Unwanted attention – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

A few days later it was time for my next appointment with Doctor Carter and I just didn’t want to get out of bed, I was just staring at the ceiling and imagining what perversions I would be submitted to this time. As these thoughts entered my mind, I realized that I was actually the one that was submitting to his desires, the one that was keeping his perverseness a secret for the sake of my own secrets being kept by him. I was trapped in a vicious circle and could see no way out so far. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door: “Jasmine honey, are you coming down for breakfast soon, I have to do some shopping before I drop you off to counseling…” said my mom, not opening the door. “Are you still asleep?!”

I finally answered, saying that I will be down in a few… I reluctantly got out of bed, threw my robe on and walked down stairs where my brother was already at the table and there was a plate out for me too. I sat down and got fed like a baby while my mom was telling me about where she had to be today and how busy she was. I didn’t even listed to half of it, not because I wanted to be rude, but because I had my own demons to deal with. She rushed me upstairs to take a shower and get dressed as she wanted me to join her on some errands before my appointment.

I went straight to the bathroom and jumped in the shower, washing up fast and then grooming myself a bit in the mirror before going back to my room to get dressed. I stared at my closet for a few minutes before choosing a light blue sundress that I had worn before and I liked how it fit. I put on a white bra and panties and then slipped the dress over my head. It felt a bit snug compared to the last time I had it on, so I took a good look in the mirror. It seemed that my hips were just a bit wider, my butt a bit more round, but my breasts were fuller for sure, they were showing more of themselves than they usually dared to; and that is saying a lot. The actual problem was that the bra just didn’t work with this dress, the straps were doubled up and the cups were pushed out and over the cleavage.

I took the dress off again and decided to try it on without a bra, just to see if that was the issue, or if I just grew out of it. When I slipped it back on over my head and over my naked breasts, it seemed to actually fit better. It contoured my young still developing body quite well and although it was still snug, it wrapped itself better over all my curves and even encased my heavy bust well enough that I wasn’t embarrassed to wear it out of my room. I picked a pair of white sandals and finished doing my hair just in time for my mom to urge me out of my room again and into the car.

We drove to the post office first where I waited in the car, and then went to the supermarket. I was going to wait behind again, but she insisted that I come whit her since she had more shopping to do and wanted me to help with the groceries and not stay in the car for an hour…. I finally agreed and stepped out of the car. As we walked through the parking lot I noticed that the dress I was wearing looked a bit different in the light of day then it did in my room. It was fairly decent, not too short, about an inch above the knee, but it was hugging my bubble butt just a bit more than I would be comfortable showing in public, or anywhere for that matter. Of course, my old nemesis, the cleavage was on display like usual but there was not much I could do about that…

We grabbed a shopping cart and walked through the store picking up items along the way. I noticed some guys look at me, but nothing unusual so far, just your garden variety creeps, but when you are all legs, ass and boobs as they say, what else can you expect. I had learned to live with that and just ignore it. We made our way to the frozen section and had more stuff to pick up here than usual. It was a hot summer and we were going through ice-cream like crazy.

Mom had me pick up whatever flavors I thought that James and I would like, so I had to reach up and behind other stuff to get what I needed. At one point I leaned in the freezer to grab the last box of popsicles from the back of the shelf and ended up pressing my bust against the other iced treats in order to get it. We then saw another one behind the one I pulled out, so I leaned in even further, pressing my chest harder against the cold boxes until I retrieved the last one.

Pushing my soft nipples against that freezing surface hurt a bit, but since there was only a thin layer of dress material to cover them, they got really stiff and were now poking outward getting even my mom’s attention. “Are you not wearing a brassiere young lady?” she asked a bit irritated and staring right at them. My eyes dropped and I gasped a bit, covering my chest with both hands.

“Am, well, it didn’t fit inside the dress and so I just tried it on without one and it seemed OK at home. I didn’t know they were going to get so stiff mom, you know how shy I am, why you have to say it so loud and embarrass me here?” As I said that she looked behind her at the man who overheard the conversation and was now leering at me rudely. We threw the stuff in the cart and made our way to the front of the store. My large nipples had not recovered from the cold shock as fast as I had hoped and were still displaying themselves with total disregard for my predicament.

I couldn’t walk around the whole time with my arms crossed in front of my chest since I was the one pushing the cart and my mom putting groceries in, so I reserved myself to just looking down and away from the steering eyes and pretended not to notice that the man from the frozen section was now following us through the store and all the way to the registers. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could, but the line was moving slow and my mom ran back to the fruit section having forgot to pick up some things while I started putting stuff on the conveyor belt for the cashier to scan.

The eavesdropper was right behind me and now really close to me. I just looked back at him and he had a smile on his face, then he came even closer and was rubbing against be as I was reaching in my cart for every item. He started rubbing his crotch against my butt when I was bending down a bit and I could feel his erection through the thin material that was stretched over my tight butt. I could have said something but I didn’t want to attract anymore unwanted attention to myself especially since the cashier was spending more time looking at my boobs then the register. He even threw in a few items without scanning them as he didn’t want to miss any second of the show that was unfolding in front of him now. The pervert behind me who had by now reached out and squeezed my ass a few times suddenly stepped back, and I looked at him and noticed my mom coming up with some bananas and a bag of grapes.

She went up front to pay for the stuff, and I finished loading the last of the shopping on kocaeli escort the belt and walked towards the register but not before feeling a hand pinch my right butt cheek really hard. I didn’t want to look back, knowing who it was and just got out as fast as I could. We walked to the car and got all the stuff in. As I was rushing to put the cart back I knew that my round tits were bouncing and attracting attention, but all I cared about now was to get out of that parking lot.

We drove to the doctor’s office and on the way I kept looking down, trying to think of an excuse not to show up. My nipples were so hard and I had no way to hide them. I dreaded not wearing a bra, no matter how silly it would have fitted under this dress. We got to the office before I could come up with a plan, and my mom just said that she will be back in an hour, but she might be late so not to worry. She said all this without even looking at me, but I didn’t want to ask why, I kind of realized that she was still blaming me for my earlier “display” . I just walked up to the office in shame and the receptionist asked me to have a seat until the doctor is ready for me. I was sure that he was “ready”…. He had probably been ready since the last time I was here, I just didn’t k now what would be in stored for me. I was the one who wasn’t ready for any of this…

He finally called me in and I stepped into his office like a lamb going in for slaughter. He looked at me and just said “welcome” but didn’t offer me to sit down. Instead he looked me up and down with greed and smiled. “I see that you have been looking forward to our little encounter today, haven’t you…”

I just shook my head and looked at him puzzled. Surely he realized that I hated every moment of this, he must know by now how repulsed I was by him…

-“I mean your body seems to be ready for playtime….” And with that he came in closer and looked right at my firm tits locking his lips. My nipples were still trying to poke their way through the thin material. He rubbed them lightly at first but after I jumped at his touch he started squeezing and flicking them while my dress was still on and stretched over my ostentatious curves. “I have seen women’s breasts through dresses before but nothing like this, it’s like your body is just asking to be played with…” He started groping me all over now, my butt, chest, down my legs. Once he had enough he asked me to slowly strip for him. I knew by now that there was no arguing, so I just reached for the hem of my sun dress and pulled slowly like he demanded over my butt…

“Stop!” he barked. “Hold the dress like that over your ass and turn around. Now jiggle that tight round butt for me… That’s it baby, make it bounce.” I was totally ashamed of the way he was talking to ma and making me perform for his amusement, but continued as instructed. “Now pull it off and turn around, I want to see those large boobs bounce for me.” Once my dress was off and on the floor, I slowly turned around and showed my bra-less breasts to him. I started shaking them a bit, but he wasn’t satisfied and had me bump up and down more and more until my heavy white globes were bouncing and swaying to his delight. I could see his erection through his pants and feared what he was going to do with it.

Finally he asked me to stop and put my hands on his desk. I did, and he moved behind me quickly and gave a sort of hug from behind, his hands roaming all over my satin skin and stopping at my bust. He started pulling slightly at my still very hard nipples and twisted them as I concentrated not to make a sound. Encouraging this was the last thing I wanted to do, so I just squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lips as he knowingly continued to provoke sensations within my teenage body.

His hands reluctantly let go of his favorite part of me and started going down my abdomen and into my panties. I just let out a sigh as his palm covered my pussy and started rubbing it while his other hand went behind me and groped my ass and jiggled it some more. I was being rubbed between my legs slowly but firmly like he knew exactly where and what to touch to get my defenseless pussy as moist as he wanted. Once it was to his liking, he pulled down my panties and I stepped out of them obediently. He then brought them up to my nose and made me smell them: “These were wet before I even touched you Jasmine.”

I just shook my head in disbelief but he continued: “There is more than one explanation for this. If I was not medically trained and if I would not notice the look of total disgust on your face every time you come in here, I would say that you are looking forward to our sessions as much as I am. But that would be just ignorant of me and I’m quite sure this is not the case. I know you hate every moment of this, but I also know that your body reacts very promptly to outside factors. So tell me my dear, what exactly went on before you got here today?” I just turned my head towards him while he still held me against the desk. “Come on, just like a normal session. I ask you the questions, you give me the answers and then I tell you the conclusion”

I cleared my throat a bit and started speaking while he was cupping my mound from behind: “I went to the store with my mom and some people were… looking at me… it really made me uncomfortable….”

-“Please continue…” he said while rubbing my pussy very slowly.

It was really strange talking in this position, naked semi bent over his desk with him behind me rubbing my pussy and making me twitch now and then, but I tried my best to answer his questions. I started telling him about how I tried to reach in the freezer for the ice cream and how I pressed my chest against the cold boxes. He asked to hear details about how I felt and how my body responded. I gave in and told him about my nipples getting very hard and not being able to get them to settle down at all after that…

As I said this he raised his other hand up my now shivering body and started touching my breasts again, rubbing his palm over my nipples and flicking them with his fingers all the while he continued his ministrations on my wet cunny. I stopped talking as he did this and stiffened up a bit. He asked me why I stopped talking, as if he didn’t know exactly what effect his touching was having on my inexperienced body. I tried to answer but he just kept touching and rubbing as words slowly left my lips: “A.. I.. I can’t speak when you…. When you touch me like this…”

-“Do you like it?” “Be honest”

“No. I hate that you are playing with me this way, and that you are making me humiliate myself like this”

“I’m just trying to warm you up for later” he said and then put his mouth next to my ear and licked my ear lobe while whispering “continue…”

So I continued telling him about how my mom scolded me in the supermarket about my tits showing and how the stranger overheard us and started following me around as I tried to finish kocaeli escort bayan the shopping…. “Ahh…. “Escaped my mouth as his hand continued to rub my pussy and he kept licking my ear telling me the whole time to keep talking. I regained my composure and told him how the man followed me through the store staring at my body, trying to get a better angle to view as much of me as he could. Then how he got behind me at the register and rubbed against my butt…

Doctor Carter stopped licking my ear while I said this and removed his hand from my boobs and his other hand from my pussy, put both his hands on my butt and started playing and squeezing my cheeks together and then pulling them apart. I stopped talking for a moment and he slapped one cheek pretty hard. I gasped and was about to say something when he interrupted and informed me that I will get a spank every time I stop talking. I just started speaking again with his hands on my round posterior… I told him how the creep in the store rubbed against me while I unloaded the cart and how I was afraid to say anything, how I didn’t understand why I didn’t react differently to what he was doing.

-“It is normal jasmine for rape victims such as yourself not to be able to react properly in such situations, our boundaries become different in certain high stress situations after suffering a trauma such as you did during your attack. In part, I was trying to help you with that in our first session, but now in our later sessions I have been taking advantage of your state. I’m sure you would have said something to the man if he had tried more with you, and you probably would run away now from me if I didn’t have those photos that could destroy you…..” He said while a tear ran down my cheek.
Another one was going to follow but was stopped by the sharp slap that he administered on my now pink butt because I had not continued with the story.

I stated talking again slowly as he was now parking my cheeks harder and touched my lips with his other hand and whispered for me to open. I opened my mouth and he pushed his index finger in and asked me to suck, which I did. I sucked on his finger until he removed it slowly and then slipped it behind me, between my cheeks and pushed against my sphincter. I tried to pull away out of instinct, but of course the desk was in front of me so that just got me another slap on my butt. He started pushing his finger in a bit and I just froze. The tip slipped in my hole and I just cried out: “No..! Not there… please, ahh…” he pushed it in further about half way in. It hurt and felt awful as he moved it in and out slowly and twisted it a bit to get it in further. Once it was all the way in me he spoke: -“Wow, after fingering your pussy, I didn’t think I would experience anything tighter, but I was obviously wrong. Your puckered little ass hole is so small that I’m almost afraid to push another finger in there.”

“No, please don’t do that, take it out please…. It hurts…” Then, slowly he pulled out and moved it to my face. He rubbed it on my lips making sure I could smell it. The odor of my own butt did not bother me, but it was eliciting strange feelings in my stomach. He knew that this would trigger responses based on my rape in the van, and when I was sodomized and was using my own body against me in the most despicable way. He then slipped the dirty finger in my mouth for me to taste it, and quickly added his middle finger in there too. I was now sucking on his fingers hoping that this was as far as he would go with that, but I was wrong…

-“Make sure to get them nice and wet, they will go in your tight little bum in a moment. I was going to protest, but had no words; so I just made sure to get as much drool on them as I could, hoping that this would at least make it hurt less. When he was satisfied, he moved his now wet hand behind me and started pressing on my sphincter again. I just moaned with my mouth closed as both his fingers entered me slowly and painfully bit by bit until they were all the way in. I could feel his knuckles between my firm cheeks and he just kept them there for a moment.

-“I can feel your pulse, this is so nice. Please finish telling me what happened in the store…” I took a deep breath and started again telling him how the guy rubbed against me, and then how he pinched my ass through my dress before we made our way out and into the parking lot. I was really concentrating on speaking clearly while he started moving his fingers in and out of my rectum. I was so disgusted to have his hand in me and to be manipulated like a little puppet. Out of nowhere I just asked him: “How could the earlier events have made me get wet? The man didn’t even really touch me, and I hated the whole thing. If fact all I felt was embarrassment and fear.”

-“Well my dear,” he said as he was fingering me steadily now and twisting his hand in and out, “the adrenaline combined with your previous experience forced your body to react mush like it is reacting now. Your butt hurts while I violate it with my hand, but your sweet pussy is dripping on my nice floor in anticipation of being assaulted like it was in the rapists van. Do you understand?”

I just nodded and realized that he was experimenting on me like Pavlov with his dog. I also got really scared of what he had in plan for me next. Was he going to put his penis in me like last time, or worst?! Just as these thoughts dawned on me he pulled his fingers all the way out and told me not to move. I could hear him do something behind me and then I felt it… his penis was between my ass cheeks poking at my puckered little hole. “No ! Not that, please…. Your fingers hurt too much, it won’t even fit in there, please don’t…” He silenced me with another slap.

-“You will be obedient and stay there nicely like a good little girl. I know the men in the van sodomized you and if their pricks fit in there so will mine.” I just started sobbing, hating myself for telling him that, for telling him anything in fact. It was true that they had done that to me but I still can’t believe that they were able to push their penises in there and also remembered what agony I was in while it happened.

He then positioned it at my entrance and started pushing in but nothing happened. He grabbed it with his hand and held on to my hip tight with the other and pushed harder. As I gasped the tip of his cock managed to open my tight hole and slipped in. Just the mushroom head was in now but this gave him the hope he needed to push further. The more hope he had of penetrating me, the less I had of fighting this off. He told me to take in a deep breath and as I complied, he pushed in further and another inch made it in my tight anal tract. Inch by inch it was being forced in me and I was hunched over his desk with my hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream in pain. Finally, after a lot of short in and out movements he was all the way in and he just sighed in victory. I felt izmit escort stretched to the max and my bowels felt very full, like I had to expel the intruder.

-“Wow, I can’t believe it worked!” he exclaimed… “At one point as I was pushing myself into you I was contemplating giving up and calling you a liar. But it turns out you have truly had a dick in here before, but probably with much more lubrication then just your own drool. What did you say they used on your bum in order to sodomize you?”
“Ahh… Please don’t make me talk like thisss…. It hurts too much…” he didn’t answer and I realized that I was talking just now, so I continued between short breaths: “they, they rubbed their cue from my vagina into my butt and pushed it in there…”

-“Ohh, that sounds so wrong, but soo good.” He said this as he started slowly moving in and out… “You will soon have some cum in there again, I doubt I can last very long in your tight little orifice…. Ohh this feels soo good!” And he just started pumping in and out harder making me cringe and moan. I could feel his every move in me and even his pulse now, my anus was stretched so wide I thought something was going to rip open, but he just kept going in longer and deeper. He was telling me to try and relax my muscles, apparently I was so tight that it squeezed him like he never felt before. He was now going so deep and his pelvis was slapping against my bubble butt and it really sounded like the hard ass fucking that I was getting. I felt like such a whore being taken like this on his desk with my hands in front of me barely supporting both our weight and he just kept slamming into me. “Aaahhhh….. I can’t. I can’t take it anymore, please….

Please just pull it out…. Pleeeeease… I started crying but he just kept going. Even if he wanted to take pity on me and give me a brake he couldn’t anymore, he was past the point of no return and started grunting. After a few more hard slams he started cumming. I could feel each jet of cum spurt deep in my bowels adding even more pressure and making me get sick to my stomach. He started slowing down and breathing hard into my ear: “Oh my…. Ahh.. that was better than I ever imagined.” He then pulled my face to the side and kissed me on the mouth: “Thank you Jasmine”….. I was more than taken back by this, but couldn’t even think with his cock still buried in my full butt.

He just held it in there as it pulsated and spurred the last drop. Finally I felt him start to pull out but stopped half way through…. “Please, please just take it out” I pleaded.

-“I think you are squeezing me in to tight, you have to relax your muscles. I’m still hard and I cant pull all the way.”

“What… what do you want me to do?” I asked distressed….

-“just try to relax so that your anal ring opens a bit for me to pull it out, I would say to wait until I get soft but it doesn’t seem to be happening.” He noticed my confusion and reluctantly explained: “Look, I’ve never done this before so I didn’t know how I would react either. I don’t want to hurt you, not on purpose anyway, so I’ll try to help….” He then stroked my hair and spoke softer: just push out like you would during a bowel movement….

I was totally confused and grossed out, but couldn’t take the pain anymore so I made one last effort and: “Mmmmm…..” pushed him out with a big plop. It was painful but I felt soo empty after that, I took a few deep breaths and my knees went week, partly because of my uncomfortable position being bent over the desk, and partly due to the hard assault on my butt and ass the sensations that came with it. I stood up straight and turned around while looking down.

I just wanted to avoid his gaze, I was more embarrassed about what had happened then previous times… He just put his pants back on and moved back to sit down in his chair. He seemed a bit tiered and quiet. I just started gathering my clothes off the floor and got dressed under his silent stare. I sat down on the couch and kept looking down… Finally I spoke: “You said you have never done this before? What exactly did you mean?…”

-“Well, to be honest, I meant that I never had anal sex before now, with you. In all fairness they do make it look a lot easier in the porn movies…” he said with a slime. “I really didn’t mean to hurt you, I figured that there will be some pain involved but not that much, but once we started I wasn’t able to stop anymore. It felt so good to finally be able to do this, I always fantasized about anal sex, but never had the opportunity, and not many women are into that, real life is definitely not like stuff you see these days on the internet.

And yes, I realize that you were not really into it either, in fact I’m sure you probably hate me even more after this, but from my point of view I got to put my penis in the butt of the prettiest and youngest girl I’ve ever….” He paused and looked up at my now watering eyes
. He realized that hearing about how I had just been exploited for someone’s pleasure was doing more damage than good so he took some notes and looked at the time. The hour was almost over, so he handed me some tissues to clean my face and eyes and after doing my best to look somewhat presentable, he got up and walked me outside.

My mom was in the waiting room, they discussed my progress a bit, and after reassuring her that I was on the right track the good doctor said goodbye to both of us and we left. I was quiet as a mouse the whole ride home, even if mom tried to engage me in some conversation. My butt was burning and I was shifting uncomfortably the whole time. The other issue was that I could feel the cum inside of me and that made me really self-aware of being on my mom’s passenger seat and not wanting to leek any of the disgusting fluid from my tight anus onto her nice seats. So I just squeezed tighter and bit my tongue…

We took a different freeway than I had expected and I realized that we were heading to the club where my brother has his swim practice. He probably had a swim meet today and that’s why we had to pick him up. I didn’t say anything and just sat there wondering when today will finally be over. We got there and my mom went inside to get James. I looked around and slowly reached under my skirt, almost afraid of what I would find… it was dry, to my relief, but my puckered little hole was hurting so bad and I didn’t know how much longer I can squeeze it.

Thankfully they came out soon and we were all on our way home. I had to make some short chat with James, not to raise any suspicions, asked him how it was and just let him do all the talking. It was becoming more and more uncomfortable and the need to eliminate was growing by the minute. It really felt like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it in. Every stop that we made and each speed bump that we went over was getting me closer to just letting go and that was not an option. Imagine having to explain that to my mother, to tell her why a huge load of smelly cum was coming out of my anus and all over her car seat. I couldn’t wait to get home….

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