A Close Shave

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This is dedicated to dD following a conversation in PM’s regarding the subject. Thank you for the inspiration dD. All participants are over 18.


Abbey stepped out of the shower, it was time. She had agreed to this and was looking forward to the experience. However, there was still nervousness, still uncertainty, as there always is.

Drying herself Abbey looked in the mirror, standing at 6′ feet she was most proud of her legs. They were long and firm, she loved to wear socks, ankle, knee highs, thigh highs, it didn’t matter. Socks were her love as others collected shoes Abbey collected socks.

But this was not about socks, although she had shaved her legs while in the shower. It wasn’t about her legs even. This was about something else, something Abbey had thought about for a long time. He had agreed to do it without hesitation, so now it was about to happen.

Abbey wrapped a dry bath towel around her breasts and grabbed a hand towel. Walking through to the bedroom Abbey smiled. He was already prepared, a towel lay on the bed, a smaller hand towel lay on a small table at the side of the bed. A razor, shaving cream and a small bowl of water sat on the table next to the towel.

Shaking her head in wonderment, Abbey discarded the towels. Letting them fall to the floor she walked naked to the bed. He stood at the side of the bed next to the table. Smiling softly as he waited for Abbey.

Without a word Abbey lay across the bed, laying on the towel. Her knees bent at the very edge of the bed, her feet resting on the floor. Raising herself on her elbows she looked şişli escort bayan up at him a nervous smile on her lips.

He smiled back as he reached into the bowl of water and lifted out a cloth. Squeezing it in his strong grip he let the drops cascade into the bowl. Kneeling he eased apart Abbey’s legs, lightly pushing aside each knee to expose her fully to his gaze.

Abbey gasped at the heat of the cloth as he placed it gently over her womanhood. His hand covered the cloth and proceeded to wipe around the area, soaking the hairs that partially concealed her nether lips. Abbey watched as he carefully moistened the area she had so recently dried, watched as he leaned back and dropped the cloth back into the water.

Picking up the shaving foam he pressed the nozzle slowly, letting the cream ooze out into the fingers of his right hand. Abbey felt her buttocks clench as the cool foam was smeared into the short hair, clench and lift her hips slightly as he spread the foam over her flesh. As he worked he lifted first one foot and then the other onto the bed, opening her further, allowing easier access to her most intimate parts.

Abbey closed her eyes as his fingers traveled over her flesh. Although his movements were not intended to excite, she never the less found herself becoming excited.

Too soon for Abbey his fingers lifted off and away from her, too soon his touch was withdrawn from her responding flesh. Abbey watched as he reached for the razor, watched as he brought it close to her vulnerable parts. He paused and looked up to stare into her eyes as his rose in fındıkzade eskort question. Abbey breathed deeply before nodding her head.

Carefully he brought the razor into contact with flesh, stroked upwards taking the first of her hairs with it. Sliding through and over the foam it brought smoothness where there had always been hair. Abbey breathed slowly, not wanting to move in case of injury. The slightest nick would be felt, the smallest cut would bring a premature end to the event.

Slowly he repeated the action this time letting the blade glide along the edge of her pussy lips. Let sharpness brush over her entrance. He moved slowly, his eyes watching as the sharp razor moved to expose her in a way she had never been exposed.

His attention was fully on the act, his mind absorbed by the need to be careful. He did not think of later, he did not consider what might happen once he had finished. He did not smile in anticipation of next. He simply stroked the razor over flesh, removed hair and carefully avoided easily damaged flesh.

Abbey found his absorption in the act amazingly erotic, her lips expanded with the flow of blood, blood that could be so easily spilled should he slip. Her breathing became tense with each stroke of the razor, the inner folds of her pussy became moist.

Finally he stopped, he studied his work before running a thumb of the shaved area. A shudder of excitement surged through Abbey as his palm rested on her clit. She was aware that he was not aware of his act. With a quick stroke of the razor he removed a small area of stubble before besiktas escort turning and dropping the razor into the bowl.

He finally looked up at Abbey and smiled as he pulled out the wet cloth once more. This time he did not ring it out but merely squeezed it slightly prior to letting it drip over her abdomen, the water running down over her recently shaved pussy. He brought the cloth into contact with flesh carefully wiping away the few areas of shaving foam. Abbey could feel the water run along the length of her pussy, washing away the small amount of her own fluids that had seeped out while he shaved her.

He wiped up the last of the foam and once more dropped the cloth into the bowl. Still his attention was on the act, he picks up the towel and tenderly dries Abbey. His towel clad hand slips beneath her urging her to lift her hips as he slips the larger towel from beneath her.

Abbey sighs her body trembling as she relaxes, she had not been aware of the tension until the moment it was gone. A sigh escapes her as he places the towels on the floor by the bed. She watches still as he studies the results of his endeavors, smiles as he examines the outcome of the event. Looking down she sees what he sees. Her lips are fully exposed, her excitement apparent by the slight glistening of fluid along its length. There is nothing to distract from her womanhood, there is no borders or boundaries visible. Only the entrance to her inner being.

Abbey is so intent of her own study of herself that she is shocked to have her view suddenly blocked, surprised by the sudden touch of a tongue along her length. She moans as he sucks on her clit. Then it is gone, he stands holding the damp towels in his hand. He picks up the bowl and the foam from the table and carries them out. Leaving Abbey to groan inwardly before reaching down and exploring her smoothness.

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