrassment at the prospect of being promiscuously intimate, but the notion of a gang-bang seemed so much less appalling on finding myself in that situation.

The electric tingle of climax was growing deep within my loins and Neddy was thrusting violently with an ever increasing tempo, his hot gasping breath accompanied by throaty sounds of passion as orgasm was imminent.

“Oooooh Jee-sus!” he groaned as he rammed his cock deep inside my belly and gushed warmly into my womb.

His squirting semen set off my own spasms of ecstacy and our rigid bodies convulsed repeatedly with my release in sexual climax. I’d have liked him to stay inside me a little longer, but he withdrew in his then semi-erect state and rolled away from me.

I wasn’t lonely for very long as Mitch had his postponed needs to fulfil. He lifted his hips to pull my lower thigh under him and the other above his waist before I put the eye of his knob to my wet slit and he too penetrated me to the hilt with a single effortless thrust. Of course, that set off my blissful spasms again and we were obliged to take time out for my senses to settle once more.

He was surprisingly gentle and we thrust together without haste with long, langourous movements, continuing to kiss each other with our deeply probing tongues and lips soft and slack from earlier exertions, while he pinched my swollen nipples which had become incredibly sensitive, thrilling me with his ministrations.

Slowly the sexual tension grew and I felt the stirring of another orgasm deep inside my lower body. It grew gradually, lethargically and I was able to maintain my hip thrusting and rotating until I felt him suddenly stiffen and shudder warmly within my encircling limbs. He stayed inside me until we had cooled down, undulating his bottom for us to derive every scintilla of sensation from our coupling.

Fortunately, it seemed that there were no more erect male parts to deal with and the blokes had modestly replaced their shorts to go forward for drinks. The last four were shagging away at the other chicks and I noticed that the guy with Gina’s long athletic legs around his waist was neither of her previous partners. Had I not known better I might have been excused for thinking she was enjoying herself, rather than just a good actress, as I rather hoped she’d seen my own apparently wanton behavior.

I mopped my sopping pussy on one corner of the large beach towel I’d been lying on, then dressed again as the vehicle came to a halt on the shoulder of the highway. As I stepped down with them I counted nine guys, with four still aboard, so with another five or six hours of traveling still ahead of us the mathematics didn’t bear thinking about.

Having relieved my bladder in the bushes, I returned for a bottle of soft drink as one doesn’t imbibe alcohol on duty. I was pleased to note that our driver, Denny, sipped on a non-alcoholic beverage and that he eschewed a puff on a large, hand-rolled herbal cigarette.

A minibus roared past in a cloud of black smoke and lettering proclaiming it to be the property of a bible study fellowship from a suburban evangelical church.

“Me thinks yon Jesus bus shall soon suffer the pork sword,” Denny observed sardonically.

“A couple of K at best,” his mate Baz agreed with a nod.

We found the smaller vehicle no more than a kilometre along the highway with a dozen pallid people standing around the still-smoking cadaver. Tow chains were produced and the wreckage moved to the next truck stop bay on the road where Denny explained that he couldn’t pull it any further as it was locked in gear and would endanger his vehicle.

There was then a conference when I had to take myself out of sight around the old coach when Denny told the man in charge of the church group that we were all actually members of the St Vitus Social Justice Research Committee and we would be only too pleased to assist these fellow believers. We would deliver his charges to the youth camp to which they were heading, keeping them safe and sound. The poor fellow was just too distressed to listen properly, but agreed with his spouse that ‘it might be best to send the ‘children’ on ahead with these nice young folks while we wait for the tow truck.’

The children all seemed to be in their late teens and several of their males were showing more than a passing interest in the chicks from our group. The two girls appeared to be much more than a trifle embarrassed over the whole matter, looking as if they hoped that the ground might very soon open up to swallow them, although I did notice their furtive glances at the bulging front of Baz’s board shorts where he’d seemingly hidden a large cucumber.

Back on the road once again, I quickly found myself naked and supine with a young bloke between my widely spread thighs and his penis lustily sliding in and out of my soft and easy twat. He found relief fast and didn’t cause me to come so I lay back shamelessly fingering my red and puffy snatch as I awaited the next cock.

Jock was the epitome of the saying about size being no big deal, it’s how you use it. He was baby-faced with a barely eleven centimetre prick, but he certainly left me knowing that I’d been shagged, entering me without use of his hands at all and thrusting his hips to mine in an almost random fashion. As I wasn’t able to anticipate how each thrust would enter my pussy, he was generally forcing his tool into me when I was trying to contract. Initially it was pretty

disconcerting, but as it became something of a contest when I let each stroke surprise and thrill me. It drove me wild with pleasure as I just let go and allowed matters to run.

My cry of joy at coming so unexpectedly was heard by all those aboard and when he too came there was barely a flush of semen inside me, his previous bout, with Gina, having drained his balls, but I felt satisfied with our coupling. I clung tightly to his plumpish form and feverishly kissed his boyish face as our sweaty bodies jerked again and again in ecstacy.

“Alright, huh?” he grinned at last.

“Mmmmmmm,” I concurred.

“We must get together again sometime soon.”

I nodded with a warm grin. We weren’t going to get too far past inanities in that situation.

On making myself decent again, I emerged again into the passenger section as Gina and the tall blonde, Dani, went back to attend to some more willing penises. Their speed of recovery came as something of a surprise to me, but by then it was much less of a problem as I was then ‘in role’ as a seriously promiscuous, hitch-hiking, surfer-chick. The fact that we had fitted in well without too many questions being asked indicated that our cover was perfect. Hopefully we wouldn’t see too many of our new ‘pals’ when all this was over and we returned to our normal lives.

I got a light beer from the icebox and sat with Erin of petite figure and short, black hair who was chatting with Jane and Emma from the church group who, from the bright flush in their cheeks, I gathered had become well aware of the nature of my recent activities in the rear compartment.

“Do you do this all the time too?” Emma asked in an embarrassed whisper. “Like Erin, I mean?”

“Not really,” I chuckled, ruefully wishing I had bitten my tongue before I’d spoken. “I’ve only had one-on-one rides before.”

I blushed and hoped the lie covered my error.

“You must enjoy it then?”

“Well it’s very cheap travel and more fun than staring at endless rural scenery for hours and hours.”

Both chicks blushed again as they visualized being in a similar situation themselves and I knew how they felt as virginal ingenues in a world they’d never experienced, nor were likely to.

Jade, who’d been ‘entertaining’ the guys with me, came in to perch on the edge of our seat.

“Some of the boys from the bible-banging team want to try a bit of rumpy-pumpy,” she sighed theatrically. “I said I’d ask how you people felt about it. Your friend Gina’s made a start, in fact. The surfer guys don’t mind as long as they get priority, so it’s up to us.”

“What do you reckon, Jade?” Erin asked with a knowing smile. “You want to try for my record?”

“No-o!” Jade cried adamantly.

Erin raised an inquisitorial eyebrow.

“Okay,” Jade admitted, “it did cross my mind.”

The two girls looked enquiringly at Erin.

“She’s the absolute slut,” grinned Jade, nodding towards Erin. “She’s got the record for the number of different pricks she’s had in one trip down to the coast. A football team, if you can imagine it. Twenty-three guys!”

“And you want to be a bigger slut,” chuckled Erin. “Don’t you Jadie dear.”

Jade smiled self-consciously. “I’d just like to beat you for once. You’re always doing stuff first.”

“How about helping out?” Erin asked Jane and Emma. “Then you’ll know all about it; good or bad.”

They turned crimson as they shook their heads firmly at Erin’s teasing.

The three of us went back and disrobed once more, followed a moment later by a trio of the younger lads who rather diffidently got their gear off while we lay back in readiness for sex. My partner trembled violently when I drew him down into the valley of my limbs and tenderly kissed wetly around his mouth. Grasping his rigid prick I pushed it down between our bodies to my furry vulva, then moistened his knob in my dewy slit and felt him stiffen and groan while his warm semen squirted all over the entrance to my sheath.

“Ooh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he mumbled in his embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, it happens to everyone at some time, truly,” I consoled him, having only heard that anecdotally. “You’ll last a lot longer next time. Have a rest and try again when you’re ready.”

Fortunately Baz was standing by and treated me to a hot, rollicking nooky that left me limp, lying back in the afterglow as two other youths had what seemed to be their first sexual experience as an ongoing orgasm shook me as they banged away inexpertly at my spasm-racked pussy. I rested where I lay, feeling pleasantly lethargic and fulfilled rather than abused, then quickly dressed again when I felt the coach turn off the blacktop and on to a rough road.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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