Used Condom

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Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy. Another short and sweet one. Please feel free to rate and comment. Cheers!


“So, wait a second. You really want to have a- I mean, you’re saying you’re ready?!” Alex asked, excitedly.

Ellene nodded, grinning, her hotness radiating all over Alex.

“I can throw away the condoms?” He continued.

She nodded again. Alex was visibly elated. He HATED condoms. Male condoms. Female condoms. The smell of condoms. The feel of condoms. The look, well, he conceded that they did look kinda sexy at times. Unfortunately, condoms were a necessity for people who didn’t want to take drugs or pull out. If there was anything worse than condoms though, it was pulling out, so condoms were it. Add that to the fact that he had always wanted kids, since before they were married, and he was pretty happy about saying goodbye to them.

“Can we-” Was as far as he got before just shutting up and grabbing Ellene and tearing her clothes off to make good immediately on her agreement.

Thirty minutes later found them both panting.

“So that’s what it’s like?” Ellene gasped.

“That was incredible.”

“Please never use a condom again.”


“I’ll have a zillion children, just keep fucking me like that.”

And then two years went by…

“Look, I’m not going to have this conversation with you right now!” Alex quipped.

“Why not? Because Becky is here? Becky is my best friend. It’s not as if my best friend isn’t privy to everything going on in my life. That’s what best friends are for, Alex.”

Becky smiled, but it wasn’t a mean smile. She came over after work pretty often, which made sense because she was their neighbor and was best friends with Ellene. It was kind of odd because Becky worked with Alex at the car dealership. They were both service writers. She was neighbors with them before then and was great friends with Ellene when she’d heard Alex was hating his job in marketing, she recommended the dealership to him. He was skeptical at first but gave it a shot. Turned out he really enjoyed helping people get their cars fixed and managing a team of mechanics. The pay was even better than his old marketing gig. Plus, Becky was pretty nice to look at. She was half black, so she had beautiful brown skin. She also possessed a tight little ass and knew how to pick flattering clothes like the ones she was in at the moment, a white lacy camisole and a crisp and skinny charcoal skirt with black hose and heels. She sat on a stool at the island in the kitchen drinking a fishbowl-sized glass of chardonnay.

“You tell her about all of this? Everything?”

“Alex, I’m supposed to. It’s called sharing. It’s what friends do. It’s healthy.”

Alex couldn’t really argue with that. He told Tom just about everything. And Leo knew everything too.

“It’s embarrassing.” Alex said, plainly.

“Nonsense.” Becky replied, her first injection into the conversation that had more or less left her behind.

Ellene jumped in to defend Becky’s entrance into the conversation, though it wasn’t necessary.

“Kyle had a small penis. Richard was boring at sex. Alan was smelly.”

“Okay-okay-okay, he get’s it.” Becky looked wide-eyed as she put a lid on Ellene’s over-share. “Point made, I talk too. Real embarrassing would be the honest litany of my relationship failures.”

“Kyle.” Alex said, laughing. “I could have told you that. Look at the truck he drives!”

“Just saying.” Ellene said. “Look, we’ve been trying for two years. It’s time to get help.”

“But Becky..?” Alex was confused. “Becky works at the car dealership. I don’t see how hashing this out with her is going to help.”

Ellene came around the kitchen counter and raised her beautiful hands to Alex’s face. Ran them through his hair and gazed up into his eyes. She was hot.

“Look, I’m not a girl that runs to a clinic for every time life doesn’t give me what I want. You know that. Becky is my friend. Your friend too. She is really smart and her job is figuring out how to fix things. You should know. Letting her in on this is not going to upset any apple carts.” Her fingers running through his hair, gripping handfuls a little bit and then resuming.

Alex could see cleavage down the front of her lavender blouse. That cleavage and the petting, even though it was in front of Becky, was getting his other heads attention.

“Let’s try a more holistic approach to begin with. We are going to do this MY way. Okay?”

“YOUR way?” Alex repeated, baffled by the meaning.

“MY way.”

“What precisely does that entail? I’m not in the habit of making agreements when I don’t know what they entail.”

“You are going to have to rely on marital trust on this one because I am not going to elaborate.” Ellene had returned and gripped his hair gently on ‘trust’.

“So you have a plan, I don’t get to know what it is before I agree to it, and if this doesn’t work we can go to a clinic and get shots so that we can be the next famous couple who Anadolu Yakası Escort just happens to have zill-tuplets and have to start a charity just to keep us in diapers, and Becky knows about your plan before I do.”

“That’s about the size of it.” Ellene responded.

“And if I say no?”

“If you came up with a special plan and wanted me to participate and I said ‘no’, how would you feel?” Ellene asked.

This wasn’t exactly kryptonite to Alex, but he was naturally empathetic.

Ellene continued, “And in addition to that feeling, consider that I have always had our best interest at heart, just as you have. To deny me this would be cause for concern. After all, you love me.”

“Okay. Just so we both know where we are at on this. I am accepting this blind because you are requiring it.”

“There’s my good man.” Ellene smiled up into Alex’s eyes, grabbed fistfuls of his hair and pulled him down for a kiss.”

It was a long, passionate kiss. Alex had the sneaking suspicion that this ‘agreement’ was going to entail ‘blue-balls’, or some equally distasteful thing that he didn’t want any part of, except if it meant he was showing his wife he trusted her it was worth a little bit of suffering. Then there was the clear truth that in order for any plan to work it had to involve getting his sperm and her egg together, so there would undoubtedly be at least one orgasm involved.

Alex, when released, stepped the two steps over to where Becky was sipping chardonnay and said, “Seeing as you are basically a part of this deal now do you want a kiss too?”

Alex clowned a lot. His sense of humor wasn’t relentless, but it was persistent and it was good. He reached for her hair and ran his fingers through it just as Ellene had to him while Becky’s eyes got wide and shocked. He looked down into her brown eyes, his own green ones wide and innocent. She laughed as Alex moved in for a kiss, making kissy lips.

“Stop! She didn’t do it like that.” Becky accused, still laughing and pushing him away.

“Yes she did. You think I don’t know what works on me?” Alex said, snatching her wine glass in the melee of being pushed away and downed the last two gulps.


“If I can’t have your kiss…” Alex said, putting the glass back on the counter. He then breezed past her to his study to read, incredulous laughs of the ladies he left behind following him down the hall. He was in the middle of a war in his book, and things were just getting scary.

About 20 minutes later, Alex could hear Becky and Ellene saying what sounded like goodbyes and the door closing. If Ellene came into the study he wouldn’t even get into the battle scene he was reading before being interrupted, but he might also discover more about this plan Ellene had. Quietly, she came in and Alex looked up. She was lovely. Not in a magazine way. Just in her way. It was in how she moved and her face. The dark, magic thoughts swimming just under her face. Evey step was a dance. Guys had flocked to her in college, and none of them knew why. When asked, they just said there was something about her. Alex was different. He knew why. She wasn’t just beautiful. Beautiful was her.

Her wavy auburn hair wasn’t especially long or short. Her skin was very pale. Her breasts were middle sized. She wasn’t skinny or fat. She was 5 foot 7 inches tall. Everything by measure was average except for her red hair and light skin, but she was remarkable because she, the person, was at peace with the world. She made everything better just by being near it. A walking, talking, bright eyed compliment you could feel. And it was sexy!

“So am I to find out more about this deal I made?”

She came around the ottoman and sat on Alex’s lap, straddling him in her khaki skirt and white thigh highs. She had on Hello Kitty panties, which were very apparent when her skirt rode up to accommodate the position. They were a poignant contrast to her work clothes.

“You will learn about it as it unfolds, beginning now, if that’s what you mean, but I don’t think it is.” Her hot, nether regions pressed down in a sensitive way. How she knew precisely where Alex’s manhood was in his trousers even when flaccid was another mystery. The heat of her penetrated the fabric and was arousing.

“So does this mean we are going to fool around?”

“It means your promise of trust begins right now.” She said carefully.

“Should I put down my book?”

Ellene nodded.

Alex put the book on the lamp table.

Ellene began, “I expect you to honor your agreement right away. There is no sense waiting. We have been essentially waiting for two years. I don’t know how much trust this is going to take from you, but I demand it. The agreement demands that whatever trust it takes, you put that trust forth. Do you understand?”

“Now you’re scaring me.” Alex responded.

Ellene merely waited. She could do that. It was a gift that people who were at peace with the world had. In any case, the rubber of Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan trust was meeting the road of love here, and Alex didn’t see that he had any good choices except go for it.

“I am yours, Ellene. I would caution you, though.” Alex said, and then thought on how to frame this next part. “I will give you enough trust for you to do irreparable damage to our relationship, do me injury, or death. Having my trust does not mean that I can absolve you from misusing me or my heart.”


“Good? I’m talking about serious stuff here, El.”

Ellene grinned. “Yep. You’re going to be just fine. In fact,…nope. You’ll be fine.”

She leaned in and kissed him passionately and then jumped up and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up out of the chair. Alex could taste her and smell her perfume on him. She smelled like honeysuckle.

“Where are we going?”

“To trustville.” Ellene laughed.


“Yep. Destination bedroom.”


Things were looking good in Alex’s estimation. The bedroom was where the best things in their marriage happened. A lot! The walked out of the study through the kitchen and into the living room. Then, it was up the stairs.

“Go to the bathroom. Do it now.” Ellene commanded.

He could use the bathroom off their bedroom, but she was pointing to the bathroom at the top fo the stairs.

“But I don-“

“Shssss! Trust.”

He went. He was glad he did because after beginning, it was apparent that the circumstances had silenced the call to use the bathroom that would have been there had he been receptive to them.

He washed up and stepped out, his moist left hand gripped by his wife’s dry, warm one. Then, she led him to the bedroom. There, on the bed, was a hood.

Why was a hood on the bed? Alex looked at it and the hood looked back.

“Wh-” Alex began, but he was cut right off.

“Shhh! Trust time.”

Alex considered the implications. It was a latex rubber hood, but every other facet of it was anatomical.

“Yes. A hood. And you are going to put it on, right now. Gladly.” Ellene said, but then she continued, “‘Yes Ellene, I will trust you and faithfully and happily put on this hood’.”

She said the last part in her ‘imitating Alex’ voice. It was funny.

I played along, “Yes Ellene, I will trust you and faithfully and happily put on this hood.”

I picked up the hood and realized immediately that not everything was as met the eye. A bulb pump like those on a blood pressure cuff was under it, and inside the mask were tubes and some sort of mouth feature. Upon closer inspection, and noting Ellene’s seriousness, she was completely aware of what Alex was beginning to discover. This was no Halloween mask. The tubes were to be inserted in the nose, and the mouth piece was an inflatable gag with a sheath in the middle of it. It looked positively nasty in a really kinky sort of way.

“Seriously?” Alex couldn’t keep the stunned from his voice and demeanor.

“Now! Alex.” Ellene was indignant.

“How am I suppoed to get these tubes up my no-“

“Relax. I will help you. It won’t be that difficult, you just need to relax.” She was deadly serious. “C’mon. Sit on the bed. I will help you.”

She grabbed the hood and pushed Alex onto the bed where he dutifully sat. He marveled that she could still all his trepidation by taking the lead like this. He marveled that he actually did trust her.

She unzipped the back of the hood and positioned it in front of his face.

“I read up on it and watched some videos.” She said, and reached over and grabbed some lube out of the night stand.

“You lube the tubes and just go really slow, twisting them a little to get them to go. It will be uncomfortable at first but then it will get better. The tubes are just long enough to rest in the back of your throat.”

Alex was silent. It sounded simple enough. But…seriously scary. He found himself trembling.

“What does this have to do with making ba-“

“Trust, Alex. Just trust me. You will have all the explanation you need when this works.”

Together they lubricated the nose tubes and began inserting them. It took the better part of half an hour, but it worked. When they were almost all the way in, Alex put the mouth gag in, but before he did, Ellene insisted he tell her he loved her. He dutifully did, and then inserted the gag. It filled all the contours of his mouth and around his tongue but left him a hole to breath through. There was a tube that came out of the inside with a valve on it, and Ellene connected the bulb pump and gave it a pump and the gag puffed up his mouth. He could make noise, but he couldn’t really speak. The rubber tongue pocket wasn’t all that restrictive, just cumbersome. What was truly unnerving were the nasal tubes. Alex wondered at how they felt seriously odd.

“Oh, honey. You look awesome!” Ellene gushed. “Come on, mirror time!”

She dragged Alex in front of Escort Anadolu Yakası the hall mirror. He stood there in his dress shirt and khakis looking every bit normal except from the neck up, he was a shiny, black head with plain features, a red mouth, and red nostrils. It did look awesome. He looked like some strange sort of super hero, or antihero. And it felt positively alien.

“Mofom msofod.”

Ellene laughed. “Don’t even bother. If it becomes necessary for you to actually communicate you can write it down or we can pull the mask off.”

“Oo-aaa.” Alex said.

They both laughed and laughed. Then, Ellene pulled Alex’s head down for a kiss. Alex barely felt it, but it counted. What also counted was the hand that snaked into his pants and felt his rock-solid cock. She didn’t linger though.

“C’mon. One more thing.”

Ellene led him back into the bedroom and pulled a leather thing out of her dresser drawer. It was a couple of leather mitts that were connected together at the knuckles so that the knuckles were back to back.

“Memmgh gluuuugg..” Alex tried to speak.

“Shut up, Alex. We’re doing this, remember?” Ellene was forceful.

She looked up into his eyes through the holes seriously.

“Take off your shirt.” She commanded.

Alex wasn’t too thrilled about the direction this was going. The implication that his hands would be immobilized behind his back (because having them immobilized in front of him would not be very effective) was going to require actual trust. He was going to be actually surrendering control, which until now hadn’t been a requirement.

Alex began unbuttoning his shirt, and as if that was a signal, Ellene began helping. She undid buttons and cuffs and then ran her hands up over his chest to remove it. Alex loved it when she did that. She then slid one of his hands into a mitt and buckled it onto his wrist and stopped before going behind his back.

“Trust me, Alex. This will work.”


She put his mitted hand behind his back and then moved behind him and slid her hand down the arm without the mitt and moved his hand behind him. Alex felt his control waning as he slid his hand into the other mitt and Ellene buckled it around his wrist. He was considerably controlled at this point. He knew he could still put up a fuss and run around, but it would be limited to inside the house unless he wanted to be nationally embarrassed on live TV to get out of the situation.

Ellene reached back into the drawer and pulled out a leather strap. It was a lead. She snapped it onto the mitts and then snapped the other end, which also had a clasp, around the bed post. Alex belonged to the bed now.

“Okay. I have to leave you for a little bit to get ready. Just lay down, relax, and whatever happens, trust me. This will work, and if it doesn’t, at least we tried. It can’t work any less than what we have been trying, and you might decide you enjoy this. Heck, you might enjoy it a lot.” She got that sly grin that she got when she was thinking naughty thoughts. It was a little crooked and happened mostly in her eyes. Then, she closed the door.

Alex lay down and tried to relax. He couldn’t hear that great in the mask, but he could hear. Ellene was moving around in the hall a little bit, but that was about all. She was pretty quiet normally. His face was sweating in the mask and it was really sticky. He rolled to keep his arms from falling asleep.

About what Alex reckoned was a half hour later, the bedroom door reopened. Alex was glad to see Ellene again, but it wasn’t Ellene at all! It was Becky!! And she had changed.

Becky stood there in a suit. A very guy-type suit.

“Well, well, well. It’s been a long day at the office.” She said.

She walked to the closet, powerfully. Becky was attractive. No. Becky was hotness. She always oozed sexy. She had fantastically perky c to b cup breasts with nipples that would point out when she wore a swimsuit sometimes. One time, she asked Alex to put sunscreen on her back and Alex looked at Ellene, not knowing what to do. Ellene had scolded him. ‘Why would you think that’s not okay, Alex? Do you want my friend to get burned? Or what are you thinking about my friends back, should I be asking that?’

Alex had laughed and put sunscreen on Becky’s back and shoulders, but in the middle of doing so, Ellene looked at him all shocked and exclaimed, ‘Alex!! With my best friend?!!’ And then pretended to cry. Becky jumped all over that with ‘Mmmm. Yeah, Alex. Put it on good, honey. Uhh! Uhh!! Handle me!’ It would have been merely funny because it was Alex’s brand of humor, but it went beyond that because Alex got an instant tent pole. Becky didn’t notice, but Ellene did and her eyebrows went up at it and then at Alex. That was the end of it, but Ellene didn’t stop her little crooked smile. Now, Becky was here in his bedroom wearing a business suit and hanging up her jacket in the closet just as he did on weekdays.

“All that hot poon around the office really gets me going.” Becky said to no-one in particular. “That Becky chick just has the most incredible ass. And titties? Damn, that girl is fine. If I wasn’t married, I would plow her six ways from Sunday.”

The faux, mans-internal-thoughts narrative was funny but kinda true. Becky removed her tie and hung it up on the tie rack where Alex normally did.

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