11 – Liam

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“Last one for the day, but somehow it seems a lot longer than just three appointments.” Dr. N said with an exhausted tone in her voice.

“I know, I can’t wait to just collapse in bed later tonight and sleep.” Amanda replied, hanging her head showing her exhaustion as well. “How do people do this every day anyway?”

“I have no idea Amanda, dear.” Dr. N said full of agreement.

The last appointment wasn’t going to be the easiest either. Olivia was finally able to connect with her son again, but now needed real therapy for the two of them to get past where they had reached after her little indiscretion.

“Hello, Olivia, this must be Liam I assume?” Amanda shouted across the waiting room as they entered the door. “You can go right in; the doctor is ready for you now.”

Olivia and an unhappy looking Liam entered the doctor’s office and she greeted them.

“Hello, good to see both of you. Can I assume you have at least made some progress at patching things up?” Dr. N asked, a hint of optimism in her voice.

“Well, we’re talking again, but I haven’t liked the conversations we’ve been having.” Olivia started. “Liam wants me to have sex with him to make things right, or at a minimum he wants to be able to watch me have sex. I just don’t feel like I’m into that sort of thing.”

“That’s all there is that bothers you about that?” Dr. N asked in disbelief.

“Well, that’s not all of it, but to be honest after that girl’s night out I could use a little something more than what I’m getting and I’m really crazy from how horny I’ve been.” Olivia admitted, “I know it’s probably not right of me to think like that, but I’m just not thinking straight these days.”

“Liam, how do you feel about all this?” Dr. N asks to help guide the session.

“I don’t get the big deal. She’s always masturbating around the house and stuff. What’s the difference if I watch and masturbate too? I guess maybe having sex with her isn’t right, but I was so mad at her that night, so I wanted to punish her and pay her back.” Liam opened up a bit.

“That’s good, Liam. You do need to see your mother differently from just any woman out there, say on the internet or something.” Dr. N was encouraging to Liam for admitting what the problem was and trying to get him to open up some more. “What if you had someone else you could watch and maybe use a little to help you get over your anger toward your mother. Do you think that would help?”

“Maybe, what did you have in mind?” Liam shrugged as he responded.

“Amanda, dear!” Dr. N shouted out to the lobby for her assistant. “Would you come in here and help us for a little bit?”

Amanda was in the office in a flash, but was a little worried when she saw Dr. N motioning toward Liam. “Would you do us a favor and help this young man out, he needs to redirect some of the sexual anger her has toward someone other than his mother.” Amanda wasn’t sure what to think and was a little worried. She didn’t think Dr. N would do anything to hurt her, and hoped she wouldn’t do too much to upset her either, but she wasn’t sure anymore.

“Umm, what exactly does that mean?” Amanda asked nervously, standing with her arms crossed more for protection than anything else.

“Could you do Liam a favor and put on a little show for him? Since you’re always parading around half naked anyway, I figured you might as well make some use of it.” Dr. N, with all seriousness in her Bostancı Escort voice as Amanda was still processing the request.

“Umm, no touching though, right?” Amanda asked, still a bit nervous.

“We’ll start like that and see where things go. We should be able to manage with no touching, but I wouldn’t rule it out if Liam is on the verge of making a breakthrough with his mother.

As long as he doesn’t need to make any breakthroughs on me, Amanda thought to herself. “Okay, I’ll see what I can do for him. Anything to help a patient recover, I guess. I might need a little inspiration as well, if anyone wants to volunteer.”

Liam stood up, his dick showing a slight bulge in his gym shorts. As he slipped his shorts down, his half hard cock popped out and he stroked it a little to soothe the ache from being bent up in his shorts too long.

“I said inspiration, people. Anyone else want to help me get going?” Amanda said slightly annoyed.

Dr. N looked over at her with a bit of a smirk, then looked at Olivia to see whether she wanted to play along. After seeing no reaction from her she slowly started to unbutton her blouse, and Liam’s head was suddenly on a swivel looking back and forth between the two of them. Amanda, once again topless so she could rub her always aching nipples, and Dr. N slowly becoming topless herself. The slow stripping by the doctor was really working for him at the moment and he decided to focus more on her at first, but as Amanda got herself worked up a bit, he turned to enjoy her show as her sounds were much more enjoyable. Amanda had her eyes fixed on the doctor’s open top as her breasts were barely cupped by the balconette bra she had chosen for the day. It was like they were being presented for her enjoyment, teasing her for what would come later and that really warmed her up.

Liam was stroking his cock, watching the show, and as everyone else got into the action. Olivia finally started getting aroused by all the activity around her as well. As she looked over at the doctor, she saw that she had started to lift her breasts out of the tiny cups and let them spill out over the lace trim of her bra, pushing them up higher, her hard nipples pointing up as she rolled one between her fingers. Olivia moaned at the sight and reached to unbutton her blouse as well. She ripped through the buttons to expose her own too small bra, with her slighter bust just pushing at the edge. She tossed her blouse off and unhooked her bra so she had full access to her own breasts and was scrunching up one breast hard in her hand.

Liam saw his mom now topless and again was too overstimulated by all the activity to focus. The doctor moved over to be next to Amanda, so Liam could have one area to focus on and not be overwhelmed by staring at his mother getting off again. She was trying to help with the therapy not normalize the behavior. Still, she felt that something needed to happen to make both of them feel a bit contrite after the whole situation.

Amanda buried her face in the doctor’s chest and felt the heat between them grow. Amanda could never get enough of their time together and appreciated the extra attention as she grew more aroused. Her hand slid down between her legs and she started tracing the edges of her lips, gasping as she brushed too close to her sensitive areas. It was almost like a sexual tickle she felt as her hand played.

The doctor lifted Ümraniye Escort Amanda’s face and planted a deep kiss on her lips and they immediately parted, their tongues searching for each other as they swirled together wildly. She reached her hand around and cupped Amanda’s head in a soft embrace and held her to her face, tightly, sealing their lips together.

“Amanda, dear, I think Liam might be getting closer, finger yourself for him and make sure he knows it’s for him.” Dr. N gave Amanda a direct command that she didn’t love as she would rather stay engaged with her activity with the doctor.

“All right, but I don’t like this.” Amanda grumbled as she turned to sit in the chair to face Liam. She slid her panties down and flung them to Liam as an added gesture. “Here, suck on them if you want, keep them as a souvenir. Whatever you need, I guess, but I don’t want them back.”

Amanda surprised Dr. N with her action, but she appreciated it and showed it with an approving nod. The doctor moved back to her usual seat to observe the action so she could keep things under control.

Liam grabbed at the damp panties and hungrily sniffed to inhale Amanda’s scent, then slowly touched them to his mouth. His face screwed up a little as he tasted them, trying to figure out whether he liked it or not. It was unclear from his reaction and the doctor noted it.

“First pussy for him, apparently?” Dr. N said. “He might be spoiled after this as Amanda has one of the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.”

Amanda smiled at that, and was emboldened a little more to continue her show. She slid two fingers into her pussy rather roughly as she was extremely aroused now. Her fingering was fast, but steady and purposeful. She was saving herself for a bit, trying not to cum too soon. Oddly, for as aroused as she was, she didn’t feel right on the edge as much as she usually did.

Olivia looked over at the doctor, hoping for a pair of panties to suck on herself and replied. “You’d have to ask him really. I have no idea. I can’t imagine he’s had much chance since I don’t think he’s dated any girls yet.”

“Oh, did you want some for yourself? How rude of me.” The doctor shifted in her seat and slid her own damp panties down from under her skirt and tossed them to Olivia. “I’ve heard good things, and I certainly enjoy it myself, but you’ll have to settle for mine either way.”

Olivia grabbed the panties and inhaled them eagerly. The fragrance causing her to let out a contented sigh. Her mouth sucked at the damp spot and freed the doctor’s sweet nectar trapped in the fabric. She was getting close herself and her fingers were working furiously.

“Now, Amanda, go kneel in front of Liam so he can cover you in his load. Let him use you as his cum slut.” Dr. N astonished everyone in the room with her latest request, but most of all, Amanda.

She looked at the doctor with more than a hint of anger in her eyes as she reluctantly got up from her chair and slowly approached Liam. Kneeling down in front of him, she offered her chest as she lifted her breasts to present them for whatever purpose he needed. “Yes, Miss Natalya.” A broken Amanda responded, knowing her place now as she knelt there, worthless.

“That’s better, Amanda. Good girl.” Miss Natalya reassured her.

Liam stepped up and was frantically stroking his cock now, staring at Amanda’s pretty face and supple breasts as she held Kartal Escort them up. Amanda wasn’t having fun at all as she fidgeted, awaiting the hot sticky mess she dreaded any moment. Liam still seemed to be quite a way off but was definitely trying to get there.

“Lick your lips for him, like you want to swallow that big, sticky load and smear it all over your face.” Miss Natalya goaded Amanda some more, pushing her limits.

Amanda grimaced as she licked her lips, hoping none of that was going to happen. “I don’t want any of that in my mouth, but I’ll do as you say, Miss Natalya. I only wish to please you.”

Liam was still stroking hard, but seemingly nowhere near climax yet. The doctor held on for a while, letting Amanda squirm. “Olivia, would you go kneel next to Amanda, perhaps he needs to see you as subservient and penitent for your sins to properly reach closure on this issue.” Dr. N suggested.

Olivia looked a little shocked, but agreed with the doctor’s analysis and moved over to be near Amanda.

“Liam, is this what you want? Do you want to punish your mother for her behavior, do you feel she is guilty enough for that? Is she a dirty little whore for what she did?” Dr. N asked Liam in some harsh language to make him realize how he had been behaving.

“Yes, she’s a dirty whore and I want to defile her with my seed.” Liam shouted as he started to near orgasm.

“Olivia, present your breasts to your son so that he may cover what once nursed him with his hot load.” Dr. N was full of surprises today. Olivia looked over at the doctor and reluctantly pushed her small breasts up and together as a target for Liam. He started to jerk a little and then spasm as he stroked, harder and harder. A thick stream of cum shot out and went nowhere near his mother’s breasts, but splattered right across her face, dripping into her mouth and down onto her breasts. Each subsequent spurt covered more and more of her breasts as his orgasm subsided. As the last trickle ran down his shaft and hand, Olivia surprised everyone in the room by reaching out and taking her son’s cock in her mouth and sucking out the remaining cum as her son moaned in pleasure. Moments after, they both broke down crying and embraced each other. Needing some time together to just recover what had been lost. It was a bit unorthodox, but it seemed to have worked for the mother and son.

They both put themselves together and made their way out of the office. Just as they were about to leave Olivia turned around and mouthed a thank you to the doctor and Amanda, who was still kneeling on the floor sobbing, after breaking down much farther than she ever expected.

“I can’t believe what you just asked me to do.” Amanda sobbed.

“I needed to push them both to this conclusion and it was the only way. I’m truly sorry Amanda, I would never do anything to really hurt you. Had his mother not stepped up, I would have intervened and taken your place. Please forgive me.” Dr. N said, her tone overflowing with regret and remorse.

Still sobbing, Amanda stood up and walked over to the doctor. The doctor instead motioned her over to the couch to join her there. The doctor reclined and patted her legs to indicate that Amanda should plop herself right there and snuggle with her.

Amanda climbed on top and rested her head on Miss Natalya’s breasts, still lightly sobbing.

“There, there, Amanda, my good girl. Know that I will never hurt you. I care very deeply for you. You might even say that I love you.” Miss Natalya opened up and shared a bit. The day was still full of surprises.

Amanda looked up at her with a confused look on her face. Did she say what she thought she just said?

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