A Blessing and a Curse Pt. 01

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Chapter 1

“Ding Ding” That can’t be another one of those messages Lucca thought. He turns his phone screen on and it’s a message from Lyla:

“Hey, how is it going? Haven’t heard from you in a while”

Maybe she really just wants to know how I’m doing. He taps on the message and replies:

“I’m good, hbu?”

As soon as he pressed send he sees the three dots moving left to right.

“Same here, only a bit of stress because of uni but other than that…

Listen, there is a rumor about you going around and I have to say I’m a bit curious😜”

Aw shit, it is one of those messages… How did it come to this?

He turns of the screen and throws his phone to the other end of the sofa that he’s sitting on. He stares out of the living room window and his mind wanders back to where it all started.

-Three years earlier-

Lucca was in his last year of high school now and had just turnt 18 the year before. Him and his family lived in a small house in a village not to far from the capital. He was a bright kid but didn’t do much for his education. And his parents were too occupied with their own life’s so they didn’t really notice.

Lucca’s father, Andre, had build his own construction company when he was younger but sadly it wasn’t doing so well in the past years so it went bankrupt. Since then he had been looking and applying for many jobs. But because didn’t have much work experience as an employee the only job he could get was as a cleaner in a chemistry lab. It paid alright but he had to work a lot of hours and was rarely home.

It was a similar story with Lucca’s mother, Isabella. She didn’t work when her husband had his own company but since they had not as much money coming in as before she went to her old job, being a nurse.

Over the summer break Lucca went to soccer camp. He played since he was a little kid, it was probably the only thing he put some effort in. He was pretty good, but never good enough to play pro, which used to be his dream as a kid. He knew he’d never make it but since he still had some part of him dreaming about it he want to every camp he could and tried to get better. This summer being no exception.

What he didn’t expect though was meeting the coaches daughter, Maya, again. She was there to help out her dad. A few years ago Lucca met her at a game but he hasn’t seen her since. Apparently she visited a boarding school for a while and now she was back. She was Lucca’s age and as him going to start her last year of high school after the summer.

They hit it of immediately, she was smart, athletic and making him laugh all the time. Not only that but she was smoking hot too. She had changed a lot since he had last seen her. She had brown curly hair, green eyes, was about 160cm tall and her body was amazing, especially in those short soccer shorts she was wearing. She had a slim and curvy physique, long legs and wide hips with huge breasts, probably a D or double D cup Lucca thought.

Maya thought the same way about Lucca. He was very much her type. About 185cm tall with light brown short hair and brown eyes. He was training almost daily and it reflected on his body, it was very athletic.

Lucca never had a girlfriend or any experience with girls for that matter. The only experience he had was a kiss he got in a game of spin the bottle when he was at a birthday party at age 15.

Of course as a teenage boy becoming a man he was horny pretty much 24/7 but he was a bit shy and never knew how to approach girls like that. He was friends with most girls in his class, but most of them just thought of him as a good friend.

Luckily on the last day of camp all the players and some of their friends had a little party at the soccer club house. The coach gave Maya the keys so she could close up and he didn’t have to stay for what he called ‘a miserable night’. Some of the players invited some girls. As more booze started coming into play the club house transformed into something looking like a scene from American Pie. Some of them were dancing and a lot more were making out and playing drinking games, taking thir clothes of in the process. Lucca was drinking a bit himself and felt more confident than usual and as he saw Maya he approached her dancingly. She too had some drinks and they both danced for a while, getting closer to each other with every song. They felt each others breath on their faces as the danced closely. Their sweaty bodies touching as they both felt something in the air.

About half an hour later they were both exhausted because of all the dancing. They decided to go outside and there they laid down in the grass of the soccer field.

“What a night” Maya said.

“Yeah, pretty wild huh?” he answered.

As they looked each other in the eye they got closer to each other. Lucca was nervous but he slowly looked at her quivering lips and went in for the kiss, Maya reciprocated. He immediately felt that she knew what she was doing. She definitely had some experience before, bahis siteleri unlike him.

Their kiss was hot and after a few seconds Maya started using her tongue as well. Wow, this is fucking hot Lucca thought and he felt his pants tightening as he became erect. He started caressing her neck as his other hand was on her back going up and down.

Lucca rolled on his back as Maya mounted him and after making out for a few minutes she backed off.

“You never did this before, could that be?” she asked surprised but kindly.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Lucca asked serious but meaning it sarcastically.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean to insult you it’s just that-“

“I’m kidding,” he said “I never did this before”

Maya started chuckling as her surprised look started to fade and she went in for another kiss. Although she never met a guy with as little experience as Lucca she didn’t mind, he was a fast learner. She liked him very much and he even stayed until all the others were gone to help Maya cleaning and closing up. Maya lived in the next village to his but he still accompanied her home and on the way they talked and exchanged numbers.

Lucca didn’t think much of it on the way home. He was happy and glad to have had the experience but he was pretty sure a girl like Maya wouldn’t be interested in him and wrote it of as being the alcohol that influenced her. But the next day he got a text from her and they met up again. Soon they met each other almost daily. They went out to eat, watched movies and got to know each other very well.

When school started again word already got around since it was a small village. Some of the more popular classmates teased Lucca about his new girlfriend.

“So, finally got laid?” Peter asked him.

He was one of his classmates that was pretty arrogant but rightfully so. He has had several girlfriends before and had sex multiple times already. And according to himself, he was hung like a horse.

Lucca wasn’t intimidated by those kind of claims and was just happy. But Peter’s words got him thinking. He liked Maya a lot but he definitely was ready and waiting for years already to finally have sex. Maya and him have been going out for almost a month now and he didn’t make a move past making out, he had to change that.

What Lucca also started noticing was that many of his female friends in school seemed to look at him differently since he had a girlfriend. Almost like they saw him in a new light now that another girl was interested in him. But again he didn’t pay to much attention to it.

Chapter 2

Lucca watched a lot of porn and even watched lots of tutorials on how to please a woman to prepare for his next move on Maya. She came over a lot to his place since his parents weren’t home most of the time. One of those days they made out again and after a while started watching a movie, movie 43. The movie was boring and weird. Maya seemed to bored by it as well and in these last days making out didn’t seem to interest her either.

She had a low cut crop top which made her voluptuous tits almost fall out. She looked amazing and Lucca noticed as she was resting in his arm, he couldn’t stop looking at her cleavage.

Maya noticed his stare but she didn’t mind, she actually encouraged it since she wasn’t sure if Lucca was even that interested in her. It was actually quite the opposite but he couldn’t seem to overcome his fears.

After starring at her tits as they moved up and down from her breathing for about 10 minutes straight, Maya finally said.

“You know you can touch them if you want”

She didn’t have to tell him twice and he started touching her breast over her top, it felt amazing. Finally he made his move although Maya helped. She sat on top of him and he put his hands under her top inside her bra and started felling up her areolas. She had those kind of nipples that you couldn’t see or feel when they weren’t erect but after playing with them for a while he felt her nipples getting hard. OMG, that feels amazing they both thought as they made out and she started moaning.

Somehow struck with confidence he moved his hands on her back below her shirt and opened her bra. Maya was breathing heavily ahe pulled her top over her head, revealing her gorgeous tits as her bra was falling of underneath. Lucca ripped it off of her sexy toned body and immediately got her breasts in both his hands and started sucking on her nipples. Maya started moaning more and more as Lucca felt his cock getting harder.

He moved up to her face again and started kissing her intensely as he touched her breasts and hard nipples. She loved the way he was fondling her huge tis and moaned in his mouth as her hips moved back and forth rubbing on his rock hard cock through their pants. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second. She moved her hands to his belt and tried to open it as he felt her up. But before she could Lucca held her up by the hips and stood up as he held her. He then laid her on the couch canlı bahis siteleri and removed his shirt showing his athletic body. Against his chest he felt her hard nipples wet from his spit as he approached her again kissing her intensely.

“Take your pants off” he whispered in her ear and she did hectically.

Him demanding it made her even wetter as she took them off. He started kissing down her body, over her breasts and sucked on her nipples again as she moaned loudly. He kissed down her toned belly and arrived at her pubic mound still covered by her soaked panties. As he pressed his tongue against her swollen pussy lips sicking through her panties she started moaning loudly.

There she laid almost naked in front of him, her hot body sweating a little and glistening in the setting sunlight. Lucca pulled down her panties as he continued massaging her clit with his tongue. She had a little trimmed triangle of pubic hair above her pussy and he just couldn’t stop looking at it while eating her pussy. He finally had a gorgeous naked woman laying in front of him, he couldn’t believe it. His hands were shaking as he inserted two of his fingers inside her wet pussy and his dick was rock hard and pressing against his left pant leg.

“Mmm, fuck you’re making me so wet!” Maya moaned loudly as his fingers were making the ‘come here’ motion.

His other hand was on her leg pulling her into his face. Fuck, I think I’m about to cum he thought as Maya moaned louder and louder. Get it together! And he concentrated even more on her pleasure than before. His only goal was to make her cum, he wanted to feel her wet juices running down his face.

Maya was starting to tremble as she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. She ran her hand through his hair and started pulling it while her other hand was touching her tits. Lucca had both his hands on her legs now and pulled her even harder towards him. She felt the pressure on her clit as he licked and sucked on it continuously.

“Oh fuck…” she whispered moaning “Keep doing whatever you’re doing! I’m about to cum”

“Oh are you now?” he asked her as he teased her with his tongue slowly.

“Oh fuck, please do it like before” she begged.

He continued teasing her and licked her clit slowly and carefully in circles as she tried to push her pelvis into his face.

“Could you please,” she said “Please make me-“

She couldn’t finish the sentence as he pulled her into his face again. Sucking on her clit and licking it in circles. Feeling her pussy juice running down his face.

“Oh my God!” Maya moaned almost screaming.

She moaned even louder now and her legs were shaking in his hands. He enjoyed the view as she trembled and her pussy was dripping juices all over him. She left a big stain on the couch but he didn’t care at that point.

“Oh my god” Maya whispered moaning “I don’t think I ever had an orgasm this intense” she said with her voice still trembling a bit.

“It was a pleasure” Lucca answered with a grin on his face.

“How come two months ago you could barely kiss me and now you have abilities like these?!”

“Beginners luck I guess” he said shrugging his shoulders.

Of course it was his vigorous research he had made previously. Maya couldn’t care less. She was overwhelmed and ecstatic about Lucca’s sexual skills and couldn’t wait to repay him.

Chapter 3

She stood up and fell into Lucca’s arms. Her pussy still soaking wet and her juices running down her leg. She kissed him as her tits rubbed against his chest. He almost forgot how hard he was as Maya’s leg rubbed against his cock.

“Now it’s your turn” she whispered as she started rubbing Lucca’s cock through his pants.

Oh my she thought as she buried her tongue into his mouth and felt the big bulge in his pants. It can’t be.

Maya turned around with Lucca and threw him on the couch. She sat on top of him with her naked gorgeous body rubbing her soaking wet pussy on his bulge and moaning loudly. Almost cumming again in that instant. She opened his belt and got off of him as she pulled his pants down. She couldn’t believe what she was saw! His cock was pressed together into a huge bulge inside his briefs.

“Wow” she whispered moaning as she looked at Lucca’s bulge and started pulling down his briefs.

Revealing his thick and veiny cock unfurling. Dropping onto the couch.

“Oh my god!” Maya exclaimed as her mouth stayed wide open “This has to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!”

No way he thought that but she was absolutely serious. She had never seen a cock that size before and didn’t even know a cock could be that big.

She had sex with two people before Lucca and neither of them came even close to his size. If she had put both of them together they’d still be shorter than his massive cock.

Her mouth was wide open in shock as she looked at it mesmerized. She hadn’t said anything in minutes and was just starring at it from all angles as she held it in her hands. canlı bahis Lucca started to feel nervous and somewhat uncomfortable. He didn’t know why Maya reacted the way she did.

“Are you ok?” he asked her carefully.

“Ye…Yeah” she said “It’s just that I didn’t even know dicks could get this big, fuck. How big is it?” she asked curiously.

“No idea” he answered.

“What? You never measured it? Don’t all guys do that”

“Well I didn’t. I didn’t know that was a requirement.” he said laughing.

Maya started stroking his cock. Still somewhat in shock. His cock had a slight curve to his left and it was heavy in her hands! It was skinnier at the base than at the tip and the thickest part was below his tip.

Lucca was exited to finally have a girl touching and stroking his cock. I hope she’ll blow me he thought as she was stroking him. Her pussy dripping onto floor. She was horny like she had never been before.

“I’m sorry, but I have to know how big it is” she said as she stood up and let his big cock fall on his stomach making a loud slapping noise.

“But…why?” Lucca asked.

“I’m just curious” she said looking through her backpack.

She came back with her pencil case and pulled out her ruler from school.

“Are you serious?” he asked laughingly, still thinking this was some kind of joke.

Lucca never really thought about his dick as being big. He saw so some guys in porn being similar to his size. So it couldn’t be that much of a surprise for her he thought. It really didn’t matter to him, but since Maya seemed overly enthusiastic about it, he let her have her fun.

She picked his dick up again and started stroking it because his erection had faded a bit since she started looking for her ruler. But after a few strokes and looking at her hot glistening body Lucca got hard real quick again.

“Could you stand up?” she asked him.

Lucca stood up and Maya didn’t let go of his dick for a second. His cock was massive and almost hit her in the face as he stood up. She laid the ruler on his dick and she just screamed in awe as she tried to measure it.

“No way” she exclaimed.

The ruler was 20cm long but Lucca’s dick surpassed it by quite a lot.

“Oh my god, that’s got to be 23cm at least. Maybe even 25.” Maya said lustfully.

“Could be” Lucca replied grining “Could we maybe continue now?” he asked somewhat inhibited.

“Shit, sorry. Of course” she said.

Maya was even more shocked than before as she stroked Lucca’s huge cock with both her hands. I don’t think I can take that. It’s way to big!

She pushed Lucca onto the couch again as she stroked his massive cock and she felt him getting even harder. His veins popping out the more she stroked it. What a gigantic cock.

“I’m sorry baby” she whispered carefully “But I don’t think I can take your monster.” she said looking Lucca in the eye.

For some reason that made Lucca even harder and he started moaning as she stroked his cock looking him in the eyes. He closed them and laid his head back to concentrate on not cumming.

“Why?” he asked her trying not to cum.

“Well look at it! It’s humongous!” she replied stroking his dick with both her hands now.

“Are you serious? I thought you’ve had sex before?!”

“I did, but not with a cock this size. I don’t even know if that’s possible.” she said “We’ll try next time, ok?”

Lucca felt bad. He was about to tell her to stop but then he suddenly felt something warm and wet covering the tip of his dick. He opened his eyes rapidly and saw Maya struggling to suck his tip.

“Oh my fucking god!” Lucca exclaimed.

His dick getting even harder as Maya stroked his dick with both her hands and her trying to suck more of it. Her eyes watering as she looked at him. She gagged on his cock and rapidly stopped to catch her breath. Her spit running down Lucca’s cock as her hands distributed the spit all over it.

“I still want you to cum baby” she said out of breath “Since you gave me the greatest orgasm I ever had!”

She continued sucking his cock, both her hands running up and down as she gurgled trying to suck more than his thick tip. She could barely get past the it but Lucca loved it! Mayas tits were bouncing up and down and her pussy was soaking wet. Dripping onto the floor as she tried her best to please her hung boyfriend.

“Oh god! I’m cumming” Lucca moaned loudly.

Maya could feel her boyfriends huge cock pumping in her hands and she started stroking even harder. Her eyes watering as she stopped sucking and the first splash of cum shot out onto her face.

“Oh wow, that was a lo-” she tried to say.

But before she could finish he shot even more ropes and covered her face, her tits and himself with his massive load. He was moaning loudly as Maya continued stroking him and pushing every last bit of cum out of his thick.

Maya collapsed into Lucca’s lap. His dick still in one of her hands and resting on his thigh. Cum still dripping onto the couch, right next to Maya’s wet stain from before.

“Fuck!” they both exclaimed simultaneously.

They looked at each other and start smiling and laughing.

“Damn, what took you so long” Maya asked.

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