A Conversation with Kate

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Kate’s ambition was to read our conversation on Literorica.

(Kate sent me a feedback on my lesbian conversations, and was eager to join in online sex experience. We never got to IM but we did exchange some naughty photos and sexy emails. Then Kate went silent for a few weeks before sending me a brief email asking if I was ok.)

Thank you Kate. And to you too. Haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope you’re well.

Lots of love, Sarah. Xx

Thanks Sarah,

I’m very well now. Had a bit of bum time but getting there now. And you?

Kate X

Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bum time – I’ve just been looking at it – your bum! Mmmm and that wonderful pussy of yours – lovely smooth thighs and fleshy labia. I’m giving them a New Year kiss and fondle! Try to cheer you up! Come into my arms darling. And cum into my mouth!

Sarah xx

Wow Sarah.

With pleasure. For both of us. I’m glad you like my body. I’ve been looking at yours too, imagining my thighs wrapped round you grinding together so wet. Wow!

Kate xx

Well Kate.

This shall be my first online sex for the New Year. With my darling Kate with gorgeous long legs and great boobs. Lying on the bed beside you, kissing your face, stroking your breasts rubbing my thigh against yours. Lips touching your eyelids, kissing your ears and neck. I love the taste of your lipstick and the scent of your hair. Mmmm yes! And the feel of your hardened nipples between my finger and thumb, listeniong to the soft keening in your throat. Wanting – wanting – wanting! I replace my fingers with my lips chewing your nipples, whilst my hand trails lightly over your belly, through your delightful bush, and down your inner thigh, exploring the soft texture of the smooth skin.

Then to gently search the tips of your labia with my fingers, wanting to feel the juices seeping from between them. My index finger prods around the opening of your vagina, all warm and wet. It flexes at the touch as you gasp with pleasure. I push the middle two fingers slowly into the slippery opening, deep into your most secret place. That special jewel. So much wonderful pleasure to be had from that fleshy opening. Now I can’t resist sliding my head down your body until my nose touches your clit. Inhaling the sweet aroma of your private scent. Tongue circling the clit in its hood. Feeling your thighs tremble, as you moan and twist.My head gets betweeen your thighs so that I can examine the glory between them – gazing as the vagina dilates, dribbling more juices. I throw my legs over you so that my own vulva is pressing against your mouth, spilling its liquid treasure into your mouth.

Four fingers now force their way into your vagina, as my tongue lashes the little clit and my other hand reaches for the other opening – the rosebud, already lubricated from the pussy juices dribbling over it. So, Kate, I’m now fucking you vigorously, bahis siteleri deep and hard. Faster faster. A finger pushes its way into your bottom. You are squirming and moaning loudly. Crying out for more. ‘Fuck me, fuck me.’ you insist. You are losing control – your thighs are jolting up and down. Your bottom is arching away from the bed. Deeper and deeper – faster and faster – until – OMG KATE. You’re starting to cum – shaking and lurching. YESSSSS! Her you’re CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIING. OMG OMG! What an orgasm! As I squirt into your mouth, joining you with my own orgasm. Mmmmm that was a good start to the year.


Holy cow Sarah!

Just read that amazing mail and my fingers have never worked so hard! Wow!!! OMG Sarah.

I can just imagine after that wild sex. We get into the bath together, warm wet and slippery, soaping each other, my hands going down your thighs so smooth. Your foot kneading my chest then I take your toes in my mouth whilst my own foot plays with your opening, your lips then into your love. I feel a flutter in my belly. I rise and spread myself as I unleash my golden stream over your boobs and into your mouth. Omg!

Kate. x

Gosh Kate

Hope you came good!! Footsie? Big toe wiggling on clit will work with me! And water sports – lifting bottom above surface, opening labia and squirting all over your boobs and pubic hair and pussy!! Mmmm that’s wonderful – you pull your labia apart for the golden stream to splatter inside your pussy … then we can both cum together!!

Sarah xxx

That sounds so good, feeling your hot pee over my body. You really know how to make some body wet. Think I will have to get you on all fours, rub my boobs over your bum, my nipples rubbing against your puckerd hole,then my tongue whilst my hands finger your clit and hot wet hole.

Kate xx

I’d love that Kate.

Feeling your boobs rubbing my bottom. And your tongue in my rosebud – mmmm – I love that as well. You can feel, finger and lick me all over down there – both entrances at once. Meantime, I shall take your whole vulva into my mouth and chew the labia and drink the juices … sweet personal nectar. Oh wonderful! I shall rub my finger over your bum as well, rimming it with your juices. As I eat your pussy I can sink my index finger slowly and fully into your bum, feeling you squirm and your belly flutter. Start to fuck your bum and press my tongue into your vagina, nose rubbing your clit. Thrusting and lurching. You’re cumming darling.

Gosh so am I! I can feel your thighs tremble as you lick my bum and finger my vagina. MMM don’t stop … Ooooo Kate! Yeeeeeesssss. You’re cumnming for me. OMG – you sexy lady. I can tell you really adore having orgasms – a big long one!

Sarah xx

(Some days elapsed but no more from Kate. Then …)

Hi Sarah

I’m not too bad thanks. I was in the mood for reading some of your canlı bahis siteleri stories and playing with myself, so thought I’d give you a little email. Your convos with Dee are so sexy.

Kate xx

Thanks Kate. Glad you liked them. Yes, it all ended abruptly with Dee just before Christmas. I never expected it, but I just hope everything’s OK with her.All is well with me at the moment, thanks. And with you hope.

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah

How are you? Just been reading the vicar’s wife, the part with Sam. Sam sounds delish. I still read your convos with Dee – often. lol. And wonder if you would write a little story of me. I would just love that! Have you ever shown Sue my pics?

Kate xx

Hi Kate

Sam is really lovely! The real Sam now has a child!! Sue usually gets to see my friends pics when we’re together. Gets us worked up!!!

Sarah xx

Well Sarah,

I’ve had a play whilst thinking of me and you naked on the bed. You sat on the edge of the bed, me straddling you, kissing softly tongues exploring each others mouths, lips. My wet labia grinding against your soft belly, our boobs soft pressing together our nipples hard. You take one in your mouth as my fingers glide thru your hair. You ask me to get on all fours on the bed as you kneel behind me. Your tongue and fingers explore my secret place, my sacred bud. Your tongue inside you lap my juices over my dark hole, then insert a finger … ooh that’s good, I ask for more, two, three fingers aaarrh yes! Your tongue on my clit aar Sarah yessss I’m cummin … cummmmiinnn!!!!

Wow! Now I lie back as you squat down over my face. You smell and taste so good but I want more so we 69 so I can have my way with all of you!

Kate X

(When I went to reply I saw she was on line.)

“Hello Kate. I noticed you were ‘available’, so thought I’d say hello, maybe even give you a quick kiss. And a big hug – and stroke your bottom. And listen to your moans and chew your ear and kiss your neck.”


“Run my hands over your long, smooth thighs. Feel the warmth between your legs. Mmmmm fingers roaming over your groin, finding your sweet little clit.”

“Oooooh goddd Sarah – don’t stop pleeeease.”

“Then fingers pushing between your labia to feel the wetness oozing from your vagina – kisssing your stiff nipples as I start to finger fuck – my other hand rimming your bum. Feeling your thighs begin to tremble and shake, your bottom lurch and judder with the thrill.”

“Pleeeeeeeease dont stop – I’m going to cuuumm.”

“Hearing your gasps – panting – shuddering – trembling belly. Hearing your scream of agonising ecstasy. Cumming for Sarah.”

“Oooooooh Goddddd – I’m cuuuuuuummmminngggggg.”

“Cumming cunming cumming. Ooooo darling – how I miss that soft delicious pussy, dripping with lovely juice.”

(There was a pause.)

“Ooooh Sarah. OMG. That was so intense.”

“How canlı bahis about another?”

“Yessss pleeeeease.”

“This time I’m gong to get your whole vulva in my mouth and chew and chew and chew, scooping out all the nectar with my tongue, pushing my index finger deep in your bum. Biting you clit.”

“Oooh Goddd. Pleeease. Fuuuuuuuckkkkk.”

“Sucking your labia – sliding my tongue deep into your vagina, tasting your divine, delicious juices, smelling Kate’s delicious nectar. Oooooooooooo I feel you shuddering again – cumming – cumming for a second time.”

“I … aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm – ooooooooooooooooohhh. Ffuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk.”

“How was that, Kate?”

“(After a pause.)”


“You see how beautifully I make you cum darling.”

“Yesss. Oh – panting hard here.”

“A third?”

“I’ll do anything for you Sarah. Oooooh goddddddd … anything you want …. yesssssss.”

“I love your delicious body – those cute stiff nipples and that wonderful piece of womanhood – between your thighs. I could gaze at it all day – and finger it, rolling the clit between my thumb and finger. Watch the juices oozing out of the dilating vagina.”

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuckkkk.”

“Feeling your belly shuddering – shaking and leaking onto my lips – your cum dribbling into my mouth. Hot wet thighs gripping my head as I bring you to another thrashing orgasm. Cum on Kate – cum on me – fill my mouth with your sweet juices. Mmmmm – you taste so very good darling. So wholesome!”

“Again pleeeeeeeeeease. I’ve never cum so hard – please don’t stop.”

“Your labia are so swollen and your clit so big and stiff. Cum on then, let me rub my soaking pussy over your mouth and my clit over the tip of your nose. Push your tongue inside me Kate, taste my womanhood.”

“Ooooooh Godddd … pushing my tongue deep inside of you.”

“Feel mythick creamy juices dripping into your mouth.”

“Ooooooooh godddd.”

“Cum again darling – shake and tremble – thrashing thighs and legs.”

“Ooooooooh pleeeeeeease, I’m going to cum again!”

“Weak at the knees, thighs shaking. I’m eating you hungrily – chewing your pussy, kissing your clit – biting it – eagerly. Feeling you cum again – shaking – shouting my name. Oh shit Kate – I’m cumming myself now. Wow!!”

“Mmmmm Saraaaah- yes – yes- yes – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!”


“Ooooooooooooh Sarah – oooohhh my godddddd … Unbelievable! You can fuck me all day.”

“I wish I wish!”

“Omg!!! I so want you next to me now!! Skin on skin, I’m on top of you, raised up on my hands, my boobs hanging down for you to suckle. Our pussies hot wet and sticky grinding together ooooh yes suck my nipples – they are so sensitive I could cum right now looking down at you, feeling our heat rub together. Stand up Sarah so I can kneel beneath you and suck your labia, taste you and finger your bum. Your juices on my hole face as I eat the pussy of this gorgeous older lady I so long for. Fingering my own pussy. Oh Sarah, cum with me. “

(And I did!)

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