You’re a Big Boy Now

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Timothy Eggleston’s graduation party was nothing like he had expected, because the introverted nerd figured that it would just be a bunch of his relatives who would all fuss about him, telling him how adorable he was and praising his high school academic achievements which had nearly been good enough to make him Valedictorian.

There was plenty of that backslapping, but several of his classmates had also showed up, and that surprised the geek since all through his teens these people had treated him more like a mascot than a friend and put him through way more than his share of pranks and teasing. The combination of terminal shyness, nerdy looks and being a holy roller made high school hell.

When one of the more popular guys took him aside about halfway through the dull affair, Timothy figured there was something going on that would end up in embarrassment for the 18 year old, such as yanking his pants down in front of everyone. He was right about that, but not in the way he had feared.

“Hey Egbert,” Ross said, referring to the nickname that Timothy had picked up long ago and loathed. “Gotta talk to you.”

“We all got together and decided that you were such a good sport all these years, putting up with our crap,” Ross Barnes told him as he put an arm around his shoulder away from the crowd, “and we decided you deserved a present. Something we’re sure none of your relatives would give you, and something we’re sure you haven’t had before. You know Angie right?”

“This is a joke, right?” Timothy asked as he pushed his glasses back up his nose while looking at the girl who was rather legendary at Hoover High, and even someone as square as Timothy had heard the stories.

“No, Angie thinks you’re cute. Always has, and when we suggested she give you a special present – well, we told her a little about you as well – but she said she’d love to,” Ross explained. “You’ve never gotten your cock sucked before, have you?”

“No,” Timothy replied, not wanting to admit that someone had done that once a while back, but it was a older man who had been a counselor at a summer camp and not a girl, and while Angie was no beauty, with acne and a body as scrawny as his own, she was a girl. “But we aren’t married or even engaged so that’s very wrong.”

“Why don’t you just sneak away when nobody is looking then? Walk back into the woods in the back of your yard and wait for Angie. She knows those woods like we all do, and there’s a nice quiet and secluded place we use for parties and stuff. You can just talk to her if you want. Otherwise people will think those rumors about you are true.”

“They aren’t, but I know what happens back there,” Timothy nodded, because he had heard the shouting and laughter coming from back there as he sat at his bedroom window and in weaker moments almost wished he was back there, and he had ventured back there some mornings and seen the empty beer cans and other evidence of their parties.

“Angie will take you back there and when you come back you’ll be a changed man,” Ross assured him, so Timothy did what he was told and sure enough, a couple of minutes later gum chewing Angie worked her way through the brush to meet him.

“Can’t believe they talked me into this,” Angie Panetta mumbled under her breath when she saw Timothy standing there with his eyes bugging out of his head, and as she got up to the boy she smiled and said, “You look like you’re going to the electric chair. Relax. I’m going to suck it, not bite it off. Let’s go.”

The girl took Timothy by the hand and led him to the clearing where canlı bahis there was a big stump that was used as a table, and when she let go of Timothy’s sweaty hand she told him to take his pants off.

“Here?” Timothy croaked. “Besides, I thought we could just talk. The youth group at church is having a retreat and if you would like to attend…”

“I’ll pass. Of course right here Egbert,” Angie replied. “Even though I think the guys are yanking my chain about you.

“Could you call me Timothy? he asked meekly.

“Whatever,” Angie said as she snapped her gum, and then came the arduous task of his shaking hands undoing his belt and letting his pants drop to his knees.

After stepping out of his slacks Timothy stood there holding the elastic of his boxer shorts which swam on his skinny frame, finally managing to ask, “This is very wrong. You aren’t going to laugh at me, are you Angie?”

“I’m going to leave if we don’t pick up the pace here, because the bugs are eating me alive” the girl declared as she slapped her wrist, but when she saw the look on the nerd’s face she lightened up. “No, I’m not going to laugh at you. I’ve seen plenty of cocks before, and I’ve heard a lot about yours.”

“You have?” Timothy responded, wondering how anyone could have seen him since he hadn’t taken gym glass since his freshman year, when the teasing had forced him to feign an illness to his doctor to get out of the class.

“Yeah. C’mom man,” Angie said as she watched the kid’s bony knees knock, and then to kill the tension she asked, “You shave your legs Timothy?”

“No,” he mumbled while trying to get the nerve up to drop his boxers, his neck burning when he heard the girl say what the guys often had to him, but finally Timothy closed his eyes and dropped the boxers.

“Move your hands dude,” Angie snapped, and when he did the girl spat out her gum and let out a low whistle.

“They weren’t kidding. You do have a pretty big one,” Angie observed as she came up to the teen and took hold of his flaccid penis, and after giving it a tug she smiled as the elastic nature of the limp dick allowed it to stretch out. “Damn. You got one hell of a cock on you. It’s like a freaking elephant’s trunk.”

“What’s the matter? Doesn’t this feel good to you?” Angie asked after a minute of pulling produced nothing.

“Nervous,” Timothy responded, although terrified would be a better description of how he felt.

“Don’t be. Here,” Angie said as she moved behind the lad and reached around his hip, and as she kept pulling on the spongy cock in her fist the girl looked down over the shorter Timothy’s shoulder at what she was doing. “I like standing behind a guy like this. It’s like I’m pretending I have a cock.”

“There, I can feel you getting hard now,” Angie said as her fist began moving on a semi-erect organ. “It’s awesome the way the knob of your cock pops in and out from your foreskin. Can’t wait until I get this one-eyed trouser snake hard so I can suck it. Keeps getting longer every second.”

“Oh!” Timothy groaned.

“Don’t you…” Angie managed to get out before the boy in front of her moaned while his body started shaking, and then a long rope of semen spurted out in front of them and onto the grass, and although Angie cursed she kept milking the teen until he was finally spent, only then letting go of the limp organ and shaking her wrist to get rid of the semen on the back of her hand.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna cum?” Angie said in scolding the crestfallen teen who kept saying he was sorry, and then Angie bahis siteleri told him it was alright. “We can tell them I gave you head, okay?”

“No,” Timothy snapped. “No one can know anything about any of this.”

“Well we can’t stay back here all day until you can get it up again, can we?” Angie declared.

“No, I mean I can – you know?” Timothy claimed. “Again I mean. Really fast.”

“Have a lot of practice?” Angie snickered.

“Yeah,” the lad said sheepishly, the fact that he had pleasured himself often while looking at the pictures of his classmates – Angie included – making the embarrassment worse with her standing there talking to him, and besides, what he had already done was bad enough.

“Will this help get you hard?” Angie asked, and as she spoke the girl looked around and then pulled off her baggy blouse, revealing a pair of apple-sized breasts unsupported by a bra.

Seeing bug-eyed Timothy’s reaction, the brazen girl took a step towards him and grabbed his hands, placing them on her bared breasts and helping him knead them.

“Like my titties?” Angie asked. “You ever feel a girl’s tits before?”

Timothy didn’t answer but the girl knew he didn’t have to because it was obvious, so while the lad squeezed her breasts Angie reached down and grabbed the spongy organ again, pulling on the rubbery hose and almost immediately feeling a recovery as it began to firm up.

“You weren’t kidding were you Egb – sorry – I mean Timothy?” Angie snickered. “That’s it honey. Go ahead, suck on my nipples if you want.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck them titties. AS soon as you get close to hard again I’m gonna kneel down and suck you until you cum in my mouth,” Angie told him. “Man, I’ve sucked a lot of cocks – older guys too – but I’ve never sucked on one as long as yours is. What do you have there? Nine inches at least, and I don’t know if I can deep throat you, but I’m sure as hell going to try.”

With that Angie broke off Timothy’s hungry nursing on her tits and calmly dropped to her knees, taking the shaft of the almost hard cock in her fist and causing the pink mushroom head to appear briefly before making it disappear in her mouth.

“OH!” Timothy groaned, his knees almost buckling as Angie’s lips slid about halfway down the shaft, and to catch himself the lad grabbed the kneeling girl’s head.

“Gonna skull fuck me Timmy?” Angie cackled as she pulled off his swollen organ a moment. “Go for it baby.”

The boy had no idea what Angie was talking about, all he knew was what the girl was doing to him felt way better than his hand ever did, and when Angie reached under the arching tool to grab Timothy’s balls that only made it better for him.

“Angie!” Timothy whined as he felt his orgasm rising within him, but the girl seemed crazed and not only didn’t stop but started moving her mouth up and down what she was able to suck faster while her fist jerked the shaft, and when he came Angie choked a bit but kept on sucking until he was drained, only then stopping and getting to her feet.

“Wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t the one swallowing your spunk,” Angie noted as she picked up her blouse and put it on, all the while Timothy stood there with his pants still down to his ankles. “That’s one frigging amazing cock you have there.”

Nodding over to the side of the clearing, Angie nodded and asked Timothy who was only now staring to get himself together, “Who’s the broad over there with the blue hair?”

“What? Huh?” Timothy mumbled as he glanced over to where Angie was nodding, and the sight bahis şirketleri of the silver haired lady over next to a tree had him yank his pants up in a hurry. “Oh no!”

“She’s been watching almost since the start, but I kinda get off being watched,” Angie explained. “You think you can get it up again? I’ll let you fuck me if you can. I’ll bet that old lady would love to watch that.”

“Aunt Rita,” Timothy groaned as the two looked at each other from afar. “This can’t be.”

“Back to the party for me so I can wash down your cum with some beer. You coming Egbert – I mean Timothy?” Angie asked as she started to leave, but when the boy stayed put she went back on her own.

“I’m never going anywhere near my family again,” Timothy said under his breath while waiting for his father’s sister to leave, but not only didn’t the buxom woman leave, instead she made her way through the brush towards the stump where her nephew looked around for a place to hide.

“Aunt Rita. I know I’ve sinned. I – I – I – can explain,” Timothy stuttered as the matronly woman stood across the stump from him and seemed to enjoy his misery.

“Not much to explain Timothy,” Aunt Rita replied. “One of your friends told me and your Aunt Caroline that they were having a surprise for you back here. Caroline had to go to the bathroom or else she would be here too, and boy will she be sorry she missed that.”

“Luckily, technology will let me share it all with her,” the woman explained as she came around towards the rattled teen with her phone in her hand, and as she got closer Timothy could see that he was the start of the little movie, standing there obscenely with his penis fully visible as Angie knelt before him.

“Please don’t Aunt Rita,” Timothy begged, pleading as tears started to flow down his reddened cheeks. Not Aunt Caroline.”

“She’s a horny broad same as me,” his aunt explained. “Now your mother? She’s not as open minded as our side of the family is so I’m not sure how she…”

“NO!” Timothy howled, practically falling to his knees as she staggered dramatically towards her. “Not Mommy.”

“Get a grip Timothy, turn off those tears and act like a man,” Rita snapped, and as she looked down at the teen’s rumpled crotch she added, “After all, you’re a big boy now. A very big boy. I actually believe your cock is bigger than my brother’s, and that’s saying something. Nobody has to know anything. That’s your choice.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You’re the boy genius so you should be able to figure out what I want, and you might like it too,” Rita said as she took her silky top in her hands and opened it up, exposing the camisole underneath and her massive breasts which rested unsupported underneath the gauze. “Nothing against your little friend that was back here, but I think you might find that sometimes a pair of ‘D’s’ are better than a couple of ‘A’s’, and I have the skills that a cock the size of yours needs to really be satisfied.”

“Monday morning. You know where we live. Get down there after 9.”

“But… what about Uncle Roy?”

“He leaves at a quarter of 9. Why? You swing both ways? Roy can’t help you there because he hasn’t gotten it up for years, but if you want a threesome I have a male friend who could join us,” Rita explained.


“Then Monday morning after 9,” Rita concluded. “Don’t look so sad. I might be carrying a few extra pounds but for 56 I’m not bad looking. Not afraid to take a whopper like yours in the ass either if that’s what you’re into. Don’t be late.”

“I’m not going there,’ Timothy told no one as he watched his aunt’s plump bottom head back to the house. “That’s wrong. This is all wrong. Thankfully church is tomorrow so I can cleanse myself of all this.”


Thank you for reading.

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