Weekend Antics

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Angela White

It was Friday and I had just finished school. It had been a long week and although my eighteenth birthday had been on Wednesday I had not done anything special. I hopped into my old Toyota Corolla and began the slow drive out of the central city towards the suburbs.

Getting closer to home I arrived at the base of the hill, only to see a friend that I had long admired waiting for the bus. I quickly pulled over, wound down the passenger window and offered her a ride. She looked surprised, her beautiful brown eyes widening before she broke out into a glowing smile. I leant back over my side of the car admiring how her smile lit up her face, how her honey blond hair cascaded down over her shoulder. My eyes moved further down to the tightness of her white shirt around her ample breasts. She opened the door and after piling all of her bags in hopped into the car herself.

We made easy conversation on the drive up the hill, and upon arriving outside her house I pulled up and then hopped out to help her with her bags. Just as she stepped out off the kerb she tripped, with her laptop in one hand she began to topple backwards, I quickly stepped behind her and caught her, leaning her back into the crook of her arm. She smiled at me again and then seemed slightly flustered as I stood her up. After ensuring that she was alright I grabbed her bags and we continued on inside.

We dumped her gear and she grabbed some cold drinks from the fridge, we sat and talked, she told me that her eighteenth şişli escort birthday have been on Monday and we laughed about the coincidence of our birthdays being so close. Conversation moved on and I found out that her parents were out of town, as were mine, both moving older siblings into flats for university. After a while talking, I decided to make a move and suggested that we watch a movie, she agreed and I put on a movie and we cuddled up on the couch under some blankets.

The movie was boring. A chick flick that she had chosen. We cuddled up and eventually ended up almost face to face, feeling bold I moved forward and kissed her neck, she giggled and twisted round, drawing her large breasts over my chest where I felt them come to a stop. I kissed her on the lips before kissing her neck and chest, every inch of her smooth, olive skin becoming known to my lips.

As the kissing became more vigorous and playful I sat her up and puller her top up over her head, her large breasts bounced out and I quickly reached around to unclasp her bra. As soon as they were free I gently help one in my hand, continuing to kiss her soft lips while gently kneading her breast and rolling her pink nipples between my fingers. I gently pulled away from her sweet lips, focusing my mouths attention onto her left nipple, gently sucking it and running my tongue around her nipples, moving onto the right i repeated the process, my hand gently moving down between her legs to feel her panties becoming wet.

I moved back to kissing her lips as she sat up slightly, allowing her access to begin stroking my hardening cock. Gently i lifted her up with her legs wrapped around me I walked into the kitchen and laid her on the counter on her back, her large breasts jiggled and I paused for a second to take in the sight of the topless beauty I had all to myself.

Gently sliding her running shorts down, I saw her wet panties, I hooked a finger around the little pink waistband and slid them down to her ankles and off. Looking at her pink, little, shaved pussy drove me crazy and I wasted no time in gently leaning forwards and giving it a tentative lick. I tasted the sweet juices that had escaped from her pussy and wanting more, gently delved my tongue into her soft folds. I gently explored her pussy with my tongue, sometimes pulling out only to circle her clit and gently suckle on it. Eventually she came to a mind blowing orgasm, her thighs clenched around my head as she moaned and i felt them shaking uncontrollably, her pussy contracted and i felt her sweet juices gush out of her little wet hole, I lapped them up and then kissing her stomach and each of her breasts moved up for a passionate kiss.

She lay on the bench top out of breath for a minute or two before gently standing up and sinking to her knees, she tugged on my belt and pulled down my shorts, rubbing my bulge through the fabric of my briefs before pulling them down and watching my cock spring free, gently she placed her beautiful lips over the swollen head and proceded to swirl her tongue around it, gently rocking her head backwards and forwards, slowly taking more of my shaft into her mouth. She fondled my balls with her hand and gently stroked the base of my cock with the other, all the while staring up at me with her big and innocent, brown eyes.

As I felt myself getting close I gently stopped her before taking her hand and leading her back to the couch, laying her down on her back i licked my fingers and gently rubbed her pussy, before lining my cock up in front of her tight cunt. I gently pushed forward, and she moaned, taking the first inch, gently I gave her more and more of my shaft, edging in until she was comfortable. I slowly began to stroke in and out, watching the look of pure ecstasy on her face as she grabbed her breasts and moaned. Slowly I sped up, watching my shaft disappearing into her sopping wet pussy, turned her over and slammed her doggy style. She pushed herself back against my cock, taking all of it. Eventually I lay back on the carpet and she rode me in cowgirl, I watched her face contorting in pleasure as she bounced on my cock, her tits hypnotising me. She orgasmed just before me, her eyes rolling back as she collapsed forwards onto me, her orgasm sending shockwaves through her pussy that finished me off. As she came down from her high she knelt up and gently sucked her juices of the tip of my cock, coaxing the hot load of cum out of me, I finished all over her beautiful face and she cracked a big smile, her beautiful brown eyes promising me a round two.

To be continued…

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