18 yo Schoolgirl Gets a Mouthful

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I can just imagine you when you were 18. The teacher walking up and down the rows of students. Their heads down as they write. The teacher standing behind you. You sitting at your desk, tits bulging out of your tight blouse. Top buttons undone. Legs apart. Skirt hiked up. As you write, you finger your pussy. Standing above you, his eyes linger on your tits. His cock grows hard. He makes his way back to his desk and sits down.

Now he is facing you and his eyes are drawn back to your open legs. He has an unobstructed view of your pussy. With your panties pushed aside allowing your fingers full access. To try to hide his discomfort, he allows his hand to rest casually in his lap, trying to conceal his erection.

He pretends not to look at you. His eyes sweep around the classroom, monitoring the other students, all busily writing their essays. When his eyes return to you, he finds you staring straight into his. Your lips are parted in a half smile. You lick them showing your pink tongue. You half close your eyes and continue to finger-fuck your pussy. You put the end of the pen in your mouth, lick it with the tip canlı bahis of your tongue and look your teacher in the eye. Then you take the fingers that you were using to frig your pussy and suck them, slowly and obscenely. The teacher’s eyes almost bulge out of his head! He is still staring when the bell rings for the end of the lesson.

It takes several seconds for him to snap out of his daydream. Trying to regain his authority, he announces to the class: “T-time’s up. Leave your papers turned face down and go to your next lesson!”

He remains seated behind the safety of his desk. He dare not stand up with his raging hard-on so evident. You remain in your seat as the other students leave the room.

You can see him looking furtively round the room, thinking furiously; looking for somewhere to take you. You smile openly at his confusion and spread your legs even wider, opening your pussy lips with your fingers and offering him a tantalizing view of your hot, wet cunt.

He licks his lips nervously then, coming to a decision, he suddenly stands up and walks over to you. Without a word he grabs your arm and bahis siteleri pulls you to your feet. Then he half pushes, half drags you to the back of the classroom, opens a door and shoves you into the toilet.

Reaching under your skirt, he grabs your panties and yanks them down to your ankles. He lifts you and sits you in the metal sink, forces your legs apart and buries his face between your legs. His mouth eagerly licks, sucks and devours the lips of your pussy. Roughly he inserts one then two fingers into your cunt, pushing them in deeply again and again as he licks and bites your clit. You feel an orgasm building and you wait in anticipation for your body to erupt. But he stops frigging you, leaving you hanging on the brink, groaning with frustration.

In one motion he strips off his trousers and jocks then sits on the closed toilet seat. He opens his legs and strokes his cock. He motions for you to kneel on the concrete floor between his legs. Without ceremony, he seizes you by the hair and pushes your head onto his cock. “Open up, bitch,” he mutters. “Suck it you slut!”

You reach for his cock bahis şirketleri with both hands and start to lick the head. With a growl, he pushes your hands away. Grabbing you by the hair, he forces his engorged cock deep into your mouth. “Yeah. Take it all you bitch. Swallow my big fat prick, you little cock-sucker!”

With his rock-hard prick filling your throat, you gag, unable to breathe, and you feel ready to pass out. Then he pulls out almost completely before renewing his assault. Each time he thrusts, you hear him groan with lust. ” Look me in the eye while I fuck your mouth you hot little cock- teaser!”

Relentlessly he slams your head down on to his prick as if he was fucking a blow-up doll! Again and again you feel his big cock filling your mouth and invading your throat. You try to relax your throat muscles and swallow his fat prick without choking.

Then with a groan , he pulls out and you feel his hot cum spurting onto your face. He sneers, rubbing his prick over your face and slapping your mouth. “Just look at your slutty little face dripping with cum.” He pushes his cock back into your bruised and swollen mouth. “Lick it clean, you slut. And for fuck’s sake, clean yourself up. You’re a mess!”

He chuckles aloud, wipes his cock in your hair, slips his pants on and leaves you to clean yourself up as best as you can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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