A Chance Encounter Ch. 02

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She stood partially behind her open door. From where he was standing, he could see the same white tank top that she had worn in the car. He liked her a lot better without the sunglasses on. She had beautiful eyes, the kind that lit up a room when she walked in. Just her eyes told him that she was happy that he had showed up.

“Ummm, I’m glad that you came. I wasn’t sure if you really would. I was serious when I said that I had never done this before. I was being honest.” She was still standing hidden behind the door, in case of an overly nosey neighbor.

“How could I resist?” he smiled back at her.

“I’m sorry, come in, please.” She said, stepping back from the door but remaining hidden behind it. “Actually, I didn’t have enough time and didn’t really get changed like I wanted to.”

“Whoa, you look fabulous!” Stepping inside the door he could fully see her. She was dressed in only the white thong panties and the white short top. He could see that her tan was fabulously dark. Even the thong straps revealed that she was tan as far as he could see. And again, her nipples were sticking out, hard and inviting. She was barefoot, another thing that was an instant turn-on for Ken. And he couldn’t help but notice that she still had the belly piercing in place.

“Don’t forget, you promised to talk dirty to me,” she said, trying to sound like a little girl. “I sort of like that,” she said, almost embarrassed by her own request. “It seems to help me.” Her body language was almost shy, somewhat introverted, keeping her legs close together and tight. She warmed up instantly as the door close behind him. She put her arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him. She moved in close to him, pressed against him, kissing him softly on the lips. He responded in kind, putting his arms around her and kissing her back. It felt so natural, the kiss continuing for several moments. As his lips left her soft lips, his mouth moved immediately to her neck and the sensitive spot just behind her ear. Kissing her softly on the neck and behind her ear, he could hear her breath suck in quickly. He could also feel her press into him harder, almost desperately.

Leaning in close to her, he whispered, “Cunt, I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you’ll still feel me in you next week.”

“Ummm, promise?” she moaned, pushing into him harder. She was beginning to grind her pelvis into him. It didn’t take much before she could feel his cock against her pubic bone. He wasn’t hard yet, but it was so thick that it was standing out. She could feel her own juices began to seep from between her pussy lips. She’d been wet ever since the traffic stop and this was sending her over the edge. Moving her hips back away from him, she reached down with one hand and began to unzip his pants. At the same time she leaned up toward him, planting her mouth on his, kissing him hard. Finding the zipper she tugged at it, having a hard time getting it down because of the pressure of his cock against the soft fabric. She was finally able to get the zipper down all the way. She kept a tight hold on him, one arm around his neck pulling him tight against her.

“You’ve never been fucked like I’m gonna fuck you. I hope you like big and beefy you little bitch. I’ll make sure that you’re won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” he said to her, his hand moving down between her legs. Her legs were still tight together, but eased apart as his fingers touched her pubic mound. Even through her thong, he could feel that she was sopping wet. “You’re a wet little cunt, aren’t you?” He found himself wondering what she had been doing during the fifteen minutes apart. She was wet to the point of dripping.

“Yes, you seemed to have created a messy situation there,” she said as she dug her fingers into his opened fly. Digging frantically she tried to pull the huge cock out but couldn’t get it out. She kept pulling at it, her fingers barely able to grasp the base of his shaft. He was so big that she couldn’t get it out.

He lightly brushed the outer edges of her pussy lips, just teasing her. He could feel her hips push into him, trying to force his hand to touch her harder. He continued to lightly run his fingertips over the sensitive lips. Running his finger along the cotton edge of her thong, he pulled out on the light fabric, giving him enough room to move one finger in between the warm moist lips. She immediately tensed as he softly moved his finger around, coating it in her own juices. She instantly stepped up her assault on his cock, frantically pulling at the shaft, trying to free it from his pants. His finger continued moving up and down the sensitive lips, slowly parting them, pushing them open. Her breath was now coming in short hard gasps. She could no longer kiss him, but only cling to him with one arm around his neck as her other arm moved to free his cock.

“You’re just a little cunt. You can’t even get it out to suck it. I know just what you need. You need some of my milk to help perk you up. Don’t you cunt?” He said, a broad grin spreading across his face. He could tell that illegal bahis she could cum at any time. His finger kept up its slow and soft caresses of her inner lips. He was somewhat surprised at the ease of which it took to manipulate her. He had barely started on her and she was already approaching an orgasm.

“Yes, please. Don’t stop. Tell me what you’re gonna do to me.” She moaned in between gasps. She was literally hanging onto his neck, her hand now feebly trying to free the huge cock from his unzipped pants. He was so big that she couldn’t get it out. She had all but stopped trying, knowing that she couldn’t tug it free. Her fingers tried to move around the thick base, to get a better grip on it.

“I’m gonna strip you down like a whore, then I’m gonna eat your pussy till you beg me to stop. Then you’re going to suck my cock like the cunt that you are till I spurt huge globs down your throat. And you’re going to like it, begging for more. Do you understand me?” He then reached up one hand and grabbed her hair in the back, pulling her head back to look at him.

“Yes, I understand. Tell me what to do. Tell me what you want. I’m close, don’t stop.” Her breath was coming in pants. He pushed his leg in between hers forcing her legs apart wide. His finger had never stopped the gentle caresses. But now it was becoming more insistent. Gathering up a large amount of her own juice, he nudged it against the tight opening of her pussy. With his finger poised at her entrance, her eyes popped open wide. She was now digging deep into his pants, her fingers wrapped tightly around as much of his cock as she could get. She was frantically tugging at it, trying to free it.

“I want it. I want it out to play with it.” She said, almost pleading. He reached down and fished into his pants, gradually pulling out the stiff meat. He then took her own hand and placed it on his cock, wrapping her hand around it. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the entire length and girth of it. She couldn’t get her fingers around it. He wasn’t that long, probably about eight inches, but he was thicker than anything she’d ever felt.

With her hand clasped around his cock, he moved his fingertips back to her pussy lips, again reaching under the thong. Immediately her body stiffened as he pushed up to the entrance to her more than wet pussy. Slowly he pushed his middle finger into her, her entire body beginning to shake. Her eyes fluttered closed and her breathing was now coming in a rapid pant. Curling his finger upward, he felt inside of her till he could feel the hard lump at the top of her vaginal opening. There, he began to trace small circles around the sensitive spot, forcing her body to start cumming. The more he pressed into her G-spot, the more her body reacted to him. She was now clinging to him, one arm clutching him around the neck, the other arm jerking at the huge cock. She was beginning to cum now, harder and harder. As he felt her pussy begin to spasm around his finger, he applied more pressure to the fleshy sensitive spot, pushing into it while drawing small circles around it. He didn’t have to hold onto her, she had a death grip on him. Her entire body was shaking; her legs and stomach taut as the sensations began to fully wash over her.

“Cum bitch. Cum like the wet cunt that you are. Cum for me or I’ll punish you by making you cum till you can’t cum any more.” Even as he spoke, he could feel her juices washing over the hand that was still forcing her orgasm. He kept up the finger movements, feeling her pussy clutching at his finger. She was now thrusting, her hips moving in and out against his finger. It was a powerful orgasm. She had been jerking hard at his cock, trying to make him cum, but her own orgasm had distracted her. Her hand was clutching loosely at his fleshy member. Pre-cum was all over her hand. She wasn’t even rubbing it, just holding on to it.

Ken felt that he was about to cum till her hand went limp around his cock. The dirty talking routine had distracted him enough that he didn’t think that he would cum. He wasn’t use to this kind of treatment of women, but he was more than willing to please her. He didn’t exactly like the language, but if it helped her cum more intensely, then he was more than into it. By now she was holding onto him tightly, her body stiff and shaking as the orgasm spread outward from her pussy. After several moments, her grip on him loosened. Feeling her body begin to slump, he gradually lessened the pressure on her G-spot, allowing her to continue cumming as long as she was able to. She was literally draped over him, holding on for dear life, her legs limp as the last of her vaginal spasms eased. Her stomach was still obviously tight, but her legs would no longer hold her up. As her body slumped down, his finger popped out of her tight but very wet pussy.

Holding her against him, he moved her toward the bedroom, almost carrying her. She was moaning softly, her legs still unable to move. In the bedroom, he gently lay her down on the bed.

“You cum like a bitch in heat,” he told her, illegal bahis siteleri watching her as she lay back on the bed, almost as if she were about to pass out. She was smiling, a dreamy look on her face. Her thong was still in place but with her legs spread wide like they were, Ken could see a large amount of her thick juices spreading outward on the soft fabric. He actually was surprised at how easily she had cum, since he had not even touched her breasts or her clit.

“Damn, how did you do that?” she asked, her eyes still half closed. Her breath had slowly begun to return to normal. She was barely moving, lying back on the bed trying to catch her breath. The wetness was obvious, smeared all over the top of her inner thighs. “I’ve never cum like that. That was so intense. I feel like I can’t even move.”

“You cum so fast. I’m going to have to punish you. Now you’re going to do it all over again.” With that, he rolled her over flat on her back. He knelt on the bed and leaned over her, pulling her thong down her long legs and tossing it to a nearby chair. She just smiled as he helped her sit up, pulling her tank top up and off of her. It was his turn to be impressed then. He stood back from the bed, slowly undoing his belt and taking his boots and pants off. Her body was perfect. Darkly tanned and looking more like something that came from the pages of a high-class men’s magazine. Her tits were gorgeous, her nipples large and erect. Her tan entirely covered her body, with the exception of a tiny patch of white, where her pubic hair had once been. It was obvious that her orgasm had exhausted her. She was laying flat on her back, almost as if semi-conscious. She had a dreamy look on her face and without her thong, she was more than obviously wet. A thick stream of clear fluid was smeared all over her pussy lips and thighs. She was exhausted and could only slump back on the bed looking spent.

He stood over her, enjoying the view. She was beautiful. He removed his shirt and stood watching her. He was still hard, his cock standing out, thick and swollen, a steady stream of pre-cum leaking from the thick head. She could only imagine his size as she watched him earlier in his uniform. Then, pressed close to him she could feel the hard cock as he manipulated her body to her first orgasm. But now, she lay there watching him, amazed at the size of it. It wasn’t as big as ones that she had seen on the Internet, but it was so much bigger than anything she’d seen in real life. Hard, he was about 8 inches long, a huge head hidden under a thick foreskin. But the thickness was more than she could get her fingers around. Then she noticed his balls. They were monstrous. She now understood why his cock stuck out. It was because his huge balls pushed his cock outward against his uniform pants. She’d never seen anything this big. They were very muscled and thick and the sack was smooth with no hair.

“Oh my God, they’re huge,” she said quickly sitting up in the bed. Her eyes were glued to the melon-sized sack of balls, hanging between his thighs. Each ball was about the size of an avocado. She had never seen anything like these, even on the Internet. There was not enough room for them between his legs. They were forced to stick out in front of him because of their size.

“Damn, they are beautiful,” she said, reaching out and cupping one ball in each of her hands. She gently squeezed them, rolling them softly around in her hands. She could feel deep inside the sack, feeling huge tubes and fleshy parts that made up the male anatomy. She was astonished. She had never seen anything like them.

“I do hope you like them, because you’re getting ready to feed from them. They’re full and need to be emptied. Your body looks like a perfect receptacle.”

He moved to the bed and pushed her back down, kneeling close to her shoulder. Leaning down, he kissed her hard, his mouth pressing into hers. She reached up and locker her arms around his neck. After several moments he pulled back from her. He then straddled her upper chest, his knees planted on either side of her shoulders. He reached down and pulled the pillows up under her head, propping her head up. He rose up, his huge cock inches from her face. His ball sack softly resting on her chest.

“It’s feeding time bitch, I hope that you’re hungry,” he told her easing the plum sized head toward her mouth.

“It’s too big, I can’t,” she said, almost pleading, her eyes open wide staring at the drooling slit in front of her. She wasn’t sure which she feared the most, the huge cock or the massively bloated balls resting on her chest.

Reaching under the back of her neck he held her head up, pushing the tip of his cock up to her lips. “Suck on it, get a good taste, there’s a lot more inside,” he whispered. He began to nudge it against her closed lips. “Open wide, there’s a lot there to swallow. Just relax, I’ll feed you.”

She tried to turn her head away but he held onto her neck, forcing her face to stay straight on with the monster cock. Her eyes were wide, her hands canlı bahis siteleri now trying to come up and move him away from her. She couldn’t move her arms with his knees pinning her shoulders under him. She lay there as he eased the huge head into her mouth.

“Suck it, suck it hard. I’m going to feed you. Open up, you’re going to enjoy this meal.” He was smiling at her, his cock slowly disappearing into her mouth. Her eyes were still wide open but he could hear her taking long deep breaths through her nose. She wasn’t fighting him, but she wasn’t ready for something this big.

“Just relax, I’m going to dump a huge load into your mouth. Then we’ll get into some serious fucking. Cunt, you know how much you like this.” He was continuing to exert pressure against her lips, his cock slowly moving deeper into her mouth. He was about half way into her when he told her, “This first load should slow me down a little, and helping me last longer when I fuck the shit out of you. You’ll like that, won’t you?”

She slowly nodded her head up and down, her eyes glued to the huge cock pushing against her mouth. She could taste him, large globs of pre-cum leaking from the head. He was putting out so much pre-cum that she would have thought that he had already cum, but she knew differently. She tried to relax, feeling the head slowly pushing into her throat. She took a deep breath through her nose and swallowed hard. The hard contraction in her throat caused his cock head to pop deeper into her throat. She began to struggle but could barely move with him straddling her.

“Ahhhhhhh, now that’s a good cunt,” he said, stopping his push into her mouth. He leaned back, his cock still firmly planted deep into her mouth and throat. Reaching back his right hand felt between her legs, finding her pubic mound. He gently felt downward, his finger coming to rest on the fleshy hood. “Maybe this will help motivate you some.” With that, his finger pulled back the hood and began to slowly rub the soft nub. Her entire body jerked as he began to manipulate the already sensitive nerve endings. With his cock buried in her throat, she couldn’t believe that her body was moving toward another orgasm.

“Ummm, unggghhh, unggghhh, ummmfffff,” were the only sounds coming from her, her mouth wrapped around the thick shaft. Her attempt at talking only helped stimulate his overly sensitive cock. He shuddered as he felt her mouth moving on his shaft and head.

“You cunt, suck it. Empty it; milk it with your mouth. I told you that it was feeding time. Are you still hungry?” His breathing was starting to come in pants. His entire body shuddered several times, making her think that he was about to erupt right then. His finger didn’t let up, gently stroking the now very swollen clit. She could feel her stomach and legs start to tighten up. She was quickly approaching orgasm. So was he.

He was now slowly pumping in and out of her mouth, still buried deeply in her throat. She could feel an occasional quiver or a twitch in his cock. He was panting, his finger now massaging her clit hard, her juices flowing freely out of her pussy. She was embarrassed to feel her orgasm building inside her. She had just cum several minutes before, and now she was going to cum again. But his cock was insistent, demanding to be milked. The head was swollen, pre-cum pouring from the gaping mouth. She knew that he was close. She wanted him to cum. She concentrated on his cock, moving in and out at a faster pace. She tried to use her tongue on him, but there was no room to move it around. She began to suck on him harder, breathing through her nose. Sucking hard she tried to pull him further into her mouth. The first time she sucked hard, she simultaneously tightened her lips around the base of his shaft. She could hear him gasp, his breathing becoming fast and erratic. His hips began to pump harder, his breath now coming in gasps.

“Aaaggghhhhhhh,” he groaned loudly, his back arching, a huge spurt of thick and warm goo shooting into her throat. The first gush splattered against the back of her throat, almost choking her. She began to swallow as fast as she could, his cock pulsing inside her mouth. Each pulse seemed to bring with it, an even bigger gush of his male milk. He was literally flooding her mouth, huge amounts of his cream squishing out from the sides of her mouth, running down her cheeks. He continued pumping hard, not seeming to diminish any in amount. For what seemed like minutes, his cock spasmed hard, more and more of the thick cream pumping into her mouth. She continued swallowing; most of it running down her cheeks and neck. His body was still swaying, gently pumping her mouth with the swollen meat. She was happy that he had not become violent when he started cumming, instead gently pumping her mouth.

He was now softly moaning, still more cum was pulsing from the cock head, but in lesser amounts. She was amazed that she had been able to swallow as much as she did. She could feel the thick warm cream all over her mouth and neck. Even though his breathing was still in a soft pant, she could feel the huge cock gradually softening in her mouth. He was still pumping his hips, his cock sliding in and out over her gooey lips. As he softened she sucked hard on him, trying to pull every drop out of the meaty cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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