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We met in a bar on a quiet remote beach some way away from the nearest village on a small Greek island, both of us seeking a cooling drink after the heat of the day. We were almost the only people at the bar and inevitably started to talk, each enjoying the other’s company as we chatted over a bottle of wine, the cooling sun sinking slowly over the calm sea in the background.

The level of the wine in the bottle more than kept pace with the setting sun and we were soon into our second, our mild intoxication making the conversation even easier. The sun began to dip into the sparkling blue of the sea and I suggested that we both walk up the small wooden jetty down the beach from the bar to watch the dying embers of the sun slip into the cool water.

We walked slowly up the beach, the soft sand now cool under our feet and climbed up onto the smooth sun bleached wood of the jetty and stepped the 25 meters or so to the end, the small waves lapping gently at the wooden supports beneath our feet. At the end we stopped and faced the sun, its beautiful cool orange glow slowly being quenched by the darkening blue of the Mediterranean.

We stood entranced by nature’s wonderful display, you slightly in front of me but not quite touching. Moved by the beauty of the setting sun and without thinking I reached down and put my arms around your waist, folding my arms around you. In turn you sank back against me, your head resting on my shoulder, bringing our bodies close together. The sun sank lower, appearing to move more rapidly now as we watched for several minutes in total silence other than the gentle movement of the waves.

Overcome by the beauty and serenity of the scene I decided to be bold and lifted the hair from the side of your neck and let my lips sink to the sensitive skin beneath. You moaned very quietly and lifted your head to let my lips brush your throat, your heady scent filling my nostrils as my lips moved gently across your smooth skin. You pushed back against me, pressing yourself back into my body as my tongue traced a feathery pattern around your neck and shoulders, my hand cupping your head as it rolled back to expose your tender skin.

Despite myself, the feel of your body against me, the smell of your hair against my face and your soft skin against my lips made my cock start to rise. I tried to move it away from you so that you would not feel me hardening but my movements only seemed to be making it brush against your buttocks making matters worse.

I was sure you had felt me stiffen against you, but since you had not moved away I felt bold enough to put my hands on your shoulders and turn you around to face me, pulling you towards me as our mouths met in a deep kiss. Our tongues met and intertwined, tasting each other as the kiss became more passionate and breathless. My hands held you close, pulling you against my body, my erection now obvious as it pushed against your hips. Equally obvious was the way you pushed back at me enjoying my Kurtköy Escort excitement as our lips searched hungrily for each other.

I sank to my knees in front of you, resting my head against your chest, my hands around your hips cupping your rounded buttocks. You felt my fingers drift up over your waist and onto the soft mounds of your braless breasts. I squeezed you gently, feeling the weight of your firm ripe breasts nestle into the palms of my hands through the thin material of your dress. My fingers left your breasts and began to undo the buttons down the front of your chest, stopping only once your dress was undone to the waist. Slowly I pushed the thin cotton back off your shoulders and let it slip down to the wood beneath our feet, freeing your beautiful rounded breasts, your dark nipples thrusting forward for attention. Like a baby I automatically lifted my mouth to your nipple, sucking it between my lips and feeling the sensitive flesh swell against my tongue. I heard you moan with pleasure somewhere in the distance as I continued to enjoy the tip of each succulent breast, my hands all the time squeezing and gently caressing each beautiful mound.

I pulled you down towards me and kissed you again deeply, tasting your enjoyment on your sweet breathless lips. You lay down on your dress, only a white lacy thong protecting you from my longing gaze. I stood again and pulled of my t-shirt then quickly undid my jeans, sliding them down over my hips and thighs before removing them altogether and standing over you proudly displaying my erect penis. The hard flesh thrusting up from my body silhouetted against the half light of the dying sun.

I knelt beside you kissing you again and letting my mouth wander over your body to enjoy your breasts once more then on down across your stomach. My hands held each side of your lacy underwear and slowly pulled the thin strip of material off your unresisting body. You sighed as the soft lace slipped from between your thighs to expose the soft downy triangle protecting your delicate sex. I looked into your eyes and moved over you, my hard heavy penis sliding over your thigh and stomach leaving a trail of moist excitement on your creamy skin. Your thighs parted hesitantly and I moved my knees between yours. I sensed the slight doubt as I looked deep into your eyes but then the rounded tip of my hard penis touched the soft folds of your excited sex, your eyes closed and your hands pulled on my hips, drawing me down towards you. My prick pressed gently but firmly against the swollen lips of your pussy, seeking the entrance to your body. I felt your petals open around the tip of my probing penis then we both felt the exquisite moment of first entry as my erect flesh began to pierce your body. Slowly but insistently my hardness began to push into you, moving slowly at first as my thick shaft stretched your aroused vulva. Moving myself in and out gently I anointed my throbbing cock with the tears of excitement Kurtköy Escort Bayan running from your body, moving deeper with each thrust of my hips until my body was firmly buried deep inside yours, the entire length of my engorged prick surrounded by the soft warm protective sheath of your beautiful pussy. I gasped with pleasure as I sank myself into you, my lips searching hungrily for yours as we shared each other’s excitement. Your body moved under mine pushing up at me so that your breasts were crushed against my chest and your clitoris rubbed against the base of my engorged shaft as it slid up inside you. I started to move in and out of you with long slow strokes of my cock, almost pulling myself from your body before thrusting right back inside again, forcing the whole length of my long curving prick in and out of your tight little vulva. My movements began to get faster, the thrusting of my hips more eager, the powerful pumping of my hips grinding your excited sex against the hardness of my groin. Your own legs lifted around my waist opening your thighs wide and presenting my pounding cock with the hungry mouth of your aching sex.

I put my hands under your writhing buttocks to drive even deeper into your body knowing that you were near to coming. Suddenly your body let go, a wave of pleasure bursting up from between your wide open thighs at the point at which our bodies met. You dissolved into a world of ecstasy, wave after wave of pleasure rolling up from your clitoris, all your senses focused on the pounding of my prick inside you as I continued to thrust in search of my own release. It came as your tightening cunt gripped me with fingers of steel in the throes of your own orgasm. A paroxysm of pleasure traveled down the length of my prick, from the tip down deep into my balls, forcing a flood of rich musky semen to pump from my thrusting twitching penis as I emptied myself inside you.

Your subsiding contractions continued to milk my softening cock as we lay breathless in each other’s arms, protected by the darkness of the early evening and our new found love for each other.

We recovered slowly holding each other and kissing gently, then smiling I rolled off the jetty into the cool clear blue water, sinking below the surface then coming up and inviting you in. You laughed and slid in after me, the cool water refreshing on our hot excited bodies. Naked we embraced under the water, our warm bodies contrasting with the coolness surrounding us. I found I could stand on the soft sandy seabed while you clung to me, wrapping your arms and legs around me as we started to kiss, tasting the salty seawater on our lips as they met and parted.

The cool water and the excitement of our sex had made your nipples stiffen into hard points of desire which pressed into my chest as we kissed. I clutched your buttocks and pulled you even closer, pressing myself between your thighs, the soft curls of your pubes brushing the top Escort Kurtköy of my penis as it began to harden again and rise up against your sex. I became stiffer and you felt the hot length of my cock start to rub the swollen folds of your pussy as our hips moved against each other.

I reached down and put my fingers under my penis, lifting it so that it rubbed against you more firmly, your delicate lips opening under the pressure and allowing it to slip between. We both knew what was going to happen, the tip of my prick was moving back and forth between the lips of your pussy glancing your clitoris, only a small change in movement would send it plunging into your body rather than sliding beyond your parted lips and up between your buttocks. We were both aching for each other again but were also determined to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible.

The feel of your warm sex against me inflamed me to the point where I could hold back no longer, eagerly the burning tip of my cock sought the heat inside your pouting vulva, the head pressing into you, your soft velvet lips parting as you moved your hips towards me. Gripping your buttocks I thrust myself up into your heat, my thick shaft sinking effortlessly deep into your body in a single long slide eased by the wetness of our sex from a few minutes before. We both gasped with pleasure, the tight warmth of your pussy contrasting against my cock with the cool salty water around us. I began to move in and out of you feeling the alternate cold of the water and the heat your burning sex touching the sensitive skin of my inflamed prick. You too felt the heat of my rigid shaft fill your open sex only to be withdrawn and replaced by the coolness of the water until my hips thrust again and filled the aching void with my hot swollen flesh. I held your hips, pulling you on and off my upright prick, the water swirling between us and increasing all our sensations as we fucked passionately. The water buoying you up so that I could let all your weight settle on the firm anchor of my cock, letting you impale yourself on my engorged sex before lifting you off and letting you sink down on me once again.

You wrapped you legs around me and gripping your buttocks hard I began to pump steadily in and out of your succulent hole, aching to come inside you once again. The friction of my prick plunging in and out of your body was heightened by the water, the sensations building as I worked myself in and out of your body, desperate to make us both come. The rapid movements of my cock inside you driving us both to the edge of sanity in our frantic search for the pleasure of orgasm. It seemed to last forever, both of us gasping and begging for release, and then it came at the same instant for both of us, the fire spreading out from our connected bodies to burn across our limbs and make every inch of sensitive skin tingle with ecstasy. Thick sperm now pumping strongly from my body and flooding deep inside you to mix with your own creamy juice and the cool salty seawater around us. Our passion reaching new heights as we took each other once more into the realms of absolute pleasure, our ecstasy spreading between us and out into the surrounding water like the ripples created by our lovemaking moving across the smooth surface.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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