Yes Daddy (Our Great Love Affair)

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How does the strongest relationship you’ve ever known hold up under the stress of jealousies, passion and romantic love? Adult characters. Pure fantasy.


“But Daddy I don’t care about that.” I murmured as I rolled from my inside spoon position, to face him. I looked up into his eyes and saw that he definitely was wearing his fatherly expression. In one moment we went from lovers to father and child again.

I sighed and closed my eyes, curling up into my own pillow. Wrapping the sheets to hide my nudity, I childishly wanted distance between us. The pout wasn’t intentional, but the effect on him was unmistakable. A kiss, a nibble, a murmured “oh baby” and he was in my arms again. Why couldn’t it always be the easy, I thought. The answer came immediately.

“Jessie, baby you know how much I love you, how much I adore every” pause, lick “single” pause, kiss “thing” pause, suddenly drawing my nipple into his mouth “about you.”

“Yesss Daddy!” I gasped. Instantly I was his obedient daughter again. I moaned with the sensation of his lips around my nipple, sucking it, bringing it to its full length. I arched into him, hoping he’d move to my other nipple. And somehow he knew, just like he always has, exactly what I needed. Bringing my other nipple into his mouth, he moved between my thighs. Sucking gently, licking, mouthing my breast and then finally, biting, pulling with his teeth. “Oh, God, YES!” I cried.

I felt his semi-hard cock nudge up against my pussy. He moved against me, his cock sliding between my lips, but not entering. His come from earlier, dripping from me, coating my thighs, making the perfect lubricant for him. He sucked on my nipple again as he moved his slippery cock against my clit. “There Daddy, yes! Please Daddy, oh God!” He pumped against me, harder, harder, harder, until my whole body flushed with my clitoral orgasm. “YES DADDY, OH GOD. FUCK ME DADDY. I LOVE YOU!”

He held me as I caught my breath, gently rocking his hips, continuing the sensation against my clit, bringing me down slowly. His mouth now gently nursing at my breast, I marveled once again at the genuine pleasure on his face, just from this, from bringing me to mine.

In the weeks since this started, our great love affair, I still hadn’t really gotten used to the sheer power of this, of us. He was so affected by me, by my happiness. It meant so much to him. Not that his didn’t mean that much to me, but even at 18, I could tell it wasn’t the same. That was actually what the argument, or what was almost an argument, was all about. My happiness.

Finally he spoke “Baby, I really want this for you. It’s important.” He looked at me imploringly “Please Jessie, I don’t want to feel like I have failed you as a father, that I have let this…” and his eyes dropped “affect your entire life. This was something you used to dream about. I don’t want you to give that up.”

“Daddy, no.” I brought my hands to his face “I love THIS. I love US. Please don’t feel bad about us. Look at me.” His eyes met mine and I knew I would give into whatever he wanted. He was so worried about this, about me. I didn’t want him to regret what we had. I knew that much. I couldn’t stand it if he pulled away from me. “Yes Daddy, I’ll go. But just this once Daddy. Please don’t keep asking me to do this. I want to be with you. Only you.” I curled into the safe haven of his arms.

He reacted to me with his whole body, holding me, kissing me, rocking against me again. The idea that his comfort could İstanbul Escort so quickly turn to fiery passion would have possibly disturbed me at one point. The idea that my body would respond to his the way it does would have been unthinkable. In truth, the idea that my body could respond like that to anyone at all was pretty unthinkable. Before we became lovers, I wasn’t exactly a virgin, but it was nothing like this. No one had ever known me the way my father did, and that knowledge is what was leading me to my 5th orgasm of the evening.

“I love you so much Jessie, my little baby, my angel.” he whispered. His cock had now become completely hard as he continuously slid it between my pussy lips, over my clit, and back again to tease my entrance. “Daddy wants you again, baby. Can I have you? Are you mine?”

“YES, Daddy!” I cried in a muffled shout. His lips were on mine now and there was no more talking. He released my mouth and leaned down to take my nipple back into his. My nipples were definitely getting sore by now, but in that moment, it was exquisite. He sucked hard; I started to come again against his cock. He used that moment to slam inside of me, his well used come making the entrance sticky and adding friction.

My pussy clenched around him as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in again. Letting go of my nipple with a wet sucking noise, he began to fuck me in earnest. My orgasm changed, completing itself, becoming an earth-shattering body orgasm. Over-sensitized, all I could do was whimper and moan. His name became a mantra in my head.

I barely heard him as he began to chant “Mine, you’re mine baby. No one else, no one touches my baby.” My mind registered what he was saying and my body welcomed it. It felt so right. Being his was right. We both knew it. He just hadn’t accepted it yet.

His orgasm arrived with a roar. His body tensed as he poured himself inside of me. He collapsed on top of me, giving me his full weight for one of the first times. I could tell this had been powerful for him, maybe even a bit painful. I hated that this was so hard for him. I moved so that we were face to face. I looked him in the eye, grinned and rubbed my nose to his. “That was a bit more than an Eskimo kiss.” I whispered.

He smiled and kissed me. The tension was broken and our earlier conversation was ended. Neither of us spoke of my upcoming senior prom, or my date, again that night. In fact, the entire subject went untouched until I asked my father to go to the mall and give me a man’s opinion on what an eighteen year old should wear to prom.

“So what do you think?” I asked hopefully. The dress I was wearing was gorgeous. One of those very trendy, sexy, slinky, clingy dresses that made truly thin women look curvy. I looked down at myself, at the beautiful material, and then back up to his face. My hopefulness was short lived. His eyes glanced over my form and at best he looked distracted. “Daddy?” I began as I looked past him into the mirror. “Oh..” my voice fell as I caught my own reflection. I could feel myself begin to tremble. I will not cry. I will not cry. It’s just a silly dress. I know that. I looked in the mirror again and could not stop the tears as they began to fall. I turned around and tried to hide my face. I stepped back into the dressing room and closed the door.

“Jessie, honey, are you ok?” his voice came from beyond the door.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m fine.” I responded, Kadıköy Escort controlling my voice well enough so that it didn’t falter.

“Jessie” he said in exactly that tone. “Honey, open the door.” I opened the door; he slipped in past me, closed the door and locked it. “Baby, that dress is not meant for you. You’re gorgeous. That dress isn’t worthy of you.” I sniffled and looked up at him.

“You’re my father. I’d say you’re a bit biased.” she said.

Daddy tilted my chin up so that I was looking him in the eye. “Sweety, we’re in the Juniors Department. These dresses are for little girls playing dress up. You haven’t looked like a little girl since you were twelve years old. It’s just a matter of style baby. That’s all. You have curves these girls would die for. We just need to find you a dress that fits you.” His words washed over me and soothed away the sting of the dress from hell. I leaned into him, pressed my face to his chest.

Letting him hold me for a moment, I enjoyed the closeness. He kissed my forehead and I instantly drew in breath. Even that affected me now. My nipples hardened instantly and I felt a rush of wetness spill onto my panties. I looked up at him awkwardly. Was that weird for him, I wondered? He looked away as soon as my eyes met his and I turned around to finish getting back into my own clothing. I heard the door open and then close. I changed quickly and we left the Juniors Department without another word.

At his suggestion, we visited the Lingerie Department next. He waited outside while a saleswoman took my measurements and showed me a selection of long line bras and strapless corsets. She assured me that these would make all the difference when selecting a formal dress to compliment my figure.

I chose a black strapless corset with boning and detachable garters. She recommended the right stockings to go with it and mentioned I should select at least a few pairs of panties that would coordinate. She carried my items to the register where my father was waiting. He glanced over the purchases as he paid for them but made no comment. The saleswoman thanked us and then reminded me to use the corset when trying on all dresses from now on.

Our next stop was to the formal section of the Women’s Department. I was happy to discover that there I could not only wear a smaller size, but that there was more room for my breasts and my hips. The dresses fit at my waist and made me look busty, not bloated. It was the third dress he brought me that made me do a double take. Was that me? When did I start to look like such a grown up? I was still staring in the mirror when he came back to check on me.

The dress was a very deep red, strapless, with a fitted bodice, with a slight flair at the hips and a slit that went all the way up to my thighs. I opened the door and I knew from his reaction alone that this was definitely THE dress. “God, you are gorgeous.” he rasped. He looked me in the eye and visibly swallowed. From there I couldn’t help the flirtatious demeanor that took over.

“Really?” I asked looking at him through hooded lashes. I took my hands and ran them down my sides, barely brushing the sides of my breasts, to my waist and then down my hips. His eyes followed my movements intently.

“Yes.” he said barely more than a whisper.

“You don’t think it’s a bit much?” I asked, tracing my cleavage with my finger.

“It’s perfect.” he said as he now openly stared Kartal Escort at my breasts, my waist, my everything.

“And what about these?” I said as I gently slid the slit of the dress to the side, exposing my garters where they attached to the corset. I heard him moan and the next thing I was aware of was being pinned to the wall, the skirt of my dress pushed up my waist. His hard cock ground into me as the weight of his body held me in place. I felt him pull the dress down exposing the cups of my bras. Then I felt him push the cups down with little regard, first one then the other.

He used one arm and hand to steady my weight, but the other one he used to grab, squeeze and pinch my nipples, bringing them to his mouth, sucking on them. I wrapped my arms securely around him, trying to hold up my own weight. I felt him fumble with his zipper, releasing his hard, dripping cock. He rubbed it against my new matching panties, then shoved those to the side and rubbed the head of his cock against my very wet center. I arched back trying to force him inside of me. I didn’t have to wait long. At the same time I silently asked for it, he surged inside of me, entering roughly. I could tell immediately that it was going to be difficult to temper my orgasm.

I could feel the scream begin to build in my throat. His cock inside of me. Fucking me brutally against the wall. My father, my lover, taking me against the wall of a dressing room, not thirty feet away from a roomful of people. I held as tight as I could, fucking him back, riding his cock as I gained leverage. My tits shaking, my breathing hard. I began to tremble and I pulled back to make eye contact. “Oh God Daddy… PLEASE.”

As always, he knew. He brought his hand to my mouth, covering it completely, looking me straight in the eye as he did it. He kept that eye contact until I came violently against him, fucking his cock with every ounce of energy in my body.

As soon as he knew I was finished, he removed his hand and kissed me harshly, shoving his tongue in my mouth. “mmm Daddy.. yes please… Daddy this feels SO good!” I whisper screamed as soon as my mouth was free. He continued to pound me against the wall occasionally taking notice as my tits would shake, my nipples red and almost raw from the hard sucking. I felt his orgasm approach and did something I’d yet to do to this point. “Daddy, do you like fucking your baby? Do you like fucking your baby girl? Filling my pussy with your hard cock? Coming inside your baby’s tiny pussy? Fuck me daddy, PLEASE!” The words affected him immediately.

He began to spasm and shake, pounding harder and harder until his body stretched to it’s it limit coming all he had inside my cunt. My own words, and his reaction to them, sent me spiraling into another orgasm. As he began to come, I clenched around him, milking him hard. We came together finally, me holding my breath, my scream dying inside my mouth.

Spent and exhausted he lowered me instantly. I leaned myself back into a sitting position, finding the built in stool and sitting down. He looked at me and kissed me hard. He dressed quickly, told me to wait 5 minutes and then come find him in the Men’s Department. He left and I stayed exactly there, dress hiked up, pussy showing, tits still displayed, trying to come to grips with the fact that I had just fucked my father in the dressing room of department store.

It was another 10 minutes before my cell phone started to ring, bringing me out of my stupor. I quickly dressed and met my father at the register. We kept glancing at each other as the salesclerk covered the dress in plastic. I watched as my father paid for it, knowing that it must be killing him. Knowing the next time I wore it, it wouldn’t be for him. I would be wearing the dress he bought, that he fucked me in, for a boy not even half his age.

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