Why Not Me?

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“You could seduce anyone you wanted to Mandy.” I laid there in my beach chair next to the pool, considering the question. “You really could.”

I turned to look at Sara, a friend from my graduating class, also college bound somewhere far away. She smiled mischievously and raising her delicate eyebrows above the rim of her gaudy sunglasses. “You just have to use what you’ve got.” Sara looked me up and down. “…and you’ve got plenty,” she added. I blushed and reached for the beer sitting on the pool’s raised edge.

“Not as much as you,” I replied, returning the full body gaze she’d given me. Sara was a knockout; blonde hair, sleek toned limbs, full breasts and hourglass hips showcased perfectly by her simple red bikini.

“Hi girls. Enjoying my booze?” I looked up, shading my eyes to see my father standing over us, smirking theatrically. He was dressed casually; shorts and a t-shirt. He spent most Saturday mornings working out at the gym and most Saturday afternoons on the couch, sipping a beer and watching whatever game happened to be on. He and my mom had split years ago. He and I had been close when I was younger. We still were, I suppose. I loved him. I knew he loved me and he always took care of everything I needed. But I had grown up a lot in the past few years and needed less and less, so it had just been the two of us in the house, living almost like roommates.

“Yes we are,” Sara said nonchalantly, deliberately picking up her own bottle. She stood slowly, and I noticed my father’s eyes flick up and down her tanned length before realizing he was ogling her and focusing his eyes back on me.

“Just go easy,” he said. “I know you’re going to college in a week anyway.”

Sara was standing next to him now, close at his elbow, staring directly, one hand holding her beer and one hand lifting lazily to his shoulder.

“We will, Sam, we will,” she purred. “How’s the dating scene?”

This was a running joke they’d developed. Sara spent a lot of time at our house and she loved talking to my father like any other adult, rather than as his daughter’s friend. His dating life was an endless fascination to her.

As always my dad blushed just a shade at this line of questioning. I think that’s why Sara liked asking. He looked back at her and I could tell he was consciously keeping his eyes from straying below her face.

“The same,” he said. “Plenty of options, but I’m looking for someone special.”

Sara smiled and moved closer, pressing her chest against dad’s arm and tilting her head to the side.

“Well I’m sure you’re enjoying the search,” she purred, and raised the sweating beer bottle to her lips. She took a long pull, keeping her eyes locked on my father’s as she slid the tip of the bottle just inside the circle of her red, puckered lips.

“I’m optimistic,” Dad said, watching the not-so-subtle show she was putting on for him. I’d never consciously watched a man looking at a beautiful woman before. Sara had his total attention, and I could almost feel the effort it was taking to keep himself from looking down her smooth barely covered body.

“Leave a few beers for me, OK?” he said, finally breaking Sara’s gaze and walking back inside the house. Sara watched him go, then sat down, glowing.

“You’re gorgeous, you have beautiful dark hair and a great figure and that mysterious thing going. Guys like that,” she continued, glancing occasionally in the direction he had gone. “Plus your boobs are bigger than mine. That white bikini pops and I love that it ties on.” She pointed at the center of my back where the fabric of my bikini top came together on each side and tied loosely, and the other thin ties at each hip.

“What do the ties matter?” I asked, curious.

“I mean it can be easily untied. Guys are always thinking in that direction, and if a guy looked at you right now he would immediately wonder which strings to pull.”

I blushed. Sara and I had gotten quite close over the summer and we’d started talking very openly about our bodies and sex but I still wasn’t as comfortable with the topic as she was.

“And that’s what I’m saying; looks are just to get that first bit of interest,” she continued. “After that it’s easy to keep his attention and if you decide you want to fuck him, you just lead him where he already wants to go.”

I knew what she meant now. I hadn’t believed her at first. I’d lost a lot of weight the last year of high school but my image of myself hadn’t quite caught up. We had been at a party together a few weeks earlier and I’d pointed out to Sara a guy at that I wanted to talk to.

“He hasn’t noticed me,” I had said.

“Just walk up and talk to him.” she replied. “You’re hot. He’s a dude. It will go fine.”

I’d been shy all through school, probably because of my weight. But the guy across the room was from another school and only knew what he saw in front of him. I hesitated just a moment, then I grinned at Sara, gritted my teeth, and stepped confidently toward the guy I’d noticed, standing marsbahis güvenilirmi near the kitchen. He was sipping beer from a plastic cup, talking to a friend.

“Hi,” I said, appalled how little thought I’d given to what I was going to say.

He looked at me boldly, up and down, through me. My vision blurred; I lost a little time right then. I vaguely heard him say say “Hey.” I glanced away casually but just at the edge of my sight I saw him smile at his friend, then signal to give him space. The friend smiled back and melted away.

The guy and I chatted; it turned out that the party was at his parents’ house. His drink ran out and I offered to share mine, which he did, then he went to the kitchen for two more.

Sara came by while I waited.

“He’ll probably try to get you alone,” she said stealthily as she passed, and winked.

And she was right.

“Want to go up to my room?” he said when he returned, handing me another plastic cup. I’d expected some pretext like “to see my collection of whatever” but he just said it, a wry smile on his face, his eyes burning into mine.

“Sure,” I said, trying to sound like I felt totally normal, that I didn’t suddenly feel a wave of lust, that I wasn’t wet between my legs.

I wasn’t a virgin; I’d had a boyfriend senior year. He was a really sweet guy, and we lost our virginity together in classic unplanned backseat way. That first time was really awkward and more painful than I expected, but we did it a few more times that month in an actual bed, thankfully, and I found that I loved the feel of a man against me, kissing me, inside of me. But then his family needed to move away and within a week they’d packed up, put a for sale sign in front of their house, and were gone. We’d tried the long distance thing but I could tell he started to lose interest after a week of awkward phone calls. I was crushed; I stopped eating almost completely for a while, and by the time I’d started to get past the grief and come back to my life I realized I’d taken on a totally different shape.

So I wasn’t completely innocent; in fact I’d found myself alone in bed at night more and more often feeling restless and thinking back to the sensation of a man’s hips between my thighs, his mouth sucking my nipples, his penis stretching my wet vagina.

Sara winked at me again as I followed the guy up the stairs away from the party to his room, his hand lightly holding mine.

When we got to the room he didn’t even turn on the light, and I didn’t ask him to. A streetlight outside the window gave us all of the light we needed to get inside, close the door, and melt into a wet, urgent kiss.

It was my first kiss in too long. I liked the smell of his skin and the feeling of his tongue sliding and moving with mine. He pulled me close, his hands gently pulling the bottom of the light blouse I was wearing out of my jeans. He traced his fingers along my waist, his fingertips making me shiver as they passed under my jeans, under the waistline of the prim pink panties I was wearing.

He pulled my hips into his own and I could feel his erection hot and hard against me. It never occurred to me to pull away; I knew where this was going and I wanted it. He lifted my blouse and I raised my arms to let him take it off of me. His hands went to my breasts immediately, pulling my bra down, rolling one nipple between his fingers and lowering his lips to the other.

I felt exhilarated being kissed and fondled and sucked by someone I barely knew. I held his head to my breasts as waves of pleasure began to build. I was wet, and this time it was I who pulled his hips to mine; grinding his hardness against my pulsing mound.

I felt like a different version of myself, wild and free and wanton. I unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor, then I did something I’d never done and dragged his t-shirt over his head. He kissed me again, the skin of our bodies making warm and electric contact. His hands went briefly to my waist, then to the button of my jeans, where he hesitated. I wrapped both arms around his neck and brought my lips to his ear and whispered “yes”.

He deftly opened my jeans and I slipped them off, taking my panties with them. I was dizzy with excitement. I wanted him to see me. And I wanted to see him. He took a half step back; his eyes roamed my body and his hands started removing his pants. I stepped forward and moved his hands away. I fumbled with his jeans a little; my past sexual experience hadn’t involved undressing the guy. But it hadn’t involved letting a guy I barely knew see me naked either. And it certainly hadn’t involved the idea that popped into my head in that moment.

“I want to suck you,” I said before I knew I was going to say it. His eyes widened, then widened more when I got his fly down and reached inside. His penis was hard and warm, sticking straight up into the waistband of his boxer shorts. I pulled it through the slit, dropping slowly to my knees in front of him. Sara had described her marsbahis yeni giriş technique to me many times. I’d blown my high school boyfriend once. I liked the feel of the head between my lips, but he had been too eager and tried to push too far in before I was ready. This time, on my knees in front of this guy…did I even know his name?…I took control. I wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft and put the other on his hip, gently guiding him forward, then back. He responded, putting his hands lightly on my shoulders and moaning softly as the room was filled with muffled sucking sounds.

I reveled in the salty taste of his cock in my mouth, and even more from the desire I could feel from him, and the control that gave me. He wanted me. I had him. “Do you have a condom?” I mumbled, my mouth still half filled with his thick, pulsing shaft. I looked up; his head was thrown back, eyes closed. “Yes,” he said, and I released his cock with an audible slurp and stood, stroking him closely between our bodies. “Aren’t you on the pill?” he whispered. “Yes,” I said truthfully, “but get it anyway.”

My boyfriend had made love to me, but I realized quickly that night that I’d never really been fucked. Sara had tried to explain the difference but I didn’t fully understand it until the guy was on top of me, between my legs, pistoning his erection into my wet slit with a quick, rhythmic slapping sound. His ragged breath hissed in and out next to my ear, and my own next to his. I widened my legs, giving him all of me, feeling him penetrate deeply, wonderfully, then slide out until just the tip stretched my entrance, then back in, over and over.

My experience with orgasms had all been relatively recent. I’d never had one with my boyfriend; I’m not actually sure he knew about the clitoris and I’d been too self-conscious to give him directions. When Sara first said “that was a great shower; I rubbed one out” I hadn’t known what she meant. She was incredulous that masturbation wasn’t a regular pastime for me, and insisted that I give it a more serious try. I did, and I discovered a level of pleasure that I’d never imagined.

That night with the guy moving in me, his body rubbing hard against mine, I felt the sensation building that had previously been something that only happened when I was alone. I wrapped my legs tighter around him, pulling him, again and again until the building wave crashed over me. I think I might have squealed softly. He came soon after, his cock pulsing inside of me, then growing still as his breathing slowed. We laid together for a long time in the light of the street lamp, kissing and caressing, smiling in the dim light.

He and I had dated a few times in the next few weeks and I even let him take me back to his room one afternoon for another interlude, but I’d realized that what we did in his bedroom was really the only part of a relationship that worked for us. I stopped texting him and let my responses to his texts be vague and brief, and after a few more weeks we lost touch. Late at night though, naked in my bed and restless, I would still think of him, in my mouth, on top of me, and I would slowly “rub one out”.

“What are you thinking?” Sara asked. “You went somewhere else just now.”

“Oh nothing,” I replied. “I mean I agree; you were at that party, so you know.”

“Oh, I know,” she said, taking a long pull from her beer bottle and giving me that mischievous look.

“But that was kind of an easy situation, right?” I asked. “I mean, he was a single guy, my age, at a party.”

“And you needed your brains fucked out,” Sara said. “Yes, that’s pretty much the situation guys live for, I’ll give you that.”

“So what about when its less…easy?” I said. “What if he has reservations; reasons to hesitate?”

“Well that’s harder”, Sara said. She might not even have realized the longing look on her face as she turned her head in the direction my father had gone. “But still do-able. Once you have any part of yourself wrapped around his cock, hesitations generally disappear, trust me.”

I turned over, enjoying the sun on my back and the easy feeling of being pool-side. “Uh huh…,” I murmured.

“I need a bathroom and another beer,” Sara said. From the corner of my eye I saw her stand and pick up her handbag. “I’ll be right back,” she said.

The last thing I remember thinking before I dozed off was “She is so sexy…”

I woke lazily, not knowing how long it had been. The pool water lapped quietly in the soft wind. Sara’s chair was still empty. I stood, and stretched. I loved this version of my body.

Where was Sara? My beer was empty too. I picked up the bottle and headed inside. I pressed my fingertip into the warm flesh above my left breast, watching the color change when I pulled away. I was getting a great tan. Inside, I pulled another beer from the refrigerator and walked toward the living room.

The beer tasted great. I was taking a long sip, walking past the refrigerator, when I heard Sara’s marsbahis giriş voice. “I’m old enough,” I heard her say.

“I know, but you’re Mandy’s friend,” I heard my Dad say, a strange urgency in his voice.

I froze, silent and listening.

“Well I’m your friend too Sam…,” Sara said. I took a step back, away from the open doorway. They were just beyond. I heard a sharp intake of breath. My father’s voice. “…and his friend.” I slid quietly against the refrigerator. Looking through the doorway I could see their blurry reflection in the dark rectangle of my father’s huge flatscreen TV. He was sitting on the couch and Sara was standing in front of him. He was shirtless, and Sara was bent over at the hips, face close to his, with one hand inside his shorts. The bulge of her fist moved slowly up and down. “Take off my top,” she said huskily. I stood silently and watched my father’s reflection as he slid his hands up Sara’s torso. She pulled her hand from his shorts and raised both arms in the air. He caught the fabric of her bikini top with his thumbs and pulled it up and over her head.

She kissed him, pressing herself against him, giving herself fully. His hands moved under Sara’s swimsuit, squeezing her ass while his tongue slid in and out of Sara’s mouth. His hands moved beneath her bikini bottoms, caressing her skin, sliding the fabric down over her thighs.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Sara asked. She smiled, and let Dad slide the swimsuit off of her legs, leaving her naked in front of him. She knelt, pulling his shorts down. He raised his hips, and she pulled them off.

My father kissed her, pushed his tongue deeply into her mouth and said “Yes I want you, right fucking now.”

I was shocked to hear my father talk this way; in front of me he never swore. Obviously this was a private moment between the two of them, but it never occurred to me to leave. I was surprised but also intrigued by the possibility of what might happen, and overwhelmed by the need to see it.

Sara broke the kiss and knelt in front of him. I watched as his thick, pulsing erection came into view.

She reached out and wrapped her hand around my father’s twitching cock. “Will you fuck me?” she asked.

Dad’s head was thrown back to the ceiling, eyes closed, the same way that guy’s had been in his bedroom. I liked that look.

Sara stroked Dad’s cock, then sucked it deeply into her mouth. He looked down, completely focused on Sara’s face, her lips around his thick meat. I knew my father’s expressions; he loved what he was feeling. The sucking sounds I’d become familiar with from my own experiences filled the room as I watched Sara expertly blow my dad. I had never seen another woman go down on a man before, but Sara was clearly on familiar ground. She stroked his hard shaft quickly, then sucked him into her mouth and sank him, inch by inch, down her throat. She bobbed her head steadily, and my father moaned louder as his orgasm approached. “Sara,” he said. “I’ve always wanted you.” Then Dad groaned, and Sara’s pace increased. Dad was moaning “Yes…Yesssssss,” faster and faster as Sara’s lips pumped up and down. His whole body got stiff as he came into Sara’s mouth. She slowed, bobbing her head gently over his tip, swallowing, lightly sucking.

Dad caressed her head lightly and Sara released him from her mouth, wiped her lips with the back of her hand, then moved up onto the couch and kissed my father. He kissed her back, moving his hands over her hips. I realized I was breathing with rushed, shallow breaths. I’d never seen anyone else involved a sex act, I’d never seen my father naked, and I’d certainly never see my friend sucking him off.

“I thought you were really looking for the refrigerator.” I heard Dad say softly.

“Yeah; I kind of passed it on the way in. So…now let’s…” Sara’s phone rang, and angry, blaring ringtone.

“My mom,” she explained, raising the phone to her ear.

“Yes mom,” I heard her say. “Sunbathing with Mandy.” I watched, incredulous, in the TV reflection as my father reached out and began teasing Sara’s nipples while she was on the phone. “Yes I’m having a GREAT time!” she shrieked as my father slid his hand between her thighs. “I totally forgot,” I heard her say. My father guided Sara down to the couch on her back, she spread her legs lazily, her eyes locked with Dad’s as she talked. “Can it wait?” she asked into the phone. Dad moved between her legs and for a moment I though he was going to fuck her. Instead he slid down her body, stopping to suck each nipple, then tracing a line of kisses toward her neatly trimmed blonde mound. “I’m just enjoying the…sun..so…” she said, trailing off as my father’s lips made contact with her pussy. In the reflection I saw him cover her sex with his open mouth, holding her hips with both hands and licking her labia. Sara’s free hand went to the back of my father’s head, holding him to her as she rocked her hips gently back and forth. He lapped at her sex, sliding his tongue up and down her wet slit, then pursing his lips and lightly sucking her clitoris into his mouth. “Ahh…ok, ok…ahhhh…” Sara half spoke, half moaned into the phone. “I’ll be there.” Sara lowered the phone to the coffee table and looked down at my father, still licking and sucking with abandon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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