Woodland Vixen

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It is a May afternoon when I decide to take a blanket and book to my favorite place, a meadow on the side of a mountain. After walking on the deserted road for 45 minutes or so, I take the well-worn path into the woods and begin the gradual ascent up the mountain. The coolness of the forest feels good and I am invigorated by the woodsy smells and the soft sounds of birds calling to each other. About halfway up the mountain I see a smaller path branch off to the right. Curious, I take it to see where it goes. After walking further into the forest, I come to a stream with a big fallen tree lying parallel to the stream. What an idyllic spot! I sit down on the tree and gaze at the water gurgling by. I’m transfixed by the sounds and smells all around me. The canopy of trees provides the coolness but in places here and there the sun peeks through, giving a dappled effect on the area where I’m sitting. Looking up at the trees, I am mesmerized by the contrast of the deep blue sky and the green of escort izmit the leaves. I throw one leg over the tree I’m sitting on and lay back to enjoy this moment of solitude.

My mind wanders and little scenarios begin to evolve in my mind of sharing this spot with someone special. I begin to hum a tune stuck in my head, “The Water is Wide”. My left hand begins to caress my belly under my t-shirt, feeling relaxed and quite at home with myself. My right hand brushes my hair up and away from the tree, letting it fall gently. Then my fingers lightly travel down my neck creating a slight tickle that runs through me. I feel my nipples harden in response and begin to move the shirt up as I continue touching my skin. Both hands reach my breasts and I squeeze, and then pinch my nipples. Ooooh, an exquisite tingling begins in my lower belly and my right hand moves to the zipper on my jeans.

As I undo the top button and unzip my pants, I lightly brush my pubic hair and move to my outer izmit escort lips, teasing myself with a touch as soft as a feather. I am feeling a throb-like burning begin between my legs.

SNAP! What was that?! I sit up and look around but everything is just as it was when I arrived at the stream. As I lie back down and resume squeezing my breasts and caressing the apex between my thighs, I am fully aroused now because in my mind I’m imagining that a man is watching me from some hidden spot nearby. Just the thought of that makes me wet and I begin to softly touch my clitoris. I dip my finger into my wet opening for lubrication. Then I move my wet finger up to my clit, brushing by it ever so slightly and I shiver. Then I begin to circle my clit with my fingers, alternatively rubbing and circling it. From time to time I dip my finger inside to get more wetness. I am breathing hard now and remember that someone may be watching me.

My excitement kicks into high gear as izmit kendi evi olan escort I imagine the hidden man getting excited and start to rub his cock that has magically sprung free from his pants. I lift my right leg up and place my foot on the tree to get better leverage. Then my hips begin the movements so familiar to me; fingers and hips moving in a frenzy now and my head starts to tingle, my breasts are throbbing, and I softly whimper as I feel the orgasm begin to take over my whole body. I quickly slide my finger inside while my thumb works my clit. My body begins to tense and the surge of what feels like electricity spreads through my whole body as I cum and cum and cum.

As I relax, my right hand continues a lazy caress of my clit and surrounding areas. I am totally spent, take a deep breath and put my right foot back down on the ground. My body feels limp with pleasure, the tingling slowly recedes. I look up at the sky through the trees and smile to myself.

After a while, I put my clothes back in order and gather up my blanket and book. It will feel so good to stretch out on the blanket, in the sun and relax in the meadow. As I resume my walk, I smile to myself again and enjoy reliving my secret pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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