Virgin Blood

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Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of 18


“Are you sure you want to do this? We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” asked Evan.

“Evan please stop worrying I want this as much as you do, it’s the first time for both of us it’s going to be special whenever we do it,” said Julianne.

“I know I just want it to be perfect,” said Evan.

“You’re so romantic, I love that about you,” said Julianne leaning forward to capture his lips in a soft kiss, she placed her hands on his chest his brown shirt flattening to his chest.

Evan grinned before he kissed her back passionately, “Well if you’re sure,”

“I’m sure,” purred Julianne seductively pushing him down on to the bed her hands going to his waist pulling his shirt from his pants. She tugged it up his chest exposing his developing muscles.

He groaned when she nipped his navel as she dragged his shirt up and over his head. He rolled them over kissing her as he pulled her shirt off her. He pulled at the clasp of her bra while she tackled his pants unbuttoning them and sliding them down his lean hips. The impressive bulge of his thickening member pressing against his boxers.

Evan gasped when she grasped him through his boxers feeling his size. He pulled her bra from her and made her groan as his hands caressed her breasts, her nipples hardening into sharp points as he brushed his hands over her exploring her body. He reached down and unzipped her dress and slid it off her.

He wrapped his arms around her and whispered “I love you, I’m so glad we waited.”

“Instead of rushing into it like every other horny teenager,” said Julianne caressing his chest. He shuddered as she trailed a finger through his fine antalya escort chest hair following the trail of hair from his navel and pushed her finger into his boxers to follow the trail further. He groaned when she stroked the base of his cock, the first time she touched her lovers member sent hot flushes up her body his hot, hard flesh felt so sensual against her finger.

She grasped the band of his boxers and slid them down his hips as he grasped her panties and slid them down. They dropped them into the pile with the rest of their clothes and laid back on the bed tenderly caressing and exploring each other’s bodies. The first time she saw her boyfriend completely naked left her speechless he was so gorgeous the fine dark hair sprinkling his chest and the ebony curls around his full cock sent shivers up her spine.

Julianne’s naked beauty left him breathless his girlfriend was the most beautiful woman he had ever known, he reached across to her and kissed her tenderly.

“I love you Evan, this is going to be so special,” whispered Julianne as her fingers curled into his fine chest hair. Evan drew her closer to him his throbbing hardness rubbing against her thigh. She groaned and then kissed him passionately.

“Make love to me Evan, I need you baby,” pleaded Julianne.

Evan groaned as she stroked his flat chest. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her into the bed his fingers spread down her thighs and parted her folds gently, she sighed in pleasure as his gentle touches sent sparks of pleasure flooding through her.

“You sure you want this?” asked Evan

“Yes I’m sure,” said Julianne to make her point she wrapped her legs around his.

Evan grinned and leaned down to lara escort kiss her, he grasped her hips as the tip of him brushed her opening. He groaned as he began pushing in, “Oh god baby that feels so good,” moaned Julianne.

Strained Evan said “Do you want me to just slide in? It’s going to hurt for a bit,”

“The faster it goes the sooner it gets good,” moaned Julianne sliding her legs up his thighs urging him in. She gasped as Evan pushed his way in the piercing pain of her maidenhead breaking slicing though her.

“Are you ok?” asked Evan

“I am keep going,” panted Julianne.

Evan moaned in pleasure as he slid in to her, her walls clamping him like a vice as he slid inside of her.

“Oh god baby, you’re so tight,” moaned Evan as he pushed into her. She gasped as he settled himself to the hilt.

“You’re so big,” groaned Julianne as slid out of her.

Her hands dug into his back making him shudder as he thrust deeply into her making them both cry out in intense pleasure.

“Faster,” urged Julianne as bucked under him. Groaning Evan lifted himself from her and thrust heavily inside of her deep into her core making her cry out. Evan knew he was losing himself in her tight warmth he had to pull out or he was going to lose it and embarrass himself.

“Why did you stop?” asked Julianne as he slid out of her.

“Sorry baby, you’re just so hot and tight I’m losing my mind in there,” panted Evan.

“I don’t care baby, I’m not going to last long either,” groaned Julianne as he brushed her thigh with his thickness. She reached up and pulled him down for a hot sucking kiss and wrapped her legs around his tightly pulling him into her. Evan side escort cried out in shock as the burning pleasure seared through him. Julianne’s legs tightened on his like bands of steel making it impossible for him to break from her grip she clenched tightly on him making them both groan at the sensation.

“Fuck me hard Evan, make me lose my mind,” purred Julianne.

“You’re a hard woman to argue with,” grinned Evan. He grasped her hips and threw off her leg wrap and thrusted heavily into her before withdrawing and slamming back in. He built up a rapid pace ignoring the building pressure in his groin. Julianne dug her nails into his back as the wild pleasure savaged her senses. Her orgasm rushed up on her unexpectantly and she screamed out in ecstasy as her nerves burst into flames. Evan cried out in pleasure as his limited control was wrenched from him as her walls tightly gripped him in orgasm. He roared in pleasure as his nerves ignited with the searing pleasure as he released his seed into her.

He collapsed over her exhausted panting, sweat dripping from his body onto hers as they recovered from their jellifying orgasms.

“Wow that was so amazing,” panted Julianne.

“It was, give me some time to catch my breath and we can do it again if you want,” grinned Evan kissing her softly.


When Julianne woke up in the morning she was faced by a long stemmed fragrant and very elaborate red rose lying on the pillowcase beside a note.

Julianne grinned and picked up the note and began reading Evan’s handwriting.

My gorgeous woman I had such an amazing time last night. You’re perfect for me, I love you with all my heart. The rose I left you is nowhere near your beauty, wear it in your hair for our dinner tonight.

I love you,


Julianne grinned and picked up the rose and inhaled its sweet fragrance before lying back on the bed and thinking of the long night of hot passionate lovemaking she had just lived through.

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